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Mitch Kupchak said it's unlikely the Lakers will make a trade before the deadline

Turning around to face Jerry West, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak couldn't resist joking that he needed some advice on how to handle the team's loss Wednesday to the league's worst team in the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But following West's statue unveiling outside Staples Center, it's clear Kupchak is taking an even-handed approach to the team's personnel after the Lakers (38-19) sputtered into the All-Star break losing their last three games after winning the first four games of a seven-game trip.

The first question, of course, involves whether the Lakers would make a trade before the Feb. 24 deadline.

"I think it's unlikely," Kupchak said. "But there's eight days to go. All of the general managers are here in Los Angeles [for All-Star] weekend and there will be a lot of yapping. There will be a lot of guys moving off to the side and there will be a lot of phone calls. You make phone calls and you take phone calls. That's what we do. I stand by what I said that it's unlikely, but I don't think any general manager can stand here and say there will be absolutely no changes in eight days, in particular at this time of year."

Even with Kupchak maintaining his options, his rhetoric sounded mild compared to his contention to The Times' Broderick Turner and's Scott Howard-Cooper that he "may have to look into a trade."

The Lakers have a $91-million payroll, which would limit their options because a heavy contract would spur more luxury tax worries. But that hasn't stopped the reports from circulating that the Lakers may deal certain players. Soon after a disputed report revealed that Ron Artest wanted to be traded, ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucherreported the Lakers unsuccessfully tried trading Artest to the Charlotte Bobcats for either Gerald Wallace or Stephen Jackson. ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussardalso reported the Lakers were in preliminary talks with the Denver Nuggets about possibly dealing Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony, an assertion the Lakers immediately refuted to The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Turner.

Kupchak wasn't asked about any specific deals, but he made it clear that any suggestion he needs to infuse the roster with younger and quicker talent is misguided: "You'll probably end up with players who make more mistakes and maybe won't help you when the playoffs begin." He declined to dissect individual performances, but acknowledged his displeasure with the team's recent play: "You can go through every starter from the last five or six games to perhaps the top rotation of eight players and say we're disappointed with the way they're playing. I don't think they'd disagree." And he also established his position that he'd prefer trading for a player that would bolster the Lakers' title contending chances this season than acquiring a long-term prospect.

"Dr. Buss wants to win now," Kupchak said. "I don't think that's out of the question. It's my job to look to the future a little bit. We have a coach who wants to win now too. I don't think that's going to change."

Whether the Lakers' roster changes remains to be seen. That all depends on how the Lakers' respond to their loss to Cleveland and, of course, what other teams have to offer and at what price.

"Let's see where it leads," Kupchak said. "Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb up.... You knew they were ready for us and it was a home game and it's not unusual to get beat. I can stand here and say that, but we should've won the game. Let's see where it leads."

So is it rock bottom?

His response: "To date."

--Mark Medina

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Can't wait till the real season begins.

Modified Repost Compost

Hey Mark,

I do believe the thread count on this board is high enough
to make Martha a happy woman.

More, isn't necessarily better.

I like to respond to folks who think they have something
important to say to me...but given time constraints, it's more
than a little bit difficult trying to peruse the multitude of threads.
and I do mean multitude.

Consolidation might work pretty good.

Go Kings!


@LRob-if you could find that article, I'd appreciate it. Wouldn't mind reading what he had to say.

I personally, just a gut feeling, think it's the chemistry as well. Although, I can't add more than that right now. It's a blanket statement, I realize. These problems are beyond complacency and inconsistency at this point.

Posted by: sean | February 17, 2011 at 06:57 PM

Here is a quick excerpt on that Simmons article that talked about the importance of team chemistry. It came out right before the 2010 playoffs. I also attached the link at the bottom....
I can prove that chemistry matters

Group 1 (has it): Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta, Portland, Milwaukee, San Antonio and Phoenix.

Group 2 (doesn't have it): Boston, Los Angeles.

Group 3 (unclear): Orlando, Utah, Miami, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver.

Those are the 16 playoff teams. Thought that was interesting. We're clearly gravitating toward some sort of Chemistry Era.

So Theo Ratliff might be gone for the rest of the season. It looks like the Lakers paid him 850k just to sit front row at Staples?

"I think it's unlikely," Kupchak said. "But there's eight days to go..."

Translation: C'mon man, I can't tell you what I plan on doing before the deadline. Get serious.

