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Lakers vs San Antonio: Lakers lose to Spurs on last-second tip-in

Spurs 89, Lakers 88 (final)

In a game that felt more like a playoff contest than a regular-season affair, the Lakers and Spurs played this one down to the wire Thursday  night at Staples Center.

Manu Ginobili missed a three-poinnter, but Antonio McDyess tipped the ball back out for another Spurs possession.

Tony Parker missed a drive, but Ron Artest couldn't get the rebound, giving the ball back to the Spurs again.

Tim Duncan missed a shot, but McDyess tipped the ball in just before the buzzer sounded, giving the Spurs the victory.

The Spurs mobbed McDyess on the court while the officials looked at the tape to make sure his basket came before time had expired.

The Lakers walked off dejectedly, knowing that having lost both games to the Spurs left them  7 1/2 games behind San Antonio, which has the best record in the NBA.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 19 points and seven rebounds and Kobe Bryant had 16 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds. But he was just five for 18 from the field.

The Lakers got down eight points in the fourth and had to come back.

They got down 85-80 later in the fourth with 3:13 left and had to come back again.

When Gasol made one of two free throws with 2:15 left, the Lakers had pulled to within 85-83.

Now the Lakers needed another defensive stop.

But Duncan scored in the post for an 87-83 Spurs lead.

Lamar Odom made a three-pointer with one minute left to pull the Lakers to within 87-86.

Gasol had another chance to help the Lakers when he was fouled with 22.7 seconds left.

Gasol made both free throws this time, giving the Lakers an 88-87 lead.

The Spurs called a timeout to set up one last play.


Spurs 66, Lakers 63 (end of third quarter)

By the end of the third quarter, the Lakers still were trying to catch up to the Spurs.

San Antiono's defense was equal to the Lakers' defense.

The Spurs held the Lakers to 41.7% shooting through three quarters. The Lakers held the Spurs to 41.5% shooting.

Tony Parker led the Spurs with 18 points on eight-for-13 shooting.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 14 points, but he was just four-for-13 shooting.



Lakers 42, Spurs 42 (end of  first half)

With Ron Artest playing better and Pau Gasol doing his thing, the Lakers were able to end up in a tie with the Spurs at halftime.

Artest had seven points, five rebounds and he played good defense.

Gasol had 10 points on five-for-six shooting in the first half.

The Lakers limited the Spurs to 39.5% shooting in the first half.



Spurs22, Lakers 18 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers knew this was a big game, a game in which they needed to play their best against a Spurs team that has the best record in the NBA.

From the start, one could see that the Lakers were intense.

Their defense was on point, holding the Spurs to 38.5% shooting.

Still, the Spurs took a four-point lead into the second quarter after Gary Neal threw up a floater just before the first-quarter buzzer sounded.

Kobe Bryant was just one for six from the field, but he did have six assists.

Richard Jefferson led the Spurs with 10 points on four-for-six shooting.



The San Antonio Spurs entered Thursday night's game against the Lakers with the best record in the NBA at 40-8.

The Spurs held a 6 1/2-game lead over the Lakers before the teams played at Staples Center.

But before the game, Spurs Coach Greg Popovich said the two-time defending NBA champions were still the best team in the Western Conference.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson was asked if he believed what Popovich said.

"I'd like to agree with him," Jackson said, smiling. "But our record doens't show that right now."

The Lakers are 34-15.

The Lakers were happy to hear that center Andrew Bynum, who missed the last game with a bone bruise in his left knee, was going to play.


-- Broderick Turner

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OK Laker fans, let's be realistic: the boys ain't got it this season. This team is an embarrassment.


Ouch, Lakers can't get it done. Gasol needs to go he's a wuss. If not for Odom's three point shot the game was over. Ginobili had even a bad game.

Lakers and Spurs both were pretty flat for most of this one but the Lakers not coming out smoking tells you all you need to know about these guys. Even the threat of trades floated by Mitch doesn't rouse them from their sleep. Except for Ron Ron..Kobe did his "can't shoot tonight but let's keep putting it up anyway" tiresome thing..and you look around at the rest of this cast and wonder if they have ever played offense before in their lives. Disorganized, disinterested and I am disgusted.

