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The Lakers end seven-game trip on worst note with 104-99 loss to Cleveland Cavaliers

59492077With their heads slumped, the Lakers walked off the court of Quicken Loans Arena with no reasons to stop staring at the ground.

The Lakers with their 104-99 loss Wednesday to the Cleveland Cavaliers concluded a seven-game trip at 4-3, marked their third consecutive defeat and erased any positive feelings coming out of their 4-0 start, including a signature victory over the Boston Celtics. The Lakers enter the All-Star break with plenty of things to correct, but with no practice time to do it. And those believing a few days off could help the team rest are forgetting that there are plenty of the festivities surrounding All-Star weekend in Los Angeles.

It's debatable that the Lakers' loss to Cleveland would have more significant long-term implications than their much-needed victory against Boston, but that's not how the Lakers should think right now. Having Quickens Loans Arena drop confetti after the league's worst team beat the two-time reigning champions should be humiliating enough. Knowing that this loss came after a similarly poor effort only two days ago in a double-digit loss to Charlotte should dent the pride even more. But for far too long, the Lakers have maintained too much of a big-picture perspective, knowing the end result really points to the team's health and ability to ratchet up the intensity once the playoffs start. But the Lakers so far are showing patterns that they're overlooking the small steps needed to evolve into a championship contender.

It was a little more than a month ago when the Lakers defeated the Cavaliers by 55 points, which marked the beginning of Cleveland's 26-game losing streak and gave the Lakers a refreshed attitude as they took pride in sharpening their habits regardless of the opponent they faced. That proved to be far from the case Wednesday as the Lakers committed 19 turnovers, allowing 17 fast-break points, conceded 50 points in the paint, allowed  reserve guard Ramon Sessions to set a season high in points (32) and Anthony Parker to tie a career high in assists (nine).

No Laker was immune from blame. Kobe Bryant's 17 points on eight-of-24 shooting, seven turnovers, four personal fouls and one technical provided signs that his flu is still bothering him, he's allowing frustration to affect his shot selection and his composure, and his inability to focus is leading to mistakes he normally doesn't bring. Andrew Bynum's six points on two-of-12 shooting entailed a missed opportunity for taking advantage of open looks two days after complaining about a lack of touches. Lamar Odom's six points on two-of-six shooting revealed a passivity on offense and defense that's been fairly minimnal in his most consistent season. And Ron Artest continued his disappearing act, with his one shot -- a miss -- showing he's not involving himself at all and his immediate postgame tweet highlighting his mix tape revealed poor prioritizing.

The lone highlights -- Pau Gasol's 30 points on eight-of-15 shooting, Derek Fisher's 19 points on eight-of-12 shooting and Shannon Brown's 15 points on seven-of-14 shooting -- kept the Lakers in a game that otherwise appeared lopsided. But they also contributed to the loss, including when the Lakers came back. After Fisher's three-pointer tied the score at 82-82 with 6:16 remaining in the game, the Cavaliers responded with a 9-0 run on sequences that defined the Lakers' poor play. Parker cut across the lane and received a pass from Sessions, but Gasol didn't mark out. Fisher forced a drive baseline and committed an offensive foul and then got knocked over on a down screen that set up Parker's wide-open three-pointer. A forced Fisher layup then led Sessions performing an up-and-under layup past Gasol. And a contested three-pointer from Brown and put-back from Odom led to Sessions driving through traffic once again. Bryant's contested three-pointer at the top of the key with the Lakers trailing 99-95 with 26 seconds remaining made the result all but official.

But this game wasn't lost in the fourth quarter. It was lost with a lack of effort and poor execution throughout the entire game. Whether it was Bryant picking up his second foul and then drawing a technical with only 5:37 left in the first quarter that sparked an 11-2 Cleveland run, Parker's uncontested jumper capping an 8-0 run to end the first half, Christian Eyenga blowing past Bryant and Gasol for a poster-type slam or the Cavaliers' 9-0 run in the fourth, the Lakers rarely appeared engaged in the game.

Perhaps a week-long frustration that spans All-Star weekend will build up within the team, prompting them to work harder. Perhaps their most embarrassing loss will provide the jump-start to the consistency the Lakers sorely lacked. Or perhaps things will remain the same. It's nearly impossible to predict how the Lakers will respond because they haven't shown a definitive pattern all season, a current problem that seems to have no end.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who made only eight of 24 shots from the field, elevates for a layup against Cavaliers guard Anthony Parker in the first half Wednesday night. Credit: Jason Miller / US Presswire

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Wow, look at all the rats scurrying off the deck! Our team (well at least my team) has been to the NBA Finals the last 3 years and ARE back-to-back NBA World Champions. I ain't jumping ship yet. Perhaps we do finally need a shake up? I think we have to look at everyone except Kobe and Pau. Wonder if we could get Melo, Chauncey and Nene for Bynum, Artest, Odom and Blake or Brown and the 2 rookies? Salaries probably don't add up.


Not giving up on Kobe either. Guy has given everything thing he has for the Lakers. Of course, true Kobe and Laker fans won't either. Phil needs to rest him, especially after he's been sick. He had no business playing against Charlotte. Kobe ain't sitting! Phil has to sit him!

lakers reach new LOW POINT of the season.. it just doesnt get any lower than this... lakers lose to a team that lost 26 STRAIGHT GAMES the alltime nba record and that had lost 37 of 38 at one stretch...

if this isnt enough of a wakeup call to force mgmt to make a move than i dont know what is.. they dont even need to change the core.. they just need new blood!!

and their best player mo mo didnt even play!?

