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Ron Artest's mixtape doesn't feature much Artest

February 17, 2011 |  2:30 pm

Even if you think Ron Artest's tweet about his new mixtape is poor timing after the Lakers' 104-99 loss Wednesday to Cleveland, it's a must listen (note that it has the type of language encountered in most rap songs).

But this has very little to do with Artest and more to do with the fact that Nas still remains a legit artist. In fact, Artest only is heard in the introduction of "Who Are You," where he says, "Whatup, Nas? It's your boy Artest. This is one track I won't rap on." Nas and Shin Shin then take it from there. His other single, "Peanut Butta" features Ray J, Y.G and Lil' B and this verse from Artest: "Peanut Butta is so cool, the money is so thick. I ain't the one to brag, but damn I'm so rich." 

No doubt the production sounds great and it's supposed to feature a wide range of guests, including Gucci ManeBirdman and George Lopez. Here's hoping, however, that the rest of Artest's Ball'n mixtape features more of him. Otherwise, he'd be in a sophomore slump after his single, "Champion," was released after the Lakers' 2010 title. 

--Mark Medina

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