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Lakers vs Charlotte: Lakers beaten down by Bobcats -- again


Bobcats 109, Lakers 89 (final)

The Lakers were in Charlotte to face the Bobcats, which usually is a bad thing.

This time it was really bad.

The Lakers lost to Charlotte for the eighth time in the last 10 meetings, and Monday's 20-point margin of defeat was their biggest ever against the Bobcats. The worst previously had been 15 points.

It was the third consecutive loss in Charlotte for the Lakers, who last won here on Feb. 11, 2008.

Kobe Bryant, who missed the shoot-around earlier Monday because of chills and body aches, finished with 20 points on eight-for-20 shooting.

But whomever he defended seemed to have his way. Starter Gerald Wallace scored 20 points on nine-for-16 shooting. He was one of the players Bryant defended. Reserve Gerald Henderson had 16 points on six-for-nine shooting. Bryant also guarded him at times.

Then again, no one on the Lakers played much defense. The Bobcats shot 51.2% from the field.

The Lakers shot 43.8% from the field and made only three of 19 three-point attempts.

The Lakers now are 4-2 on this seven-game trip that ends Wednesday night in Cleveland.


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Lakers-Bobcats box score

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Bobcats 78, Lakers 60 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers got their butts kicked by the Bobcats in the third quarter.

The Lakers got run off the court, giving up 29 points in the quarter while scoring only 17.

Even Kwame Brown, the former Lakers center, got into the act for Bobcats, scoring twice in helping the Bobcats open an 18-point lead entering the fourth.

A three-pointer by Gerald Wallace before the third-quarter buzzer gave the Bobcats their big lead.

Wallace has 20 points through three quarters.

Bobcats 49, Lakers 43 (end of first half)

It was clear that Kobe Bryant wasn't himself.

He missed the shootaround earlier in the day with chills and body aches.

Bryant started and scored nine first-half points, but he was only four for 13 from the field. He shot two airballs. He also had four turnovers.

If not for Pau Gasol's 12 first-half points, the Lakers would have been facing an even bigger deficit.

The Lakers trailed by 11 points in the second quarter, but played better defense late in the period.

Bobcats 24, Lakers 22 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers started strong, making their first four shots. The defense was good, forcing the Bobcats into missing their first eight shots.

But the Lakers didn't finish strong, falling behind by two points to end the quarter after Kwame Brown, the former Laker, tipped in a missed shot.

Boris Diaw had eight points for the Bobcats.

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol each had six points for the Lakers in the first quarter.


Since the Charlotte Bobcats joined the NBA for the 2004-05 season, the Lakers have a losing record against them, 5-7.

The Boston Celtics are the only other team in the NBA that has a winning record against the Lakers.

The Bobcats have won seven of their last nine games against the Lakers, and before his team played them Monday night, L.A. Coach Phil Jackson was asked if he could offer an explanation for this phenomenon.

"None that I can think of," Jackson said, smiling. 

The games between the teams are usually competitive, and, Jackson said, "Normally we are at the end of a road trip when we come down here."

This time the Lakers are playing their sixth game on a seven-game trip, and it will be their fourth game in five days.

Kobe Bryant missed the shoot-around Monday because he was experiencing chills and aches, but he was scheduled to play against the Bobcats.

"Individually they match up well against us," Jackson said. "And that's something with Kobe not 100%, he's going to have to match up and do a job defensively. They put you under pressure defensively in one-on-one situations sometimes on the court."

 -- Broderick Turner, reporting from Charlotte, N.C.

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant works in the post against Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson on Monday night in Charlotte. Credit: Sam Sharpe / US Presswire

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this is not what the lakers need another lost by the bobcats to much standing around watching the other team rebound they seem to be playing with no heart yes it time to make a change i really hate to say it . the match up wasn't there tonight seem like they all had the flu i thought kobe was sick

For the first time EVER - I tunred the game off after the 3rd quarter & never cam back to it. Another disgraceful outting for the lazy and unmotivated Lake Show. Seems like it may be time to shake this thing up. Maybe Jerry Sloan has a room for PJ in IL!?

Time to shake up the lineup or make a trade - this team is just going through the motions on their way to the bottom half of the playoff bracket (if we are lucky). NO HCA throughout the playoffs for theis team, although I don't see them beating anybody, because everyone else is hungry and this team is not. First round exit and only then will MK blwo up thsi squad. Time then to get rid of RA, LW, DF, PG or AB, maybe even SB (pick one).................

Another wasted Kobe season..............