Phil needed to have Kobe and Pau in this game from the start of the 4th. It was there for the taking and he'd rather watch someone else. Not me. I like to win. I guess we'll start doing that again when the teams we play suck. Cause they sure aren't winning against above average teams. The Spurs had a wide open 3 to ice the game and missed it. Then a drive right down the center of the D for an easy basket..and they missed. It was a tribute to the pathetic D in the clutch the Lakers displayed the last month and the fact they lost to a tip in at the buzzer with Pau watching and doing dick all about it was fitting.

They are lucky this crazed fan isn't the GM...They'd be getting shipped out of town so fast they'd get wind burn. This team makes me sick. But I have to watch since I am a Laker fan for life.

I'd prefer the Spurs to win it all rather than the Cs or Heat. So I find it worrisome they almost lost at Staples whereas the Heat had an easy win here and the Cs had their game wrapped up by the 4th.

Never thought I'd say that, but it looks more & more like this Lakers team just doesn't have it any more.

This is a pre-emptive post to the fans out there who undoubtedly will say after this game "there is no need to worry. We'll win when it counts: in the playoffs." When should we start to worry? When the Lakers are down 10 with one minute left in the decisive game of a playoff series?

Lakers need to break their 3 headed monster (Pau-Gasoft, Odom and Bynum) plus non-existent Artest.

Another weak effort. Kobe is no longer the best player in the world. He is no longer able to will this team to victory. When they start shooting from outside it is a guaranteed loss. They will be lucky to make it to the second round of the POs. If their division wasn't a joke they probably would have a hard time winning 50.

first thing pj did a lousy job coaching the last minute of the game he should have had bynum in the game.atleast he kept
fish on the bebch along with luke.why did he wait so long to
bring kobe back in the game during th fourth period?.i was
glad to see pau softie get smack in the face a couple of time
maybe this may tuffin him up little.but i doubt it because he
is a wussy.thank goodness pj will be retiring soon and the
lakers can bring in a real coach who is hungry to win.

This laker team is wack. Every one stands around looking one another. Just give up laker fan. Cus I already did. No 3peat for us this year. Let's come back next year with new talent. Make some trades. Bring Carmelo n cp3 . Trade fisher. He's old and lost his talent along time ago.

one question Laker Nation...

How did McDyess get position to tip in?
I saw Kobe at least try to swat the ball away but I saw Odom flat on the ground. Wouldn't it make sense in this scenario to at least jump up to try and swat it away from the basket?

Any answers???

The game was win or lose based on this one play as time was expiring.

We were superior in just about every stat in the game except for 3pts...Again, this team settles for too many jump shots too early in the shot clock. Lamar has to attack the rim more often. No, he wasn't one of the culprits shooting from beyond the arc but most of his attempts were outside of the paint. He can dribble and handle the ball. He just needs to go about creating shots for himself because outside of Kobe, he's the only other player on the team to possess that ability.

The Lakers caught a huge break when Ginoboli missed his open 3 but after that, skill outplays luck and McDyess wasn't boxed out for the winning tap. You can't give a superior team like the Spurs 4 chances to win a game.

All in all, it was just a lost opportunity to pick up a game against the conference leading Spurs but it's February folks. We have the best coach, best player and best owner. We have time. This team will get closer on the road and realize this: no team in the league will want to meet the Lakers in the 1st round - PERIOD!

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


when was it ever Jerry West was wrong?? What did he say about the Lakers last week!?

how does that make everyone feel..getting beat repeadedly at home and refusing to play BASIC.let alone decent defense. ive been looking into therapy to get my mind on other things besides sports, over the last 25 yrs of loyal admiration for my beloved team i finally realized that it all went un appreciated, they dont care about us, i would try at least a little if i cared about something, i would actually give it my all but at worst case at least a little, they dont even try and worse than that is they make it blatant, its harder than most of you all think to try and get your mind off of things, to say it doesnt matter nor its just a game, i dont know how to do that, im so stupid ..i actually believed it made a difference , but i keep getting sick, i was born with diabetes and the majority of the time that i can remembver a ceasure its around or after a laker game, its so stupid and pitiful, how embarrasing

For giving up so many 3's i was surprised that the game was so close. We need to learn to put teams away early and stop being comfortable with being close. We shouldn't be comfortable till we get home and lay down in our beds wit a smile on our faces cuz we won.