Hello Denver,
this is Mitch, you still interested in that Melo/Afflalo for Bynum/Artest trade we talked about?
You will not get a better offer, you instantly become title contenders and you don't have to wait on draft picks to mature

YES, ok I have Jerry West get the paperwork going.

Hello Mr. Buss, they went for it. Thanks for freezing your son out of these negotiations. Finally we have a true scorer to compliment Kobe. Kobe would like to also say thank you for saving his legacy.
Gotta go pick up some papers at a friends house (wink wink)

As bad as we are playing right now, what team would you trade places with? Every team has it's flaws. If I was an odds maker in Vegas, the Lakers would still be in my top 2 to win it all (the other would be the C's). If you had to lay a month's salary on one team t win it all, who would you pick? Apart from an injury I'll take the Lakers every time!

The Spurs will easily off this Lakers team in the playoffs if the Lakers even make it that far. Phil should retire now to shake things up.

Dj you're worse than bandwagon fans. Any trade scenario.involving Bynum are the lakers shooting themselves in the foot. But of course, how would you know that suckling on the espn teat, right? There's no excuse for losing to cleveland and the laker have been far too inconsistent this season, but at the same time, they're going for a threepeat and in this last decade only Kobe and company know how hard and exhausting that can get and I'm sure that's playing a small role during this stretch. I'm not worried but I can't say I'm not con erned.

can't believe Lakers became the laughing stock of the NBA, losing to Cleveland. No one except Kobe deserves to be a Laker. If possible get rid of Bynum, Brown, Artest, and Walton. Pleeaase!!!

This is going to wild in here for the next 48 hours….
All the little cliques will come out protecting “their player/s” and throwing others under the bus while the trade machine spins out of control. I still believe this team can win a championship. However, since the Lakers didn’t play any defense tonight, then I won’t offer any defense on their behalf.

Congrats to the Cavs. Their team and fans have endured a lot over the last 7 months so its nice to see a little sun shine on them…unfortunately it came at the expense of the Lakers.

its gonna be a RIOT!! everyman for himself! everyone RUN FOR COVER!!!

The Sky Is

Lakers are suffering from a lack of scoring at the wing. Besides Kobe, we have no go too player who can make or create a shot when the chips are really down. We've been able to get away with it because of Kobe's greatness, but I think that's to much to ask of the Mamba come 3peat time this year. The league has gotten better, the good teams are all better, we need to upgrade or we won't repeat. We need another scorer/playmaker in the worst way. I would trade Bynum for Melo if it's possible for the simple fact it makes us more dangerous, versatile and athletic. I don't see us winning it with the combination that's out there right now. We need another bonafide scorer we can count on when the going gets tough.


You are probably right. Not the time to panic. These are basically the same players that have won 2 Championships in a row. Perhaps they are spoiled, bored, tired and perhaps, all three. Come back fresh after the AS game and start working better and smarter and taking time for rest (fewer minutes for the players that need more rest) and get ready for the Playoffs.

Some people are saying to trust Laker management because after all they have assembled back to back championships.

What I worry about is this..... Why did management forget the role that Trevor Ariza brought to the Laker Championship the year before?

Ariza had youth, defense, and a pretty good outside shot, not to mention pretty good transition game A poor man's Scotty Pippen (which isn't a bad thing) but at least he can jump more that 3 inches off the ground.
Anyone remember those 2 steals in those playoffs? Those clutch shots against Orlando? I would call that the type of player he consistently was for the Lakers.
Not a lucky Artest, whom you will never see that fairy tale ending again. Trevor Ariza fit the Triangle to a tee, Artest still looks like a fish out of water.

just reminiscing

As Lakers fans, we get it. We don't like it but we get it. Phil Jackson has a philosophy about the process of the NBA regular season. He has an understanding of the game and how it is played at this level that many fans can't even begin to appreciate. Priorities such as the importance of health and team structure in the post season over wins/losses in the regular season. He works slowly and methodically and he allows the team to struggle through their own challenges with the faith and knowledge that this will better prepare them for the challenges that they will see in the post season. He teaches the players how to remain in the moment without getting caught up in the highs and lows. By now, Lakers fans get that. Here's what we don't get. This is the Los Angeles Lakers. And the fact is, this is not a team in a small-market city, and not a team that sets its goals at making the playoffs. This is The Franchise for the NBA. Fans may be disappointed about the losses (especially to teams with far inferior talent or games on major holidays) but what we're really disappointed about is that, aside from a few players, this year's team plays with a sense of entitlement and arrogance and without a sense of pride in the organization and fan base that they represent and without a desire to be the best team every night. We don't want to see them complaining to refs about missed calls, we don't want to see them standing around watching Kobe in isolation mode, we don't want to see them planted to the ground with their mouths closed on defense. I'm not talking about perfection. You lose to another good team, even by double digits, and "hey, you had an off night and they are a good team." That, we can rationalize. But losses like this one are the worst kind of losses. These are the ones that show that your heart isn't in it. If the Lakers had lost this game but you could see the desire to become better, the will to aspire to the greatness that flashes every so often, we could move on. And we would. But this team doesn't do that for us. This team has got such a solid big picture perspective that they've forgotten that champions are measured against other champions too. And whether this year's team wins a championship or not, the narrative of this season will be that, for all of their talent, they did not have the desire to win every game. Champions are not created equally and level of desire is what differentiates them. The Los Angeles Lakers don't care about the regular season, we fans do. And thats what we don't get.


