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Phil Jackson: Lakers not anticipating any moves by Thursday's trade deadline

Will the Lakers make any trades before noon Thursday? Doesn't like look it.

Anything can happen the week of the NBA's trade deadline, but Lakers Coach Phil Jackson  said he didn't expect any roster changes.

"We'll see what comes up but right now we're not anticipating it," Jackson said after Monday's practice.

The Lakers have plenty of talent but few tradeable assets. They are weighed down by long, cumbersome contracts and have no expiring ones since trading Sasha Vujacic in December. (Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown can both opt out of their contracts after this season.)

Even if the Lakers don't make a deal by Thursday, they will soon add another body to their lineup.

Barnes practiced Monday without contact for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair torn knee cartilage last month. He said he needed to practice three times with contact before returning to game action, which could happen next week, slightly ahead of schedule.

--Mike Bresnahan

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Looking forward to Matt's return. With some better defensive intensity, continued recovery from injuries and Blake, Barnes and Artest getting more familiar with the triangle, we should be fine.

Next yr is the yr for trades. Bynum and Odom in contract yrs w/ team options. Barnes and Blake both in contract yrs. Walton may even be tradeable next season.

Okay, maybe not Walton.

Lakers need to dump bynum for Melo now and move forward, if they are smart they will pull the trigger, barnes coming back is great news but in 10 years from now are you going to look back and remember a great moment from bynum? jim Buss wake up man dont be stupid trade that stiff now.... elden campbells little brother trade his ass out.....

Lakers will be fine with their current roster and the players returning from injury. If it wasn't for Bynum toughing it out in the finals (how soon you forget), the Lakers wouldn't have won. Period. You must have that typical sports memory that only lasts about a week.
I don't know how many times the past 3 years the Lakers have been doubted. This is the way this team plays and titles are all that matter. ALL THAT MATTER. Watch and see.

G. Money I'm going to say this once and only once. You do not want to Mess with me or any of the Mamba family!!!!!

Posted by: mamba24 | February 20, 2011 at 03:52 PM

Dude...First pull your SHORTS out the crack of your @ss, and PLEASE explain to me regarding the Mamba Family? I never said anything regarding your FAMILY.

Posted by: G.Money | February 20, 2011 at 08:47 PM

Brother Man- Waiting on your respond.

"like look it"? I like look it very much. You like look it? We like. Lookit!

I wanted Bynum traded for Melo, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. If that's the case, then the Lakers should play him more minutes and start asserting him at the beginning of games. Maybe make him the first option during the first quarter. That should boost his confidence and save Pau some.

The Lakers have 25 plus games to go in the 2nd half and the killer B's
need to show what they can due. Their extended contract may depend
on it. This should be Bynun's last chance to show up and play like
Jim Buss would like him. If note, please trade him for a younger
and less prone injury center like Howard who will be a free agent
next year.

I heard from inside sources that the lakers are looking to trade Joe Smith for Lebron. Quote me.....

Bottom line is simple, Dr. Triangle loves older guys, heck if Blake Griffin were on the Lakers he would still be on the bench. Sadly we are stuck with a losing team this year but the good news is Phil will be gone next year & with luck we might be able to get some really young/defensive/talented players in free agency or by trading the Ron Ron's, Walton's, Blake's & the biggest loser "Andrew. (Then move Fish to the bench as an assistant coach just to get him off the floor.

Forget Melo, Williams or CP3 is who we need along with Dwight.....

Dr. Triangle? I call him Dr. Rings.
Athleticism and highlight films do not win rings. Ask Lebron. Ask Barkley.Ask Wilkins. A team game with knowledge and experience win titles. How many times does this have to happen before people like you realize this? Short-term memories.

We need a pointguard, lets try to get Raymond Felton from the Nuggets. Trade Steve Blake and Ron Artest. Matt Barnes can start. Artest aint done crap this season.....

Still think we should trade Blake and Walton for Hinrich.

>>>We need a pointguard, lets try to get Raymond Felton from the Nuggets.

I actually think that's a good idea. Felton is an excellent defender (and I think we'd all agree that PG defense is the Lakers greatest weakness). The Nugs already have Ty Lawson in the system on a rookie contract, so they'd probably be willing to trade off Felton if it would help them save more money to facilitate the rebuild.

>>>Trade Steve Blake and Ron Artest. Matt Barnes can start.

Don't think they'd go for that. Artest has too many years left on his contract and hasn't played well this year.

Try Steve Blake, Shannon Brown, and their choice of either Ebanks or Caracter or the New Jersey second round pick the Lakers got in the Sasha trade, and you might have a done deal.

That gets them a good young player in Shannon, and a backup PG in Blake for less total money than they'd be paying Felton.

Only problem is, Shannon would have to sign off on the deal. If he wouldn't, you might be able to substitute Barnes in the deal or substitute Fisher and 3 million cash (where they'd buy out Fish and he'd be back with the Lakers in time for the playoffs). That would save Denver even more money.

It's not inconceivable that Mitch could pull it off, but I think they're planning on standing pat with mostly the team that won them the last two rings.

>>>Felton? Are you nuts? Felton deserves to play a better team than playing as a
>>>lakers(38-19). Disgusting record thus far.

Uhhh. Maybe you don't get the picture.

The only reason they WOULD trade for Felton is because of the "disgusting record". Felton's a much better defender than either Fish or Blake, so maybe with him running the show, the Lakers record wouldn't be quite so disgusting.

If the Lakers were 48-9, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

I hear Galinari is on the block.

wow marty your an idiot. you act like the lakers didn't just win two rings. idiots like you don't understand the triangle or the game of basketball, you just like superstars and dunk contest. go be a justin bieber fan and stop watching basketball



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