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Laker girl profile: Richelle cherishes the Lakers' pre-season trip to Europe

February 4, 2011 | 12:20 pm

Laker girl 3

This is the eighth post of a weekly series that helps you get to know the Laker Girls (who, by the way, officially go by one name only)

Laker Girl name: Richelle

Hometown: Corona, CA

Years on the Laker Girls squad: 4 years

Area of Residence: Corona, CA

College/High School: Dance major at Cal State University of Fullerton

What prompted you to want to become a Laker Girl?I knew it would be an honor to represent such a world renowned brand - The Los Angeles Lakers. It would mean that I’d be a part of a professional dance team & organization! Which would involve performing at basketball games (I love sports!), and make me fall into a position where I could have the chance to be a great model for aspiring dancers/Laker Girls.

What do you think stood out to the judging panel, about you, regarding your audition? I think it was my ability to pick up choreography, my performance at the audition and (hopefully) my personality.

What do you think makes a good Laker Girl? A well rounded dancer, great work ethic and professionalism in all situations.

What is your dance experience? Jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip hop and modern dance since I was 3 years old. In addition, I have had a couple years of International Latin (ballroom) dance instruction.

Favorite dance routine, while being a Laker Girl? A routine we performed my 2nd year on the team called, Ain't Nothing Wrong With That. (Song by Robert Randolph)

Favorite uniform? A uniform this year we call, Purple "Ruffle" uniform. It is a two piece uniform that is fun and ruffly. You can't miss it.

Favorite Lakers Player? Lamar Odom

Favorite Laker Girl memory so far? The opportunity to travel pre-season with the Lakers to London and Barcelona. Great memories from that Europe trip. Best experience!

What do you like most about being involved, as a Laker Girl, at local charity/community events?I like that we are out in the community at events and charity events that people are surprised to find us at! It's great so see the joy we bring and how excited fans are to have us at the event. I enjoy making even one person's day, if I can.

What would you say is your beauty secret?Washing my face daily, taking my makeup off before I go to bed, moisturizing, sun block, regular exercise, paying attention to what I put in my body and plenty of sleep.

What diet/workout tips do you have?There is a lot of whole grain & protein in my "diet". I like to snack on veggies, fruit, special K bars, 90 calorie fiber one bars or nuts in between meals. I feel everyone should eat breakfast and not deprive yourself of food you want! It's all about moderation. Eat when your hungry and stop when you're satisfied. Also, I recommend 45mins of physical activity 4-5 days a week.

What are your Hobbies?I enjoy weight lifting, Pilates, having frozen yogurt and movie nights, watching Sports Center with my boyfriend and going to the beach.

Career aspirations?Obtain my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Dance. In addition, I would like to become a professional make-up artist.

--Mark Medina

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