I'm afraid for us to trade anyone cuz it could back fire. But if we had to make a trade I'd want it to make us better for the future as well as right now. Somethin like this:

What a game by Fish. Can't believe Jackson didn't have him on the court at the end. His defense against Tony Parker was amazing tonight. And man he was 1 for 5 with 2 assists. And the intangibles...oh yes the intangibles !!!

This team will get closer on the road and realize this: no team in the league will want to meet the Lakers in the 1st round - PERIOD!

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


Posted by: frmkt | February 03, 2011 at 10:39 PM

First round? Of course, it will be a sub 500 team!

Make a trade...


Yeah, I think LO not blocking out is the loss and why LO won't be making the All Star team. Too bad, really. He's played well this season. I think the biggest problem is we have no real scorer other than Kobe and when he has to or just tries to do that, he's always got 2 or 3 guys on him. If we had one real outside shooter, that would open up everything.

A little quiet on here tonight. Can the Fakers ever beat a quality team ?
Time to retire or at least send to the bench Artest and Fisher. Both are pathetic.

I think that the Lakers will start wining once I get my dvr and can begin influencing the outcomes of games again through psychic powers. They should thank me for this ability. If they don't win its because I work all day now and don't have time like I used to. I will try to watch more games so that they can win a lot again. This will probably happen after the 15th of February however. Sorry but thats when I will get my dvr.

If there was a way to trade Drew for CP3, I think that might make us unbeatable, nothing against Drew, but CP3 would give us a whole new dimension.

just kidding hehehe

PJ kept Kobe and Pau out way to long in the 4th of a game you really should have wanted to win.

The SPURS were able to secure three offensive rebounds on the last play! PAU needs to GO! Trade his @SS! We need TOUGHNESS.

Pau and Fisher for:

Deng and Noah (Joe Smith and Artest for Josh Howard and Hinrick)
Darren Collison and Danny Granger
Derrick Favors and Devin Harris
Kevin Love and Loke Ridnour
Livingston, Gerald Wallace, Tyrus Thomas
David West and Ariza (Joe Smith and Artest for Josh Howard and Hinrick)
Jamal Crawford and Josh Smith or Al Horford
Hinrick, Jamal McGee AND Josh Howard

Everyone, ease up, it was a great defensive game, championship quality. Our guys played their hearts out. everyone of them.

Support your team in good times and in tough times, they are still our team. Lakers will win the Championship, as we are stronger and healthier than we were last year.

So please stop the whining and the insults to our players, they read these comments also. This team deserves our gratitude for all of the great games and plays they have delivered in the past and will do so again in future.

keep the faith

Bill Morrison

lakers lost of phil coaching sometimes, if he put bynum for rebounds for odom who's to much tired in that defensive purposes, gasol n odom are tired especially odom 6 offensive rebound by mcdyess, he must use ebanks for some minutes maybe the next ariza if given a chance also caracters give them a chance and see their potentials in that way u can rest ur starplayers used good combination of players, other coaches knws phil system and players combination they knw how to attack the lakers, lakers must start winning today the end is near no complacency, start killer in nevry games not because its febuary... start winning all important games this playoff we lost in lakers homecourt... kobe must practice more shooting,ron must in FT, gasol add more muscle n play physical, dont afraid to them start play physical and you'll unstoppable...

We really are kinda boxed in on some of our players that are un-trade-able for various reasons. Walton, Fisher, Ratlif, Smith, probably Artest.

Nobody will trade for Fisher. He stinks and has 2 more years on contract.

We really are kinda boxed in on some of our players that are un-trade-able for various reasons. Walton, Fisher, Ratlif, Smith, probably Artest.

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | February 03, 2011 at 11:03 PM

Definately Artest. If you dont want him, what makes you think someone else does?

Love it!!! Great game -Flakers exposed again- LOL

First round? Of course, it will be a sub 500 team!

Posted by: Common Sense | February 03, 2011 at 10:44 PM


Not in the WC and definitley not if the team ends up 2-4 in the conference.