No one will have any idea what this team is about until the playoffs. Last year they flipped a switch and won a title after losing ten of there final 15 games. It would be nice to see some Interest from this team in playing up to there potential. While it may be to much for the players to exert themselves, the lakers have no problem selling out. We our working class people who spend are hard earned money at the games and would like to see some effort from the lakers. I just spent $1500.00 for a family of four and nobody could be bothered to stop the road team from driving to the basket. You never saw this from the Showtime lakers. Kobe and his group would not be a pimple on Magic and his group of guys backside. Too bad players have a sense of entitlement. The owners are going to take some of that back in the off season.

If Theo is indeed done for the season the Lakers will need a 4th big. We know Joe Smith isn't the answer & coach isn't going to play the rook, so who's out there? It would be nice to pry away Jeff Foster or Ben Wallace...but I know that ain't going to happen.

off topic, glad to see Popovich and his whining ways decided to start Duncan at center this weekend. That decision should not be left to one man, perhaps a "committee"...which happens to be the only word, as far as I know that has 3 sets of consecutive same letters..."mm", "tt" and "ee"....NAMES don't count. Pau should have gotten the start, I'm not even going to look at their stats. This isn't a "lifetime achievement" selection. And the game is in Los Angeles. One last thing to say to Popovich...."Bev-Mo".....I can't wait til the season starts.

@LRob- That was funny comparing Garnett to O'Bannion from Dazed and Confused. LOL. That one's going in the vault.

He makes a good point. In such a small sample size, he's making a case for team chemistry.

I just don't want people to make the comparison between us this season and the green jersey of last year. They had a myriad of injuries, depth issues, and the rest. We haven't had to deal with that kind of hindrance. Bynum missed 25, Barnes missed two months.

Before, I come to any conclusions, a few questions has to be asked:

1) Is everyone sure of their primary, secondary and tertiary rotations on defense. If you're not sure, you always bark. I haven't see Fish communicating much.
2) I also don't see Pau letting Drew know when to commit, after he's beat.

3) I'm seeing the same D from Kobe as I saw last year, only a little bit more average for Kobe. He's leaving his man earlier, not closing out, being reckless in respecting his opponent's ability. It really hurt him these past 3 games.
So, either Phil doesn't care or doesn't let it be known that he cares, publicly.

4) When Matt Barnes does get back in the fold. I like his offense, I need more consistency from his D. Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, Denver, Utah, Orlando, all have personnel that have/did burn Barnes. His perimeter D needs to be tightened up for a playoff run.

Phil Jackson joined The Dan Patrick Show

Whether or not he thinks the team needs to add a player before the deadline:

“I’d like to add a player that we’ve got sitting there already to come back and that’s Matt Barnes. He’s been out five weeks maybe, four weeks and he’s one of the reasons why our game has slowed down and our second unit has had a little bit of difficulty getting things going. Luke Walton has played okay at times, but he does add an element to our game that’s important.”

On what this year’s team can do better than the last two:

“They’re capable of controlling games with ball movement and therefore creating a pace that they want to play in and playing at that pace. Our pace has slowed down considerably since the beginning of the season when we were leading the league in average points, but that has changed entirely when Andrew comes back and it changes the level of our game and how we play it when Andrew came back just before Christmas. He’s a big influence on our game and we have to play the game the right way. If we don’t we can get hurt.”

He addressed the Barnes issue, at least.

Mark Medina,

We really should be writing about Jerry West right.

The true special trinity of the Lakers organization is Chick Hearn, Dr. Jerry Buss and Jerry West.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


God Bless Jerry West. What a lagacy we all share thanks to him. Kobe will go down as the greatest NBA player ever. Jerry knew.

Boy, these GM's, coaches, and owners all say the "right" things in public. I wonder how those closed doors meetings go and what is said. You know Mitch isn't going to show his hand, the Lakers need to be opportunistic and go all in if they can win the pot.
I'm done suggesting trades, these guys get paid big money to do their jobs. They know the state of the team and what's at stake. If the goal is to win now, then do what it takes to get there!

Mitch has Bynum and Fisher plus Walton for a trade. If they dont make the trade by deadline then they will have to live with the fact the lakers did not make it pass the second round this year. Reason Duncan is a starter is because he is better than Pau. Hands down. Coach PJ is not interested in winnng and is looking to going fishing in Montana. He could step out next week and no one would care.