I guess it's time to rail it against Artest and Bynum.
Oh, wait a minute, they weren't even in the game during the fourth quarter.
And the Lakers on the floor couldn't make a stop in the 4th quarter?
What gives?
Can't expect the 11-ring guru to make any mistakes, do we?
Or get any flack from the local LA cess, er, press pool, do you?
But, hey let's rail against Artest and Bynum, it has to be all their fault.
But don't fret folks, soon enough will have Larry the mamba guy give you a roll call to ease the pain, or will it?
Never mind that mambrika stunk it up, yet again.
How can Fisher score 17 points and still be -14 for the game?
Ramon Sessions? Come on Fish, really? Blake, what was that?
But it had to be Artest and Bynum fault that the Lakers stunk.



nice one!

no RAAAAAjon Rondo?

I will be loyal to the Lakers, but something is definitely wrong. The Lakers could have played their second team and should have won against Cleveland.

The extended seasons of back to back championships is probably taking its toll. Plus every team wants to defeat the Lakers.

The Lakers are in need of a quick scoring backup guard. Rumor has it Heinrich of the Wizards is available. Trade Blake and Walton for him.

As I stated in previous posts, trading Sasha V. was the big mistake this season.

C. Duckworth: Excellent post. Truly.

As disappointed as I am, I have a feeling that this loss will be a distant memory by the time April rolls around. I expect this season to feature the most competitive playoffs series in a long while, but I fully expect the Lakers to be right there in the end -- of course, I always expect that, and that's because I'm a Lakers fan through and through.

No crazy trades. No big shake ups. Just time to get in the gym and work on the basics, the chemistry, the rotations, and the game plan for the final 25 games of the regular season.

Go Lake Show!

That was the one game that I knew would cause the heads to roll. Now we'll find out if my belief pans out.

Not that the team needs to panic, but the message is heard loud and clear: shape up like right now or some other team gets to enjoy the parade festivities. If management is cool with that and trust that the last 4 months mean nothing, then they'll do nothing. If management believes the season is just practice and the team has been practicing how to lose, then they'll attempt to remedy the situation.

Bynum is the key to your success?

Gasol's lazy attempt to rebound the ball(which made Phil yell at him) in the 3rd period said it all. Although I'm not blaming him only since he did have 30 points and 20 rebounds and played 40 minutes and played better than the rest of the team who played lazy ball but didn't get the numbers that Gasol did. No hustle. There was a couple of other lazy plays, one where they were arguing a call while the Cavs made an open basket.

Their defense of trying to "trap" the guy with the ball by funneling them to the baseline is pure garbage defense because it allows the dribbler to drive all the way to the basket or it pulls a defender from the basket leaving a cutter wide open for a layup or a short open jump shot that any 6 year old could make. How about a defense where you try to keep yourself in between the dribbler and the basket?

The Lakers have hit rock bottom. As bad as they were during their bad stretch last year, they were never this bad. This year, they've had several losing streaks of 3 or more games.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

It's one thing if the Lakers lay it all on the line and give 100% each game, but I just don't see the effort.


Re-read what you just wrote. "It's one thing if the Lakers lay it all on the line and give 100% each game, but I just don't see the effort."

So, would you rather see them give 100% each game... and lose to the Cavs and Bobcats of the NBA? Wouldn't that be WORSE than what you're seeing now?

This team is disinterested, and it shows. They aren't rotating well, they're not communicating well, and they're not playing well. Luckily, those things are ALL fixable. If they were playing the best ball they could play -- and still losing -- that would suck. But they're not.

Before you jump off the Lakers bus for the season, remember what it felt like to watch the Lakers hoist back-to-back trophies. I guarantee they remember it. And we'll start seeing that fire soon... real soon.

All the Chicken Littles come scurrying here after a loss, especially an embarrassing one like tonight. But they'll scurry away just as quickly when the Lakers finish the regular season on a 22-3 tear, then blast their way through the playoffs, and finish off the Celtics once and for all in six games.

Count it.

Go Lake Show!

Speechless! silence is louder than whining. Our team is in a hurry to catch the Cancun flight.

trevor ariza? lets compare shall we

me 8 him 11

me 3.1 him 5.5

me 2 him 2.1

me 62% him 70%

me .4 him .4

me 1.4 him 1.6

me 39.8% him 39%

me 35% him 29%

you see I shoot a better percentage and the reason i'm a little behind on the other stats is because i play almost 7 minutes less a game.

trevor was only good bc Kobe opened things up for him otherwise he pretty much stinks

Had to make another post about the game because previous ones had too many comments?

I'm a life-long Lakers fan, but let's get real -

The Lakers quit.

They quit on themselves.

They quit on their fans.

They quit on us.

There is just no way I can get behind a team that quits. I'm sorry, but I just can't do it. Can you?

Tonight is officially the night when we found out that the Lakers are just not ready for prime-time this season. You can continue to watch and enjoy, but forget about an NBA title this year, folks. It just AIN'T going to happen.

Thank goodness for the All-Star break. I'm feeling like I need a break from the Lakers right about now too.

Posted by: The Outlaw

All the Chicken Littles come scurrying here after a loss, especially an embarrassing one like tonight. But they'll scurry away just as quickly when the Lakers finish the regular season on a 22-3 tear, then blast their way through the playoffs, and finish off the Celtics once and for all in six games.

Count it.

