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NBA TV to air 'NBA Unscripted: Los Angeles Lakers' on Feb. 7 at 3 p.m.

The headline pretty much says it all. NBA TV will air a one-hour special Monday, Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. on the Lakers titled "NBA Unscripted" -- a behind-the-scenes look that details the Lakers' quest to three-peat.

I will have more detail about the show on Monday, but it's safe to say the show will certainly show the challenges the Lakers face in trying to defend their back-to-back championships, considering the segment also focuses on the Lakers' 109-96 loss Sunday to the Boston Celtics.

Below is a sneak peek.

And here are some of the thoughts the Lakers share in the show, which features interviews with Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol.

Bryant on the short turnaround between seasons: “It seems like yesterday that we were just at the victory parade. You blink and the next season is beginning. Here we are having to regenerate that momentum again.”

Bryant on the roller-coaster ride of the NBA season: “Monday, you’re the greatest. Wednesday, you’re done. Friday, back on top. On Sunday, they’re through.”

Luke Walton on Bryant: “Kobe is just so competitive and so talented that the minute he sees us struggle a little bit, the competitive edge just takes over.”

Fisher on Jackson possibly retiring after this season: “Phil is someone who is motivated to try to enjoy every moment this particular season with it possibly being the last that he coaches NBA basketball.”

Jackson on three-peating: “There is so much that has to happen for a season to go right. There has to be enough attention to it to get your team to a place where they’re building energy when they are heading into the playoffs.”

Jackson on his coaching style: “I rarely give a motivational speech before a game. My basic thing is how to prepare a team so they can go into the playoffs in the best possible condition and, mentally, the best frame of mind that they can be.”

Joe Smith on how being a Laker changed his life: “Right before I got traded, I had signed on my Twitter page. I had 90 followers. Right after the trade, it went up to almost 5,000.”

-- Mark Medina

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Where's "NBA Unscripted: Del Harris"?

That would be a terrific episode.


I got goosebumps....

The players should watch that as well...

Pau in

Bynum and Odom out.

Also Blake Griffin in & Kevin Love out.

LTLF - Thanks for the update. Pretty much as expected. Too bad for LO, but every year there's a lot of guys that get snubbed. You could easily make a case for another 5-6 guys in the west.

I'll be watching.



West still don't have a Center.

>>>West still don't have a Center.

David Stern gets to pick Yao's replacement.

Which means Kevin Love or Odom still has a chance.

>>>West still don't have a Center.

alternate reponse:

Pau and Duncan are both fully competent centers.

LTLF - Don't forget about Aldridge. He's in the mix also.

Biggest Snubs - Parker, LO, Love, Aldridge and Monta

Yeah, after Dwight, the East is going to have guys like Al Horford, Chris Bosh, and KG to play the backup center minutes. Gasol, Aldridge, Dirk, and Duncan are just fine to eat up the center minutes in the west.

From what I'm hearing, it's down to Love, Odom, and Nash for the replacement pick in the west.

Oops! Meant Blake, not Aldridge. Although Aldridge would be a good replacement pick as well.

Does Nene has ANY chance to get Stern's attention?

Oh well...

Stern has to give some love to Love!

I'd pick LO over Paussy

Gasol over K Love was a "gimmee" although Gasol is a championship proven winner. I think Pau would've preferred the time off.

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss



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