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What trading Andrew Bynum would do for the Lakers


In a video that instantly went viral, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant didn't mince words when asked whether the Lakers should trade Andrew Bynum.

"Ship his .... out!:

It was just one of many grievances Bryant had with the Lakers front office in the 2007 off-season, as he pushed the Lakers to trade Bynum to New Jersey for Jason Kidd. The Lakers' contention that a young Bynum would become the future of the franchise was not worth the wait in Bryant's eyes. He wanted to win a championship instantly.

Bryant soon reached that point, but that didn't involve the Lakers trading him or Bynum. Instead, Derek Fisher's return and the acquisition of Pau Gasol helped spur the Lakers to three consecutive NBA Finals appearances, including back-to-back championships. Yet, with the Lakers' recently going through too much inconsistency to the Lakers' liking, Mitch Kupchak's consideration to make a trade, as reported by's Chris Broussard, could involve sending Bynum to the Denver Nuggets as part of a deal for Carmelo Anthony.

Keep in mind the report indicates that this is only in preliminary discussions, and if anything involving the Melo-Drama has taught us anything, it's that the sausage-making process could take a while or frankly lead to nothing. The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner also report the Lakers immediately refuted the story, with a team source telling them they're unwilling to deal Bynum. The New York Daily News' Frank Isola adds that the Lakers recently turned down a deal because Jim Buss, the owner's son and Lakers VP of Player Personnel, doesn't want to trade him. Also, keep in mind Bynum's name has been floated in plenty of trade offers before, what with the possibility the Lakers would send him last season to Toronto for Chris Bosh and when possibly to Minnesota when Kevin Garnett was still around.

But for the sake of figuring out what trading Bynum in general terms would do for the Lakers, there's definitely a few pros and cons.

The Lakers' identity would change. Obviously, the degree of concern depends on who the Lakers would get in return. But even acquiring someone as talented as Anthony would yield to some changes that would change the team for the worse, especially in the short term. Time and time again, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, opposing coaches and the players themselves all agree that one of the Lakers' distinguishable skillsets involves the fact that they have two seven-footers in Bynum and Pau Gasol. That's not to take anything away from Bryant. He's a major element why the Lakers' frontline flourishes and why opposing defenses are mostly at a lose-lose situation when it comes to what priority they should place on defense. But one only has to look at the 2010 NBA playoffs to know how Bynum's presence alone completely altered the landscape of the game. Even while playing limited minutes with a meniscus tear in his right knee, Bynum' presence alone disrupted passing lanes, sharpened the defensive rotations, intimidated opposing players from driving the lane and gave the Lakers dependability on close rebounds and putbacks. Outside of acquiring Dwight Howard, it would be impossible in finding someone who can duplicate what Bynum brings.

Trading Bynum now would hurt the Lakers' chances of three-peating, but he's not a dependable long-term investment. Here's the most challenging part of this scenario. Even if the Lakers pulled off a blockbuster trade, they would go through even more chemistry issues this season that are frankly too risky during a championship run. The Lakers may not be playing their best basketball, but from a big-picture perspective, the state of that franchise is in pretty good shape. I wouldn't invest much money on Bynum staying healthy even if he's shown improvement the past two seasons in learning how to manage and play through injuries, but getting rid of him now would mean the Lakers are putting more priority on long-term planning than trying to squeeze out as many championships as this current roster will offer. Even if the Lakers acquire an impact player, it wouldn't be the same situation as when the Lakers acquired Gasol. They simply plugged him into a position the Lakers sorely needed. Trading Bynum would leave both a position of need and require the rest of the team to reshape its identity. Sure, the Lakers would still have Gasol and Lamar Odom as dependable post options, but that wouldn't change the fact that the Lakers would be thinner in their frontline. With the Lakers showing inconsistency in their outside shooting, particularly from three-point range, that would require an adjustment that's frankly too risky to work with during an already up-and-down season.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum tries to power his way to the basket against Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal in the teams' meeting last month at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Dallas, hacksaw has been playing-up rumors to get ratings for like 20 years now. Haven't listened to him since around '05, but I imagine things are still the same with him.