Outlaw put the crack pipe down immediately and head to your local rehab center.
Finish the year 22-3? Did you see the remaining schedule? The easiest schedule in the league is now the toughest schedule.

true lakers fans back their team through thick and thin.....not curse the team when we lose......wait till playoffs....number 1 seed isnt important this year as it was last season.....wats important is the way u play in the playoffs....when kobe and the lakers turn up beat the spurs,mavs, okc or whoever they play....everyone will shutup.....3 peat...its our year

Cleveland got a taste of a win against the other L.A. team and Coach Scott is a proven winner. He smells blood and sees weakness in the Lakers team. I'm telling you right now: Cleveland is going to give the Lakers all they can handle on their home court. Unfortunately for L.A., all of the pressure - assuming there is any - is on the Lakers to finish this "roadie" with a win. Cleveland will play hard and are going to eke out a victory on their floor. Coach Scott is no slouch and his team will force the Lakers to shoot from outside of the paint. Get ready and thank goodness it's only a regular season game. The Lakers will have to return to their winning ways soon after the All Star Break so I'm not expecting too much from them before then. Just stay competitive in the conference and begin making your move.

Posted by: frmkt | February 15, 2011 at 03:10 PM


Going inside backfired a bit on the team due to Bynum's 2-12 shooting night. I'm going on record to say that will not happen again. For the season, he's shooting over 57.5% which is a bit higher than his career average of 56.8%.

Just give credit to Coach Scott for making his team "believe" and credit to the team for not resorting to "going through the motions." The All Star break is among us. Now, time will tell.

My bad Ron Artest

Trevor Ariza really is posting bad stats this year.

play now pay later
pay now play later

Is there a saying I'm missing that says

play now play later?

Dude and Dudettes....I've been saying all week that this was going to HAPPEN, then the CLOWNS I mean Lakerholics come out saying "WE GOT THIS". Pulling this TIRE SLOGAN out the CRACK of their @SS.

ooOOH Well, the sun will come up tomorrow, and this is just another Practice game till the PLAYOFFS. IT'S JUST A GAME, now take your @SS to BED. In the morning the Blog27 will make everything OK, and tell you why this loss was GOOD for the TEAM.







The way I saw the game tonight and what has been ailing the Lakers so far, is the ability for the other team's point guard to dribble penetrate and draw a foul or dish it off for an easy basket. Unfortunately, we can not respond in kind. Blake and Fisher are not explosive point guards off the dribble, and are not going to beat their defender to the basket. Nor can they stop the man they're guarding from penetrating. Ramon Sessions made that painfully obvious.
He scored 32 points with 13 of them coming from the charity stripe, where he was 13 for 14. If we look at the PG's that we could possibly face in the west, they include Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Derron Williams, and CP3. Jason Kidd and Chauncey are the only ones too old to dribble penetrate, but they are excellent passers and good outside shooters.
If we want to win the west we better address this glaring defficiency. We need a point guard that can also penetrate, draw fouls from the big men, and be able to dish it off when drawing the defense.
Kobe used to do that for our team. He no longer ventures into the lane with a strong drive to finish at the basket or pass to the open big. He is also not getting the calls from the refs to send him to the line eventhough he gets fouled.
I believe that the Lakers' issues can be fixed and we can still contend for a championship, but that window is closing quickly. The future of this team after this year will be very uncertain.
So I say pull the trigger for Melo, and get a young, efficient point guard. Now I know that there are two camps when it comes to the Melo trade. Bynum for Melo, and Gasol for Melo. Well I say neither. Let's send Odom and Artest for Melo, and keep our starting frontcourt. I know Odom is a crucial part of the success of this team, but why not take our chances. The only problem I see is that if Bynum goes down we are done. Let's find out what Ratliff and Joe Smith have left in the tank, they do get a paycheck and we gave away our first round draft pick for Smith along with Sasha, so let's not waste them away on the bench. We can always try to get Anthony Randolph from the Knicks for draft picks. He is no Lamar, but the potential is there.
The following trades are trades that I believe will help the team now and in the future. We have got to do something.

Our lineup will look like this:

Gasol/Joe Smith/Caracter



Gasol/J. Smith/Caracter

I picked these two point guards primarily because they are young, good outside shooters, and their teams have two other very capable point guards on their rosters. I believe the Lakers would give up some picks to get them, but IN MY OPINION, it would be worth it.

BTW, it's not just this loss that causes me concern. It's the way the season has been, and the fact that we may be able to obtain one of the best scorers in the league. But we have to give something up to get him. I want this championship bad, and I will always be a Lakers fan, no jumping ship here!

Not giving up on Kobe but by all indications he lost a step or maybe he is not a 100% yet due to off season surgery or his finger problems. In the meantime we need players that WANTS to play for the Lakers. Most of the team quit playing after Orlando. Artest for sure has lost interest. Why not try getting Carmelo! I 'm sure he is hungry for championship. Everyone in this team is tradable except for Kobe and Pau who still makes a formidable core. C'mon Laker management let's shake up this team and win another championship!

This is going to wild in here for the next 48 hours….
All the little cliques will come out protecting “their player/s” and throwing others under the bus while the trade machine spins out of control. I still believe this team can win a championship. However, since the Lakers didn’t play any defense tonight, then I won’t offer any defense on their behalf.

Posted by: LRob | February 16, 2011 at 09:16 PM
I'm printing this comment as we speak. I'll then, frame it on the wall.
It is what it is what it is...And it's gonna be like this until the playoffs. We all need to read this everyday, to remind us is what it is; the same way it has been for, at least 2 years.

LRob, well done. You said it all.

