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Matt Barnes and Phil Jackson differ on timetable for the forward's return

Throughout his rehabilitation process, Lakers forward Matt Barnes has understood the fine line between pushing up the intensity toward healing his surgically repaired right knee and putting himself at further risk.

But his might be one of those times when his desire to come back quickly has gotten the best of him. After Barnes told reporters he hoped to return to the court either Sunday at Oklahoma City or Tuesday at Minnesota, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson made it clear the team's medical staff doesn't support Barnes' timetable. 

"I appreciate his intensity and his wanting to come back, but I'll talk to Matt tomorrow about it," Jackson said. "I haven't really talked to him about it yet. I'd hate to say anything, but we're still saying, 'Let's be patient.' We're not in dire need now."

Well, maybe at least compared with last week, when the Lakers entered the All-Star break with a three-game losing streak and lost to the league's worst team, Cleveland. The Lakers have reeled off two consecutive victories and enter Friday's game against the Clippers with performances that revealed to guard Kobe Bryant that "the team that won championships the last two years is still somewhere around here."

Still, the Lakers (40-19) trail San Antonio (47-10) by eight games and Dallas (41-16) by two games, while maintaining only a 2 1/2 game lead over Oklahoma City (36-20) for the third spot in the Western Conference. Jackson said Barnes needs to have a full practice before any further assessments.

"I think I need to be out there more than they need me out there," said Barnes, who's averaged 7.4 points on 47.4% shooting and 4.8 rebounds in 20.8 minutes per game in 37 contests. "It's been a while, man, and we started off the last home stretch well, and I just want to get back in and do anything I can to help the team win.”

-- Mark Medina

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Barnes = Less burn for LO, more stability and defense off the bench, less tick for Artest, and even some rest for Kobe. Once he returns, he is our Lamar Odom, Jr.




Good reasons but first and foremost:

Barnes = Luke back to the bench!!!

Let the good times roll!


Yello for the win!


Great, now that the Celtics traded away Perkins, they are going to use the "you never beat our starting 5" excuse until the end of time.

>>>Great, now that the Celtics traded away Perkins, they are going to use the
>>>"you never beat our starting 5" excuse until the end of time.

They'll have to... they won't have any new rings to brag about.

Actually, there's exactly one trade the Celtics could have made that would have gotten them rings this season:

The Celtics got weaker in the middle! WOOOOHOOOO!

The Thunder got stronger- boooo!

We have the black Mamba operating at full capacity- with protruding underbite, ready to devour any and every opponent in his way. I think Kobe is going to have one of his most dominant playoff runs of his career(facilitating, rebounding, and providing the necesarry scoring punch).

We got this!!!!

@SEAN… Astute comments about how OKC now has players with a post presence but none whom have post up or back-to-the-basket games. Analysts too often just compare the size and length of a team’s big men without paying attention to their ability to take advantage of that size on offense.

One of the huge advantages the Lakers enjoy over almost every other NBA team is the number of talented players on their roster who have outstanding post up games, including Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Ron Artest. Additionally, Matt Barnes, Luke Walton, and Derrick Caracter also have excellent back-to-the-basket offensive games.

Having so many excellent post up players gives the Lakers the perfect weapons to use to take advantage of mismatches and is a major reason why we usually force other teams to adjust to our lineups rather than having to substitute to adjust to theirs. How many times have we seen other teams struggle to try to post up our guards or small forwards while Kobe or Lamar or another Lakers player guarded by a smaller defender seal their man in the paint for an easy basket?

Think about this for a second. The Lakers actually have 5 players who are highly skilled at scoring in the low post and an additional 3 players who have good back to the basket moves whereas most NBA teams lack even 1 player with that ability. Bottom line, having many players with strong low post games combined with size and length are why we usually win the battle for points in the paint.

I think Barnes needs that knee 100%. give Ebanks and Caracter more run. Tell Matt it's all about the playoffs baby

This goes out to Kobe:
Posted by: mclyne | February 24, 2011 at 03:37 PM


Haha.. It was my privilege! Thank you! Thank you! I'd like to thank my manager, producer, MM for instaposting, and finally DBDH and mamba24 for believing in me!!

This goes out to Kobe:

SPEECH YELLOW FEVER, SPEECH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick Bruce Lee vid. Lovin it!

This is going to be Kobe(Rowdy Roddy Piper) vs the competition come playoff time:

It's a happy day! Today is the beginning of the end for the Celtics. Now, the Lakers must focus on new challengers. OKC and Miami.

Danny Ainge must've saw the writing on the wall when the Lakers flipped the switch on them.

LakerTom, good points on the Laker post game.

Go Lakers!

Here's to the Lakers doin it right come the playoffs:

I just read a few comments over at the Celtic blog. They put a smile on my face.

Go Lakers!

This is going to be Kobe(Rowdy Roddy Piper) vs the competition come playoff time: Http:// Posted by: mclyne | February 24, 2011 at 03:52 PM

Here's to the Lakers doin it right come the playoffs: Posted by: mclyne | February 24, 2011 at 04:01 PM
YES, YES,YES!!!! We are going to take our time destroying the Celtics this time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I don't get the Celtic deal if Perkins is what they always claim he is, a difference maker in Game 7. Are they convinced that Shaq is good/healthy for the rest of the year?