Ok I really need to vent my frustration after this horrendous loss.Its time to trade
Steve Blake.He is by far the biggest dissapointment this season.Is he really a
point guard.This guy does not penetrate or take any jump shots.What happened to the Steve Blake that played for portland and killed the lakers with his jump shots.With fish mired in his own shooting slump where is the help off the bench coming from.Ok Mitch time to find a legit backup point guard.Its been the lakers weak point for yrs. We need a penetrating point guard.Finally did anyone catch Phil Jacksons 10 sec interview after the game on kcal. In all my yrs have never seen him that mad at his team.

this team is embarrassing. it's time for some new blood. if you can't come ready to play every night; then go home...

you can blame the dismal play on pj,the team play like he coach laid back and not prepaired to play every game.hire
jerry sloan a real coach who know how to kick some a;..,s
you get my drift.pau is still a girlyman.

Man the Bobcats really got our number.They've beat-n us 8 out of the last 10.Games like this -with Kobe sick-n-the team only shooting 43% from the field,make me think about the Carmello trade.Our perimiter game has been non existent lately.Blake -n- Brown are soooo inconsistant.Nows the time MITCH--- go get MELLO.If you need a little inspiration Laker fans check out my website 1 entire page dedicated to the LAKERS. #LAKERS 4 LIFE

What's happening here? You mean to tell me that the Lakers lost to the Bob Cats. I just don't believe that! And, there is no way you could have told me that they lost the last 8 out of 10 to them. What is this world coming to? i don't feel so bad about my Heat after this. We are not the only team having trouble.

Totally embarrassing loss. This team is not your typical championship team where they take the regular season off and then turn it on in the playoffs. There's some serious flaws to this team. This team is more like the team after the 1999-2002 run or the mid 80s Lakers where they lost a couple of years before bouncing back to beat the Celtics and Pistions back to back. They've become lazy, too used to winning that they think they can just turn it on later, but they won't be able to. That's why PJ was so angry, because he sees that this team won't be able to just turn it on in the playoffs. We're in deep trouble.

All the Lakers problems are coming to pass at the same time.
1) NO pentrating fast point guard.
2) NO player other than KObe that can create their own shot.
3) NO automatic three point shooter.
4) NO young players given a chance to play at the beginning of the year win or lose.
Does anybody remenber that when Eubanks and Chracter were drafted that other teams wanted to trade for them.
Phil is retirng without his third ring and Brian Shaw will be left with an over the hill team with no financial flexibility to bring in young players.
The Lakers are gonna suck for a couple of years.
The league is getting younger and faster.
The Lakers have the highest payroll with the worst combination of players.

I hate to say this but I don't think the lakers are capable of winning a championship this year. It's time to shake this team up because a loss like that against the bobcats shows me that a trade needs to get done to get this team back on track. I thought we had a better team than last year but we are actually worst. Ron Artest needs to be traded and I don't believe that Andrew Bynum is the future of this team. For that matter, we need to trade for Anthony because our perimeter is weak. Something has to get done because as a laker fan, I don't deserve this embarrassment. Mitch! you gotta hurry up because we dint have much time left. Trade for Melo because Bynum will not meet up the lakers expectations which winning a ring.

Lakers have no pride and it shows. Did they play like a championship team?
Pathetic. Where was bench mob?

It seems these guys cannot win consistently in the cities with the best strip clubs....Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Orlando....look at their history...Phil needs to do a bed check in the weee hours of the morning on the nights before these games. Focus Lakers, we need home court advantage against Boston in the Finals!!!

Let's see...they are 5-5 over their last 10 games...not exactly setting the world on fire now are they? For a veteran team like the Lakers to have so many issues with consistent, intelligent play shows that they are a very vulnerable team.

The lakers are trying to take a page out of the boston team of last year. But la is not boston. Boston is coached by a motivational coach and they are consistent offensively and defensively. Someone made a good point earlier in that this is the season that Pj will have to coach and he is not up to the challenge. I think the main problem is that la is too predictable in its offense. Teams have figured out the triangle and they know the rotation. They know when lo will come in, when brown will come in etc. Speaking of brown he needs to be aggressive in attacking the rim and not just trying to show everybody what a great shooter he is... People ae saying thatv wait til the playoffs and la will be fine. In 2009 la was motivated after the humiliation of 2008 and beat boston twice in the regular season. Plus kobe was clearly the best player on the planet. in 2010 la had an easy run to the finals with utah, okc and the suns. This year the fringe players are not playing well and persons who couldnt bother kobe shots before are now blocking them. Plus pj refuse to change things by playing the youbng guys like caracter and eubanks.

Our point guard rotation is the worst in the league. Name me another rotation worst than Fish and Blake. Our jump shooters are awful!!! Artest has got to be one of the worst offensive players, especially driving to the hoop, I've ever seen. Blake, who I had high hopes for, is playing terrible. Shannon looks confused and has been playing below average. We need to get some guards who have a decent jump shot...I fast forwarded almost the entire 2nd half because we looked so unmotivated! Another disgraceful performance!!!!

See if the Suns are ready to move Nash. Give 'em whatever they want.

The NBA shouldn't make a team play four games in five days. The fans in Charlotte didn't get their money's worth, even tho they enjoyed it. The schedule even made ironman Kobe a mess.



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