I could just imagine him "The Denver trade-hotline opened up at noon! 'Melo for Bynum, would you do it! I want everyone to react! Escondido, light up those phone lines! Rancho Mirage, get on that phone!' lol...


Dallas, hacksaw has been playing-up rumors to get ratings for like 20 years now. Haven't listened to him since around '05, but I imagine things are still the same with him.

I could just imagine him "The Denver trade-hotline opened up at noon! 'Melo for Bynum, would you do it! I want everyone to react! Escondido, light up those phone lines! Rancho Mirage, get on that phone!' lol...


regardless Cyber, his report was true & I heard it from hom before any other reporters.

Denver gets: Bynum/Barnes/$5 million Exception From Sasha
Lakers get: Anthony/Anderson

Birdman may be 32; but he missed a lot of games going through drug rehab. I honestly believe that means he has a lot of miles left in the tank to be a solid backup center over the next 3+ seasons. With the value we get from adding Carmelo, we don't need a starting center to replace Bynum. We won the 2009 Finals with Pau going up against Howard at the center position and Bynum in street clothes. A starting 5 of Fisher, Bryant, Anthony, Odom and Gasol would be unstoppable. Melo would bulldoze Pierce, James, or Turkoglu in the Finals. A bench of Blake, Brown, Artest, Smith, and Anderson would be able to eat minutes while the starters got their rest. That said, we'd probably lose Artest in the off season in order to absorb Anthony's $22 million contract. Ebanks (or Walton) and Caracter would need to become a regular part of the bench rotation in the 2011-2012 season. Do it Mitch!

agreed Mr. Laker - well said - poor Blazers, but as a 45 year Laker fan, I loved it!

LRob: "How did the Lakers do on signing a backup center over the summer? Obviously its not that easy."
That's a great point. Decent bigs, even backup ones, are scarcer than skinny Packers fans (sorry, couldn't resist! I've got family in Wisconsin!).

Look at the trouble that teams have finding even serviceable centers. Look at Shaq, almost a statue at this age, still around. Look at the trouble the meat had in finding a center. 7-foot stiffs get recycled around the league, but a lot have longer careers than star guards.

Like you say, it just isn't that easy to find even marginal, backup bigs.


LRob: "How did the Lakers do on signing a backup center over the summer? Obviously its not that easy."
That's a great point. Decent bigs, even backup ones, are scarcer than skinny Packers fans (sorry, couldn't resist! I've got family in Wisconsin!).

Look at the trouble that teams have finding even serviceable centers. Look at Shaq, almost a statue at this age, still around. Look at the trouble the meat had in finding a center. 7-foot stiffs get recycled around the league, but a lot have longer careers than star guards.

Like you say, it just isn't that easy to find even marginal, backup bigs.


oops. sowie 'bout the dreaded 'double post' above...

Dallas: I like Hacksaw, but he isn't much of an NBA fan. I'm sure he's embraced the sport more now, but he's always been a football/hockey guy first and foremost. If he had the 'scoop' on this, he probably just repeated something he saw. I could see him scooping the next Ducks thirteenth-round draft pick, but if it's NBA, he's parroting what he's seen...


I'm not sure about this one. If there was one player available besides Dwight Howard, I might trade Bynum for Anthony. I completely understand the arguments on both sides.

In the end though, I don't think I make this trade. Bynum is young and still has potential as the focus of an offense and an anchor of a defense. On the other hand Anthony is a superstar and you can't go wrong there period. The issue is we don't have size to match up with Boston or even San Antonio for that matter. That is this year and maybe next, but it would match us up perfectly versus Miami. It is too close to call so I personally wouldn't do it.