The Cavs-Lakers game was total embarassment to all laker fans. It is time for Mitch and buss to make a command decision and that is to trade Bynum and get rid of Fisher and Artest. Bynum showed us what he can produce and that is NOTHING. Laker management has 7 days to make a trade for Melo. Another thought to help the team would be to let Coach Jackson go. He is leaving at end of this season so it maters noting to let him go. A good prospect would be Coach Sloan from Utah. PJ is done. He has no interest in this team and it shows. Sloan could take over after the ALL Star break and put his system into play for rest of season. This team is not going anywhere this year. Changes need to be made now.

Ariza had youth, defense, and a pretty good outside shot, not to mention pretty good transition game A poor man's Scotty Pippen (which isn't a bad thing) but at least he can jump more that 3 inches off the ground.

Posted by: Troll Man | February 16, 2011 at 09:30 PM

Ah, no he's not a poor man's Scotty Pippen. Trevor Ariza, has an average to below average outside shot. He has no post-game to speak of and hasn't racked up nearly enough steals as Scottie did. And hardly attacks the boards like Scottie did. I'm glad you noticed Trevor's whack stats. That playoff run he had was an aberration, New Orleans isn't the last stop for Ariza. He's the kind of 'guy' that 'gets around'. Scottie is a HOF.

IMO if you want a good example of 'a poor man's' Scottie Pippen, try Shane Battier or Bruce Bowen.

@frmkt - good call on the game and outlook the rest of the way.

@Outlaw -'re unshakeable!

@sean - I see you've been holding it down!

@DJ & Magic Phil - yep panic necessary.

Alright... all of you people saying deflecting and saying, "don't panic" and keeping the big picture perspective...

I'm all for that. But honestly, I'm tired of saying it and hearing the team say it.


Even if they do "turn it on" for the playoffs and say, 3 peat (God willing)... it's doesn't dismiss this fact:


Regardless what happens in the playoffs... to see the team I love play uninspired, uninterested, unmotivated is disheartening and sickening. They treat their talent as privileges and not gifts. And it's getting increasingly more difficult to tell my kids that this is "my team." I don't want my kids watching this team thinking it's the right way to play. I would rather have them learn from the Clippers right now.

The Lakers Players provoke the Trade Bynum vs Anthony because-its simple- bored poor performances all season long.I dont believe in this team and the team gave me every reason. They are playing with no desire to win a basketball game. the best way 4 the people to send them a message is to boycott the homegames. they dont wanna play? so we dont wanna watch. ill stay at home next homegame. play yout bored basketball and stick your finger in your nose but let the fans out of this. thx

@LRob- you know me, it pains me to do it, have to keep it real. I don't pretend to live in a glass house.

Ron Artest's mind is on his MIX release or whatever the heck it is. Lamar has been great, but Unbreakable may be his focus now since he didn't make the All-Star roster. I've noticed a decline since then. If no trades are going to be made, then someone bring out the whip of motivation and focus. Do they need to watch tape of the Figueroa parade? Isn't the thought of Shaq equaling Kobe for rings enough? Do they want to see the Celtics celebrate another championship? Do becoming threepeat champions not a big deal? You're still are the Defending Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Play like it.

@Laker J- You know, as long as you mentioned it, I'll play your game J, Lamar would be the first realistic piece you can move. Not Ron Artest. Not Andrew Bynum.

For those unfamiliar. Lamar had contentious negotiations with Mitch Kupchak and Dr. Buss, who obviously had to interject in the process. Lamar's people did some horribly haggling at which point, Dr. Buss abandoned the negotiation all together. It was only at Phil Jackson's request at the 11th hour, going to bat for Odom.

Lamar's at the end of his 8.2 million dollar salary for this year. He's only guaranteed 2.4 million in salary next year. A player of his ilk, with that kind of salary, could net a big catch. Lamar's been a consistent Laker all year, he's had a bad stretch, that started showing in Boston, despite the win. He's the odd man out. He really doesn't have solid relationships in the organization, and he had to have Phil Jackson go to bat for him.

Raise your hand if you believe that without home-court advantage in the playoffs the Lakers’ current roster is likely to make it past Dallas, San Antonio, AND Boston/Miami. Wait . . . I see one hand at the back. Oops, never mind. That was just someone waving a Bynum-for-Anthony banner.

Lakers will win this year may be they are not the best team in a Regular Season but when play off comes who can beat LA? in a best of seven series Spurs? I dont think so...the only team that can match Is Boston Celtics in a best of Seven series

@Sean, I appreciate your knoeledge of the Lakers players that goes beyond on court performance. If you are okay with Lamar going why are you not wanting to see Artest go, especially if they could land us Melo, the position that Artest plays. You know that Melo will be the starter, and Barnes will still be a good defensive minded backup who is playing for peanuts and leaving it on the court.
I recognize Artest's attributes and contributions, but he seems disengaged this season. Not sure if it's him or the team. Certainly, all the off court issues that he's got going aren't helping. Lamar's and Artest's salaries work perfectly for the trade, and Denver would not have to rebuild.
I'm curious to know what you think about my assessment of the point guard position, and what I see as our need to get a better defender and one that will drive to the hoop.

KOBE 4 LEBRON everyone

@Laker J- Dude, I've never been against trading Melo. The intention of the club is to win the chip. Bynum helps us significantly more so in that regard, than Melo would, this year. If the plans change on the fly, trade for Melo, look, never said I was against the Melo trade if it was a long-term thinking.

