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Lakers share their reactions via Twitter on Packers' Super Bowl XLV victory


The Lakers ended practice Sunday at Memphis with things on their mind other than avenging the two regular-season losses the defending champions have suffered to the Grizzlies.

After the workout, the focus immediately shifted to Super Bowl XLV.'s Mike Trudell reported that team members offered various predictions, with Coach Phil Jackson believing the Green Bay Packers would take the contest while several others, including Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Steve Blake and Joe Smith, had the Pittsburgh Steelers winning their second Super Bowl in three seasons.

"They've been there before," Odom said last week.

The Packers' 31-25 Super Bowl victory Sunday over the Steelers provided further proof to the Lakers that securing a championship goes beyond experience, though both the Lakers and Packers share a common bond in that the two championship teams had to overcome injuries all season before grinding out a win. For the Lakers, Super Bowl XLV could serve as yet another teachable moment for a concept they're quite familiar with in securing a title, but it also provided a nice way for the team to relax the same way most Americans did on Sunday. And the players' Twitter accounts show that the Lakers enjoyed Super Bowl XLV in various ways.

Both's Trudell and the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding reported that the Lakers secured a banquet room at their Memphis hotel, though Ding tweeted that "in previous years many players haven't joined."

It appears that was at least partly the case again this season, most notably with  forward Ron Artest apparently going to Dallas and taking this picture. "Gotta hop on jet back to Memphis," Artest tweeted. "The game was crazy!!!!!" Knowing Artest, he could've just been joking.

It also involved forward Matt Barnes staying in L.A. where he continued to rehab  his surgically repaired right knee in the hopes he can practice after NBA All-Star weekend Feb. 18 - 20. At home, Barnes' twin sons, Isaiah Michael and Carter Kelly, took their fanhood as Packer fans very seriously. "The Boys r working security for our Super Bowl party. If u aint rooting for the Packers u gotta answer 2 them," Barnes tweeted. "I was going for the steelers till they attacked me w/there wiffleball bats."

It involved plenty of Lakers engaging in trash talk.

I'm still mad about the jets losing," Lakers forward Devin Ebanks tweeted, "but i feel a lil better that the steelers lost"

"I love female green bay packer fans because I love female cheeseheads," Artest tweeted. "If I get with a female packer fan Do I get free Swiss cheese for life?"

And it involved the Lakers offering up some compliments to Green Bay.

"cant win them all," backup center Derrick Caracter tweeted. "congrats n hats off to greenbay"

"Very happy 4 Arron Rodgers," Barnes tweeted. "[H]e's been through a lot since he's been n the league, & he's always handled himself well.. Congrats"

Photo: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the MVP of Super Bowl XLV, and linebacker Clay Matthews celebrate during the postgame awards ceremony at Cowboys Stadium. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas / US Presswire

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The final nail in the coffin that entombs the English language. Thank you MySpace, Facebook, texting, pre-teens, teenagers, "hip" grandparents, and the California Public School System for your hard work in the field of illiteracy.

Anybody see the commercial for the new Chevy with Facebook status update capabilities? Ugh...


Don't Blame Del Harris,

Adapt or you'll go extinct.

DBDH & Magia....

Matt Barnes tweeted... "I was going for the steelers till they attacked me w/there wiffleball bats."

I guess I'm an old fogey too...I find it very disconcerting when someone like Barnes, who attended UCLA, uses their/there improperly. And 'till' is usually defined as a cash drawer. The shorter version of until is 'til.

Splitting hairs?....I guess. No one is perfect, least of all me. I just wish more young folks would pay attention to the proper usage of the English language. It's a beautiful thing.

Twitter is the Devil.

Nothing like reading poorly spelled, guttural sentence fragments to build one's faith in the future of humanity.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I always love how the Shakespeares are allowed to play with language at will while the rest of us are supposed to follow tradition like lock-stepped robots.

Plus an insult thrown in at public schools for good measure.

The measure of the effectiveness of language is whether people can communicate, and as methods of communication change of course people are going to actively experiment with new variations.

Maybe DBDH doesn't understand the new language styles and therefor doesn't think that they are effective, at least from his perspective? Or maybe he doesn't have a democratic concept of language and culture?

