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Lakers vs. Boston: Lakers overwhelm Celtics in second half


Lakers 92, Celtics 86 (final)

The Lakers didn't care that the Boston Celtics were beat up and injured.

All the Lakers wanted to do was beat their rivals.

And the Lakers did, winning with a strong second-half defensive effort, winning with strong play from seven-footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol and because Kobe Bryant took over at the right time.

Bryant led the Lakers with 23 points, eight in the fourth quarter, as the Lakers earned a split in their two-game season series.

Gasol had a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds and Bynum had 16 points and nine rebounds. Lamar Odom finished with 10 points and a game-high 12 rebounds.

The Lakers, who at one time trailed by 15 points, gave up only 33 second-half points to the Celtics.

The Lakers held the Celtics to 30.2% shooting (13 for 43) in the second half.

Ray Allen had 20 points on eight-for-18 shooting and Paul Pierce had 15 points on six-for-15 shooting. Kevin Garnett finished with 10 points and 11 rebounds.


Lakers-Celtics box score

Photos of Lakers-Celtics game

Jerry Sloan, face of the Utah Jazz, calls it a career

For the record: An earlier version of this report listed Pau Gasol with 16 points. Gasol finished the game with 20 points.

Lakers 72, Celtics 68 (end of third quarter)

For all the good the Lakers did in overtaking the Celtics in the third quarter, they had a scary moment.

After Lamar Odom tipped in a missed shot, he turned around and smacked heads with Pau Gasol.

Odom went to the bench with a cut and was being worked on by Lakers trainer Gary Vitti.

But with Kobe Bryant scoring 12 of his 15 points in the third quarter, the Lakers overcame a 15-point deficit.

Gasol had 18 points and 10 rebounds through three quarter.

The Lakers picked up their defense in the third, holding the Celtics to 27.3% shooting (six for 22) in the quarter, when the Celtics managed only 15 points.

Bryant was called for traveling on a play, but didn't agree with the call. He then was given a technical foul with 8:50 left in the third.

Boston had more problems because Ray Allen picked up his fourth foul with 6:43 left, forcing him to take a seat on the bench.

It meant the Celtics had to bring in third-string guard Von Wafer, a former Laker.

Wafer picked up three fouls in third quarter, giving him five for the game.

The Lakers opened the third quarter with a 10-0 run, putting L.A. in position to take a 61-60 lead that forced Boston Coach Doc Rivers to call a timeout with 5:56 left.

Celtics 53, Lakers 45 (end of  first half)

Thanks to the inside play of seven-footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, the Lakers were able to cut into Boston's 15-point lead in the second quarter tonight at TD Garden in Boston.

Bynum had 12 points in the first half and Gasol had 12 points and seven rebounds.

Kobe Bryant had only three points in the first half on one-for-three shooting.

Ray Allen led the Celtics with 14 first-half points on six-for-11 shooting, including two of five from three-point range. Boston shot 51.3% for the first half while holding the Lakers to 44.4%.

The Celtics lost another player to injury when backup point guard Nate Robinson went down with a bruised right knee in the second quarter. He was to be evaluated at halftime.

Celtics 27, Lakers 20 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers became part of history tonight, and they were also on the wrong side of the score at the end of the first quarter.

When Ray Allen made his second three-pointer in the first quarter, he became the NBA's all-time leader in three-pointers made, surpassing Reggie Miller.

Allen's history-making three-pointer came with 1:48 left in the first quarter. It gave Allen 2,561 three-pointers.

While Andrew Bynum shot two free throws with 1:26 left in the first, Allen went over to hug Miller, who was working the game for TNT.

Kobe Bryant in turn hugged Allen.

Allen made a three-pointer with 4:14 left to tie Miller at 2,560 when Derek Fisher was slow to cover Allen.

The crowd inside TD Garden let out a roaring cheer for Allen.

A few seconds later, Allen came down on the fast break and shot a three-pointer, but he missed.

The crowd cheered as soon as Allen released the shot, but was disappointed when it didn't go in. They didn't have to wait much longer for the record to be eclipsed.


The rivalry between the Lakers and Boston Celtics has plenty of meaning.

After all, the Lakers have won 16 NBA championships, one behind the Celtics.

They met last year in the NBA Finals, with the Lakers winning in seven games. The Celtics defeated the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals, winning in six games.

When the Celtics and Lakers last played Jan. 30 at Staples Center, Boston won by 13 points.

The season rematch is Thursday night at TD Garden.

"Well, it has to be just another game," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. "It can't be anything more than that."

When the Lakers lost to Boston in January, the Celtics shot 60.3% from the field.

"You can't win a game if you let a team shoot that well," Jackson said.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Celtics forward Paul Pierce tries to drive past Lakers guard Kobe Bryant in the first half Thursday night. Credit: David Butler II / US Presswire

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I'm off to unlock the Powers of the Lucky Barstool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bring the energy and hustle tonight, boys. Beat 'em on that ugly-ass court!

Go Lake Show!

Good day Ladies and Gents- A call to Laker Nation, payback is a dog. This should be EPIC, a win at all cost, except injuries.

Lakers 105 Hated C's 93, take it to the bank.