@GDUB - Oh yeah...Ledisi is the real deal. Talented and versatile.

@sean - Yeah Bill Simmons, despite being a Laker hater and Kobe basher, can be humorous at times. I enjoy his articles.

The Lakers definitely have to tighten up their defense. I really wish they would vary their coverages more. For example, why have your big men step all the way out and hedge on a player like Sessions? I think the defender should just go under the pick and cut him off since he primarily wants to get in the lane as opposed to shooting the j behind the pick.

Did anyone notice the reaction, or lack thereof, from the Lakers players when Hollins fouled Shannon hard and sent him to the deck? Not one Laker took issue with Hollins and gave him a push or even a stare. I know it wasn't a dirty play, just a hard foul to send a message to the little guy not to drive to the basket.
How come none of the Lakers frontcourt returned the favor by fouling Sessions hard as he drove to the basket again and again. This epitemizes the state of the Lakers more than any other play in that game.
They went to check on Shannon, but no one took issue with Hollins, Hollins I said. We have Bynum, Gasol, Odom and Artest who should be the enforcers on the paint. We fouled Sessions alright, hard enough to make him the most efficient scorer in that game. My grandma would foul harder than that. Champions do not let their players get punked by the other team. No matter who they are. We are showing our weaknesses and other teams are taking notes.

Bill Plaschke is always wrong.

It's one of the few things we can count on in life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Any trade unlikely? We're overreacting? Mitch, your championship calibur team just got beat by one of the worst teams in NBA history, the team that "YOU PUT TOGETHER", now you're trying to live in denial telling everyone the team is okay??? What have you been watching the past week?

I've held my anger over you, Mitch, for the longest time.

You freaking signed Theo Ratliff because he had the same agent as Steve Blake, and you did the agent a favor by signing this old injury prone player who most likely is going to be out for the rest of the season, leaving the Lakers with no back up center, hurt the team's interior defense, and you refused to take responsilibility for that??? What kind of a GM are you???

You traded Sasha for Joe Smith who hadn't even averaged one minute of playing time, while Sasha blossomed even as a bench player for New Jersey, and you gave away a first round pick along with Sasha. Are you just flat out stupid???

You denied trading Bynum for Carmelo Anthony. Here you have a guy Bynum with degenerative knees who can't even run, and Denver would give you Melo for a cripple? You refused to make this deal??? Are you freaking kidding me Mitch??? Are you on drugs???!!!

I've ran out of words on how disgusted I am with you as the GM of the Lakers, get someone else to replace you, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: island priest24

I believe Stern through his refs will punish the Lakers for messing with the product. This is $billions of dollars that the Lake show is playing around with. Boston didn't perform as well last year due to injuries. Lakers are trying to make a case for the regular season being irrelevant. That means in future years, the tv will pay less for rights if the lakers prevail. So don't be surprise if LA makes it to the finals if big baby (like leon powe in 2008) gets more free throw attempts than the entire lakers team. Stern will punish the lakers for this no doubt.


I am with you on this and just about all your recent posts. Your takes should be required reading.


What scares me is that if nothing is done (major trade, lineup) and the Lakers don't win it all (if they even get to the finals) you can forget about next year too.
There will be no Carmelo Anthony's out there.

The Lakers will be stuck with an ultra aging dysfunctional team with its hopes resting on a knock-kneed 7 footer whose only claim to fame is his potential for the last 5 years and a few injuries.

A team that will surely implode when a new coach comes in and actually tries to do some coaching. "What's that you say coach, play hard or I'm on the bench?" "Sorry coach that's not how we do things here."

The only hope for the future is if Dwight Howard comes to town because after this year no GM will want a single player on this team.

Agreed Island Priest

a taped message is just wrong on so many levels.
hope he had a damn good excuse, and it better not be because Shaq was there.

Very classy for all those greats to show up too.
I'm sure Jerry was choked up.


I had a dream that during the all-star break Phil Jackson announced his early retirement citing "issues' health related.

The front office immediately hired Jerry Sloan who calmed the fears of Laker bloggers like Troll Man, when he said "I have no intention of calling every offensive play with such a talented team like this." Instead, he said he was going to add a post offense that should complement the Triangle offense perfectly.

