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Lakers-Cavaliers: Lakers get dumped by Cavaliers


Cavaliers 104, Lakers 99 (final)


This was a Cavaliers team the Lakers beat by 55 points last month. This was a Cavaliers team that lost 26 consecutive games before they beat L.A.'s other team, the Clippers.

And this was a Cavaliers team with the worst record in the NBA.

Now they are the Cavaliers team that defeated the back-to-back NBA champion Lakers.


Pau Gasol had 30 points and 20 rebounds, but it did no good for the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant had 17 points, but he was just eight-for-24 shooting from the field, one for six from three-point range.

Bryant had 12 rebounds, but he also had seven turnovers.

Ramon Sessions, a reserve guard who saw increased minutes with Mo Williams injured, led the Cavaliers with 32 points and eight assists.

The Lakers trailed by as many as 12 ponits in the fourth quarter before they played hard, before they tried to make it a game.


Lakers-Cavaliers box score

Photos from Lakers-Cavaliers game

Who's better? Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

Cavaliers 74, Lakers 71  (end of third quarter)

The Lakers, losing to the worst team in basketball, had a scary moment in the third quarter when Shannon Brown went down hard, rolling in pain.

Brown drove the baseline, went up for a layup and was fouled by Ryan Hollins. He came down hard on his right hip.

Brown eventually got up, limped  to the bench and then came back out to make two free throws.

Then he got a steal and scored on a layup to bring the Lakers to within 72-68.

Brown's play seemed to inspire the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant made a three-pointer to pull the Lakers to within 72-71.

Cavaliers 51, Lakers 46 (end of first half)

Just when it appreared the Lakers woke up from their first-quarter slumber, they fell right back to sleep toward the end of the second quarter.

They constantly got beat in transition, unable to get back on defense.

It really showed after Anthony Parker made a jumper just before the first half ended, giving the Cavaliers a five-point lead.

Pau Gasol, the only Laker really playing well, had 20 points and 12 rebounds, seven offensive, in the first half. He was six-of-12 shooting from the field and made all eight of his free throws.

The Lakers shot 39.9% (17 of 43) from the field in the half, with Andrew Bynum missing all seven of his attempts.

Kobe Bryant has six points on three-of-eight shooting.

Cleveland, which shot 44.4% (20 of 45) from the field in the half, was led by the 16 points of reserve guard Ramon Sessions and 13 points from Antawn Jamison.

Cavaliers 29, Lakers 21 (end of first quarter)

Yes, it's true.

The Lakers trailed the lowly Cavaliers at the end of the first quarter.

The Lakers once were downy by 10 points in the  quarter -- 10 points!

This was the same Cleveland team that the Lakers beat by 55 points in Los Angeles in early January.

The Lakers shot 25% (six for 24) from the field in the first quarter.

It was a bad start for the Lakers when Kobe Bryant was called for his second foul with 5:37 left in the first quarter.

Then, while he was on his way to the bench after being replaced by Shannon Brown, Bryant was given a technical foul.


The Lakers, looking to bounce back from embarrassing back-to-back losses at Orlando and Charlotte, are in Cleveland for the first time this year to play the Cavaliers without LeBron James.

The Lakers beat the Cavaliers by 55 points in early January, so L.A. knows how bad the Cavaliers can be without James, who took his talents to Miami.

But Lakers Caoch Phil Jackson said he noticed a difference at Quicken Loans Arena for Wednesday night's game against the Cavaliers.

"It was a period of time that this town really feasted on his ability," Jackson said. "They were the witnesses, as they had the big sign over the building. And they witnessed him leaving and now it's a real hole. That's unfortunate for the town and for the team."

Jackson doesn't want his team to think just because they smashed the Cavaliers in their January game to think it's going to be easy this time.

"All I told them was that [the Cavaliers] are going to come out and try to avenge that loss," Jackson said.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Cleveland

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant splits the defense of Cavaliers guards Anthony Parker, left, and Ramon Sessions on a drive down the lane Wednesday night in Cleveland. Credit: Amy Sancetta / Associated Press

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(continued ruminations)

...Twilight Zone episode???...Level 3 Inception dream sequence???...seriously, what was that?!!!

Jon K, as I was watching the end of this game, I was thinking of all the ribbing you'll take for this game. Cleveland got a much-needed therapeutic effort and win before the all-star break.

This from someone that wanted the opposite to occur, a Laker win so big that it would give them a much-needed boost before the all-star game.

