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Andrew Bynum doesn't believe he'll be suspended for ejection in Lakers' 106-98 victory over Minnesota Timberwolves

60246460Holding his cellphone by his ear, Lakers center Andrew Bynum made it clear he was in no mood to talk.

That's because the Lakers' 106-98 victory Friday over the Minnesota Timberwolves reflected plenty of ugly moments beyond the team's poor performance, an effort that gave them a one-game lead for second place in the Western Conference over the Dallas Mavericks (48-21), who lost Friday against San Antonio (55-13). But the Lakers were far from jubilant afterward.

Bynum was ejected with 6:16 left in the game after leveling Minnesota forward Michael Beasley with his right forearm, a sequence that knocked the Wolves' player to the ground, earned him a flagrant foul 2, and sparked plenty of emotions. Beasley exchanged words with Bynum and Lakers forward Matt Barnes before being given a technical foul. Bynum promptly left the court. And the 18,897 at Staples Center booed loudly, seemingly at the officials, Beasley and the Lakers' play itself.

Bynum shook his head "no" when asked for comment while he walked down a Staples Center hallway after sneaking out a side door. When asked if he thinks his flagrant foul 2 will prompt the NBA to suspend him, he said, "No." The rest of the Lakers shared the same sentiment, with Kobe Bryant saying, "No, why would I?" when asked if he's concerned the NBA will suspend Bynum. "Sometimes it's necessary." Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said "yes" on whether Bynum's ejection was warranted and "no" on whether it would earn him a suspension. And Lakers forward Pau Gasol summed up, "I don't think he should and I don't think he will."

60245323The Lakers won't know for sure whether the NBA will suspend Bynum for Sunday's game against Portland until Saturday. The league office, according to NBA rules, will consider the following factors in determining whether to classify a foul flagrant 1 or 2, reclassify the flagrant foul and impose a fine and/or suspension: "how hard the foul was; the outcome of the foul (e.g., whether it led to an altercation); and the level of the injury sustained by the player who was fouled." The NBA also defines a flagrant 2 as "unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent."

The Lakers were unanimous in arguing that Bynum shouldn't be suspended. But their interpretations of the play that led to Bynum's ejection differed.

"He committed a hard foul," Bryant said. "He did what a good guy is supposed to do. Protect the paint. That's what he did."

"It was a little bit of frustration because we didn't play well throughout the play," Gasol said. "It was a random play and drive to the basket. He got him a little low. He fell awkward. He could've gotten hurt or not. Hopefully not. That's it. I didn't think it got incredibly chippy out there."

Meanwhile, Jackson appeared split on Bynum's foul.

"I thought he must have been [frustrated]," said Jackson, who remarked Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki did something similar against Lakers guard Shannon Brown in the Lakers' game Saturday against Dallas. "Either that, or he was going to go block the shot late. He just bumped him and gave up on the block and he didn't try for the ball ... Andrew's looked bad and the kid fell hard."

The Lakers have had other incidents involving Beasley this season, mostly revolving around Lakers forward Ron Artest. He questioned Beasley's basketball intelligence in an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press in late November, saying "Beasley should watch [Miami's] LeBron James. Beasley's actually a better shooter than LeBron, but the smarts are not there. He's talking so much trash instead of worrying about the game. He needs to become a winner.... He's so athletic and quick and strong," Artest said. "But eventually somebody's going to catch on to it." That prompted Beasley to say, "The reason I do the same thing is because they can't stop it. As soon as they stop it, I'll do something else."

The two certainly displayed their chippiness throughout the game. When Beasley air-balled a three-pointer, Artest joined with the crowd in yelling "air-ball!" The two continued jawing throughout the contest, with Artest getting called for a technical foul with 1:20 left in the second quarter.

"I thought Ron got a little out of character there," Jackson said. "We had a talk at halftime. He got back in and played the second half in character again. There were some disrespectful things that were going on out there that will happen sometimes. It upset Ron a little bit. But ultimately he got back and did the job defensively that we wanted to see done."