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


Do it now before it is too late, blow it up. Or wait I got an idea lets keep shooting jump shots. We got two 7 footers but lets swing the ball to the other side every time one of them gets deep on the block.

Dude...another LOSS, just 1 of 82. It's starting to become a familiar phase around here. This could actually be a four game losing STREAK, but the Rockets rolled OVER. I like the Lake Show but it's HARD to watch them.


The Playoffs are a whole new season, remember we were 4-7 in our last 11 regular season games last year. Turned out rather well don't you think. Even the Celts were 27-27 in their last 54, turned out fairly well for them too. Now, LBJ and the Cavs had the best regular season record for, what, two years and nothing to show for it.

And you sir, are a true Laker fan!

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


Posted by: frmkt | February 03, 2011 at 11:08 PM

He will be saying that again in May.

Why are you all panicking like a bunch of little girls?

Sure, it would've been nice to win this game, & yes, we should've got it done. But it could've gone either way, & it's unfortunate, but it's NOT the end of the world. A lot can change in a very short time. Heck, one of those old guys on the Spurs could go down & their losses will start to pile up quickly. Same thing with the Celtics. It's all part of the game. And there's a lot of season left.

Even if we don't have home court advantage in the playoffs, we only need to take one of the first two games on the road to take that advantage away. And hey, if we can't do that, then we don't deserve it anyway!

We ONLY need to focus on staying injury-free & winning .667 or so. Look how much we're missing Matt Barnes' energy & D-effort lately. But now Andrew is back, & getting stronger every day, & Ratliff is due back soon. Hopefully, Ebanks & Caracter will get some more playing time, too.

People, we've got the lengthy Bynum/Gasol/Odom trio that no one -- NO ONE -- can match up with. Superior size with mad skills!

Just stay healthy, & we'll be fine. Sure, some improvements need to be made, but that was the case each of the the last two years, & we rose to the occasion. That's what champions do. And, let's face it, Lakers fans -- this team likes drama. But lots of great Lakers teams did in the past, too.

So calm down, spoiled brats -- you can always jump to the Clippers if you can't handle it. 3-PEAT !!!

"I haven't had too many (buzzer-beaters). I can probably count them on one hand, but this is a big one."


Any team that beats the Lakers is on a natural high and that comment comes from a player on the #1 team in the league right now. One way or another, it always comes down to desire.

The only other player on this team that has the ability to create a shot is 6'10" Lamar Odom and it's time for him to finally realize all of that potential everyone has been talking about since he entered the league. He settles for too many shots outside of the paint and he has shown that he can get to the rim.
When was the last time you saw a player of his height go coast to coast as comfortably as he can for an easy basket? "Magic" Johnson. Lamar, instead of filming a dumb reality show, why don't you ask "Magic" for some help so you can really help Kobe out on the offensive end. Surely there's more to your height than meets the eye.

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


so here's the problem, black mamba goes 5-18 from the floor. i am a huge kobe fan, but come on bro, you need to stop chucking up all those stupid shots in the 4th. i know you're the greatest player of the past decade, but if one of those shots had dropped, we would be celebrating a win. trust in your bigs, get them involved and get them the ball! you don't have the jumper you used to, not even from a year ago when you were sinking all those clutch game winners.

Everyone that is dissing the L.A,come check me in a couple months. We will see then...


Posted by: D(erek)J(eter)

Yeah, I think LO not blocking out is the loss and why LO won't be making the All Star team. Too bad, really. He's played well this season. I think the biggest problem is we have no real scorer other than Kobe and when he has to or just tries to do that, he's always got 2 or 3 guys on him. If we had one real outside shooter, that would open up everything.


You hit the nail on the head, the Lakers have always needed another "real scorer". There is always so much pressure on Kobe to pick up the slack it's amazing.
Some blogger nominated Lamar Odom to be this guy, claiming he was the only other laker who could create his own shot but I disagree. He doesn't have real good touch around the basket so he has to rely on his jump shot which is suspect at best. I think the same person wanted him to be Magic Johnson and take it coast to coast, but in my opinion after watching him all these years, he has always needed a clear path when he does and those oppurtunities are rare.