"The Lakers first contacted the Charlotte Bobcats last week, looking to deal Artest for either Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace"

I'm a huge Artest fan and still believe he will be there in the playoffs but WOW. Why couldn't we get this done, either one of those guys would be a great fit for us especially on the defensive end where they are both athletic and strong. Jackson would be great with his experience, defensive toughness, passing, and 3-point shooting.

As of now I wouldn't trade Bynum, and I would only trade Artest for something like one of the two above. After this week and the games we have coming up if things still are going poorly; I then think about something that involves Anthony/Bynum and Artest for some size.

Here is my trade proposal:

Anthony for Bynum Straight UP
Artest, Devin Ebanks,Derrick Caracter picks, and cash for Kris Kaman.
The Lakers get the size they need and the Clippers get an impact small forward, a future small forward, size and upside in Caracter, and they dispose of Kaman like they want to. Win Win! Clippers have Jordan at center, Griffin at the 4, Ebanks at the 3, Gordan at the 2, and Bledsoe at the point. Great young promising team with a bunch of money if they can unload Barron.

>>>Yes, you always take the big man, no matter how injury prone, over a super
>>>star wing player. That's simple logic.
>>>Kevin Durant


I would have gone with the more obvious "Sincerely, Greg Oden", but your approach actually read better.

Without Bynum, we don't win the last two championships. Period.
Posted by: KobeMVP888

Perhaps. But it may be more accurate to discuss this in the context it's being discussed, that is, Melo in place of Bynum.
If the Lakers had Melo instead of an injured Bynum in '09, '10, I think they probably still win.

Like you, I don't think they do the deal.
But I would make the trade, especially if the rumor that Phil and Kobe agree to it is true.

>>>If you guys wanna talk trade (seriously, that is) we should find a way to land
>>>Stephen Curry someway, somehow.

Well, GS has now made it clear that they'd be willing to deal either Curry or Ellis to get a star at another position.

Problem is, Curry's defense is very weak at this point. It could improve, but he's actually a weaker defender than either Fish or Blake at this point in his career. So the question is, would the added offense make up for the loss in defense.

KMVP888 -- we're closer on this than you might think. I did understand your initial post to be an endorsement of MM's commehnts. I'll just respond as follows, keeping in mind that they presume that Melo can be had for Bynum.

1) I do very much agree that Bynum's presence adds more than simply statistics. His contributions mimic those of a good interior defensive lineman who can occupy space for his teammates to make plays and alter the course of plays at the point of attack. His contributions in the regular seasons of 2009 and 2010 helped the Lakers down the line, and he had several nice moments in that stretch. But I can't say those contributions justify passing on a trade in this instance.

2) I agree with you here. If Bynum is playing well the Lakers simply cannot be beaten. He is getting healthier, and I have faith he can really turn it on come spring, but he's been out or limited each of the last three playoff seasons.

3) I'm not so sure that you're right here. Chemistry issues conceded, but I fail to see how a team with a core of 4 All-Star caliber players couldn't have a shot at the title in 2011. And 2012. And maybe even beyond that.

Gasol landed in LA's lap in February 2008. 4 months later, they were 2 games (and arguably 2 injuries) away from winning the 2008 Finals. So, this team has proven it can coalesce midseason around productive players. In contrast, Bynum's injuries have sometimes caused some chemistry problems upon his return to the lineup. For all he did, he still struggled in stretches of the 2010 playoffs with quick fouls.

For all the very good reasons you state, trading Bynum at the deadline makes sense under very few circumstances. This is one of them. Rolling the dice on chemistry issues with Melo is no less risky than rolling the dice on Socks' knees IF Melo is a serious option.

This may be all "sturm und drang" signifying nothing, but that's MHO.

Very good points, though.

"The Lakers first contacted the Charlotte Bobcats last week, looking to deal Artest for either Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace"

I wonder how this will affect Ron now.
Motivate him?
Discourage him? (You don't love me anymore...)