But, no. Perhaps this was better. Let them stew on this for the next 6 days...


@ TONI "The biggest mistake that Mitch made was not keeping any youth. I also blame that on PHIL, I don't play rookies."

They didn't trade any rookies, dude. Technically, no one would be rookies anyway, but they didn't even let any 2nd year players go. Our rookies this year are Caracter and Ebanks. Still have 'em. They won't win us a title, though.

Oh, also... to John Ireland... start walking, buddy.

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey...

Say, I couldn't find the results of the Laker/Cav game; who won?

Put velvet ropes and stanchions around the court and call it the WWF.

A FIX for Cleveland fans, they need ticket sales and lost last time by 50, payback.

I am a girl so that's OK.
I just meant that we gave up draft picks .
I was glad that he drafted Eubanks and Character, but Phil not playing them did not help.
I really believe that Ron want out but no team will take him with that contract.
This season is done at least thre years before the Lakers are out form under these bad contracts.

Nothing shakes the moss from a prone body like an abysmal Laker loss. This team is playing at an unacceptable level. I can't fault the staff for under-preparing them. It's about heart, it's about desire and it's about WANTING to win. I am not seeing any of those things from players not named Pau Gasol on this trip.

Kobe is playing at 80% or less. Fisher is so up and own he reminds me of a yo-yo. Blake has been a disappointment as has Brown since the first month of the season. Bynum was outplayed by a guy 6 inches shorter and looks like he's already tired...tired! After sitting half the season!

Ron Artest, who took pride last season in being the Team Captain of our D looks like he doesn't know where on Earth he is. His D doesn;t make up for the fact that when he's out there it's 4 on 5 on our offensive end. Moribund and eathbound, he lacks any explosion be it mental or physical.

Lamar looks like he's pouting. Maybe he hoped Nowitzki would bow out of the All Star game but Aldridge would be the next big in. Lamar hasn't looked like himself since we went on this trip.

The new TV deal is for the elite and has nothing AT ALL to do with Laker Nation. it's an insult to those of us who have spent years pouring our heart and soul into this team. The Lakers hsould do it like Burning Man, if you can prove you've been there for the team for 15+ years then you get a discount on your cable package. Time-Warner isn't even offered in Long Beach so I figure I'll be tuning into Spyro from now on.

Where has this season gone? We look like apale shadow of oursleves, more Smeagol than Gollum, as it were.

Why is everyone so quick to trash Laker's management when they assembled a team that just won back-to-back championships? As a fan of the Detroit Lions I know a thing or two about horrific management. This ain't it. I also know a thing or two about horrific ownership. This definitely ain't it, either.

I'm sure Mitch and the rest of the front office see the same things that we do - a remarkably uninspired group that has an ever-shrinking chance of winning another championship. Now let's see how management goes about fixing a team that is clearly broken, but certainly not lacking for talent.

That being said, Carmelo in a Lakers uniform would certainly be intriguing.

@ TONI - Sorry, didn't mean to call you dude. :)

I agree it's a long time before the bad contracts end. A real bummer. Nobody is gonna take on Artest and Walton for 5+ million a year with multiple years left.

As the Tin Man from "Wizard of Oz" would say :

When a man's an empty kettle
He should be on his mettle
Just to register emotion, jealousy, devotion
And really feel the part
I could stay young and chipper
And I'd lock it with a zipper

(still more delirious ruminations)

...Kobe's revenge for Phil's comments in "The Last Season"???...Phil coming to terms with actually being nothing more than an aging boy toy???...Rohipnol in their Gatorade???...testicular grand theft???...WHAT?!!!...

LOL, I predicted this. Long shot but I saw it coming since Monday. This team is done. No way in hell can they beat the Mavs or Spurs. Time for a shake up. Anything and everyone is on the block including Kobe and Pau. They all no longer have heart. Their desire somehow died in December.

Time to move on now before the team falls to the Clippers level. This is not a joke, this team is really stink.


I give up on the Lakers. The Clippers are now LA's team.


After receiving many text messages heckling me, I calmly congratulated them saying, "You just beat the Champs. You should be proud."

And they should be, the Clippers and Lakers have given them gifts.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I would like to thank the Federal government/ICE for closing down the pirate site where I had been watching illegal broadcasts of Lackers games. Will not watch again except to see them swept out of the first round of the POs.

Danger, Will Robinson!


