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Lakers-Cavaliers: Lakers get dumped by Cavaliers


Cavaliers 104, Lakers 99 (final)


This was a Cavaliers team the Lakers beat by 55 points last month. This was a Cavaliers team that lost 26 consecutive games before they beat L.A.'s other team, the Clippers.

And this was a Cavaliers team with the worst record in the NBA.

Now they are the Cavaliers team that defeated the back-to-back NBA champion Lakers.


Pau Gasol had 30 points and 20 rebounds, but it did no good for the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant had 17 points, but he was just eight-for-24 shooting from the field, one for six from three-point range.

Bryant had 12 rebounds, but he also had seven turnovers.

Ramon Sessions, a reserve guard who saw increased minutes with Mo Williams injured, led the Cavaliers with 32 points and eight assists.

The Lakers trailed by as many as 12 ponits in the fourth quarter before they played hard, before they tried to make it a game.


Lakers-Cavaliers box score

Photos from Lakers-Cavaliers game

Who's better? Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

Cavaliers 74, Lakers 71  (end of third quarter)

The Lakers, losing to the worst team in basketball, had a scary moment in the third quarter when Shannon Brown went down hard, rolling in pain.

Brown drove the baseline, went up for a layup and was fouled by Ryan Hollins. He came down hard on his right hip.

Brown eventually got up, limped  to the bench and then came back out to make two free throws.

Then he got a steal and scored on a layup to bring the Lakers to within 72-68.

Brown's play seemed to inspire the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant made a three-pointer to pull the Lakers to within 72-71.

Cavaliers 51, Lakers 46 (end of first half)

Just when it appreared the Lakers woke up from their first-quarter slumber, they fell right back to sleep toward the end of the second quarter.

They constantly got beat in transition, unable to get back on defense.

It really showed after Anthony Parker made a jumper just before the first half ended, giving the Cavaliers a five-point lead.

Pau Gasol, the only Laker really playing well, had 20 points and 12 rebounds, seven offensive, in the first half. He was six-of-12 shooting from the field and made all eight of his free throws.

The Lakers shot 39.9% (17 of 43) from the field in the half, with Andrew Bynum missing all seven of his attempts.

Kobe Bryant has six points on three-of-eight shooting.

Cleveland, which shot 44.4% (20 of 45) from the field in the half, was led by the 16 points of reserve guard Ramon Sessions and 13 points from Antawn Jamison.

Cavaliers 29, Lakers 21 (end of first quarter)

Yes, it's true.

The Lakers trailed the lowly Cavaliers at the end of the first quarter.

The Lakers once were downy by 10 points in the  quarter -- 10 points!

This was the same Cleveland team that the Lakers beat by 55 points in Los Angeles in early January.

The Lakers shot 25% (six for 24) from the field in the first quarter.

It was a bad start for the Lakers when Kobe Bryant was called for his second foul with 5:37 left in the first quarter.

Then, while he was on his way to the bench after being replaced by Shannon Brown, Bryant was given a technical foul.


The Lakers, looking to bounce back from embarrassing back-to-back losses at Orlando and Charlotte, are in Cleveland for the first time this year to play the Cavaliers without LeBron James.

The Lakers beat the Cavaliers by 55 points in early January, so L.A. knows how bad the Cavaliers can be without James, who took his talents to Miami.

But Lakers Caoch Phil Jackson said he noticed a difference at Quicken Loans Arena for Wednesday night's game against the Cavaliers.

"It was a period of time that this town really feasted on his ability," Jackson said. "They were the witnesses, as they had the big sign over the building. And they witnessed him leaving and now it's a real hole. That's unfortunate for the town and for the team."

Jackson doesn't want his team to think just because they smashed the Cavaliers in their January game to think it's going to be easy this time.

"All I told them was that [the Cavaliers] are going to come out and try to avenge that loss," Jackson said.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Cleveland

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant splits the defense of Cavaliers guards Anthony Parker, left, and Ramon Sessions on a drive down the lane Wednesday night in Cleveland. Credit: Amy Sancetta / Associated Press

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MM: Enjoyed the Dr. Buss article. Looking forward to listening to the audio tonight. We are really lucky to have the finest owner in all of sports as the owner of our Lakers!

