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The Times' All Things Lakers database is a valuable resource

The thrill behind scouring The Times' recently launched All Things Lakers database is the ease of finding a Lakers factoid literally at the click of the button.

The possibilities are endless. Wax nostalgia after reading biographies of well-known Lakers figures, including, Chick Hearn, Jerry Buss, Jack Kent Cooke, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and yes, even Shaquille O'Neal. Relive any of the championship runs through the database's season-by-season breakdowns. Or scour the many lists, including  the Lakers Hall of Famers, the tallest Lakers and Lakers' all-time scoring list.

Be sure to bookmark the site; it's a never-ending trove for all things Lakers. 

--Mark Medina

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Pretty cool thing, MM.


4 REBOUNDS!!!! PAU is a SOFTIE. This is exactly my point why I think we don't have a chance of winning this years championship with Pau as our POWER-forward. Unless Bynum has some kind of ASTONISHING playoff run.

Pau (and Artest) for:

Aldridge (Mathews)
Noah (Deng)
Love and Johnson (Ellington)
Lopez and Harris (Favors)
Horford and Smith (Bibby)

@POINTFORWARD… Drew played well against Howard. His footwork and low post offense had Dwight back on his heels and he blocked one of Howard’s shots as well as stripped him clean on another. Having said that, Dwight nevertheless had one of his best games. Drew tired in the second half and Pau basically was schooled all night long. Hopefully, Pau will bounce back tomorrow night.
@MAGICPHIL… I think Phil played Pau more on Dwight because Drew had already played a lot of minutes and had tweaked his knee. Phil also likes to close out the fourth with the veteran Pau and Lamar. Tonight, I would have liked to have seen Drew close the game against Howard. He scored 7 points on Pau in the fourth quarter, including several dominating moves where Pau played soft.
@OCLEZY… The defense on this road trip has been consistently good with nobody breaking a 100, even the high scoring Knicks and Magic. Dwight got it rolling once Drew left the game and Pau could not handle him. This is another case of Pau getting punked by guys that he outplayed last year. It was Pau who really stopped Dwight two years ago when the Lakes won their first title post Shaq. It goes to show that any NBA team is dangerous when they’ve got a big crowd and a chance to beat LA.
@LAKERJ…When Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Lamar all play good, the Lakers can overcome the lack of production from the 1 and 3 spots. But when one of the Big Four doesn’t play up to snuff, the window is open for the hyped up opponents to have their best game of the year. I’m not really afraid of the Magic and seriously doubt that they can even get back the Eastern Conference Finals.

Lakers trade scenario:

get: Howard, Nash
give up: Bynum, Odom, Blake

get: Bynum
give up: Carmelo

get: Carmelo, Odom
give up: Howard, Brandon Bass

get: Brandon Bass, Blake
give up: Nash

This works.

Just watched the first half of the game. Derek Fisher proving why he is one of the all time worst NBA guards both on offense and defense !!! Can't wait to see how bad he is in second half. Will report back soon.

Fisher has got to go.

lakers should trade artest he has been the worst laker by far this season
steve blake is not a good addition to the team, he just passes and takes only one shot per game.


MM - Nice site!

Great game by DHoward and good defense by the entire Orlando team. LO played good for the Lakers (minus the free throw shooting), Drew was solid and Kobe was alright. The Lakers didn’t get much from anyone else. Pau was soft on the boards (Dwight killed him on the offensive rebs), and Ron, Shannon, Fish and Blake were 1-11 from 3pt. Ball game! Oh well 6-1 still would make a good road trip.

The Laker database is very cool stuff MM! I'm looking forward to playing around with it when I get some spare time. In just 30 seconds I learned that Stu Lantz has the Lakers 5th highest freethrow percentage and that Benoit Benjamin was the only Laker to ever wear 00.

Great addition to Times Laker section!

- - -

Still bummed about the game this afternoon, but can understand it given the grueling back-to-backs they played in Boston/NYC. They simply looked weary, they didn't match Orlando's energy. Everyone missed shots they ordinarily would make, it was just one of those days.

Artest & Shannon had tough games, Fish and Pau too. Drew mostly held his own vs Howard. He missed some easy shots which would have made his numbers a little better, but the fact is he was getting quality looks that just didn't go in. On some possessions he gave Howard a lot of trouble. Bottom line, Drew at 23 is showing he can hang and score on the finest defensive center in the league.