So nobody on this team can all of a sudden become Mr. 2nd "real scorer". Now the Lakers will have to hope that all the pieces fall as fortuitously as it has the last 2 years in the playoffs to make it a 3peat.

What great scorer could the Lakers possibly steal from a team by the trading deadline.

Any thoughts?

The fact is that we have the SOFTEST POWER-forward to ever play the game. Yet he may be the most skilled, the position demands something else. We have been able to hide his lack of dexterity with the inspired play by Ariza and Artest, the will of Kobe, the size of Bynum, the leadership of Fisher, and a bench led by Lamar. Those players aren't over-achieving this year, therefore we need Pau to play the position as it's intended to be played, but he CAN'T. We need a POWER-forward to every now and then take a HARD foul, dive to the floor, PROTECT the lane, get MEANINGFUL fouls, and play with the strength of a Roman column. For this team, the way it's built now, we need to make a change starting with Pau.

Pau and Artest for: (in the order of merit)

Aldridge and Batum (portland)
Noah and Deng (Chicago)
West and Ariza (New Orleans)
Granger and Collison (indiana)
Love and Wesley Johnson (minnesota)

The Lakers didn't play soft tonight, I think it's another case of another team making the Lakers look soft.

The first game against the Spurs, the Spurs won by a lopsided score that could have been even worse if they hadn't missed so many wide open 3 point shots. Tonight's game, they lost in a heartbreaker but again, the Lakers were constantly forced into tough shots while the Spurs seemed to be getting wide open jumpers and shots at the basket all game.

As things currently stand, the Spurs are just a better team than the Lakers are. The Lakers are going to need to step things up if they face them in the playoffs.

and in defense of the scapegoat ron ron, that boy showed up to play tonight! he is a true laker! hustle, defense, physical play. the rest of the team should feed off the energy artest brought against the "best team" in the league. queens bridge!

This Cecil guy is nuts. Why not Gasol for Howard or Bosch? Maybe Antwan Jamison could be had cheap.

Trolls, yes we lost tonight, say you wanna say...but do not forget we are still the champ...unless your pathetic team dethrone can always keep dreaming....the fat lady has not sing yet.....3 peat and beyond..lakers still

"He will be saying that again in May."

Posted by: Common Sense | February 03, 2011 at 11:20 PM




Troll Man: I disagree. LO has that ability and I don't see Melo coming to L.A. so you're back to square 1. You have to work with what you have and the only other player on the roster that's showing some promise of getting to the hole is Brown. Heck, this whole team has to work on getting that ball to the hole. 2-14 from 3pt land and I think as a team, they're shooting in the 30 percentile range from the 3. Again, too many outside shots way too early in the shot clock. That kind of stuff is correctable.

Like "DJ" wrote: "...remember we were 4-7 in our last 11 regular season games last year. Turned out rather well don't you think. Even the Celts were 27-27 in their last 54, turned out fairly well for them too. Now, LBJ and the Cavs had the best regular season record for, what, two years and nothing to show for it."

At this point, you just have to trust the team and the FO because we have a 3 headed dragon going for us: best coach, best player and best owner.

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


Good game Laker fans. But I think your run is over. Nobody is afraid of the Lakers. And noone fears playing the Lakers in the playoffs. Spurs - Celtics in the Finals. You guys got old fast. You have to trade to have any hope since your coaching staff cannot find talent and develope them. Spurs thrive on that alas Ginobili,Parker,Dragic,Scola,Hill and Neal. Your boys aren't dead yet but I hope it is the Spurs that put the final nail in their coffin come playoff time.

The lakers played very poor defense in the last 11 seconds. why bynum wasn't in the game will never know. but when you give the other team 3 shots at the basket, you deserve to lose. why do we continue to try and shoot 3-pt shots when they r not falling in the basket. the spurs were 6 of 16 on 3-pt shots and we were 2 of 14. that's a 12 pt difference and we lose by 1. instead of taking these quick 3's , lets try and go inside to our so called big men and maybe we'll get the 3 the old fashioned way. maybe artest should stop trying to take 3's because he couldn't hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach. and coach jackson needs to quit with the same line this isn't the playoffs because if we don't fix whats needs fixing now we won't last in the playoffs. but no matter what happens, i will always be behind my lakers win or lose. laker girl for life!

