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Lakers Chat with The Times' Mark Medina

--Mark Medina

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MM.. Why don't u just name this the melotrade talk chat?? LoL.. Bspn is good for latimes business!!

Drew is lazy and out of shape. He never plays with energy or acts like he enjoys playing. His decision to go to the World Cup Soccer Match instead of having his surgery shows lack of committment to winning. Mello could be the key to a three-peat!

If Pau plays well and handles KG this Thursday, then it will be unlikely that the Lakers will make a trade.
Posted by: LakerTom | February 08, 2011 at 11:50 AM
I've heard of D-Leaguers being signed to 10 day contracts, but now you're giving Pau a 1 game contract. Wow....pretty extreme.
Posted by: LRob | February 08, 2011 at 01:07 PM
@LROB... I hope you were just being funny because that is a very unfair and blatantly unflattering interpretation of my comments. I think every Lakers fan who cares about this team is going to be focused on how Pau Gasol plays against Kevin Garnett in Thursday night’s rematch. We now know that the KG that is going to show up this June is the KG from the 2008 Finals. The big question is which Pau Gasol is going to show up. The soft one who got schooled by KG in 2008 or the more aggressive Pau who outplayed a less than 100% KG in 2010. Unless you’ve cancelled your League Pass and signed up for the Extreme version of MVP’s practice season philosophy, you might want to watch how Pau plays this Thursday night. Believe it or not, his matchup with KG is critical. Frankly, if KG punks him again, then Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak might be concerned enough to consider trading Pau for Melo. Not saying that is what is going to happen, but the odds that the Lakers might consider a Pau for Melo trade will definitely go up if Pau gets outplayed again.

So another thought occurred to me.

Initially, I suggested that there's no intention of a real trade, but that Denver was floating the story to try to prod the Knicks &/or Nets to up their offer for Carmelo.

But, it could be coming from the other side...

What if the Lakers are the ones floating the story - to light a fire under Andrew Bynum. I'm sure socks doesn't want to go to Denver. What do you bet he comes out and plays like wildfire against the Celtics on Thursday?

LT: I'll say this, my friend: When you champion a campaign, you do so to the bitter end. :)

Pau is not on the trading block for 'Melo. Never, ever happen. I think you've convinced yourself that this is being discussed by the Lakers, when clearly there is ZERO evidence.

Drew's not going anywhere, either.

Go Lake Show!

@OUTLAW... “Pau is not on the trading block for 'Melo. Never, ever happen. I think you've convinced yourself that this is being discussed by the Lakers, when clearly there is ZERO evidence.”
From my posts to Jerry and Jimmy Buss’ brains, my friend. LOL. I do realize that I am the only one pushing a Pau for Melo trade but there is definitely more logic to that trade in my mind for both teams than in a Drew for Melo trade. And who knows, someday I might win the lottery. :-}

Hmm, has it occurred to anyone yet that the Lakers recognize they have some problems and the season isn't going as expected?
They obviously don't think they are a cinch to get back to the Finals.
They certainly aren't as optimistic as some on this blog.

Just the fact that they actually offered up Artest to Char and would even consider Melo for Pau or Bynum (take your pick), says it all right there.

Maybe those who post their concerns and complaints about the team shouldn't be thought of as GHE types anymore, or that they aren't real Laker fans, and should stop being referred to as "internal trolls".

And in MM's poll regarding trading Bynum, 73% are FOR it.

I guess now all those complainers can just all defer to the Lakers front office.

Since we are talking trades that may or may not happen, what about the possibility of trying to pry Aaron Brooks away from Houston? Apparently, they aren't too happy with him right now for whatever reason. I know he's not the prototypical PG for the triangle, but he's pretty good, can break down his man off of the dribble, and shoot the long ball.

Detroit once had a chance to get Carmelo. They passed on him for a guy with size and potential; Darko Milicic. Now Bynum is no Milicic, but if we lose out on a chance to get Carmelo, we're making a huge mistake.

Could you imagine Detroit if they had drafted Carmelo? As it was, Detroit went to the conference finals like 4 straight years. Carmelo would have put them over the top.

Go Lakers!

Laker Truth,

If Bynum does not play in the 4th Q, what is they use of developing him. Games are usually decided at the last quarter and if he's truly the post stopper, then he should be playing in the 4th. It seems that PJ has no confidence on AB playing with Gasol or LO and afraid to get Bynum. This is like taking care of a precious and delicious egg, so you just keep it in the Ref. for future use. Meanwhile, Kobe's time is ticking, PJ chances of getting the 4th 3-peat is also fading fast. We lose a Center, a 8M more on total salaries but a sure PPG of 20+ on top of Kobe, Gasol and LO. What is the average PPG Bynum can get from Thurs till end of the playoffs, will he get 20 per game? I still have faith on Bynum but this could also be the last hurrah for Jackson and Kobe.

Erratum: what is the use in developing him? sorry.

@LakerTom- KG rarely punks Pau. Even when Pau was in Memphis he dunked on KG and screamed at him and then he put a clown suit on him in game 7 last year. KG only intimadates the Jose Calderon, and Channing Fryes of the NBA. He never talks to anyone that is remotely superstar material or would punch him in the face. The Lakers would never trade Pau, he is the most skilled big in the League, and is one of the most intelligent international ambassadors we have. Andrew Bynum was given too much money, and that, above all else is why the Lakers are considering moving him in my opinion.

I totally agree. A move now for Melo would be in the best interest of this ballclub moving forward. I like Drew, but I'm just not so sure he's not going to go down with another big injury. Plus, with all of the D.Howard talk about 2012, we may not even need Drew in a year or so.

Melo brings swagger, hunger, and proven, STEADY scoring that you can count on every single night.

I pretty much agree with mosts posts above,so I guess you can say I am for a trade.Who am I kidding if it's true(doubt it tho) ship hiss @55 out!!!! I really can't say I'm impressed with the way the teams been playing.I said b4 they usually lose about 5 games they shouldn't have each season. To me they have already passed their quota,dunno maybe it's because I pay more attention to the games now.All in all a lot of peeps are talking about matchups,chemistry,etc,Good points all but there just isn't no guarentee. I understand as fans, feeling the lakeshow will be there in june,but who's to say it will be the celts for sure... Again if true it's hard to pass up.If it doesn't happen(because of jim buss for example)and the lakers aren't champs come june, he can definately look forward to a public flogging in the city

Stay with me on this one:

Lakers get:
Arron Afflalo
Carmelo Anthony
Marc Gasol
Chauncey Billups
Kwame Brown

Charlotte gets:
Shannon Brown
Ron Artest
Nene Hilario
Tony Allen

Denver Gets:
Stephen Jackson
Andrew Bynum
Gerald Wallace
Steve Blake
Mike Conley

Memphis Gets:
Luke Walton
Derek Caracter
Nazi Mohammed
Ty Lawson

This trade works on ESPN Trade machine.

Our Lineup:

P. Gasol/Odom
M. Gasol/K. Brown/Ratliff

Solves our problems. Get rid of the Mercurial Artest for an all star. Decent 7 footers at Center. Kwame at least knows the system and can plug up the middle. Great defensive shooting guard in Afflalo who is in the final year of his contract. Most important, a freaking point guard who can defend and knock down the 3 regularly.

One can dream, right?

I want Melo

A far more likelly trade then Pau for Melo would be Odom and some of the younger players. Lakers are not letting go of Pau. Bynum is a very good player, but I would take him for Carmelo anyday.



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