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Pau Gasol selected as reserve in NBA All-Star game, while Lamar Odom left out

It was just last week that Lakers forward Pau Gasol expressed uncertainty whether he'd make his fourth All-Star appearance, remarking that it'd be "up to the coaches."

Well, they spoke.

Gasol will among the Western Conference reserves, the NBA announced Thursday with coaches voting him at the center position. His playing time at the center position coincided with his dip in production from November to December in points (20.3, 16.3), field-goal percentage (54.1%, 49%) and rebounds per game (12.3, 9.5) when he filled in for Andrew Bynum for the first 24 games as he rehabbed his surgically repaired left knee. Nonetheless, Gasol ranked in the top five in scoring compared to other centers in the NBA.

Meanwhile, Lakers forward Lamar Odom wasn't voted in as a reserve, despite being the team's most consistent player, posting 20 double doubles, which is tied for sixth best in the NBA with Warriors forward David Lee. There is a slight outside chance Odom could play, considering NBA Commissioner David Stern is selecting a replacement for the injured Yao Ming.

The Times' Barry Stavro has a list of all the NBA All-Stars on The Times' Fabulous Forum blog.

---Mark Medina

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Police here; the PSP feel bad that LO didnt make it in but still congratulations to big bird.

The PSP think that the commish will pick Kevin Love as the replacement for the Great Wall; but we will see. Tonight's game will be interesting but the PSP still believe the Spurs can't beat our P&G in a 7 game series.

PSP Officer

You gotta to have the right paint job, and don't say it has nothing to do with it.

Lakers night-

KDing Twitter:
Phil said he doesn't mind Lamar resting instead of playing All-Star Game. Pau? "He won't play that hard anyway," Phil said.


enjoy the game-

It's a terrible shame that L.O. got left off. There is no way on gods green earth that Duncan should have made it over L.O., Love or Aldridge.

L.O. is still an all-star in my book. Honestly, I'd like to see the all-star rosters go to 15 or even 18 players. At 15 though the NBA could have an average of 1-per-team, at least the chance of that as some teams like the Raptors, Cavs, etc don't deserve to have an all-star.

- - -

Random thought but I wish Shannon Brown would have waited a year to join the slam-dunk contest. We could have seen Brown vs Griffin in the battle of L.A. dunkers. I'm sure he would have been more inspired by being in Staples, with a little pre-thought on his dunk selections he could have done real well...

- - -

OK, not a 'must-win' but I really would LOVE to have the Spurs start out their annual 'rodeo trip' with two losses. I hope the Lakers see to it that it happens...

- - -

BG vs KD results tomorrow

EVERYONE: Who'd you rather have, Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant?


Color blind,

I think you're color blind. 21 of 24 allstars are color blind! LOL

The fact is that we have the SOFTEST POWER-forward to ever play the game. Yet he may be the most skilled, the position demands something else. We have been able to hide his lack of dexterity with the inspired play by Ariza and Artest, the will of Kobe, the size of Bynum, the leadership of Fisher, and a bench led by Lamar. Those players aren't over-achieving this year, therefore we need Pau to play the position as it's intended to be played, but he CAN'T. We need a POWER-forward to every now and then take a HARD foul, dive to the floor, PROTECT the lane, get MEANINGFUL fouls, and play with the strength of a Roman column. For this team, the way it's built now, we need to make a change starting with Pau.

Pau and Artest for: (in the order of merit)

Aldridge and Batum (portland)
Noah and Deng (Chicago)
West and Ariza (New Orleans)
Granger and Collison (indiana)
Love and Wesley Johnson (minnesota)

Cecil u just say he is soft cause he isnt playing well lately, u spam it to everywhere, but u are wrong, at the end of the season he is gonna play well, and u will have to shut ur mouth, cause its the same as every year

No disrespect to Pau, but Lamar has been the most consistent Laker besides Kobe with #s to prove it.

Blake Griffin put up all star #s but his team has a very bad record. He gets rewarded because the game will be played in LA and they need someone to represent Clippers I guess. KLove has better stats than Griffin but everyone gaga over Griffin even tho both teams have losing records. If they are going to go by player stats only, then LeBron should have been an allstar his 1st year in league! Allstar #s but team had losing record.

No way DWill better than CP3 this year. Hornets even have better record. Ginobilli and Parker only Spur deserving. Duncan does not have allstar #s but his team has best record so just give it to him. The criteria gets changed according to who the coaches want and if they liked the gift boxes they received promoting a team's player. Just be consistent from year to year is all we want.



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