Howard deserves a lot of credit though, he really came to play tonight and he was more active offensively than he usually is. He takes a lot of games off during the season scoring-wise, but tonight he brought it. I truly believe he had some extra incentive because he wants to show himself off to the Lakers.

Not going to lay into the team, they've been playing well for a while now and fatigue must be getting to them. The Magic played inspired. Anyways, it should be fun to see the rematch in a month at the Staples Center.


Whenever these Lakers win a game or too the media will talk about 'how good this team is,' and will even want to compare them with the mighty Chicago Bulls of the 90s.And will compare a certain player to the calibre of the great MJ.But let me say this yes this Laker team is good,but the Chicago Bulls and MJ were certainly different even though they played the same triangle offence.For one these Bulls were much more dominant,they played with heart,they played with determination and great flare,they swept all comers,they dominated all teams.MJ played for the team,he played within the offence,he also played great defence,he was not a ball hogger,he was not a selfish player,he shared the ball,he had Pippen and even the lesser likes of Steve Ker,Kukoc the sixth man and Luc Longy,and I wont forget Rodman,Horace Grant and Paxson.Many a times the Bulls were behind by 22 points going into the 3rd quarter and they somehow came storming back and drew the score level and still defeated the opposing team,I used to asked myself 'how this could have happen,were MJ and the Bulls so special?'Its lately that I got to know the answer.Well this year our Laker were defeated by all the big teams,they are good but dont compare them with the great Bulls that were so dominant in the 90s.Well as for now,we will wait and see,taking each game as it comes.

Thoughts on DHoward….

It good to see Howard’s hard work paying off. He’s added a few more moves in his repertoire and today they were on full display. I recall several conversations with bloggers here over the summer that were reluctant to give him props. Some even went as far as saying he didn’t work on his game. Hopefully now some of them will give him more credit. One key thing to remember is Dwight’s never had the luxury of playing with another good big.

Howard vs. Drew….(after second viewing)

Howard was 8-10 with Drew guarding him. He used his quickness for several lefty layups/mini finger rolls. Drew also fell asleep and gave up and alley oop dunk. He did hit one face up banker, but most of the shots were relatively easy. Bynum’s best defensive plays on him was a block shot, a strip and he kept Howard off the offensive boards. On the flip side, Drew scored on a couple impressive low post moves on Dwight especially a nice up and under. AB was also a handful for Howard to handle on the offensive boards…scoring on 3 impressive put backs over Howard.

Howard vs Pau... (after second viewing)

Howard was 5-6 with Pau guarding him. He used his strength and quickness against Pau. Dominating him for three offensive rebounds. Two of them for put backs (including the end of the third and another one resulting in two free throws. Two of the hoops on Pau were tough shots….one a contested right hand hook and a semi-deep face up banker ala Duncan. Pau’s best defensive plays on him were drawing a charge, causing him to travel and tipping one of his passes for turnover. Pau didn’t get many touches with Dwight guarding him. I only counted him taking and missing one shot when guarded by Howard. Orlando did double down on Gasol a few times...more than they did vs. Bynum.

Other notes....

The Lakers were only trailed by 2 points when Drew checked out with 3:30 to go in the 3rd. Orlando stretched the lead to 7 by the end of the quarter.
The Lakers were down 7 when Pau went to the bench to start the 4th. They were down by 12 when he checked by in at the 7:48 mark.

Here we go again...

This game was a wake up call that this team can't build a big winning streak (during the regular season) .

- they don't want to play on sundays
- they seemed tired
- when Bynum grabs his knees something goes wrong (remember 2 weeks ago against the Celtics)

but the good thing about this road trip, they proved they can beat any team.

So let's enjoy the rest of the regular season, but with low expectations.

"OK" loss. "Ok" meaning it didn't hurt much.

This loss wasn't as tough as compared to when we lost to SA or the Heat.

IMO, and as some said, we lost this game due to fatigue. The game was early. It was obvious our Lakers got tired(cause of Grammy Trip). That's why this loss didn't hurt as much. I never worry about the Magic.




Nice breakdown on Howard vs Gasol, Bynum.

Open letter for the PSP...

PSP Sir,

I know the past days has been tough for you, cheer up PSP Sir. I never considered you a "troll" in my book. Matter of fact, you are one of the few here to whom I have interactions/ conversations with. I have "Few" because I rarely talk about Basketball in a very deep sense, like what our fellow bloggers are doing or are capable of. Plus, I have only been here for only a short period time and the seniority/ hierarchy is so high. It's also because I have few knowledge about the technicalities/ match-ups/ plays/ coaching/ etc. (although I know the rules of the game coming from a Basketball country- The Philippines ). That is why when I post my take of the game, I always put IMO.