Coulda shoulda dept:

Maybe the Lakers coulda shoulda ship Fish + Caracter + pick to Cleveland for Mo Williams instead of letting the Clips do it.

Mo would have instantly add youth and speed to where LAL is most sorely needed.

"... they certainly deserve a chance to defend their title" -M. Kupchak


Sorry but couldn't disagree more with you Mitch. What's with the coddling, free entitlement, free loader... attitude? In order for a player to "deserve" a chance to defend his title he should have WORKED for it.

Given the lax attitude and complacency and lack of motivation displayed I say many Lakers do not deserve a chance to defend their title.

The one and only Laker truly deserve it 110% and without a doubt is Kobe.

Dude…You CLOWNS, I mean Lakerholic think that OKC will not be a challenge in the PLAYOFFS….put down the PIPE. They’re STRONGER, FASTER, YOUNGER and HUNGERY. The Lakers are SLOWER, SOFTER, OLDER, NO PASSION, the Lakers DON’T want to face theses young guns in the PLAYOFFS.

I don’t want to hear about EXPERIENCE, this team will EMBARRASS you, you’ve been WARMED, take it for what its worth. And Boston or Miami has NO fear of the Lakers….they want make it out the WEST. This Lakers team is FOOL’S GOLD, and guess who's the FOOL?

Dude...Why are you so HAPPY for BOSTON making a trade, as WEAK as the Lakers been all season they should have done ANYTHING. You CRIED like little GIRLS after every beat down all season, and your team stand pat."WE like OUR TEAM" you got to be KIDDING...You're going DOWN.

Nobody is trading for Derek " Slow feet " Fisher .

@Psycorp - a Laker draft choice is not equivalent to a Clipper draft choice. Based on "entitlement" comments Mitch should've broke the team up last year...and who knows if they would've repeated.

@mclyne - Power and Patience....we got this! Jam on!

@Mark G - You haven't hit us with anything for awhile. What's up?

All competitive ideals aside...the Celtics, from a basketball perspective, just pulled off a stupid trade. Go over to and you'll see even Celtic lovers are wondering why.

Re the Boston trade, it's not as bad as it seems for them. You've gotta think Ainge has another big man lined up to sign in the very near future. Perkins was likely to be gone after this season. And Boston's most effective lineup may be KG at center and Big Baby at PF, at least on offense. Big Baby may give up a lot of size, but his strength makes him a pretty good low post defender.

"We have the black Mamba operating at full capacity- with protruding underbite..."
Posted by: mclyne | February 24, 2011 at 03:35 PM

Let's see... Boston was a bit concerned about meeting us in the Finals so they send their "big" out west to OKC to do the job for them! Ok, not really but I think it's obvious that Boston didn't want to deal with his knee problem and they were able to ship out trigger happy Nate.

Apparently, Bos isn't worried about the Lakers "bigs" if in fact they do meet up in the finals. Green is a statistical upgrade over Perkins for Bos so we'll have to see how he works out in their system.

Meanwhile, back here in the west, OKC has addressed their weakness with L.A. in mind so we'll be able to see how effective they are against the Lakers on Sunday, assuming Kendrick is healthy enough to play! This is certain: the west just got more interesting. I know Mitch was quoted as saying that this team deserves a chance to defend their championship but I think the bigger truth is that he had no choice. This is the team we roll with - absent any late pick-ups via waivers - so it is on!

The Lakers need to reel off some wins against the following teams beginning Thurs and ending on March 14: Clips, Thunder, TWolves, Bobcats, Spurs, Hawks, Heat, Mavericks and the Magic. "Kiddy" season is over and all of these games count especially when you're 6th in the league and 3rd in the conference. Dallas is playing very well and now we'll see if OKC has become a legitimate threat.

The "season" is upon us with only 23 games left before the playoffs. Now it's time for the Lakers to begin winning a lot of games with some quality victories against the legitimate contenders, "by any means necessary!"

Reduce those dreaded Turnovers, better shot selection and for goodness sake, run, don't jog back on D. Their transitional Defense is pathetic. Pau and Andrew are allergic to running and of course, Pau wastes all kinds of time whining about calls before he realizes the game is taking place at the opposite end of the court! "JUST DO IT!"

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


"I don't think there's such a thing as a switch," said Kobe Bryant with a laugh. "I think it's gradual improvement.


Was it a riot over at the Celtics' blog?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Of course there's a switch.

Do you think that Kobe's going to actually admit that there's a physical switch that puts the Lakers in overdrive?

Of course not.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Jon K
We know that this Laker Squad does have the proverbial switch, and it HAS BEEN TURNED ON!!!!

Barnes... he is like the trade we are waiting for... Another defensive stopper, 3-point threat, and intense. Rests Kobe, step in for Artest when he is off, etc. Overlooked....

Theo Ratliff... he can rest Gasol/Bynum

@ GMoney......Don't be Let's see who get's bought out...that's the plan. Nobody likes a losing streak, so there are complaints. But we are allowed..we're the champs!! Your story??

G Money, my guess the FOOL is you. Phil wins titles in series of three's. OK is young, talented, no question. But in Perkins they have a slow, hack who has NO post game. Once again, Laker's in 6.

You fools in NOWHERE-land need to deal with it.
Must be pretty boring living in that toilet, huh?



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