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Lakers have struggled against Charlotte Bobcats


On paper, it appeared the Lakers have survived the hard portion of their seven-game trip.

They have a 4-1 record, with three victories over teams that appear headed to the playoffs. One of the victories came against the Boston Celtics, which gave the Lakes a split in the season series and a rare victory against one of the NBA's elite teams.

The Lakers are well aware that Monday's game against the Charlotte Bobcats (23-31) won't be easy, considering the Lakers have lost to them seven out of the last nine games played against them. The reasons? There are plenty.

Poor effort

All of the Lakers' meetings with the 5-year-old Bobcats took place from late December to early March, a stretch of the season in which it's easy for the Lakers to appear bored and lackadaisical. Many of these losses left the Lakers fuming.

The Lakers' 98-83 on March 5, 2010 at Charlotte prompted Kobe Bryant to call a players-only meeting, an effort that eventually was part of the team's first three-game losing streak since acquiring Pau Gasolin February 2008. The Lakers' 108-95 loss on March 26, 2008 left Coach Phil Jackson so disgusted that he didn't take questions from reporters after the game, guard Derek Fisherdebated whether it was the season's worst loss and Bryant drew double technicals after the team trailed by double digits for most of the game, were outrebounded, 50-42, and allowed Charlotte to go 11 of 24 from three-point range.

There were plenty of reasons why the Lakers acted so upset, particularly because it's common for them to coast during the dog days of the NBA season. The Lakers' 94-84 loss April, 1, 2009 at Charlotte sparked Jackson to suggest referees favored the hometown because the Lakers shot ony six free throws to the Bobcats' 22. They couldn't keep pace with the league's second-lowest scoring offense and shot only 39.2% from the field. The Lakers' 117-110 double overtime loss Jan. 28, 2009 to Charlotte featured the Lakers' looking ahead to their 10-day trip. And the Lakers' 112-102 loss Feb. 3, 2006, marked the first-time the then-second-year franchise ever led from start to finish without relinquishing the lead.


The Lakers had health issues

This very well could be an issue again today since Bryant remains a game-time decision after missing the morning shootaround because of aches and chills. The Lakers have had health and injury problems against this team. For one, the Lakers believe their 94-84 loss April 1, 2009 pointed to fatigue since the game came on the 12th day of a 13-day trip in which they had won the first four games. It could be a factor  again since the Lakers will be playing their sixth-game of a seven-game, 12-day trip. There have also been injury considerations. In the Lakers' Jan. 28, 2009 loss, Trevor Ariza suffered a concussion in the first half and Sasha Vujacic remained sidelined because of a sore left ankle, two injuries that need to be measured with Charlotte forward Gerald Wallace needing medical attention after Andrew Bynum earned a flagrant foul for knocking Wallace down with a forearm shove.

Lakers forward Lamar Odom sat out of the Lakers' 112-102 loss on Feb. 4, 2006 because of torn rib cartilage. He also didn't feel fully sound when he returned in the Lakers' 106-97 loss to the Bobcats on Jan. 26, 2007 from a month-long absence because of a sprained right knee. And the Lakers' 98-83 loss on March 5, 2010 featured a wide array of injuries, including Bryant (fractured right index finger) Shannon Brown (sprained right thumb), Jordan Farmar(sprained ligament in left hand), Odom and Ron Artest (finger) and absences to Vujacic (right shoulder) and Luke Walton (pinched nerve in lower back).

Bobcats made key plays late in the game

The Lakers shouldn't use health as an excuse, however. There were plenty of games the Bobcats simply executed better, particularly in late-game situations.

In what marked the longest game in the franchises's existence, Charlotte's 113-124 triple-overtime victory over the Lakers on Dec. 29, 2006 featured Derek Anderson hitting three consecutive free throws in the final minute, drawing an offensive foul on Bryant that caused him to foul out and Emeka Okafur recording his first 20-20 game of his career. The Lakers' 117-100 double-overtime loss on Jan. 28, 2009 also featured Bryant fouling out, Boris Diaw making a late-game three-pointer to tie the game at 103-103 and the Bobcats outscoring the Lakers, 14-7, in the second overtime.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson tries to spin away from the steal attempt of Lakers guard Kobe Bryant during the Lakers' 98-83 loss last season to the Charlotte Bobcats. Credit: Jeff Siner/McClatchy-Tribune.

Photo: Charlotte point guard Raymond Felton gets past Lakers point guard Derek Fisher for a shot down the middle of the lane during the Lakers' 98-83 loss last season to the Charlotte Bobcats.. Credit: Jeff Siner/McClatchy-Tribune.

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No lame excuses. just go out and play hard.. no reason to be having problems beating this team.