Though attractive, neither Gasol is the defensive presence of Drew. We'd be giving up the very thing that makes Drew important to this team.

It wasn't Drew's scoring, rebounding, or even his playing time that won the ring for us. It was his inside presence. We need a trade that addresses that if we don't want to toss out this season. We wouldn't win this year with either Anthony or Gasol.

Just stating facts...


Sounds like an odd trade to me.

Denver already has Nene.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If Pau plays well and handles KG this Thursday, then it will be unlikely that the Lakers will make a trade.
Posted by: LakerTom | February 08, 2011 at 11:50 AM
I've heard of D-Leaguers being signed to 10 day contracts, but now you're giving Pau a 1 game contract. Wow....pretty extreme.
Posted by: LRob | February 08, 2011 at 01:07 PM
@LROB... I hope you were just being funny because that is a very unfair and blatantly unflattering interpretation of my comments. I think every Lakers fan who cares about this team is going to be focused on how Pau Gasol plays against Kevin Garnett in Thursday night’s rematch. We now know that the KG that is going to show up this June is the KG from the 2008 Finals. The big question is which Pau Gasol is going to show up. The soft one who got schooled by KG in 2008 or the more aggressive Pau who outplayed a less than 100% KG in 2010. Unless you’ve cancelled your League Pass and signed up for the Extreme version of MVP’s practice season philosophy, you might want to watch how Pau plays this Thursday night. Believe it or not, his matchup with KG is critical. Frankly, if KG punks him again, then Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak might be concerned enough to consider trading Pau for Melo. Not saying that is what is going to happen, but the odds that the Lakers might consider a Pau for Melo trade will definitely go up if Pau gets outplayed again.

I have a new theory. We trade for Carmelo, get him to sign the extension, then send him to New Jersey. We trade Melo for Favors, Devin Harris, and Damion Jones.

Peace: "Gasol landed in LA's lap in February 2008. 4 months later, they were 2 games (and arguably 2 injuries)"
Chris Mihm & Trevor Ariza?

Just kidding, but why do we always forget we were down 3 players, not 2. We lost both our starting and backup centers, basically for the whole series. Ol' Doc Rivers stupid saying that 'they didn't beat our starters'. What the hell did they do, beat 60% of ours in '08?

Couldn't help myself. Please carry on...


Wow 2 Ball Hogs on the same team. So that means Melo and Kobe both take 20-25 shots each while everyone is standing around and not being involved in the offense. You need the supporting cast that are not NARCISSTIC (KOBE) that do the dirty work, that dont have an EGO, that are UNSELFISH, hustle for loose balls, rebound and play DEFENSE. With Melo and Kobe are both SCORERS the team will not have any ball movement. It will be a 2 man show but come playoff time when it becomes a half court game you will need the presence of the BIGS down in the paint. BOSTON is big upfront, SAN ANTONIO, DALLAS, CHICAGO when Noah returns. PAU is no center. PAU is too SOFT to play center. PAU will get pushed and bullied down in the low block in the paint.

I do recall back in 2007 when KOBE asked to be TRADED when he didnt have the supporting cast in order for him to win a Championship. You can thank Memphis for sending Pau GASOFT for those 2 Rings !

Trading Bynum would make PAU the starting CENTER. We would be done. Trade Pau. Atleast Bynum plays like a BIG MAN. No one pushes him around and he controls the PAINT. Trading BYNUM for anything other than a DOMINATE DEFENSIVE POST-PLAYER would be TRAGIC.

Pau and Artest for:

ALDRIDGE for Pau straight up
HORFORD and JOSH SMITH and CRAWFORD*** (throw in Fisher)
LOVE and the ROOKIE for Pau straight up


I hear you. You make a good point. We will not be as good at the Center spot. But we can find a C that can guard and box out Kendrick Perkins. Perkins' main value to the Celtics is as a defender and rebounder.