Bring the energy and hustle tonight, boys. Beat 'em on that ugly-ass court!

Go Lake Show!

Posted by: The Outlaw | February 10, 2011 at 04:54 PM

I agree, feeling that energy.


Finally a quality win.

boy kobe looked old and the defense was horrible SIKE man kobe lost a little athleticism not game or skill you seen the game it speaks for it self period he's the best

Great win, Laker's. Run Drew into shape !!!

Nice meaningless practice game win. Great defense for the fourth game in a row. Just goes to show you how meaningless the practice game losses are. There is no such thing as a big game in the regular season. Sorry. Tonight's game didn't have the look OR feel of a playoff game.

But it put me in a good mood. Now let's improve on our remarkable 8-1 record on the second night of back-to-backers.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Lakers need to improve performance of Blake, fisher and Artest and we will have another ring!

Now lets talk about Trade and softness!

fire pj he is a useless coach sure the lakers got lucky
and beat a short handed boston.but any coach who let fish plays more than 5 minute has a head problem,and not to mention letting luke even pla at all.pau need to hit the
weight room because he is real in the world lo
missed three lay-up in a row.i wopuld take jerry sloan any
day over pj.just think if he had the players pj have had over the years he probally would have won twice as many than

Thought that Gasol had 20 POINTS and 10 rebounds. The LAT not only bad mouths Gasol every chance that they can , now they're posting incorrect stat lines as well!!

"The Lakers didn't care that the Boston Celtics were beat up and injured."

LOL, it's the only reason the Fakers won.

To all the Celtics fans posts; for once can you all take the loss like a man? Always excuse after excuse, injuries are part of the games, so get over it. And what is it with the name calling? Are you that jealous of the Lakers that you have to resort to name calling? Where is the sportmanship? I guess sportsmanship and celtics don't go together well.

I love the Lakers and despise the Beantown boys but since when is a 6 point win "overwhelming"?

You can say what ever you want BOB

Let's start with the special news of the day,
From Reggie's record Ray's no longer away.
He went over to Reggie, an announcer tonight,
Gave each other hugs- what a beautiful sight.

Just in case the great moment you missed,
Rajon Rondo got the assist.
A sweet thing after the shot they did show,
"That's my baby," said a very proud Flo.

In Q2 the Celtics showed lots of spunk,
Wafer with a block, Ray with a dunk!
Then the Lakers went on a 10-0 run
Only three attempts in the half, Kobe made one.

Q3 the Lakers came alive indeed,
And started getting the aggressive offense they need.
Last game Gasol's elbow hit Garnett's head,
Tonight his jaw hit Odom instead.

Q4 KG tried to encourage the crowd,
After the Lakers run, they stopped being loud.
There were foul troubles for the Cs and injuries galore,
We hardly had a full team to put on the floor.

After all the excitement of the record for Ray,
The Celtics in this game just could not stay.
A big win for the Lakers, we are tied for the season,
Like Doc, we'll make no excuses or try to give a reason.

Just for a moment I have digressed,
Those "Where Amazing Happens" ads are the best.
A surprise commercial that was really nice,
We saw the cool guy advertising Old Spice.

Now to end these poems it must be said,
Of Reggie Ray is now 2 ahead.

CTran, these C's fans that come here haven't met an excuse they couldn't use. They've been practicing for 2 years now. Or the last 25, if you will. In any event, they're turning it into an art form.

There's no guarantee they'll meet again this year. On either side. As Ireland mentioned, no team that's started as hot as the Spurs have ever finished short of a title, and MIA is now tied with BOS (aged and injury riddled) for best record in the East. Whether the C's and L's make it to the Finals will be just as interesting a story as potential matchup there.

The C's weren't that beat up.. c'mon C's fans let's be serious. Last I checked that had their big 4. They had Perkins and Big Baby. Their wanna be 7 footers. Who cares they didn't have Shaq. He scored zero points when they played a week or so ago in L.A. And who cares they didn't have the other O'Neal any way.. it's not like he can stop Gasol or Bynum or Odom from scoring anyway.. He's a scrub!

Such sore losers..

And who cares how great the C's defense is when Kobe scored+ the foul on 4 C's, including Ray Allen and Garnett.

The Lakers have injuries too. The C's still haven't played against the Laker version of Matt Barnes or Theo.

The C's got beat. Period. Stop with the blood clot crying

it IS overwhelming when you charge out from halftime and beat them on a 10-0 run after climbing back from 15 down! I was wondering about that headline too but IT IS ABSOLUTELY KO-rect. We KO'd those thugs in the third and could have in the fourth too, but we didn't need to. This is a huge win, "practice game" or not, but true, the season hasn't even started yet.


Boston should change their name from Boston Celtics to Boston Excuses!!! Is it hard to say that LA is the better team tonight?

"The Lakers didn't care that the Boston Celtics were beat up and injured."

LOL, it's the only reason the Fakers won.

Posted by: JimiBob

Kobe's knee, Bynum's knee, Odom's head, Shannon's IQ and Matt Barnes is out with a knee injury as well. Yeah, the Lakers aren't exactly the healthiest themselves.

great win tonight. started off good then took a quick dive but we were able to bounce back.



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