- - -

sean: You are most likely correct about Shannon not willing to waive his bird rights in a trade, most likely already anticipating exercising his option for next year. But a lot of times over the years players who's teams have approached them about trades have green-lighted it if they feel it will benefit them, give them more floor time for instance.

I'm not sitting here saying we have to make a trade, I just keep thinking back to '87. Mychael Thompson provided such a great boost of spirits, when he arrived it really help the team over the hump and past the C's. That team was a lot like this one - in terms of them having a lot of success. Difference was that Ralph Sampson lucky shot off the inbounds as time expired the year before, or they would had been going for a threepeat in '87 too (most likely).

Anyways, I'm a Shannon fan, I'm one of the few here that like Luke too. It's tough to play heartless armchair but this team could REALLY use a shooter, that is becoming more apparent as the season grinds on. In my opinion, for the little it's worth, I believe it would provide this particular bunch a shot in the arm, wake them up. Again, it's possible they do this on their own, but this would help them much like MT did in '87 - at least in my eyes.

- - -

Laker J: If you were Laker assistant-GM, one thing I would never have to worry about is the Lakers getting the short end of a trade! I could envision you actually pushing through a Caracter for 'Melo swap if at all possible...

Curious to see Boobie Gibson play, he was out during that slaughter of the Cav's a month or so back at Staples Center.


Starting up the DVR - really hope the Lakers spank the Cavs, it'll be good for their psyche.

if they lose to the CAVS, they better go on a 22 game winning streak after the all star break or they ain't winning a championship this year, I'm sorry.

Fisher two turnovers. Get this guy off the court. He is a Clown !!!!

Kobe is done! I'm sorry we need another leader. We need Carmelo on this team. Bynum will never be that guy!

Hey Fisher lovers are you watching this guy play defense. He lost sight of his man and he waltzed in for a layup. Old man Fisher is nothing but a clown...not a class act. Kobe and Phil will not tell him the truth. RETIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are getting broken down on defense because Fisher is a troll and should be playing in the YMCA league.

I've never been in a game where the team we had beaten by 55 now leads us by 3 going into the 4th. Can't wait to see how this ends.

Holy crap, this is too embarassing people. Nobody seems to be in control with the Lakers not even the "owners".

I'm watching our guys...we're down 12 to the F-ing Cavaliers...with about 2 minutes left in the game...nobody seems to be a bit speeded up offense...everybody's cool with getting our azzes kicked by the worst team in the league...


This is pathetic. I need to make some moves now!

I'm on it boss.

It's 2006 all over again. Fight, fight, fight to make it close... then blow it. I'm out until things get right. This is way too much to take. Seriously? Really? The Cavs? Peace, y'all.


I have watched every game on this road trip. I may not be an experienced basketball mind, or a well-known, so-called expert commentator, but I believe the Lakers only real problem is a mental one! Not communicating
at the defensive end; bad decisions at the offensive end -- you can say anything you want to; you can rap my estimation of the problem, but you cannot evade the fact that they are playing like they are back home, sitting by the pool, sipping a cold one (in their minds that is).
I love the Lakers -- I always have, and I still do. It just pains me to see them playing like they are completely disinterested and/or disoriented.

These last 3 games have undermined my confidence. I no longer believe the Lakers can win this year. If you can't beat the Cavs....

Nothing from the small forward or the center. Everybody's fat and sassy and well paid. It is truly disgusting from an effort standpoint. I wonder how Dr. Buss feels?

I need a break from this crap. See you guys after the All Star Break. Try to keep the faith. I'm finding it hard right now.

I have been a Lakers fan since the Showtime Lakers of the 1980's. This loss to the Cavs is really embarrassing. I am happy for Byron Scott though...

Dammit, I have to come back to this blog on a night like this. This Laker team is absolutely horrible, and Jim "I'm a drug addict" Buss's man love for Bynum will cost us for years to come.

What good is having Bynum? What good is all that size if we lose to the worst team in the NBA?

Trade Drew and Artest for that All-World Superstar, Ramona S.!


Oh My God,

I just watched the sinking of the Titanic in Cleveland !!!!!

Talk about a DISASTER !

Like James Worthy said at halftime:

"If the Lakers don't win this game, don't even come back to Los Angeles."