It's good to know that you have buried the hatchet and have moved on. I hope you and Sir MVP888 can become friends, and forget all what has been said. After all we all support & love the same Lakers Team. Let's just crush the real 'Trolls'! LOL.

I am here because I LOVE THE LAKERS. I am here to cheer for our Lakers. I am here because I have & will always believe in our Lakers.


This loss was meh. Also this loss shouldn't go under those *Lakers can't beat any of the contenders* games. I don't consider the Magic a contender and I'm thinking the Lakers think the same. I'm more interested on whats really going on with Bynum's ever so popular knee.


Thanks for the shout out. The PSP is in the same shoe as you; I'm not a walking basketball encyclopedia either and so can't post with the kind of detail that some bloggers here do (however, the PSP has picked up loads of basketball knowledge in the years the PSP has been reading/blogging here).

The PSP has already moved on and extended an olive branch to anyone willing to accept. The PSP can't force anyone to be friends with them, but will be friends with anyone that wants to be. Seriously whatever you are taking to be up early unfailing, you better offer some to me or else I'll be blaming you when I get fired! :-)

PSP Intern

TidalWave: but the good thing about this road trip, they proved they can beat any team.

So let's enjoy the rest of the regular season, but with low expectations.

Well said. That's pretty much what we expected, starting off I said 4 wins but since the Carmelo trade rumors started swirling, I expected Andrew Bynum to go on a tear and the rest to play well just to get the rumors off their domes. I knew the Lakers were going to be on point the Celtics game to a. avenge their loss and b. they play better on the road, and the Knicks play no defense. Magic game, I watched it and Bynum did great in the paint during the first half, unfortunately the Magic ran circles lobbing it to DH - Lakers seemed less engaged and that out of bounds assist to DH took the wind out of their sails and hit a snag, couldn't recover because we couldn't hit freethrows, and DH domed the paint at will we had no answer for him.. too lethargic. I am not going to say trade Bynum and PG because at the end of the day a lot of things were going wrong, we had no offensive rhythm what so ever and we couldn't contain their small lineup. I expect the Lakers to bounce back and win a hard fought game an, odd game too, the Bobcats always own us and the Bobcats have been straight up carving fools, 4 point win give or take.

Is there a link to the All Things Lakers site on the LA Times Sports Home Page, or will there be?

Dude...up till yesterday nice road trip. If the lakers end this road trip at 5-2 is it a GREAT or Average trip? And the thought of a 4-3 would bring on a MELT DOWN with the TRADE talks again. Those DREADED TRADE TALKS, the HEAT would GLADLY trade you say.....Big Z for say DREW with the BAD

It's game day...where is everybody? Hey JovBatz44, Art, PSP, Magia32.

Charlotte is 14-12 since Silas took over for Larry Brown. They're playing a little faster and freer instead of that grinder, milk the shot clock tempo. They've beat Boston, Chicago (2x) and Atlanta under Silas. And Kwame has even played decent under the guidance of Oakley.

4th game is 5 Phil may need to dip a little deeper into his bench to find a little energy. I expect the Lakers to get back on track tonight.

@LROB... Thanks for putting together those Bynum and Gasol versus Dwight stats. I thought they pretty much confirmed my general impressions about the game. Overall, that was one of the best games I have ever seen Howard play. Despite a strong effort by Drew, Dwight really played well. Like everybody in the league is doing, he really dialed up the physicality against Pau. Pau will need to bear down the next time we play them. He showed before he could guard Dwight 1-on-1.

This was our first look at ORL this season. They showed a very nice post game. I'd say this was a good test for Drew especially 3 games in 4 days. Thought he held his own in the 1st half but like the rest of the team withered away in the 2nd.

I think things will be very different when they come to LA next month. Defense will be much more focused and I believe Dwight will be much less effective.

I am expecting Charlotte too be a tough punch tonight. However, this will be a good bounceback game for the Lakers.

Cheers - PLG

D12 had a huge game gainst our bigs, but i doubt that Orlando makes it to the Finals.

Mornin' CRUE.

I'm slowly making my way back to the Land of the Living. It's a long, arduous trip, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday's game was 'meh'. Drew brought it for the most part against Dwight. The boys couldn't throw a pea in the ocean. The reffing was 'questionable' at best on both sides. If they had been wearing cement shoes they could have played lighter on their feet. To sum it up: meh. Tired is as tired does. And they looked tired, and they played tired. Even Big Game James said the same thing. No excuses, but it is what it is. So - onward. 1 of 82.....