BostonDRAMA, Lakers Nation has been laughing since June. Oh, and last week. Enjoy your last year of relevance and the next 25 years of irrelevance.

As for tonight, this is laughable. Nothing huge to worry about.

One thing for sure is that these Lakers just don't have the will and the heart to win ANYMORE, period!! There is no one to blame, but the coach, then the players, then the management - Phil does not have fiery way to say the right words to get his players motivated to play hard with a purpose and vengeance; the players are lost in the mix of things - no one wants to push the other 4 players to control the game; and management is so dead wrong (Jim Buss) to think that Bynum is the future center and maybe even a franchise tag - wrong - his future is in the rehabilitation center 2 years from now - for the rest of his life (Bynum for Carmelo is the only way this team is going to3PEAT - YOU HEAR THAT LAKERS, AND LAKER FANS??????

It looks to me like LA gave em a game to stop the Cav losing streak...nice charity boys;)
P.S. Kobe is very good friends with the Cavs coach...

We won you fools!!!

I will admit I am from San Antonio and I am a diehard Spurs fan. I have been watching basketball and going to games for 33 years. I cannot figure out why and how the Lakers let themselves get so thin at point guard. We just resigned Tony Parker to a new contract. I don't think the lakers even attempted to entice him. I think it is great for us but just can't figure it out. Of course I can't figure out why a tier 1 29 year old point guard didn't have 12 or 15 teams after him. Hey like I said your loss our gain.

If the past three years were a good indicator for this season, then the Lakers will be excellent again once the playoffs start! Laker fans should just stop watching the Lakers during the regular season. LOL...

Ron Artest, who took pride last season in being the Team Captain of our D looks like he doesn't know where on Earth he is. His D doesn;t make up for the fact that when he's out there it's 4 on 5 on our offensive end. Moribund and eathbound, he lacks any explosion be it mental or physical.

Lamar looks like he's pouting.

Posted by: Jamie Sweet | February 16, 2011 at 08:45 PM

@Jamie Sweet- What's up Jamie? Nice to year from you again. Hey, I know there's a lot of finger pointing at a lot of people. I know you're upset about Ron, but let me explain why it 'looks like 4 on 5' out there.

1) Ron's offense game has been stripped to outside shooter and occasional mid-range jumpers.

Ron's a muscular player, they usually don't make the outside shooting types (Larry Johnson, Glen Rice, Charles Barkley are exceptions). He's a player that's thrived in the post. Post up, turn and face, back pick cuts (Pau's ignoring Ron in the post specifically). Ron's not an outside shooter, he puts in work and puts up shots, but they're training him to do something he hasn't done before, ever. He puts up shots, it's his foot speed and control, that gives the most trouble when being an outside shooter.

2) This is another example of Ron or any other player at the 3, the 3 is oversimplified in the Triangle. Ron only took 1 shot. How's he to blame, if he isn't set up properly, or works to get into position and nobody cares (Pau, Kobe). All Ron does is, play as awesome D as you can, hustle, crash the offensive boards. If they let him operate, tweaking his positioning in the Triangle, they would see the same results he game in game 7.

3) In an inside/out approach within the Triangle, the bigs are identified as option 1 and 1a first. It doesn't matter if the perimeter game is off and the bigs aren't producing, we'll lose more often than not.

4) Lamar's been this way since 2008. He's a whiner, Kobe's a whiner, they've contributed to Fish's moaning and complaining, Pau stares a ref down with every nip/tuck that doesn't get called. It's systematic of the core of the squad.
Look, believe it or not, we're not the most respectful team in the league. We bitch, we complain, we complain about complaining. It's a broken record and the refs are finally tired of the Lakers schtick.

It's the generation gap, I'm 26 and I see the disrespect shown to the refs, the game, the fans. The players aren't going to grasp the hearts and the minds of the fans through complaining and excuses. That's the trouble with accomplishment.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

- Leonardo da Vinci

The problem with just sitting back and relaxing on top of the mountain, that while you're comfortable and lax, you don't realize that burn coming right towards, that white light/white heat. It happens so fast, you're not on top anymore. It happens that fast.

Let's see what they do about that.