Cavs by 5...somebody please explain this one to me...alien abduction???...Lakers betting 7 figures in Vegas to lose this game???...Mitch positioning for a lottery pick this year??? Dr. Buss tired of young babes and secretly yearning for old ugly crones of his own era???...WHAT???

what a joke of a team

We need Carmelo!!!Need I say more. True you can't teach 7 foot. But if a 7 footer is often injured and dumb, then I'll go for a perennial all star, who is the best offensive player in the league and take that chance against the Spurs or the Celtics. Bynum is lazy, helpless, and can't make shots on his own. He doesn't have a go to move and is all potential. We'll we got potential realized in Carmelo. I'd rather go for 3-peat now than gamble on multiple championships in the future. What is for sure is Bynum will get injured again.

If a team with this much talent can't beat the Cavs, it's just bad coaching.
So long Phil.

Unbelievable they got beaten by the worst team in the East (9-46). WOW!
Phil lost his command on this team, replace him with Sloan.

maybe phil should resign

I can't figure out which one is more important, the Cavs winning or the Lakers losing.

I have no words. This is just a really bad display and such a waste of a great Pau night. At least we know he won't be traded.

Ugh - PLG

Blow this damn team up and get Melo here ASAP, Buss. Put down your prized exotic ho's and stop your gambling and get your dysfunctional son out of the Laker front office.

Give me a break. What do we have to do to make them play defense and play like a TEAM. This Laker "group" has no chance in the post season and will be lucky to get out of the first round. Butter them up they're TOAST.

The Cavs won their equivalent of their championship tonight. The'm at a loss for words.

The run was great my friends. This year is NOT ours.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

I think the Lakers should offer fans free tickets for the remainder of their home games as an apology for the amount of crap they have played this season.

Also, the Management thinks keeping Bynum over Carmelo is a good deal? No wonder Phil is leaving after this season.


Dont give up yet!! Boston sucks, remember??? LOL

At least we still have the satisfaction of the Celtics crying their eyes out in Game 7.

Terrible defense. Bynum has got to be in the game I don't care if he never makes a shot, he is the only one who defends the middle. Offense will let you down everytime if you can't depend on your defense to tough out a game your not going to control the outcome. Wish in one hand and ____ in the other see what you get.

With the loss like this, fans will want a trade from Mitch. However, Lakers did not lose tonight (or the previous two) because of lack of talent. They lost because they played with no heart. Trading could only give you new players, but no trade would give you back heart if you do not want to. Only passion and the will to win will help the Lakers now.
While I disheartened about this loss, I believe in this team. Kobe, Fish, and Phil will not let this performance occurs in the playoff because their hearts are of the champions.

With the loss like this, fans will want a trade from Mitch. However, Lakers did not lose tonight (or the previous two) because of lack of talent. They lost because they played with no heart. Trading could only give you new players, but no trade would give you back heart if you do not want to. Only passion and the will to win will help the Lakers now.
While I disheartened about this loss, I believe in this team. Kobe, Fish, and Phil will not let this performance occurs in the playoff because their hearts are of the champions.

I guess it's time to rail it against Artest and Bynum.
Oh, wait a minute, they weren't even in the game during the fourth quarter.
And the Lakers on the floor couldn't make a stop in the 4th quarter?
What gives?
Can't expect to the 11-ring guru to make any mistakes, do we?
Or get any flack from the local LA cess, er, press pool, do you?
But, hey let's rail against Artest and Bynum, it has to be all their fault.
But don't fret folks, soon enough will have Larry the mamba guy give a roll call to ease the pain, or will it?
Never mind that mambrika stunk it up, yet again.
But it has to be Artest and Bynum fault.

Fisher finally has a good shooting game. Unfortunately his all around game sucked and his man who was coming off the bench. Had a career night and torched him. Fisher once again with the worst plus/minus on the team.
Trust me...he is done !!! Put a fork in Fish

With the loss like this, fans will want a trade from Mitch. However, Lakers did not lose tonight (or the previous two) because of lack of talent. They lost because they played with no heart. Trading could only give you new players, but no trade would give you back heart if you do not want to. Only passion and the will to win will help the Lakers now.
While I disheartened about this loss, I believe in this team. Kobe, Fish, and Phil will not let this performance occurs in the playoff because their hearts are of the champions.

This is pathetic. I need to make some moves now!

Posted by: J.Buss | February 16, 2011 at 07:04 PM

I'm on it boss.

