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Pau Gasol receives blunt criticism on Seriously Funny Kids

February 9, 2011 | 10:36 am

Kobe Bryant would like everyone to believe his pep talk last week with Pau Gasol about being more aggressive provided a spark. Phil Jackson would like everyone to believe that his season-wide prodding of El Spaniard has finally paid off, resulting in a 21.5 points per game average on 37 of 58 shooting (63.7%) in the past four games. But no, what's really gotten Gasol this past week points back to an appearance on Seriously Funny Kids that aired Tuesday night (go to around the 16-minute mark).

In that episode, seven-year-old Tobey told Gasol point-blank how he needs to sharpen his game.

"You need to try to get fouled more," Tobey said.

A tad defensive, Gasol responded, "The referees have to call it more too, right?"


"Sometimes, but I'll try to get fouled more."

This leads me to wonder what other blunt things Tobey would say to the other high-profile Laker starters: Here's some ideas. On Bryant: "Why do your teammates always stand around and watch you shoot." On Andrew Bynum: "Why are you always injured?" On Lamar Odom: "Your fragrance stinks." On Ron Artest: "Stop shooting." On Derek Fisher: "You're much different in the playoffs."

--Mark Medina

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