I saw a post where some one talked about Phil Jackson not calling out Kobe. You are exactly right. During the Spurs Wizards game a couple of days ago I saw Tim Duncan have a defensive lapse. The next thing I saw was Coach Greg Popovich calling a timeout and basically giving Timmy the what for on the sideline. This is a player with 4 hides and 3 finals MVP awrds hanging on his wall and he took it like a man. Kobe could learn a few things from Tim

I saw a post where some one talked about Phil Jackson not calling out Kobe. You are exactly right. During the Spurs Wizards game a couple of days ago I saw Tim Duncan have a defensive lapse. The next thing I saw was Coach Greg Popovich calling a timeout and basically giving Timmy the what for on the sideline. This is a player with 4 hides and 3 finals MVP awrds hanging on his wall and he took it like a man. Kobe could learn a few things from Tim


"We just resigned Tony Parker to a new contract. I don't think the lakers even attempted to entice him."

You've been watching the NBA for 33 years and don't know that you can't court a player who is under contract by another team??? They would be financially penalized.

When Phil even hinted that Bosh would look good in a Lakers uniform a couple years ago he was fined.

It is interesting that since the day that Phil J. commented about how bad the Heat were, they started winning and he started losing. that was the turning point. he should have kept his mouth shut and focused on his team. came back to bite him.

Didn't the Celtics lose to the Nets last year? Who cares, June is all that matters.

To all Laker/Faker fans:
I am a seasoned Celtic fan living in LA for 40+ years.
This is my first comment -- ever outside my familiar Celtic family blogs.
After watching the Magic, Bobcat, and now this Cav fiasco, I must relate one comment.
I trust any knowledgeable fan will concur with this insight: what you have seen the past 3 games confirms what you did to a shell of the Celtic team last Thursday in the Garden. I have read comment after comment on LA blogs referring to that 48 minute performance as a "statement victory," a "season altering game."
No, what every Faker fan witnessed was a good road victory against a team with almost its entire second unit out of the game and its best player, Pierce, hobbled with illness and 2 injuries. This is not an excuse, it is a fact now embraced by your team's performance the last 3 games.
I leave with this final thought: is there a Faker fan out there that really believes you can beat the Celtics in a 7 game series if even half our injured players return to a full rotation? Think again.
My only fear is I will see another 1986 this years. I do not want to hoist the 18th banner having crushed San Antonio. I want the Fakers, and I want them healthy and raring to go. If that happens I believe we will see the performance of Game 6 of 2008; not that pathetic Game 7 of last year without Perk.

Well, no need to watch the All-Star game this weekend now.

Does anyone care how Kobe and Pau do in the All-Star game this weekend?

sean..well put sir, when you put your love and passion you have for a team aside for a moment you see what it really is, look..nothing will ever make me stop bleeding purple and gold, ive been living in texas for 10 yrs, that didnt stop me, cedric cebballos rap album didnt stop me, the catastrophic melt down in the 04 finals didnt stop me, i will die this way, but they are not a championship team this round three more yrs , its guaranteed

birdesq..thats what a heart broken boston fan is suppossed to say, loser..

The way I saw the game tonight and what has been ailing the Lakers, is the ability for the other team's point guard to dribble penetrate and draw a foul or dish it off for an easy basket. Unfortunately, we can not respond in kind. Blake and Fisher are not explosive point guards off the dribble, and are not going to beat their defender to the basket. Nor can they stop the man they're guarding from penetrating. Ramon Sessions made that painfully obvious.
He scored 32 points with 13 of them coming from the charity stripe, where he was 13 for 14. If we look at the PG's that we could possibly face in the west, they include Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Derron Williams, and CP3. Jason Kidd and Chauncey are the only ones too old to dribble penetrate, but they are excellent passers and good outside shooters.
If we want to win the west we better address this glaring defficiency. We need a point guard that can also penetrate, draw fouls from the big men, and be able to dish it off when drawing the defense.
Kobe used to do that for our team. He no longer ventures into the lane with a strong drive to finish at the basket or pass to the open big. He is also not getting the calls from the refs to send him to the line eventhough he gets fouled.
I believe that the Lakers' issues can be fixed and we can still contend for a championship, but that window is closing quickly. The future of this team after this year will be very uncertain.
So I say pull the trigger for Melo, and get a young, efficient point guard. Now I know that there are two camps when it comes to the Melo trade. Bynum for Melo, and Gasol for Melo. Well I say neither. Let's send Odom and Artest for Melo, and keep our starting frontcourt. I know Odom is a crucial part of the success of this team, but why not take our chances. The only problem I see is that if Bynum goes down we are done. Let's find out what Ratliff and Joe Smith have left in the tank, they do get a paycheck and we gave away our first round draft pick for Smith along with Sasha, so let's not waste them away on the bench. We can always try to get Anthony Randolph from the Knicks for draft picks. He is no Lamar, but the potential is there.
The following trades are trades that I believe will help the team now and in the future. We have got to do something.