With Carmelo, Perkins will guard Pau and will be able to pretty much stop him. But Carmelo will make the difference because none of the Celtics can stop him 1 on 1. The whole Celtic defense will have to focus on Carmelo. As it is right now, the whole Celtic defense focuses on Kobe. Kobe will pick apart a defense that's not completely focused on him. I think at this point in his career, Kobe will welcome that. Kobe would probably increase his own defensive intensity as well, like he did in the Olympics.

I just think we can find more assurance with Carmelo on our team than with Bynum. While at the same time, becoming a better team in the long run. That doesn't mean we'd be out of it this year. With Carmelo, the Lakers have the best line-up in the NBA. Depending on how fast Carmelo acclimates himself to the Triangle offense, and get another decent big man who can rebound. This could be real exciting!

I can certainly imagine a Kurt Thomas type player wanting to come play with Kobe and Carmelo to play 15 minutes/game to win a ring.

This also might entice Phil Jackson into staying a few more years as well. Carmelo is that good. Carmelo would inject a new life into Laker Nation, things have been stagnating lately.

Go Lakers!

I would love the Drew for Marc Gasol trade if the Lakers also get OJ Mayo and possibly Conley. That would be quite an infusion of young talent, especially at the guard position(s) which unfortunately for the Lakers is looking really old and slow nowadays. Even though Marc would not be as dominant as Drew, he is definitely solid and more importantly, dependable. Why the Lakers ever let Mbenga go and signed Ratliff is beyond me. At least Mbenga plays defense...Ratliff may never even play again.

Well, it works with Wade & James & it would work here! I would much rather have 2 All Star scoring guards, than have Kobe & Sluggo standing uner the hoop, not jumping, not slamming, not boxing out. Look at it this way, Pau is a very solid Center & to lose Sluggo in return for Melo is a no brainer - what we'd gain far outweights the injury-proned loss!

Also to answer another point, the Nuggets know he's gone, so they can look at a potental Twin Towers situation!

And to pay 31 Mil to Andrew for what he has alrady done, with the injury issues, is a joke; granted the 2nd year has a team option, but he's making far too much for the limited assets he brings

Lastly, most have forgotten that Sluggo put the Lakers entire season behind a Soccer tourney! That speaks volumes about any athlete!

This trade straight up, I think would be beneficial to the Lakers, we could always add some more size later on. I like having Ron, Theo, Barnes, and Joe Smith getting some minutes off the bench with Caracter mixed in. This deal could bank the Lakers some championships for years to come. Bynum is fantastic, with huge upside. But this is Carmelo. And when paired with Gasol and

how about bynum for cousins, along with half of our bench. i believe bynum would play his game a lot better without bryant. wouldn't that be great bynum for cousins. i personally do.

What do you think, Ron Ron for either Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace? Love me some Ron Ron, but I think I might bite on either one.

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | February 08, 2011 at 01:11 PM

Nope. We win with the thoroughbreds who got us here. No trades that will mess up our excellent 9 man rotation. If we lose, we lose with these guys because a new face will just mess up chemistry. There is no small forward in the NBA who can lock down quite like Ron Artest does. This is the practice season. You saw the difference in the 2010 playoffs. Why mess with that?

Peace @01:57

Superb post, mainly because you agree with me for the most part. I kid!

Yes, you are right that a core of Kobe-Melo-Pau-LO would be hard pressed NOT to compete for a championship for a few more years. I stand corrected. It really wouldn't matter who the role players are. Just do it, Mitch! (oh, do I hate that)

Bynum for Carmelo is better than Pau for Melo. Let's keep in mind that most blockbuster deals include three or four teams. The Lakers would be smart if they can pluck someone like Javale McGee from Washington in the process. The Wizards were rumored to be interested in trading him or Blatche, after their altercation.
The one thing that acquiring Melo would do is attract the next best available big man to the team. Possibly Dwight Howard. We can win with Pau now, and possibly sign and trade Howard for Gasol next year.
Howard, Melo and Kobe on the same team would = Several rings.