Posted by: M.Kupchak | February 16, 2011 at 07:05 PM


LOL! Credit Coach Scott for making his team believe they could beat the Lakers while they were "compromised." Scott is a pro and he knew the Lakers were "bleeding" and were ripe for another loss. Scott's team could've just "showed up" to the arena, play a little ball and then go home but they came out to win and took advantage of a poor playing Lakers team; nothing more and nothing less.

That said, it's still February and no need to panic until soon after the All Star break. If this team cannot return to their winning ways and adopt that "by any means necessary" attitude required to kick @$$, then the doubts will be justified and we'll just have to wait until we get into the playoffs.

This team will be in the playoffs and that's all that matters. Once you're in, then anything can happen. We saw it last year with Boston. We saw it last year when the Lakers came into the playoffs with a losing streak and we saw Houston win it all as a 6th seed back in 94. The Playoffs - Where Amazing Happens!

4-3 for the "roadie." Unacceptable considering the teams that were on that schedule. Losses to include Bobcats and Cavs? Oh well.

Its time to trade Ga-Soft ?
30 points 20 rebounds, where is your brain?, troll

The Bat Phone is ringing off the anybody going to answer it? Lakers will finish with fourth best record in Western Conference, will lose in second round.

At a loss for words myself.Fisher,and brown actually had good games,but that was negated by a pure efoort frome odom and artest. Pau did what he should do all/most of the time.Even though kobe was 8/24(to more than game 7 last year lol)he out rebounded drew and odom by 2.Btw how does a center go 2/12?? Was drew shooting jump shots???I won't be one to say trade,trade,trade,but somethings gotta give.anybody who was in denial then,shouldn't be now after witnessing this.I feel the whole league is laughing at the Lakeshow.Have they no pride?????

Worst Defending Champion in the history of the NBA !!! Phil should retire and take his little clown buddy Fisher with him.

That's hilarious. It couldn't have happened to a better team. Ha ha ha ha ha!
When are they going to change their name to the Time Warner Lakers?
I haven't been this happy in such a long time. I might as well just stop being a Lakers fan now. It's going to be easier than I thought to turn my back on the Lakers organization.

These are the types of games the Lakers and Time Warner expect people to pay to see? Yeah right! I work hard for my money and let me say that there is no way on God's green earth that I am going to pay extra money to watch these bums play.

I hope the players are embarrassed by this and suddenly decide to start playing seriously. Because, if they just shrug off this loss, then we are in serious trouble.

@ DK..we get it..(8posts)lol

It's not kobe,fish,and phil(?) to worry about concerning heart,it's the rest of em.......

Looking from the outside, coby's power is diminishing to either exhaustion or age.

I bet LA would play much better with him sitting. More touches for your bigs inside and for better shooters.

Losing to CLE is not a big deal. They are pros.

Something's seriously wrong with this team, we're already 57 games into the season, and they think they can just "crank it up" in the playoffs, doesn't work that way. There's no fire, no intensity, no sense of urgency.

For a secong I almost thought they intentionally gave away the game to save Byron Scott's job.

Mitch's got some thinking to do before the trading deadline.

who is coby??

I would not even buy a $5 for a home game, better spend it in Subway. A proprietor of El Pollo Loco would run this team better.

Dr. Buss, do NOT sign any paychecks next payroll. These guys are amateurs. Pay them like they play. ZERO. Coaches. Players. Trainers. EVERYONE. Give them T-shirts in appropriate compensation for their level of effort.

OK, so you Pollyannas, is it NOW time to freak out?!? Someone in the Lakers organization needs to do something. PJ has lost this team. Our reserve acquisitions in the off season are doing nothing. And now even Kobe looks bad. Time for the FO to make some sort of dramatic move - coaching? players? trades? Probably time to cut our losses on some of our reserves and waive them so we have room to move in some players who actually want to play full out even in the "practice season"!

Pau and his matador defense escorting everyone to the rim is about to make me get on my kicks and go to a practice!

Things have gotten so bad that i think we may have to PAY a team to take Ron Artest.

I have to say it:

Phil Jackson has lost this team. The players are no longer responding to him because he's a lame-duck coach who is leaving at the end of the year.

Does Phil need to pull a "Jerry Sloan" and leave the team at mid-season?

this was a disgrace of a lost. Kobe need help he's not saying it but they need outside shooting beside kobe. If his shoot not going the outside- in game plan isn't there . There is point guards out there that will make the other teams play defense ron artest playing like he got cement shoe's.I would love to see the lakers win this year.I was thinking maybe they trying to get the 4th seed that way maybe play n.o. hornets in the first round then spurs in the 2nd (maybe) hopful thinking seem like something missing no heart.