Our lineup will look like this:

Gasol/Joe Smith/Caracter



Gasol/J. Smith/Caracter

I picked these two point guards primarily because they are young, good outside shooters, and their teams have two other very capable point guards on their rosters. I believe the Lakers would give up some picks to get them, but IN MY OPINION, it would be worth it.

BTW, it's not just this loss that causes me concern. It's the way the season has been, and the fact that we may be able to obtain one of the best scorers in the league. But we have to give something up to get him. I want this championship bad, and I will always be a Lakers fan, no jumping ship here!

Look, losing to CLE is pathetic. It doesn't matter how you chalk this one up. It's shameful. What Buss and Mitch have not addressed in the past three years is the legitimate need for a top flight PG. Fisher as the starter is RIDICULOUS! LA is getting shredded at the PG position and management is not willing or able to remedy this situation and I cannot understand why? It is clearly the weak link on this team.

Please, Phil Jackson, Make this your starting line up: E Bank and Kobe in the back court with Gasol, Bynum and Odom in the front and play Character at least five minutes a game instead of Luke Walton, Maybe it would motivate the rest of the guys to fight for there spots, Bench a few you may need Banks and Character in the play-offs if we have any injury's. Look what a month of playing in NBA does for Blake Griffen, every month he gets better, it would be nice for them to say they got coached from the great Phil Jackson before he retired. I think you should bring in Fisher when the games close and you need the big shots, and nick name him the specialist

Lakers fan should check Mitch K. and Dr. Buss maybe they are high smoking FREE pot for Cali. residents. Something is not right with the Fakers org.

Phil Jackson should have some diginity and RESIGN. He is a no care type coach and if he thinks Fisher should be his starter then another good example of why he should GO. Fisher is the weak link of the team. Bynum has had 6 years to develop and he has not. Buss likes him so the fans have to watch him play like a kid. He should study Howard of the Magic and see how a professional player of his size really should play. And some pleople state Bynum should be a All-Star !! That is a joke. Kobe is not a leader he is out for himself. Fisher is not a leader and is saving his job. What the team needs is a coach like Spurs coach Popovich. This year is done. Time to think about rebuilding the team.

>>>I can't believe, no body has a single line of praise for Pau's game. If he had
>>>played half as bad as others did everyone would have been after his life.

Did you actually watch the game? Did you see the layup drills that Cleveland was conducting, unobstructed by Pau or anyone else?

Basketball is played on TWO ends of the floor. Pau's defense (along with everyone else's) was appalling.

Let's use our arch-enemies as an example:

If Kobe blows by Rondo in a game, Garnett or Perkins is usually there to challenge the shot. In last night's game, Sessions and others repeatedly got by their initial defender and Pau was occasionally in the lane, but gave a weak challenge if any challenge at all.

Compare that to when Shannon Brown drove the lane and Ryan Hollins put him on his ass.

And in the 4th quarter, the Lakers REPEATEDLY passed the ball in to Pau in the post, and he REPEATEDLY passed it back out late in the shot clock. 30 points is nice, but if Pau is hot and it's a close game, he needs to play selfish. If Pau is more aggressive in the 4th, he'd have scored 40 and the Lakers would have won the game. Instead, they had late shot clock bricks by Shannon and Artest and Kobe and others.

But here's a line of praise for Pau's game...

I'm glad that he's finally realized that he can take more than 10 shots in a game. He should keep being that aggressive.

Even you bring Carmelo or Dwight if Kobe will play selfishly and blame every error that he makes to his teammates the team will not win. Don't get me wrong about him, if Kobe will only play like Wade or Pierce (just want to win by any means) nobody can beat the Lakers. What I don't understand about Kobe, he still wants to prove that he is the best player today, in my opinion he doesn't need to prove something just play what is worth of the money he is getting paid for. He should understand that he is the highest paid NBA player this season. If Artest needs mental attention, I think Kobe needs more than that. GOOD LUCK LAKERS..

Phil wont play any of the new-bees like E banks or Character, these guys are awesome, Phil has something against rookies, and it sucks, its rookie profiling. I'm sure E Banks or Character could have scored 6 or more points which is more than what R Tess is giving you, if he just played these guy for ten minutes or or so we wouldn't even taking about this embarrassing loss to Cleveland.

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