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Lakers to air games on Time Warner Cable beginning with the 2012-2013 season

The Lakers have reached a 20-year deal with Time Warner Cable tobroadcast their games on two new regional sports networks in HD, including the nation's first Spanish-language regional sports network.

The deal, announced Monday, will take effect at the beginning of the 2012-2013 NBA season and will include all the locally available preseason, regular-season and postseason games, said Time Warner spokesperson Nathalie Burgos.

“The Buss family is thrilled to join forces with Time Warner Cable in building the TV home for Lakers fans," Lakers owner Jerry Buss said in a statement. “Time Warner Cable has been producing quality sports programming for over a decade and the Lakers have been producing championship seasons for even longer. I am particularly proud of being part of the first ever Spanish-language RSN in the country. Together I’m confident we will delight our fans.”

The Lakers have had their locally televised games broadcast by KCAL Channel 9 for road games and Fox Sports West showcasing the home games. The Time Warner cable networks will be available to all providers in Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii. Burgos said the network plans to iron out logistics, such as plans for other original Lakers programming, assembling the on-air talent and launching a Lakers-specific website in "the next couple of months."

"This long-term agreement represents a huge win for all Lakers fans, providing destination channels, more content and more platforms for the Lakers, one of the premier brands in professional sports today," Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt said in a statement.

--Mark Medina

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Dude...It's nice to see the Lakerholics with their game face on, making EXCUSES why they'll loose tonight. Jellybeans sick, SAY WHAT!!!! then don't play It's only a practice game. This will be an ULGY LOSS, but who really CARES.



@bobcat.. Haha.. Very witty and quick repartee. Straightshooter w a deadly quick trigger! Hope u can come back to us (oops I meant) join this blog and post more often.

Kobe will play? DUH!

@G Money - no worries tonight. Also what did you make of the Heat comments after losing to the Celtics....not exactly the same bravado we heard in the summer.

@ms - what you got for us today?

wow. I remember KCAL televising the Lakers games all the way back as far as I remember, the late '70s. Most of the showtime memories I have of the Lakers included tuning in the radio to KLAC for LakerLine with Chick , the switching over to Channel 9 for the game simulcast.

I'm sure this was many a Southern California youths soundtrack to their earliest Laker memories:

Wow. Well, the only thing that I hope is that they retain Billy Mac, sign him to the new station. He is outstanding. Frankly, Billy could/should be the Laker announcer, but I will admit that Joel has grown on me a lot.

How about they bring back Larry Burnett too, have him play a role in the new station? He did a fine job as host of the pre/postgame radio shows, as did Bret Lewis.

I was enjoying the extended coverage that FSW gave to their Laker telecasts, the Lakers Live shows. Hopefully, Time Warner will do an equally good job.

Only thing that worries me, as a Verizon Fios subscriber, will they play the same games these regional networks always play? It always comes down to money, some satellite/cable companies always play hardball, don't add the new channel and us fans lose out.

- - -

LakerTom: sorry to hear you miss the first part of the game. Too bad KCAL doesn't replay the game during the overnight as they used to do. I'm sure they'd get more viewers than the chopper-matic, super-cleaning-cloth infomercials they do run...


Angels broadcasts in the summer? $50 million a year from Fox is terrible . . .

Wait, I don't understand, does this mean that games will NO LONGER be shown on KCAL 9 - that's a shame, I know its all about money, but I don't want television other than Laker games, and love that I can still get them through an antenna - please don't take away my KCAL 9 Lakers, then I might as well throw away my television!

It will be interesting to see an entity with no sports coverage experience enter the fray

If they're smart they'll just move most of the crew that already produces the shows on FSW. Otherwise, yeah, I don't like the idea of TW producing sports either. Hopefully they bring back Johnny I and Stu Lantz with this deal.

and James V:
I hear you. I mean the Lakers is about 95% of my TV and the other 5% I can watch online somewhere. I really don't like the idea of paying TW really bad rates for basic cable.

this really sucks.

KCAL was a great utility for people in the LA area who wanted to watch the Lakers but didnt want to shell out tons of money on an expensive cable package. Let me catch practically half the regular season for free.

now I'll only be able to watch my team on TV when the game is being broadcasted nationally on ABC which they do like 10-12 times a year (including playoffs). my only other option is crappy internet video streams.

first the ridiculously high ticket prices and now this. thanks for alienating your fans Jerry!!



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