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Ron Artest, Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown appear in 'Purp & Yellow' music video

February 21, 2011 |  2:24 pm

With Matt Barnes set to practice Monday after having surgery on his right knee nearly six weeks ago, the Lakers now have an appropriate video tribute for Barnes' expected return to the court in mid-March.

With Ron Artest entering the latter stretch of the Lakers' season following the All-Star break with both inconsistent offensive and defensive performances, the Lakers now have an appropriate video tribute to possibly spur Artest to finish with better results.

And with Shannon Brown also going through inconsistent shooting, the Lakers now have a video tribute to help Brown shake his funk.

In other words, don't be surprised if Staples Center plays the 'Purp & Yellow' music video (featuring the Game, Snoop Dogg, Artest, Barnes and Brown) in between Kiss Cam and Laker girl segments. Members of the easily offended, Recording Industry Assn. of America or critics of rap music shouldn't click it. But those who appreciate Snoop Dogg's ode to the Lakers' three-peat chances and enjoy seeing Artest, Barnes and Brown dance on set should click away. If nothing else, this at least opens up comparisons to when Kobe Bryant collaborated with Tyra Banks back in the day.

For those seeing these appearances are nothing more than an unnecessary distraction that will just continue to rattle the Lakers' focus, leave it up to Snoop to explain why Laker fans shouldn't worry about the team's three-peat chances.

"They're the best team in basketball," he said. "They know when to turn it on. It's all about timing. You have to know when to turn it on. A lot of teams will be winning when it don't matter. It don't matter in March and April. It matters in June. When you get to June and you got 16 games to get to the pinnacle, that's when it matters. Can you knock those last 16 games down? The games don't matter to me with the flashing and dashing and what not. If you ain't around in June, you did nothin'."

-- Mark Medina

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