And it's not that I'm okay with trading Lamar, he's important cog, even if he's ghost on the court some nights. It's his contract, his contract/skill set is an easier tool for trade negotiations that Ron's contract at this point.

While the salaries match, it's harder sell with Lamar, if you include Ron. It's not people are scared off by Ron's past. It's his offensive game has disappeared and a lot of GM's would be weary of a guy getting 6.5 mil playing some D and no offense.

Besides, I don't see anything significant happening. Trust me, GM's like Daryl Morey, David Kahn, Kevin O'Conner, just to name a couple, would love to talk trade abou Odom.

A split locker room ....

A disjointed squad.....

Fix the locker room first...

I'm curious to know what you think about my assessment of the point guard position, and what I see as our need to get a better defender and one that will drive to the hoop.

Posted by: Laker J | February 17, 2011 at 12:08 AM

Dude...I love your hypothesis. To be honest, just about every team wants a PG who can do all those things. You're bang on, though, with the bigs, if there's potent guard penetration, it's a beautiful thing. Fish, I wasn't a fan of the contract, 1 year guaranteed would have sufficed, not a big contract. Blake, wasn't too high on, thought he would sign with Orlando or Chicago. Not a bad contract in a trade, it's decent for his production.

I'm not enthralled with giving up a piece of the core to satisfy the demand for a guard. They need to give it some serious consideration. It's important if you're going forward with Bynum or who ever that he has a great guard to keep the harmony within the squad.

I am not a bandwagon fan because I was a laker fan for most of my life. Unlike some of the bloggers on this site I am not arrogant in my belief that lakers will automatically 3 peat. I believe the regular season is important. If this is the practice season shouldn't la practice trying to win? Since 2008 the lakers have been contenders and has had 3 straight finals appearance. Yeah during this time la has lost some head scratchers but never like this. Lakers got beat by a team who have lost 26 in a row. People make excuse because of 3 straight finals appearances but the bulls did it twice. Jordan was about 37 when he won his final ring. That team won 72 games during their run. I hated mj but watching this team give me new perspecctive about the greatest player whoever played. kobe has similar talent but he is no jordan. What separates mj from kobe was jordan was a true leader who refused to allow his team to accept mediocrity.


Jordan's team always put out a good product win or lose. This team led by kobe is rudderless. If phil doesn't want to do it kobe and not fisher must lead the way. Everyone rails against fisher including me at times. Here is a guard of 15 years experience who can't hit a layup and always plays for the whistle. He doesn't lead the team in assists from the point guard position and hardly ever scores but he is valuable. Why? Because Kobe for as great as he is, is not a people's person like Fisher and Mitch and PJ knows this. Without Fisher there will be no leadership in the lockerroom. Kobe refused to develop that trait. Look at Magic, bird, mj etc they were the leaders in talent and in leadership. After kobe and fisher career fisher will coach and kobe couldn't.






What do Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kobe Bryant, and Luke Walton have in common? They are individuals who have played or will play their entire NBA career with one team.

So I was doing my math and ever since the 2007-2008 season, the lakers have played an extra 67 games due to the playoffs. If the Lakers play 15 games from this year's playoffs [that's a big if because I don't see them going past the second round], they will have played one extra whole season. Maybe, all that wear and tear is showing right now.

Two players you cannot do without:

Pau Gasol

Lamar Odom

You would be nowhere (almost where you are now)
without them.


Go Kings!

Even I was surprised with the ease at which Cleveland
pushed you around, and sent you packing.

Things are even worse than I thought.

I had already thought that the old boys
would go in at a 4th or 5th seed this season,
but things are looking even worse.

Like I said...
All teams need to do is pursue without relent for 48-minutes,
and you are toast. The whole league knows it now.
Hope you do actually make it into the Playoffs, though.

We can dispel yet another myth.

Go Kings!
Go San Francisco Giants! (We know the Dodgers aren't going to be there,
but is there another team in the Pacific that can compete?)
Go San Francisco Forty-Niners!


dont worry lakers boxing our lakers recieving some punches in 1-5 rounds but 6-12 rounds will kick,upper cut our opponent,they will KO in June...i still believe lakers will champ this year..kobe will be the final mvp..

If I was a player in the NBA I would want to play for Doc or Pop over Phil. Phil is not a strict coach and is non inspirational. Yeah he has 11 rings but it helps when you have the two best individual players of all time in Jordan/kobe and one of an all time greats in Shaq. He doesn't directly criticise his players instead preferring to do it in the media. He allowed the best dynamic duo to dissolve prematurely. Do anyone think Riley would have allowed Shaq and kobe to break up. Phil is the most sucessful coach in spite of his flaws. But now he has a challenge. There is no jordan or shaq and kobe is not up to kobe's lofty standards. Now every playoff coach will get a copy of that tape last nite and tel his team if the cavs can do that why can't we?

I don't like excuses. People say because la went to the finals three times this is why they play like this. Kobe is only 32. Jordan was 37 when he won his last ring. The 2nd Bulls three peat team had records of 72 and 10 the first year, 69 and 13 the second and 62 and 20 the final year. What was so special about the final year was that the bulls management had every intention of breaking up the team by refusing to give pippen a long term contract or pj. With all of that distraction they still kick ass in the refgular season. This team is woe is me. You know what happens without homecourt advantage? Go back to 2008 when in one game leon Powe a scrub had more foul shots than the entire laker team. Also Boston physically beat us up with hardly any calls and we were called for touch fouls. In 2010 with hca we got more ft attempts in game 7 by a large margin. Don't get so cocky that we forget nba history. Unlike the nfl the nba is not a pure spot,

Living in Sydney, Australia I dont get the luxury to go to the games and get a broad feel for the team dynamics, but from what I see on NBA broadband it looks like our support players in offence, Brown/Artest/Blake are scared to shoot! Something has them looks like my putting stroke! I've seen Brown with wide open 3's.... put the ball on the floor and dribble just inside the arc to eventually launch a now contested 2! Come on Shannon...your a good! They might work a trade, but I believe the current team can three peat.