The same didn't apply to Bynum, whose 10 points and 14 rebounds marked his fifth consecutive double-double. Toward the end of the news conference, Jackson defined Bynum's foul as a "frustrated play."

"He got fouled, didn't get fouled, whatever happened on the play before was a frustrating play," Jackson said. "The league will look at it."

--Mark Medina

[email protected]

Top photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum is ejected for a flagrant foul on Minnesota forward Michael Beasley during the second half of the Lakers' 106-98 victory Friday at Staples Center. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

Bottom photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum tries to put up a shot while being guarded by center Darko Milicic and guard Wes Johnson during the first half of the Lakers' 106-98 victory Friday at Staples Center. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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Dude...Drew got schooled, didn't look like a BEAST tonight. Looked more like a CLOWN in the second half. Now maybe all this CRAP about him being the next coming can slow TFD.

BTW, Who won?


Stupid foul. I often forget how young Bynum is (although older than myself) immaturity showed in that play. He could have ended the other guys season. Stupid foul.

I hope he doesn't get suspended.

Drew put himself in a bad position with that excessive contact. Now the league just may suspend him for at least a game. The way Drew turned his shoulder and elbow into Beasley really looked intentional and could have resulted in a serious injury to a fellow player. Andrew has a bit of a mean streak and it came out on that play. Now, that's not a bad thing in itself. Drew should have just went straight up, with both arms held high and then delivered the foul.

I think the chippiness between Artest and Beasley contributed to this. And on the play where Beasley made a follow dunk, as he was swinging on the rim, I believe his foot made contact with Derek Fisher. Drew was standing right next to Fish and may have been upset about that. I like that Drew is taking ownership of the space in the paint on defense, but he has got to be smarter than that. Lakers are tough, not dirty. That was a dirty, unfortunate display by Andrew IMO. I heart Bynum, but he reacted poorly on that play.

Whether Andrew will be suspended or not, the good thing about the incident is that he will learn from this and that it happened during the regular season. It would hurt us if this happened during the Playoffs.

And yes, that was a dangerous hard foul.


Maybe Gasol should learn how to toughen up by watching Bynum.

Yes, it was a tough and unfortunate foul on several levels: he was ejected, may earn a suspension, a player was exposed to an unnecessary injury and w/o Drew for Sunday's game against Portland, the team's job just became increasingly difficult to earn a win against a team that has given the Lakers fits in the past.

Aldridge just might have a field day w/o Andrew in the game. Hopefully, there will be no suspension so the team can continue to focus on completing the season with the 2nd best record in the league in order to secure HCA in The Finals. Yes, I'm certain that this team will be the Western Conference Champions.

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!

frmkt said"

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss

That quote makes no sense. You must've quoted it wrong. You can't win a championship if you don't make the playoffs.

Drew will be very fortunate to receive only a one game suspension. That was a dangerous foul and the league needs to send a tough message against that kind of play. My prediction is 3 games minimum. Too bad, because Andrew has been playing well lately, but he was way out of line on that play.

Zee: that was from Jerry Buss and he was making a point about how good he believes his team really is along with his complete satisfaction. "Positive Sarcasm."

Buss stopped by the team's shoot-around a few hours before their game Thursday against San Antonio.

He gave a very brief interview afterward, but it was apparent he wasn't fazed by Artest's alleged desire to be traded, or Andrew Bynum's continual knee issues, or the sink-or-swim sensation his team had shown in a volatile season to date.

"I'm kind of used to up and down," Buss said. "We've had a lot of up-and-down seasons that turned out pretty up ... and a few that have turned down. I'm not surprised or anything. Nothing's different."

Is he still hopeful the Lakers can pull off a three-peat?

"I'm always hopeful," Buss said. "Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship."

Good foul,thats what he suppose to do protect the paint,now ther other team will think twice to drive as they know their will be Drew there to meet them...

Maybe Gasol should learn how to toughen up by watching Bynum.