Dear Mitch,
You think we can win with only one true all star. You're delusional.Maybe with a younger Kobe and a half all star like Pau Gasol. But can't you see the rest of the league is catching up to us. Boston has Pierce, Allen and Garnett. Miami- James, Wade and Bosh. Kobe is getting older, he needs help. He now has more and more "off" days. We need another "True" all- star to pick him up went he can't shoot worth a lick. Please Mitch open your eyes to the reality of today's NBA. We need multiple ALL Stars to win a championship. WE NEED CARMELO!!!

It's all Kuchek, Jerry Buss and Phil jackson fault.

Who let go of Arizza, Farmar and Sasha all young point scorers for old dudes that don't score points?

The Lakers let all their young stars go forever.

They are done!




Where is Jerry West?


Lakers are done, they're too old, with 2 consistent point scorers

1. Kobe
2. Pau

Everybody is off & on

Fisher should be sitting the bench, but they don't have a replacement? Oh, they sold all their solid point guards.


A lot of MANAGEMENT should be fired first, don't blame the lakers players if management have constantly weakened the team over the years with a bunch of dudes and mediocre players.

They let go Sasha for some 40 y/o dude for what?

I can no longer stand the way Laker management do business and always try to blame it on the mediocre players they hire. They better not even think of getting rid of Bynum or even Odom.

They better pray from here on out that they find new young all stars, instead of further gambling and further weakening the team letting go what's left for nobodies. Like what is their tradition.

Damn You Lakers Management you ruin a great young team of the future for old dudes who already had their heydays !!!

WOW, all I can say is wow! Didn't even watch the fourth quarter. I saw enough of Cleveland's phenomenal frontcourt of Hollins, Jamison, and Hickson playing with heart and desire to dominate our bigs. Will be back later to comment after the pain subsides a bit.

Now Lakers and Clippers have one thing in common, they both lost to low Cavaliers. Let us move on see what is in store after the brake.

I can't believe, no body has a single line of praise for Pau's game. If he had played half as bad as others did everyone would have been after his life. Poor LA Times writers wont have much to write tomorrow as they wont have anything to blame on Gasol. And all those Trade experts, are you trading Kobe now??...Lol just wondering......

Kobe won't allow..? Kobe is a large part of the problem. He is done as a dominant player. Sit him for about a month and maybe he will have enough left to give them something during push time. The rest of the team just doesn't care. They got what they deserve. Hopefully they will go on an extended losing streak of 8-10 games. Karma is a ...!

Think about the score. Did the Lakers loose because they didn't score enough points or because they gave up too many? I don't care what team we are talking about, if you give up over 100 points you're running the risk of loosing.

all the comparisons of bryant to mj should end.
no way jordan would allow this.

1:30 mark to 1:45 is priceless.

See, why is everyone freaking out? This was back in the eighties where we won five championships. lol.

Jus' tryin' to lighten the mood for my guys here on the form. Go Lakers!

Kobe should just retire. This is getting ugly. Meanwhile, Boston, Miami, Dallas, New York took care of business tonight.

Perspective, please....:

Power dements even more than it corrupts, lowering the guard of foresight and raising the haste of action.

- Will Durant

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

- Will Durant

A hats off to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers came unprepared, they didn't hustle, execute, compose themselves, they lingered, complained, and played terribly. Cleveland did the opposite, of everything I just wrote. They won the game. We beat this club, by 55 points last month, perspective. We didn't learn anything more about the Cavs than last month, for whatever reasons, perspective.

Let me explain the epigraphs, for a moment. For power, Phil Jackson, has a lot of power. Kobe Bryant has a lot of power. Derek Fisher has a lot of power. Power is dementing the Lakers, they're playing demented right now. Literally. There is a madness that is in this team, it's showing it's underbelly. That's all I'm saying. It's there and you can't ignore the beast.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." The core of this squad, is very strong, very determined. I can't ignore this fact, either. So, I'm left with confusion, disheartening, mind-numbing, meditative, understanding, unsure, disillusioned, upset.

I'm the 21st Century Schizoid Lakers blog.

See everyone after the All-Star Weekend. One third to go, till we reach the home stretch.