They just need to get back their individual confidence......I'd rather they struggled with it now than in the post painful as it is to observe.

PS.....Please dont run anymore fast breaks....I cant bare the tension and ultimate disaster. Go can get these guys back on track!!

My final rant for the morning will be on the perceived dominance of the lakers. Last year i know the lakers didn't chose their playoffs opponents. But that was the most easiest schedule to get to the finals in the history of the nba. In the first round we had utah whose power forward was all of 6' 7" in boozer. In the second round we had OKC in the playoffs for the first time. in the final round we had the suns. Did we dominate the suns like i thought we would? No. The suns gave us fit with the zone defense and pick and roll. We barely won game 6 on a last second layup by ron ron. This lakers team are not some dominate world beaters. The kick ass laker teams was the team led by shaq and kobe and the showtime lakers. Any team that can play defense and hit their shots have a good chance of beating this team. Let's get real here folks this team must pay attention to detail and practice getting better because the road to the finals will be a lot bumpier this year. Trust me.

Jerry West was right about his comments even though he weasel out from them. This team will not be good for too much longer. I think it is time to make a trade itch Kupcake. I would love to get melo but keep kobe, gasol and bynum. Anyone else like the Black Mamba once said "are you kidding me, ship his ass out". I know people want bynum gone but the man is too big, too young and too strong. Plus the kid has good skills. I just think the laker team has to be disciplined to go to him more. I know he shot 2 for 12 but when kobe shoots 8 for 17 he will still shoot the ball alot next week. Reward the beast and he will go to war for you on the other end. Now just because i am a bit harsh on this team doesn't mean i don't love the slackers i mean the lakers. i loved the showtime lakers, the dynamic duo lakers and even the one led by cedric ceballos, nick van excel and eddie jones. Now I'm out have to go make a living at my real job instead of providing cutting edge commentary on this blog. Peace out!

Man you guys really need to step it up big time. Thats pretty embarassing losing to the worst team in the NBA, especially after blowing them out by 55 points. I know you can do better than that Kobe.

Wellmeaning fans keep suggesting that the Lakers trade certain players such as: Fisher, Ron Ron, Blake, Walton, and Caracter. If you were a NBA team owner would you permit a trade of one of your good players for either one
of the above? Why? Now perhaps you see the problem

We need the waterboy Bobby Boucher because WE SUCK AGAIN!

You made some good points..About the coaching aspect though fisher should be coaching now,not playing(lol).When you mentioned all those greats mj,mj,bird they were all either coaches or gm's and they were not so good either,so you kinda contradicted youeself there.As far as that makes others better crap,you kinda have to want and need to win.Most of the players sans kobe do not have that go down fighting mentality.To think it can just be rubbed off on someone else is fools gold. I've seen guys on this team(etc.Lamar) laughing after losses,helping opposing players up etc.Most of this team is soft,and believe it or not Kobe's will and drive has a whole lot to do with this teams last 2 championships.Some people act like as if he's supposed to hold someone's hand and excort them to the hoop. (You know like how I lift up my 3 year old to let her dunk in the rim in the backyard)... Pathetic all,and this thing of just turning it on...well 2003,04,08..says different...but we shall see........

Talk about "shock and awe"...


To those of you who have been pushing this philosophy of the "practice season" and the games being "meaningless", congrats to you all!

Obviously, now all the Lakers have now completely bought into this concept of the "practice season" and that the games are "meaningless".
Just watch them play, the proof is there for all to see.

Happy now?

Thinking of a song to sum up the state of the Lakers this morning and the first thing that comes to mind is the late, great Teddy Pendergrass….

The Whole Town Laughing at Me (very good live performance)

Silly fools
How’d you lose
To that team

Collectively I do believe the Lakers care about the regular season, but generally for each of these embarrassing losses where lack of effort is apparent, there is two or three players that are not fully engaged. The problem is it may be different 2-3 players each game and this team is not talented enough to overcome that from a super motivated and focused opponent.

The one sequence that frustrated me the most last night was Pau watching Eyenga soaring dunk…right after Shannon received a hard foul by Hollins going to the hole.

The few things I did enjoy yesterday was Shannon bringing the energy and attacking the hoop, Blake playing great defense on Gibson and Pau’s perfect night at the line.

If the regular season is a practice season, and perfect practice makes perfect, then what are we left with? The Lakers are practicing how to lose. You get more of what you practice so don't be surprised if the Lakers don't automatically 3-peat just for showing up.

Obviously, now all the Lakers have now completely bought into this concept of the "practice season" and that the games are "meaningless". Just watch them play, the proof is there for all to see. Happy now? Posted by: Art | February 17, 2011 at 05:08 AM

NO, NO I’m not! At the same time I am not mad at them either. After a 7 game road trip
in which they beat New Orleans , Boston and New York all playoff teams with Boston being the Leader in the East, the fact that we lost to scrubs like Cleveland and Charlotte don’t mean a damn thing to me!!!!!!!! We showed the teams that count that we are still the Lakers and as for Cleveland, and Charlotte as the old saying goes….WHEN YOU PLAY AGINST ISH YOU PLAY LIKE ISH!!!!!!!