Lakers better get Nene in the deal otherwise they have no chance against Boston even with Mello because who is going to handle Perkins and Shaq inside. People forget that if Perkins doesn't go down for game seven Lakers don't win the title. And we all know that Mello doesn't play any D.

Bynum is a serious force inside and is usually the difference between this team winning and this team losing. All you Socks haters have to deal with that. His career stats may be the same as Marc Gasol but when he is healthy he is closer to 20 & 10. And that is on a team with 3 other serious scoring options and 2 other bigs to rebound.

But this just shows how desperate Denver is to get something in return for their superstar and long term this could work out for the Lakers after Kobe if Bynum has a short career in Denver due to injuries . But it could cost them a championship this year because its hard to see how this trade would make them a better team.

If Mello really wants to be a Laker then all he has to do is wait till next year and he can take his talents to Hollywood. I'm sure that Jerry Buss would find a way to pay him.

Kupshak made a huge mistake when he gave Artest that 5 year contract last summer. Just when we were getting out from under Sasha and Walton we have another long term albatross hanging around the teams future

I was going to say to do the opposite of whatever Sonny says, but i quickly realized I had no idea what he said.


I pretty much agree with mosts posts above,so I guess you can say I am for a trade.Who am I kidding if it's true(doubt it tho) ship hiss @55 out!!!! I really can't say I'm impressed with the way the teams been playing.I said b4 they usually lose about 5 games they shouldn't have each season. To me they have already passed their quota,dunno maybe it's because I pay more attention to the games now.All in all a lot of peeps are talking about matchups,chemistry,etc,Good points all but there just isn't no guarentee. I understand as fans, feeling the lakeshow will be there in june,but who's to say it will be the celts for sure... Again if true it's hard to pass up.If it doesn't happen(because of jim buss for example)and the lakers aren't champs come june, he can definately look forward to a public flogging in the city

Posted by: VI Lakerfan | February 08, 2011 at 03:34 PM many threads up ..........

Short term Bynum is compelling but if you look at the long term picture, imagine securing Melo now and grabbing D. Howard (who has indicated wants to come to LA) next year when he's free. Now you're looking at another lineup that could get another 3 easily.

Just came up with a good trade idea (in my opinion that will help the following three teams. Those teams being the Lakers, Nuggets, and Bobcats.

The Los Angeles Lakers would acquire Carmelo Anthony and Al Harrington from the Denver Nuggets. This would not only land L.A. a superstar at the three position, it will also help cover the loss of Andrew Bynum by getting a big man with Carmelo. Also, for the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony, taking Al Harrington's bad contract...not as bad as Walton's, would be a thank you gift from the Lakers to the Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets would acquire Gerald Wallace from the Charlotte Bobcats and Andrew Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers. Wallace will replace the vacant SF position that once belonged to Carmelo. Meanwhile, Bynum will give Denver youth and a promising center (as long as he remains off the shelf). Also, I'm sure draft picks would come Denver's way in this three team trade.

The Charlotte Bobcats would acquire Ron Artest from the Los Angeles Lakers and Chris Anderson from the Denver Nuggets. This is another bad contract that Denver can unload to the Bobcats however, Chris Anderson's shot blocking ability and length will help Charlotte in the frontcourt. Ron Artest would bring defense to a Charlotte team who could use it, and playing alongside Stephen Jackson would provide a good one/two combo punch. Remember, Artest is a capable shooter, but lost his touch with the Lakers due to L.A.'s heavy line up of stars, i.e., Kobe, Lamar, Gasol and Bynum. Now of course, it's been rumored that Artest wouldn't be happy playing for Michael Jordan's Bobcats, however, I'm willing to believe that the Bobcats Part-Owner would make sense out of it all.

@Dallas: I guess no one told you that it was actually the Lakers coaching staff and management that told Drew to take some time off before having surgery. Not to mention that dude suffered all playoffs with a torn small feat, all to help win the Finals last year. Cut the guy a break...he is not a slacker.