This was a team loss with the exception of Pau. Kobe has lost a step (just listen to Sir Charles) and should recognize that he cannot carry the team when it has these kinds of games. Fish, Bynum, Kobe, Blake are not scoring. Can someone tell me who Kobe guarded, it seems we always have someone become a world beater when they play the Lakers, but you never hear about them any other time. The Lakers will show up during the Finals against Boston.

At the end of the day, Kobe is a competitor and tries his best. Sometimes, he tries to hard and hurts the team but at least he seems to give a damn about how we play.

Just like the Sargent yelled at Rambo at the end of "First Blood" :

"It's over, Johnny! It's OVER!"

I love this blog. Some of you guys should be paid for comedic genius. This is better than anything on television. My wife thinks that i am going crazy where i am laughing so hard.


Another night well spent.. Didn't watch the game and I feel pretty good about it! No tempers flaring here no throwing the remote and yelling at the kids tonite!

Don't worry lakernation.. This loss is good.. Will force kupchak to make a trade!

1:30 mark to 1:45 is priceless.

Jus' trying to lighten the mood here for all of you. Don't freak out ppl. It's a bad loss but deal with it.

No comment.

By the way what is Ron Artest's role on the team?

Phillip should have retired last season.

Unbelievable...this management is bogus, they screwed up back in the twilight years after shaq was gone and they are letting the same thing happen again. Buss needs to get off Bynum's sack and get rid of him it's just becoming ridiculous and embarrassing. This team needs some serious shaking up because the competition is catching up and bolting past..just look at the bulls, celtics, mavs, spurs, heat, magic, thunder, everyone is taking care of business and playing with heart EXCEPT these guys. Seriously, get rid of Bynum, Artest, and Blake. I'm ashamed at this squad right now.

I wonder if Mitch and Jerry still believe we can win with this squad?

Yup, this type of post/blog keeps me awake at night. I'm not totally "surprised" that the LAkers lost it only shows that the ball is round right? Second thing is you don't need a rocket-scientist to figure out that the Lakers are playing bad all season long.

By the way, your Time Warner bill will be going up by $15 per month so you can continue to watch this.


The Cleveland Cavaliers? Yes?


Lakers Fam, I'm still keeping the Faith. It's just that I'm very hurt now, bleeding hurt. The Team hurt me.

See you around, Take Care Guys.

Lakers All Day. *sigh* (face down/ shoulders down)

I am in utter disbelief right now…Mitch would be a FOOL not to make trade.

Jump on the Heat bandwagon! Lakers are starting to look old!

If Lakers management doesn't make a move for a quality player by the trade deadline, then this could be the biggest let down in NBA history. At the rate they are going, they may miss the playoffs. I mean how much worse can they do if we trade for Melo? Bynum is not a difference maker this season; he's useless. Why is management rolling out over 5 mil a year for a useless Ron Ron? They need to go back to what started working so well since they acquired Gasol; a team that can put up points and can run. These days, this teams looks like they are just walking up the court as if they had time to smell the roses. Here is my proposal; ship sorry a??s's Artest, Blake, Brown, Bynum to Denver for Melo, Anderson to the Lakers and maybe a pick up on the waver wire a younger, faster point guard. Who says the Lakers need a dominant big man to win a title ? Phil did it both times in Chicago without one. You think Cartwright and Longley were at the top of their game? H??L NO!!! Enough is enough us fans deserve much better.

I have nba league pass so i watch it with the cavs announcers. The play by play man said tha lakers were playing like thety want to go home. He was right. This is as low as it can go i guess. But la problem is offense. No one can hit a shot consistently. Kobe is no longer intimidating. i always hear the nba experts who says this one is not needed for scoring or that one is needed on the lakers team. But the question is who will score points. Kobe canot take 24 shots to get 17 points. Kobe must change his game to focus more on assists. Kobe days of the scoring machine are done.

Sky is not falling, it has fallen -:(

The Lakers will begin tearing at the seams after this game. They will start blaming each other and have all sorts of excuses for their poor play. But if they would just begin by looking at themselves in the mirror, this is what they would see:

Kobe would see a shell of himself who rarely plays defense and gives up more open looks than any other wing player in the league. He would see that his giant ego which benefitted him and the Lakers early in his career is hurting them now.