I am a huge Laker fan and have been since the late 60's. I got into watching basketball while watching UCLA's perfect season on TV when I was 6 years old. Growing up in LA, I would see Wilt play volley ball at Venice Beach. I would run into Kareem in Westwood eating in a cafe. I congratulated AC after a great play off game while passing him on the street. I went to many "show time" games in the eighties. Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Byron, Cooper, AC and Kurt were all there playing their hearts out every game. In all of those years, I have never been embarrassed to be a Laker fan. I am embarrassed.

Phil is the zen master, the greatest coach of all time, etc. I think they should fire him. He has lost control of the team. He is a lame duck. He should step down and we should get Sloan. The free ride will be over. Sloan will make them work.

The team needs a shake up. They all think they are untouchable. After Ron's play and attitude after the game, I would trade him or simply wave him if nobody wants him - a big possibility. If Denver still wants Drew for Melo, I would make the trade in a heart beat. The team needs a shake up. They are spoiled millionaires that don't think they have to try every night. Maybe this will change when a few of them have to pack their bags and move to outer Mongolia?

I will try to keep the faith because... (even though on days like this I think I need rehab)...

I am a Lakerholic.

Posted by: mamba24

Maybe you're right Mamba, I applaud your optimism.


you did forget to mention the loss to Orlando, so it wasn't just all scrub teams.

If the Lakers come back this year to win it all...
I'm never watching the practice season again

I'm to old for this sh...

The Whole Town Laughing at Me (very good live performance) Silly fools How’d you lose To that team Posted by: LRob | February 17, 2011 at 05:28 AM
Good Morning DJ LRob! LOL! I don’t think it’s quite that bad my brother. A long Road trip and beating playoff teams adds to lethargy against the scrubs that the Lakers lost too. With the record the Lakers have, I’m fine with it. Don’t forget many people forget Bynum is still getting back in shape and getting his underpinnings solid which is why he is sometimes pushed around. Kobe spent the first half of the season learning how to shoot again with his arthritic hand. So for me I’m a glass half full kind of guy. I expect the team to rest up and after the ASG break come blowing out the gate. Now if after the break they are still doing this ISH I may have to reasses, but right now I’m good with where The Lakers are right now.

Maybe you're right Mamba, I applaud your optimism. Posted by: Art | February 17, 2011 at 06:02 AM
And maybe you are right my brother, I applaud your Objectism!


Exactly what was Artest's attitude after the game?

you did forget to mention the loss to Orlando, so it wasn't just all scrub teams. If the Lakers come back this year to win it all...I'm never watching the practice season again
I'm to old for this sh...Posted by: Troll Man | February 17, 2011 at 06:06 AM
LMAO!!!! Yes Troll Man I did forget to mention Orlando since that would have screwed up the Optomistic note I was trying to invoke! LOL! But like you sir I'm getting to old for this ISH also and so I try to put a positive spin on ISH when I can. Thanks for the correction and may The Lakers thru their play in the second part of the season help us both to grow young again!! LOL! Carry On!

I read here every day but only post very rarely. I've been a Laker fan for 33 years, so I'm not jumping ship or anything - they'll always be my team - but I think this team just can't win the title this year. I think 3 straight finals appearances have made everyone lazy, arrogant, and complacent, and forgetful that 3-4 other teams have actually improved quite a bit. This season is over unless a major, major attitude shift happens, which I don't think will.

We can't really bring any new major players in trade before the deadline because of our contract situation, and we're not trading Bynum for Melo this year, so I have to think, with great regret, that our mini-dynasty and reign over the NBA and especially the western conference is probably coming to an end. These guys just don't have "it" anymore. Hopefully they'll get some new pieces somehow and the Lakers can re-ascend to their rightful place at the top of the heap in a year or two.

Here's to hoping anyone but the celtics, spurs, or heat win the title this year.

one thing I do know
Jerry Sloan is not the answer, he calls all the plays, think Deron Williams had issues with him, think what Kobe will do.

one thing I do know Jerry Sloan is not the answer, he calls all the plays, think Deron Williams had issues with him, think what Kobe will do. Posted by: Troll Man | February 17, 2011 at 06:14 AM

I have never been embarrassed to be a Laker fan. I am embarrassed. Phil is the zen master, the greatest coach of all time, etc. I think they should fire him. He has lost control of the team. He is a lame duck. He should step down and we should get Sloan. The free ride will be over. Sloan will make them work. The team needs a shake up. They all think they are untouchable. After Ron's play and attitude after the game, I would trade him or simply wave him if nobody wants him - a big possibility. If Denver still wants Drew for Melo, I would make the trade in a heart beat. The team needs a shake up. They are spoiled millionaires that don't think they have to try every night. Maybe this will change when a few of them have to pack their bags and move to outer Mongolia? I will try to keep the faith because... (even though on days like this I think I need rehab)... I am a Lakerholic. Posted by: Lakerholic | February 17, 2011 at 06:00 AM
OH SWEET JESUS!!!! No, No, No!! Not Lakerholic!!! Please God NO!!!!! Lakerholic listen to me very carefully for your very Laker Soul may be in jeopordy. Stop, STOP what you are doing right this instant!!!! Run, RUN I say to the nearest pharmacy and get some Dr. Fatty’s Lakerholic tonic. Then drink it immediately!!! Do not wait until you get home. Please Lakerholic I beg of you do this and DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

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