Posted by: ''Old" Fong | March 19, 2011 at 01:02 AM

you want gasol to learn to make unnecessary fouls?
and Bynum smarter?

kobe ​​should learn that it is sometimes necessary to lose a battle to win a war. Bryant has to be healthy for the playoffs while the Lakers lost the second.

Kobe is the blame for this. Kobe shot 6-17 and the beast was only given 8 shots? Kobe you already have a mansion, so how many bricks will you continue to lay my brother? Give bynum the necessary shots. Gasol should have gotten a few more shots as well as good as he was playing. But no kobe always have to have the most shots no matter how well a teammate is playing or how many bricks he lay. It causes inferior teams to challenge the mighty lakers. For I am the priest a mud slinging, hobbit smacking, sean beating, pie eating, always ready to beat some candy ass the Lakers Champ.

It was good for the beast to lay some wood after being intentionally frozen out by his teammates. How can a man who shoots over 50% gets only 8 shots but the professional brick layer gets 17 shots? On sunday the brick layer probably will take 24 shots hitting about 7 of those.

if you are going to enter the lane - the old way was to put you on your foul for sending the message - stay out !!

Yes, the nature of the foul was bad, but the way he lead with his shoulder I don't like that. But, with that said and the way he protected the paint the big fellow let the league know don't come in the paint thinking your going to abuse us like that without paying a price. Beasley was killing us at first, so I like the message he send. The Lakers already have a rep for being soft due to Pau, but time to put the league on notice. The paint belongs to the beast, the big cat Bynum.I'm glad Beasley wasn't hurt so bad, it could have been serious; next time I hope Bynum goes for the ball because we don't want a dirty rep. No harm no foul.

GO Lakers3peat!

all you ppl saying bynum acted stupidly etc...get a life. yeah, it was a bit of a cheap shot, but it sure as heck sent a message to the rest of the league. the paint belongs to andrew. if you're going to talk trash on our court, you're going to pay a price. i guarantee that beasley and others will think twice before bringing that garbage in here again.

and kudos to kobe for backing him up with his comments after the game. and major kudos to lamar, blake and barnes for putting up a wall of laker gold btwn andrew and beasley immediately after the foul.

this whole incident reminds me of the fisher forearm to scola in the houston series a couple of years back. yeah, that was a cheap shot too, but the guy had it coming. i don't want us to morph into the bad boys, but i do like that we've got a mean streak to go with our size and talent.

good job drew, barnes, blake, lamar and kobe.

Andrew should learn from this mistake and plays smarter. If he keep plays the way he's been playing then I don't really think any teams could beat them 4 times out of 7 . And if everyone stay healthy going into playoff then I can see we'll be celebrating another parade in June. I am a Lakerholic and hoping to see them continues to play well...

As an ex-player - my perspective is, that was a dangerous and bad foul. While I am happy that Drew is claiming his space and taking an enforcer approach, there is a big difference between a hard foul and an intentional, dangerous foul.

My guess is Beasley had been asking to get whacked - as Drew and the Lakers have never put forth a culture of dirty play and historically are apt to resort to extra physical play only in a reactive mode.

The difference here is when a player is in the air he is vulnerable. Contact must be in act of going for block and or ball. Drew's contact went for the body, thus creating the awkward angle forcing Beasley to hit the floor out of control.

What if he landed on his head?

Be the Beast Drew - I like it - but be smart, be a pro, be a Laker - play hard, but with class. That is the Laker way and why the Lakers are always the best team in the league.

Has anyone ever stop to think that the foul look so bad because Drew out weighs "The Super Cool Beas" by 50 pounds and in probably stronger than him? How many times has a Laker been taken out that way only for the other player to be called "Gritty". Here's what the grittiest guy who ever played for the Lakers had to say about the play.

"That's playoff basketball," said Rambis, a longtime Lakers player and coach. "They're gearing up for it, you know? I thought it was good for our guys to see how rough and physical a game can be, and that's a good thing for our learning experience. I thought our guys did a really good job in the ballgame. Offensively and defensively, we played a very mindful game for the most part and gave ourselves a chance to win."