People here are insane Gasol doesn't need to go. The Lakers have point guard problems. They keep getting massacred by quick-point guards, that absolutely destroy them every time . Fisher is a great guy but the writing is on the wall. Not only on the defensive end but more on the offense, and his failure to penetrate other teams defense, just as Ginobli and Parker. Which then unlocks the full potential of the rest of the players. and frees Kobe from doing more than he should be doing.

Think about the games- and the stagnant offense the Lakers have shown all season most the players preform great when someone is penetrating and they are all moving how hard is it to see that. The good thing is that Lamar is better then Ginobli, but i can"t say the same for Fisher and Parker not even close. They need a better younger point guard.

I would like to see Fish coach next year. I don't believe any of Phil's understudy's will command the respect he could get.

I don't get it. Gasol made a pretty decent D on Duncan in the last play, and there's still people around blaming on him for not getting McDyess' rebound? Should have a better look to what was LO doing at the time (and also on the second to last play...). Yeah, that's definitely toughness...

The Lakers deserved to lose, their 'bigs' should NEVER have allowed that tipin to occur.

Don't know how many times I've got to say this,POUND THE BALL INSIDE. BYNUM took only seven shots,less than all the bench players,Kobe shot terrible,Gasol shot like 85% so why keep shooting from the perimeter,were not that good shooting outside,we have no penetration to break down defenses so pretty much it's one on one ball on offense,use what we have,SIZE. Kobe took more shots than Bynum and Gasol,lets see he was 5 for18 ,Gasol and Bynum were 12 for 17 do the math,Bynum also had 6 assist in 30 minutes. Phil Jackson has to stop holding this young kid back(Bynum)make him the go to guy on offense and work off him like they used Shaq,give Bynum 15 shots a game and he'll get you 20 to 25 Plus a game every night,he's matured alot,he's a good passer and can shoot over anyone,he is the key and the future of Laker basketball if he can stay healthy,I just hate that he's not the focal point of this offense,I highly doubt he'd have to many games shooting 5 for 18. Phil Jackson doesn't like young players,it shows. If the lakers were to make any kind of move it needs to be D-Fish,by far the worst point guard in the league !

One more thing,where was Bynum on that last play,bad call Phil Jackson,sometimes veterans aren't always the key,Bynum with his height should have been on the floor,What were you thinking !

FFS Cecil is a spamer, lakers aint gonna trade Gasol! stop saying crap...
Lakers lost by 1 point vs the best team in the NBA with Ron artest playing like shit. If ron ron improves, i see this team in the finals, cause Lakers defense starts in ron artests, in intensity and will improve laker's inside defense aswell as a consequence

This was a Lakers win no matter what the scoreboard says:

1. Final shot (tip-in) was illegal. The ball was clearly over the cylinder...why is this not reviewable/reversible? Not to mention McDyess was hanging all over Pau's back (foul anyone?).

2. Neal's last second shot at the end of the first half was pure garbage and was the difference in the game.

3. Artest finally woke up and the defensive beast is back.

4. Blake shut down that annoying Frenchman. I'm glad Phil finally realized how much of a defensive liability Fisher is against small, quick PG's and played Blake instead.

All in all, if the Lakers can get rid of their stupidity in leaving VERY GOOD three point shooters wide open ALL DAY (man up and quit playing wussy zone defense!), this game wouldn't even have been close. Lakers win by 6-10 points. And I guarantee if they play with this much intensity again, they'll be in very good shape the rest of the season and playoffs.

Lakers lost by 1 point vs the best team in the NBA Posted by: Eurotriple

ummm,the best team in the NBA is up in BOSTON,if you have not noticed,they have beaten all the best teams,including SPURS.lets keep it real here...

Final shot (tip-in) was illegal. The ball was clearly over the cylinderPosted by: GG

ummmm, bull,if you are not blind or stupid,anyone with any sense can clearly see that the ball was coming back over the cylinder edge.wake up and quit cryin,they lost fair and square.

the lakers jut plain suck..



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