Game day baby! Those 3 little words we all so love to hear. Let's hope they got enough sleep during yesterday's game and last night at the hotel, so they can run with the cats today. Should be interesting. I'm expecting a W. I want a W. They'd better bring me my W!!!!

Let the hunt for 6 begin - DFish
Nothing but another title will suffice - KBryant
Nobody destroys Ron Artest - RArtest
Get outta my way Saturn - LOdom
WE GOT THIS - justa

And btw - I post those quotes because I truly believe the guys mean what they say, and will bring home # 17 in June. There's no doubt in my mind. They may be giving us fits right now, but the team is engineered for the PO's. They know it. We know it. And the rest of the league knows it (which is why every other team tried to match up with US this year). So, I wave my pompoms and cheer them on, because they are my team and they deserve my loyalty for all the joy and happiness they've brought me. Yeah they lose head scratchers sometimes, but I wouldn't count them out when it's 'win or go home' time. And neither should anyone else. You do so at your own risk!

9 points from fisher and artest. they should not be starting.
the lakers appeared tired.poor babies needed a nap.

9 points from fisher and artest. they should not be starting.
the lakers appeared tired.poor babies needed a nap.

how they play tonite will reveal quite a bit about the culture and the character of this team.they have two more games before the all-star break, so do they A)go on automatic pilot and barely get a win tonite and a loss on weds., or do they B) make these two teams cry because they are so angry over losing a GAME THEY COULD HAVE WON! I think that the lakers are not an angry team, which is too bad, because they have one angry black mamaba, who besides the logo, is one of the few players to use their anger to their advantage.

You cannot tell the PSP which posts to skip or not skip past, you do realize this is a free,open blog right?
Sorry to hear about a passing in your family. Deeply regret hearing that; you will be in my prayers
PSP Intern

Posted by: Practice Season Police | February 13, 2011 at 10:26 AM

@PSP- you're sorry. Sean does not care for the PSP. I don't care about your sympathies, I don't need your sympathies, don't want your sympathies.

I tried to help resolve the conflict, without mentioning names, such as yours, but you singled me out for saying 'ditto'.

It's a free blog? I'm sick of your sanctimony, you can respond to my posts all day, I'm freezing you out, son. I'm a very agreeable person, you went to far.
I have a threshold of tolerance that you've worn down, because you're incapable of seeing logic/reason when it's at the expense of your ego.

@Mark Medina- Love the database, Mark. Added it to my favorites. A encyclopedia of Laker archives. Thumbs up for sure.

Charlotte will be an interesting game for the Lakers, particularly for Artest. It was reported that the Lakers offered Artest for Wallace or Jackson, but the Bobcats were worried that Artest would not be happy playing there. Artest can take this game as his personal challenge to show the Lakers that the trade would not have been to their advantage, or he can succumb to the mental pressure of knowing that he was on the trading block.
Charlotte and MJ, have not been able to put together a contending team. They have a few nice pieces, but lack the overall team balance to make them a good team. MJ is still trying to prove that Kwame was not a total bust. He has started at center as of late, and has been somewhat effective.
I still believe that KB would have made a fine backup center for us this year. Certainly, being healthy would have been a plus already over Ratliff. Knowing the triangle and having played for Phil woul also be a plus. Oh well, you know what they say about hindsight.
Let's hope our boys are ready and head to the All-Star break with a winning mini streak.

GOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Laker Blog!

Still dealing with the crap 2011 has thrown my way. the hits keep coming and it gets discouraging having to constantly pick oneself up from the mat.

'Nothing will stop me.' is my new mantra.

Nothing to be concerned about with the latest loss. Team play was off, Kobe missed shots he'll make and Pau looked like he had stayed up reading book 7 of Harry Potter and just couldnt't put it down to get some shut eye.

Bounce back tonight, boys!

GOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Laker Blog!

Still dealing with the crap 2011 has thrown my way. the hits keep coming and it gets discouraging having to constantly pick oneself up from the mat.

'Nothing will stop me.' is my new mantra.

Nothing to be concerned about with the latest loss. Team play was off, Kobe missed shots he'll make and Pau looked like he had stayed up reading book 7 of Harry Potter and just couldnt't put it down to get some shut eye.

Bounce back tonight, boys!


Oy vey :-(

PSP Intern



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