"We'll mix it up a lot and try to keep the opposition on their toes, because if you know what a team is going to do ahead of time offensively, it's easier to defend. When I coached at Utah, it was the Laker's overall talent that usually beat us, not the Triangle Offense"

Sloan's take on the Lakers is that "while the Triangle Offense is a great system, it abandons fundamental offensive sets such as pick-n-rolls that create mis-match nightmares for a defense."

Sloan further noted that players like Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol should see a lot more open looks. "These guys have been working way to hard to get a shot off."
Sloan added that if teams insisted on running 2 or 3 players at Kobe they would screen back-door the Laker big men all night long.

Upon hearing Sloan's plan of mixing up the offense, there were beaming smiles on every player's face except Derek Fisher for some reason.


OK, before anyone starts drilling me

that was just for fun.

I stand by my previous post

one thing I do know
Jerry Sloan is not the answer, he calls all the plays, think Deron Williams had issues with him, think what Kobe will do.

Posted by: Troll Man | February 17, 2011 at 06:14 AM

Andrew Bynum will never, ever be healthy. He won't average more than 60 games a season for his career. Trade him now. If not for Melo, get something.


at this point, I'd take 60 games a year from Bynum if they were all quality games plus the playoffs.

Time to run the offense and turn over the team to younger legs, they're going to have to run it through Bynum.

Laker's problem is it's time for Kobe to become the #2 scoring option. And since Gasol has shown he prefers not to be the "go to" guy, Lakers will have a major challenge this off-season.

Is Van Gundy correct? In his mind, he definitely is. And in his system, that statement would be correct, in word and action. Now, as far as the Triangle, P 'n' Rolls would be the equivalent of the wildcat offense in football. It works as a away from the norm type of execution.

Over a course of a game, a team's defense would double Kobe or collapse the paint, and he would have to defer to a teammate. I'm confident, he's teammates would get open looks, I'm not confident they would make them consistently. And you run into the same problems over and over again. The same problem you have now. These problems we have, aren't quick fixes, they will take weeks to hash out, if succesfully applied.

Posted by: sean | February 17, 2011 at 02:49 PM


The purpose of an offense or a coach is to create space and place players in the best position to score...............When you watch the Lakers lately it seems every shot from anyone is contested...........especially against very athletic teams...........they don't seem to be able to get separation. In the past Kobe covered up all the flaws with the Lakers............but not lately.

When Van Gundy suggested running more pick n roll with Kobe he didn't suggest that would make them score more.............he was suggesting that this would create open shots every trip up the floor for someone juxtaposed to every shot being contested as it was on Christmas against Miami.

The very fact that Kobe would be doubled actually proves his point because that act by the defense would leave someone open.............which would create open shots for someone else....................but that's all predicated on getting Kobe the ball either on pick n rolls or setting screens for him off the ball.

"kobe bryant you are perhaps the most selfish person in al of sports........"

Posted by: island priest | February 18, 2011 at 02:14 AM

Island Priest,

We all love Jerry West. I love Jerry West. Kobe has his own reasons on why he wasn't able to attend. I don't know the real reason, you don't know the real reason.

For whatever reason, If it wasn't a valid reason for us, I'm sure it was a valid reason for him.

Give Kobe a break, he's earned it.


Shaq better damn well attend. He's got some major sucking up to do.

Shaq should just skip the BS small talk formalities and just walk to up to jerry buss and look him straight in the a$$

@Island Priest - I agree with JovBatz44. I don't know how you can roast Kobe for not attending the ceremony without knowing more information. But whatever his reason is for not attending as long as Jerry is cool with it is all that matters.

@Laker J - I mentioned yesterday that the worst part of the Cavs game was Pau watching Eyenga dunk right after Shannon was put on his back by the Cavs. That's just bad basketball.

Now that I think about it I shouldve never deleted the cavs game.. I missed out on dfish making nba history again by giving up another SEASON high.. I wish I could go back to the gametapes and do a play by play breakdown on dfishs matador defense... Damn me!!

Dfish is the greatest matador in laker history! One day Lakers should retire his #2 red cape which should hang on the staples wall next to all the immortal laker legends.