Or maybe he just wants something to complain about because he's a Steelers fan? For what it's worth, the Steelers were the better team for most of the game, Packers just got away from them.

The game was over during the pre-game when the commentator gave the following analogy:
Green Bay: They're like the Showtime Lakers
Steelers: They're like the Larry Bird Celtics

And there you had it.

@ Shazz,

Try living in a household with three teenage daughters, obscene levels of the word "like", the pitter-patter of thumbs-to-keypad, and the burden of being a living lexicon for your progeny to pilfer freely from and you'll know where I'm coming from. Theirs (sic) nothing Democratic about it, sir. Actually, it's a coup of the highest degree.

The change is inevitable, and I do know that I'm actually perpetuating the very thing I'm complaining about by bestowing such digital luxuries such as laptops or cellphones upon my brood. I'm fully aware of the evolution of a language. I'm just not happy watching the erosion of a once basic skill that has become more of a rarity instead of a requisite.

Full disclosure: I am not even a football fan, let alone a Steelers fan.

Lastly, there was no insult. That was a clear observation. It is generally known that the majority of public schools "teach the test" nowadays versus teaching skills that are measured comprehensively through individual application of said skills. Tests used to ask questions and a student had to actually write the answer down. Now, you get 4 choices and a 25% blind chance of getting the question right on a ScanTron.

Oh yeah, go Lakers. And thanks to Jon K. & bronx. Peace!


Don't Blame Del Harris!,

The upcoming generation ranks at or near the very bottom in the industrialized world in terms of understanding of language and math skills and scientific knowledge, yet they rank FIRST in confidence.

An over-confident individual who lacks the ability to recognize that they have a limited knowledge base is by its very definition an idiot.

We have raised a generation of idiots and "Idiocracy" is now real.

Scary times ahead unless some changes happen pronto.

Twitter is the Devil.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Half of all students don't even understand the BASICS of scientific fundamentals. THE BASICS!

This means they are incapable to logical, rational thought.

It's terrifying.

Yet these kids excel at being confident. It's so wrong.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


wut, y dont u guys lke twitter? its sickkkkkk!!!

LOL...MM!!! u r da bmb!!

Mark Medina/bronxlakerfan,

I cringe when I watch Lakers games in public. Half the enthusiasts cannot put together a coherent sentence, but they can sure Twitter!

Whenever I hear "dog" and "fool" strung together in multiple sentence fragments, I grow very nervous about out collective future.

So many younger people are more concerned about emotional style than intellectual content in their communications... and that cannot end well.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K - Umm I lost you because I have ADD and can't pay any attention after 140 characters

@ MM,

It is to laugh. Haha, haha. (LOL)


@ Jon K.,

Indeed! Confidence can win a war, yet overconfidence can lose it. At least our guns keep getting bigger, right?

I recently attended a school site council meeting at my daughters' high school and stood in amazement at the body of work posted on the classroom walls. A lot of rudimentary artwork, barely legible writing, almost zero cursive, and the last straw... a ":)" at the end of a student's quaint diatribe about freedom and equality in the United States. Kudos on the subject matter and sunny disposition, but poor execution on the punctuation. I'm nearly sure this student often uses that "happy face" symbol on official documents as well. I have seen those kinds of things in signatures, employment applications, and name tags. Unbelievable! Even worse, many of the papers, projects, and assignments were graded quite high...


Mark Medina,

EVERYONE is getting ADD because society is accomodating it instead of challenging it.

Twitter is the Devil.

If the grid goes down or satelites fail due to solar storms, the majority of the population will be turning to cannibalism within a couple weeks because they are utterly incapable of real-world problem solving without the intercessionary assistance of technology.

It's not cool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Don't Blame Del Harris!,

Grade inflation has become epidemic. I have a good friend who is a professor at UCLA. Students are coming with ridiculous 4.8 grade point averages and they lack the skills to compose a coherent essay.

When I was in Ohio, I attended a musical recital put on by a music "academy." These "musicians" one after another went on stage with ultimate swagger and style and could not play their instruments to save their lives. It was AWFUL and they had zero stage fright. I watched in stunned terrified amazement.

When I used to play live, I was so incredibly nervous AND I COULD PLAY MY INSTRUMENT EXPERTLY because I was scared of messing up. The dozens of young musicians I saw had no fear of messing up... so they played like crap.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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