Truly, the Laker efforts against the Bobcats the past few years best epitomize them 'playing down to the opposition'...

- - -

bronxlakerfan: "Looks like Paula Pierce may have hurt his little footsie...
My favorite part of this article is this snippet...
“I’m just battling a couple of minor injuries to my hand and my foot,” he said. “So I think that really explains my tentativeness and my off shooting today.”
Paula is not one to make excuses, is he??? Earth to Paula...if you're on the court, no one cares about your little dings!"
LOL. Does Paula have a boo-boo? I really hope they have the granny wheelchair at the ready!

Actually, he does have a fellow hypochondriac in princess jimmy. Have you noticed how often when he misses shots he grabs and rubs his elbow or winces at some sort of pain?

I guess they're the anti-Kobe's. I am positive that unless he is hospitalized for his illness, he'll be playing there unless PJ tells him to rest.


Fans that knock Pau Gasol are the same ones that love Fisher. They have no clue about the game of basketball. Gasol is one of the top players in the NBA...Fisher one of the worst !!! Nuf said !!!

Raymond Felton has played a big part in the Charlotte success against the Lakers. He's now on the Knicks, so he shouldn't be a problem tonight. Hope Kobe can play. These are the dog days of the NBA season. Approaching the All Star break, these are tough games to focus on and get through. The Lakers need a real professional effort tonight to win.

It looks like Charlotte is without two starters today. DJ Augustin is injured and isn't expected to play and Boris Diaw missed morning shootaround so he will be coming off the bench.

Lakertruth.. How nice of you to pop in! Don't know if u caught up in ur blog reading yet but there were some pretty shocking developments and turn of events while you were away and your name seem to be right in the middle of the fray!!

This road trip featured 3 good teams: NO, BOS & ORL so we're 2-1 which is acceptable. This trip also featured a pair of back-back games which I opined that the 2nd of those games were imperative to win in order to display resiliency and ability to win after playing a top tier team the day before. If the Lakers can pull out a win tonight then they'll be 2-0 coming off the 2nd of back-backs and that would be excellent considering that the wins come after playing BOS and ORL the day before.

Realistically, this team can and should finish the "roadie" 6-1 which will be excellent and then we can all simply focus on Bynum's health and the team correcting their woeful perimeter shooting, free throws, cleaning up some of those shot selections, improve the defense and most of all, build-up that desire and will to win. I suspect we will begin seeing significant improvements immediately after the All Star Break.

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


I think it's actually a good thing the Lakers enter this game with some bad history against Charlotte. It's a good carrot to use to keep them motivated

If the Lakers win tonight I will go back to my hometown Calcutta, India for an extended vacation even if I don't have plan to go there this year. I know they will lose tonight that's why I made this bold dare.

Damn Comcast. They have the Lakers game listed at 7:00 p.m., which I knew had to be wrong since they were playing in NC. Now I find the game is at 4:00 p.m. so I will miss the first half since I have to work until 5:00 p.m. What a bummer. I hate it when these big companies screw up.

Of course Kobe's playing!

@Tony Brooklyn - I'm with excuses. Just win!

@Bronx - Good point about Felton. He's was the catalyst in giving the Lakers headaches in the past. I'm a big Jean fan also every since Norman intro'd her and since "Don't Let It Go To Your Head".

@frmkt - I only projected 5-2 before the roadie started, but now I agree anything less than 6-1 would be unacceptable.

Sean - Oh yeah...that Big Baby missed dunk was hilarious!

Once again all we have to do tonight is just win baby.Its time for the streak to end with or without Kobe.Last year they ended the one in portland,tonight its the Bobcats your turn.

Go Lakers!

Chance of upset? I give 40%. scores games on how exciting they are, so you can know which ones are worth tuning into. Factors such as upset, quality of play, individual achievement are all measured. The end result is a comprehensive guide on what to watch and when to watch it!

Respect bobcats,lakers play physical basketball... study run n gun type oppossing teams... gasol, odom, bynum must bang bodies in defense n offense.... the result lakers win... watched orlando beat bobcats 4-0... phil must developed caracter n ebanks fresh legs means more running... walton n brown give more playing time even not doing will develop ebanks maybe given a chance the next trevor.... stop thinking of barnes...u knw his game...

Bobcats 103 Lakers 83 CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)—Gerald Wallace had 20 points and 11 rebounds and the Charlotte Bobcats routed the Los Angeles Lakers 109-89 on Monday night to extend one of the more bizarre one-sided matchups in the NBA.
Gerald Henderson added 18 points for the Bobcats, who have won eight of the past 10 meetings with the defending NBA champions.
The Lakers have a winning record against every team except the Boston Celtics—and the Bobcats. And this time it wasn’t even close.



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