Gasoft is a name given to a player that does not have the heart to play hard
against other players in the NBA. Bynum is a man that is concerned about a possible career ending injury. He will never be the player everyone things he is capable of being Jim Buss. Artest is a man that is focused on mental health issues and not basketball. He thinks this whole thing is a joke. This will be Phil's last year as Lakers head coach. He should have left while the going was good. The reality is that Mitch and the Laker organization will be fishing during the NBA playoffs and questions that will be asked by Laker nation is why. The off and on switch everyone talked about will be out of order. Get rid of Bynum, Artest and pickup a young and fast guard. Fisher and Blake are not doing it and have been a major disappointment. Do you have a plan B for next year Mitch.

Gasoft is a name given to a player that does not have the heart to play hard
against other players in the NBA. Bynum is a man that is concerned about a possible career ending injury. He will never be the player everyone things he is capable of being Jim Buss. Artest is a man that is focused on mental health issues and not basketball. He thinks this whole thing is a joke. This will be Phil's last year as Lakers head coach. He should have left while the going was good. The reality is that Mitch and the Laker organization will be fishing during the NBA playoffs and questions that will be asked by Laker nation is why. The off and on switch everyone talked about will be out of order. Get rid of Bynum, Artest and pickup a young and fast guard. Fisher and Blake are not doing it and have been a major disappointment. Do you have a plan B for next year Mitch.

@LRob- Missed that post, but yeah, that would have been the perfect opportunity for us to send them a message right back. You may not be the best team or be playing your best basketball, but you're still a "team". Have each other's back for crying out loud!

Bill Plashke is a drama queen, and always jumps off the bandwagon when we lose a few games. One good thing about that is, he always has to eat crow in JUNE!!! I feel really bad for Kobe....When he was younger, they put guys aound him that couldn't even play High School games. Now he's older and still has to put every one on his back! The TEAM has to step up and give him some much needed help!! In Kobe we trust!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) We need the Killer Bees to show up every nite!


Good to see you, brother! Hope you are doing well. I see you keeping up the faith, kudos! & to Larry too!

As for me, I took a breather(a day actually) after that Cavs game. I was just hurt/ pissed, that's all. But all's well now. I hope our players get the needed rest before heading for the home stretch. With Barnes coming back, I'm just happy that our Lakers core are healthy, & I pray that they stay healthy all throughout.

Whatever struggle they're IN now, I'm sure they'll figure it out.


Bill Plashke.........always has to eat crow in JUNE!!!

Posted by: NewMexicoLL


Actually, It has become a tradition. LOL!

Keep up the Faith NMLL!


Gotta do this, DJ LRob style:

Keep the Faith, Lakers Fam!

After all the struggles we've been through, here's a refreshing song for all of us...


Contrary to popular belief the Lakers can make trades. There is a small chance, a little bit, of a team taking on Artest's $22m contract, heck with the new TV deal Jerry can absorb to pay his remaining contract and take on Gerald Wallace. We have Steve Blake who seems like a Robot on the court, dude may be a nice guy, but he's hurting our team by not accepting to take on a more aggressive role. He might be a sound player, and is a viable go-to option scoring wise, but I realized a lot of plays he makes, Jordan Farmar made, but Jordan was a better shooter. If I were Mitch I would work the phones to try and trade Shannon Brown + Steve Blake - the two SB's to a team for Shane Battier. I would also attempt to trade Artest, Blake/Shannon, Ebanks for Tayshaun Prince

We have 2 games before the trade deadline, ATL and Portland let's see if they are able to "flip the switch" against these +.500 teams, they will have to come out of the gate to beat them you know party hangovers and such..

Jerry West - the man the myth the legend. I don't know what it was about it but it felt a bit awkward, that Kobe was not there. Shaq was there, Pat, Bill. I might be a big fan of Kobe but I was watching the Jerry West statue unveiling ceremony and I was wondering why Kobe wasn't in attendance, what was so important that he couldn't go? Did he know Shaq would be there? Was he in the Bahamas somewhere getting rest, or getting patched up? Normally I would give him a pass, but this was the dude that drafted you and moments like these don not happen every day. If it were not for Jerry's genius maybe Kobe is playing elsewhere and he doesn't have 5 rings. I would give him the benefit of the doubt too because he's earned it, and he's a busy person and probably functions to attend. If the All-Star break were to be in Miami and Kobe was vacationing or at a function in China I can understand. Dude, I felt slighted as a fan he wasn't there, and Jerry was thankful to those present. I just thought I would talk about it, it felt a bit odd to me, the best player wasn't there for a special moment, I don't know but for whatever reason I know Jerry probably felt it too. It's like when you have a best friend one that gave you a job interning at a tv station or something and you become a shot-caller and all of a sudden your friend gets a recognition by the company and you aren't there.