Phil Jackson would see a coach whose laid back attitude has permeated throughout the locker room. His refusal to call out his best player or limit minutes to those he sees as underachieving has been the cause of team dissension.

Pau Gasol would see a 98 pound weakling who has NO competitive spirit. His refusal to challenge shots on defense cannot mask his offensive efficiency. Tonight's 30/20 game was the most hollow 30/20 of all time. When a D-League reject dunks on you, it doesn't matter that you scored 30.

Andrew Bynum would see 2/12 after calling for more touches. He might see himself in a Denver uniform if he looks really closely in the mirror.

LO would see that the athleticism that he used to get by on is gone. Without any fundamentals to fall back on, LO has consistently blown defensive assignments and given up key offensive rebounds.

I agree jette, the sky has definitely fallen and will continue fall further unless someone can convince Jim Buss to part with Bynum.

The experiment of playing with Essentially 5 starters and 1 bench player has got to end. I get it -- Bynum is a "big"... But the dude has no touch around the rim...If he doesn't dunk the all, it doesn't go in. Trade Bynum, Walton now.

Second, have you ever listened to Phil Jackson when he's "mic'd" up on ABC or TNT. He has zero control of this team. He just speaks in catch phrases and the guys aren't even huddled as a team or listening!

Our best days are behind us if we don't make a trade AND get a Doc Rivers type of coach to whip them into shape.

8 for 24... suit me up I can do better!!! Pass the damn ball to Pau early and often.

phil i have the utmost respect for you, but buddy im in agreence with you, you need to retire. let me establis my credentials, i have been i was tought by the best and that guys name is chic hearns. Im sure if chicky was here with us he would suggest to you to put your predjudices with your issues when it come it,s to rookies . my god" man put e banks & character in the games, hell they can,t do any worse. you look tired, the triangle is tired, and the dam team looks tired. We need a injection of youth, & and give teams a different look. Our team offense is so predictable that my grandson knows who the ball is going to before it,s released Put the rookies in so they can have game time experience. Phil my granny alway said( it,s a bad wind that does,nt change.Can,t do worse do it 4 chic

The only positive thing is that the Lakers will finally realize they are not good enough to get past the second round of the playoffs. Apprently losing to the Bucks, Grizz and Bobcats were not embarrassing enough.

We'll trade you Spoelstra for Blake.

Well, look at it this way.

If we take the average point differential between the two games, we still win by like 45 points, right?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


PATHETIC!!! Now We are The Laughing Stock Of The League!!!

ahhh. now you all feel my pain, when a month ago i tried to explain what was happenening everyone was saying they were bored, it doesnt count, i know my team, after 25 yrs of loyalty you begin to think like them, so now you all realize i wasnt giving up on them because of a few losses, now you true loyal , lovely lakeshow fans know that i was pointing out a major problem, they are done this round guys, they cant regroup to the standards that be need in this short amount of time, thats not how they are built, we will win more rings no doubt, but not this year guys, take care all and be dissapointed, you should, if not insulted, they are heartless now, but dont stop loving the show, they dont stay down for long...

We trade Bynum and Pau gets hurt and Theo is out for the season... it's over.

Bynum played awful during this road trip, but we can't trade him.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Wow. So, yesterday I got lambasted for saying the Lakers should trade BYNUM + ARTEST to Denver for CARMELO and AFFALO...

and today...

now everyone here wants a trade.

At the end of the day, it's only one loss. I wasn't even suggesting the trade because of the previous two. I'm saying long-term, if you can make the deal, make the deal. Probably no one would take on Artest at this point, so salary-wise it may have to be Walton, but make the deal.

Did anyone notice how many points the opposing point guard scored of the bench. Sessions!!!!!!!!!!! The point guard position should have bee addressed two years ago. Kobe has gotten older and I'm not blaming him. The problem is there is no other player on this squad that can create their own shot and it has wore him out. The defense keys on Kobe because they don't have to worry about anyone else driven to the hoop,or hitting an outside shot. Teams have figuared out just run past the backcourt and straight at the frontcourt. I also believe that Phil has lost this team. The biggest mistake that Mitch made was not keeping any youth. I also blame that on PHIL, I don't play rookies. The Triangle deoes not need a traditional point guard. The game has changed and the league is young. This was truly depressing. and the worst part is thatFish has two more years, Ron has 3 more years, Blake has four more years, Luke has two more years. Brian Shaw will have nothing to work with next year.

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