Some of you guys need to get a grip. Look at the replay Drew realized he went up late and tried to turn his body, he caught Beasley with the shoulder and he went down.

Hey, that was a low-class, dirty foul by Bynum. I'm a Laker fan since forever, but I have to admit that the foul was dirty, dangerous and uncalled for.

Hitting someone while they are in the air is very dangerous. A foul like that can seriously injure someone or end a season or career. It was clear that Bynum was not going after the ball, but instead decided to put a football hit on Beasley.

No one in a Laker uniform should ever do that. We have more class than that, don't we?

I'm a Laker fan for life, but if it were up to me, Bynum would be suspended 3 games and fined $25,000.

Infamous El Guapo,

You've obviously never played the game. Those who've played know that vulnerable position in the air and being at the mercy of your opponent. Call it code, call it etiquette, call it the rules - whatever. You don't intentionally take people out who are in the air.

While Drew is bigger which would cause a exaggerated reaction, that is not what this is about. Drew used his arms in the lead - protecting himself, in an obvious attempt to make contact. That was clearly not a basketball play and his obvious intent was to hit Beasley - not block the shot.

Playoff contact is hard, and the NBA is a big boys game. Agreed. But there is a big difference between physical play, resulting in bumps and bruises and play that puts players in a position where it is statistically probable that serious injury can occur.

I would have been fine with that play if Drew had cleaned his clock while going for the ball. Hopefully, Drew will learn how to play enforcer and send a message without crossing the line.

Next time Drew, at least "try" to block it while you knock that punk Beasley on his butt. Drew is finally healthy enough to actively and very physically protect the rim. Finally, no more easy or uncontested layups. If only Gasol and Odom would drink the same kool-aid. If those softies would simply body-up and box-out consistently, and give a few hard fouls, this team becomes unstoppable. I laughed at the camera showing Bill Laimbeer smiling on the Pups bench after the foul - that's high praise from the king of hard fouls. Keep it nasty Drew!

That play was a fluke. If you want to blame someone blame Phil. AB was clearly out of gas, and had been for a couple of minutes before the play. Just before the play he was looking at the bench hoping to come out. He was slow to react and it just happened, primarily because he was out of gas. I didn't think it was a F2 myself, but I'm an old school guy of the Maurice Lucas mold. No way that justifies a suspension for Drew unless Stern has a wild hair up his arse against the Laker's. Nice win though and a game we would have lost at home earlier in the year. Nice job Lake Show...Bulls, Celtics, Mav's and Nuggets all loose as we move up the charts!

Kobe, Phil and the rest of the Lakers know that was a dangerous, unnecessary foul. They're just trying to protect Andrew. Drew never made a play on the ball; if he had, I'd have no problem with it. Drew has to be smarter than that. Those who are saying that was a good foul, ask yourselves, if Darko had hit Kobe the exact same way, how would you feel?

I have played basketball. Sometimes you anticipate a shot and it goes a different way. Once you are in mid-air you can't change directions. all you can do is pull your arms and legs close to your body and hope you don't drift into the guy (which he did). In Drew's case, he drifted right into him. It is easy for us to say what he should have done after the fact. When you drive to the basket, you are going to get hit sometimes. If you can't take it, shoot jumpers. If that was Fisher doing the same thing Drew did, Beasley would have run him over and Fisher would have been the one hurt. I am tired of the double standard for big men. It is not a flagrant because of what he did, it is a flagrant because he happens to weigh 300 lbs.

Bynum is going, "why do you call me soft if I let him waltz into the paint, but turn around and call me mean, if I give him a little tap?"
Bynum was hacked over and over by Beasley and co., without getting more than one foul. He was hacked on the offensive possession immediately preceding. Beasley had it coming. Nothing cheap about that, and nothing to sully our rep, but instead something to get rid of the soft rep we seem to have.

I would like to see and hear the comments if Kobe was fouled like that. Oh the horror! Bynum should be out 5 games at least and fined $50,000. If I wanted to watch a game to be played by goons I'd watch hockey.



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