It hard to keep the faith when other teams with poor records are dunking on the
world champs. I want to see some fire and desire and the killer B do what everyone thought they would do. I can't understand why Bynum is not playing
during crunch time. Hay Phil & Mitch, if you don't have confidence in Bynum
then trade him for a center that has consistency in their game. What a why
for Phil to retire.

They've been in 3 straight finals, which means playing harder and more than any other team. They've been pacing themselves all year, winning enough to sneak into a better slot vs the Eastern teams they're still close to. They're older than a year ago, which was "highlighted" by the worst finals play i have ever seen from either us or 'them'. Kobe in particular was too damn exhausted in game 7 to perform close to his snuff.

The season is too long for 'modern' NBA play. How long before the end of the season will an important playoff slot actually change from what it is now? Precious little. The Lakers' play is the result. They have long ago determined they are going to be fresher in late May and June than they ended up last year, staggering to the finish, relying on Artest to pull it out. The sport is not well constructed for a veteran team to repeat any more (note, Boston will be more pooped---note how they collapse in the second half of games). It was much easier to threepeat before.

So hold your nose as they somnambulate to a decent slot versus the regular season East champion. Two bloody months to the playoffs. Freakin ridiculous.

....lakers can trade for a top 3 player WITHOUT having to give up their best, 2nd best, and 3rd best player.......why won't they do it?? season's lockout is a very real possibility, so let's win NOW and think about the future later.......this is PJ's "last stand" and he hopes it will be a "grand" one, so let's get him the firepower he needs to get the job done.....

It is highly unlikely that the Lakers would benefit from a trade at this juncture of the season. As I view the next thirteen games for them, they could, possibly, lose three of them. And, whith some real gut-checking they could win thirteen out of thirteen. Although, it will be difficult for them to beat San Antonio and Miami. Kobe and Fischer have a lot of pride. They are not going to lay down by any means. Maybe the nut will get tighter as well and make a contribution. Of course, you can usually count on Lamar. Pau has his good days and his bad ones. And, maybe the Walton boy, who has been carried for years because of his father, will make his presence felt.

No, the Lakers can not be tossed aside; they are the champions; if only for a few more months!

Treat Bynum like Shaq is treated. Every year during mid-season he gets a break so tht he can be reasonably healthy during the play-offs. Isn't that what Boston is doing with him now? Isn't that hat the Lakers and Miami did with him? So, do the same with Bynum. Just make sure he is fresh when it counts.

You know what else is unlikely? The Lakers winning the championship this year!

Artest for Ariza? Ron wants out. Ariza knows the system and he's a defensive monster

Russell-Ariza for Artest would be a good first move. Ariza will bring
motivation to a team that needs it as he did before. Not having to
worry about off the court trouble or problems. Please Mitch.
Make it happen.

I agree with Joseph,Mitch Cupcakes,is a dumshit!!!!!! He got all the credit for the Pau trade,that would never have happend without Mr Jerry West.Signing Ratliff,was a joke,we have no back up center.The trade for Joe Smith for Sasha and our frist round draft pick,what was that?YOU JERK!!!!!! And between you and that other dumshit Jim Buss ,wanting to hang on to Bynum,could of traded him last year for Bosh and now forMelo.Your both brainless assholes.....

Sammy D


I don't think the loss to the Magic was that bad. The Lakers were on tired legs in the middle of a road trip, and Howard looked like the second coming of Shaq.

The loss to Charlotte/Cleaveland got me thinking...The Lakers just aren't built to play against the teams that are filled with guys who "do all the dirty work."

This is a team that was built to battle with stars, to battle against the teams who won't sacrifice their body to stop a play.

I watched the first half of the Charlotte game, and Najera got the best of the Lakers by taking all those charges. It's frustrating yes. It makes you think twice about driving to the lane, or backing down aggressively.

But do you think Lebron would willingly take a charge from Pau? He'd have too much pride for that.

Do you think Pierce would be risking playing an aggressive defense on Kobe, just to stop a possession?

No these stars want to stay in the game. They don't want to do that dirty work, and the Lakers are built to counteract those teams. That's why Glen Davis always gives us trouble.

And that's why we'll be fine.




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