@Paul Randall: what is this garbage about Celtics winning with Perkins playing game 7? Please, this same nonsense again, or are you Doc Rivers in disguise. Celtics would not win that game even if they had Perkins, and that is against an injured Bynum. How about this for your whimsical scenarios: Celtics get swept in 4 games last year if Drew were 100%. Actually that is exactly what would have happened if Drew was not hurt.

For everyone clamoring for Melo...I think that would be the stupidest trade (straight up, unless Denver throws in Nene, Anderson, or Billups) ever unless Drew gets hurt and never plays again! The Lakers would be no better than OKC, Atlanta, or Utah (we've seen how far these teams get in the playoffs). Unless Lakers get a decent big man in return, Pau and LO will get eaten alive in the playoffs against San Antonio, Chicago, Orlando, and Boston. Neither Pau nor LO are true centers, nor do they have the mass to throw around the post to dislodge bigger players.

just the way for Melo's agent to pull his worth.
Artest for G-Wallace is much better for Lakers!

Stay with me on this one:

Lakers get:
Arron Afflalo
Carmelo Anthony
Marc Gasol
Chauncey Billups
Kwame Brown

Charlotte gets:
Shannon Brown
Ron Artest
Nene Hilario
Tony Allen

Denver Gets:
Stephen Jackson
Andrew Bynum
Gerald Wallace
Steve Blake
Mike Conley

Memphis Gets:
Luke Walton
Derek Caracter
Nazi Mohammed
Ty Lawson

This trade works on ESPN Trade machine.

Our Lineup:

P. Gasol/Odom
M. Gasol/K. Brown/Ratliff

Solves our problems. Get rid of the Mercurial Artest for an all star. Decent 7 footers at Center. Kwame at least knows the system and can plug up the middle. Great defensive shooting guard in Afflalo who is in the final year of his contract. Most important, a freaking point guard who can defend and knock down the 3 regularly.

One can dream, right?

@Shizzle...Cool trade hope the gm's are trade also,don't think charlotte would wanna part ways with both cap'n jack,and wallace though...wishful thinking indeed(but very creative0..

Seriously folks, even though Drew has been lying about his health; the Lakeshow will NOT trade him from Melo. If Denver is in talks about a trade it would be:
Pau for Nene and JR.

Yet, if the FO were to trade Drew str8-up it SHOULD be for :
the Bull's Noah.

or ATL's Horford and Crawford.

Otherwise, Drew needs to keep his job, work harder, get stronger and be prepared to payback Kobe TWO MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

On 2 The NEXT WON.

Let's make this interesting:

What about NeNe/Melo for Bynum/Artest?

As much as the opportunity to add Melo to the Lakers is intriguing, MM nails it when he brings up the chemistry issues. If the Lakers were to make the trade, how can Artest stay around? I don't see Artest quietly accept losing his starting job, particularly after he was/is the subject of trade speculation.

If indeed this is Phil's last season, it is hard to imagine his support for a trade that changes the team so drastically.

It makes more sense that the team stay the course. We'll have enough changes with a new coach next year. As noted by some of the other posts, stay the course with Bynum and make a run at Dwight when he becomes a free agent. We've had pretty good success in getting impact centers from the Magic.

Maybe if Aaron Brooks can really tick off Houston, we could pick him up. It would give us some speed at the point guard position.

When you compare Marc Gasol's statistics to Andrew Bynum's remebr that Marc Gasol averages 33 minutes a game and Andrew Bynum averages 23 minutes a game. They have basically the same stats with Gasol playing a third more time. If they switched Gasol would get fewer minutes, fewer touches, and he would have to fight Pau and Lamar for rebound statistics. If Bynum went to Memphis he would be a star and his numbers would go through the roof. Compare apples with apples.

If you think Pau is a good center, you have no idea what a center does for a living.

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