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Lakers vs New Orleans: Pau Gasol lifts Lakers past Hornets


Lakers 101, Hornets 95 (final)

Pau Gasol scored a season-high 34 points and finished with 10 rebounds to help the Lakers win the first of seven games on this trip.

Kobe Bryant had 32 points and nine rebounds in a game the Lakers had to dig down on defense in order to win.

Chris Paul led the Hornets with 21 points and 15 assists.

Gasol made 13 of 17 shots in dominating the New Orleans big men in the lane and from the perimeter.

He converted eight of nine free throws, had three assists and contributed one blocked shot and one steal while turning the ball over only once. The Lakers had a season-low four turnovers in the game.

Bryant made 10 of 21 shots and all eight of his free throws.

Hornets power forward David West, who made seven of 10 shots in the first half, finished with 16 points after shooting one of five in the second half.


Lakers-Hornets photos

Lakers-Hornets box score

Lakers may have to try hard to be No. 2 in the West

Hornets 82, Lakers 81 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers couldn't stop Chris Paul in the third quarter, and that's why they trailed entering the final quarter.

Paul had 13 points and six assists in the third.

His three-pointer with 0.4 seconds left gave the Hornets an 82-81 lead.

Paul had 19 points and 14 assists through three quarters.

Lakers 56, Hornets 50 (end of first half)

By halftime, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant were the main guys for the Lakers.

Gasol had 19 points on eight-for-11 shooting and Bryant had 18 points on six-for-nine shooting. Andrew Bynum chipped in six points and five rebounds for L.A.

The Lakers shot 56.4% from the field in the first half.

But the Lakers' lead was sliced to just six points at the half after Marcus Thornton made a three-pointer at the buzzer.

David West made seven of 10 shots to lead New Orleans with 14 points. He also leads all rebounders with nine. Chris Paul has been held to six points on two-of-four shooting although he has eight assists.

Lakers 27, Hornets 19 (end of first quarter)

With Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol leading the way, the Lakers opened an eight-point lead after the first quarter.

Bryant had eight points, four rebounds and three assists.

Gasol had 10 points and three assists.

The Lakers shot 52.2% from the field.


The Lakers have left behind Thursday night's loss to the San Antonio Spurs at Staples Center and are  concentrating on playing the New Orleans Hornets on Saturday night.

The plan is to slow down Hornets All-Star guard Chris Paul, who is averaging 16.6 points, 9.6 assists and 2.6 steals a game.

They also want to get the ball inside to seven-footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol against the undersized Hornets.

--Broderick Turner, reporting from New Orleans

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol drives to the basket against Hornets power forward David West in the first half Saturday. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / US Presswire

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Good thing nothing seems serious on Fish's knee. Hope it stays up well tomorrow.

We will need every man down the stretch!


Lakers lead the league in Wire-to-Wire Victories with 8.

Always clutch!


How it must have pained Mr. Turner to write a positive comment about Pau Gasol. He did miss three shots and took the headlines away from Kobe.

Post-Katrina attendance record in today's game vs our Lakers. I'm happy for New Orleans.

We'll win this one though.


Fish's intangibles(as seen tonight), deflections/ steals/ taking charge, will be BIG in the playoffs. That's why PJ plays him.

Good win Lakeshow! 1 down, 6 more to go!


RE: A Trade, try Memphis again and offer Andrew Bynum ($13.4M, 11.3ppg, 7.4 rpg, 1.8 bpg & 1,1 apg) and any 2 of S Brown ($2.2M, 9.5ppg, 2.1rpg, 0.2bpg & 1.2apt), J Smith ($1.3M), D Ebanks ($0.47M), or D Caracter ($0.47M) for Marc Gasol ($3.5M, 11.7ppg, 7.1rpg, 1.7bpg & 2.7apg), Hasheem Thabeet ($4.8M, 1.2ppg, 1.7rpg, 0.4bpg & 0.1apg) and either OJ Mayo ($$4.5M, 12.2ppg, 2.6rpg, 0.4bpg & 1.9apg) or Tony Allen (6.1ppg, 2.0 rpg, 1.6 stl, 1.1apg). Gasol is a free agent after the season, so if he goes Melo by saying the Lakers are the only team he’d do an extension this might make it happen. According to reports, Memphis wants to trade Mayo and they are unhappy with Thabeet, so including both addresses Memphis’ concerns and is the price the Lakers must pay to make the deal. S Brown if taken likely would get more playing time w/Memphis as would Ebanks and Caracter.

Nice practice game tonight.

Fortunately the Lakers have one of the few physical defenders in the NBA at the point guard position because that's what you need against CP3. Derek Fisher's solid defense culminating in (once again) baiting Chris Paul into a charge was the turning point of the game. Fish was a one man wrecking crew on defense in the fourth quarter tonight which eased us into a victory.

LRob, while your brilliant discussion of the ridiculously simple concept that ALL Lakers fans should grasp by now known as the "practice season" was so enjoyable that it earned RCOTD recognition from LakerTom, it IS much more fun to bait with it AND with Fish! :) I KID!

Has there ever been a game image of Gasol where he doesn't look as if he just got shot by a sniper?

Just 6 points over a team under .500?! Lakers better start practicing.

Nope, my bad, over .500 but still they should be better than this.

Nice win. Gasol needs a whipping to perform. Nevertheless, I wouldn't trust him when Lakers play against teams with inside presence. Gasol will play scared again.

a win, just what the doctor ordered......BUT, here's the BUT! NOLA was missing trevor and okefor, so we should beat them by a little more! but then again, the way L.A. has been playing, i guess we should be grateful we got a "W". memphis next, the griz lost a tought one to houston tonight!

The score don't matter, margins, none of that, the categories are clear: WINs/LOSSES

We won! Nuff said....



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