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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Orlando Magic

--Mark Medina

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That was a big non-call against Kobe at the end of the half. Should have been 3 free throws and a closer score.

Lakers only 1-8 from the arc. Blake turned down running for a layup on the break in order to spot up for a 3. I hate that type of ball.

get rid of fish you cant trade him because no one would
want him,and after watching luke he look worse than fishpj is the only coach in the NBA who would let fish and luke play
those two players dont bring anything to the team.if i were
at the game i would bo the team every time either one step on
the floor.

Fish, Blake, Artest and brown a combined 1-13...hard to win like that.

Fisher and Artest are garbage right now. The shooting tonight was horrendous.

Blake and Walton are the weak links in this Laker team. Blake can't make the 3 on a consistent basis and cannot defend. Walton is just dead log out there and should give way for Ebanks or Smith a chance to play. Blake should be benched for any guard out there even in the D-league who can defend. Without shooting the 3 consistently, he is useless. The pyramid offense does not need a prototypical point guard. Lakers please get rid of these two.

you cant blame fish,blake,luke and softie have to hold the coach responsible for letting them start.get rid of luke,fish trade pau he is a weakling.

Carmelo would make the Lakers a stronger and better team.Why all this talk about the defense stature of Bynum.He may be a nice guy,but does he have the prerequisite talent that can really be nutured?I an not so sure.I would like to see aggression and points whether from beyond the arc, or layups,jumpers from just within the circle etc.,That's what I will get with Carmelo...With Carmelo there are two more championships to be won before Kobe goes!And why is Luke still with LA?

Kobe would have miss at least two of those free throw's par for the course.

The great wizard feel that he can get a half of a win from fish, walton, and blake in total. That's the reason he keeps them around. It's pretty hard to learn our system and fish, and walton knows the system. Not being effective every game that's hard for those limited players. Fish is to old walton trieds to many things that want work, I know what he is tyring so every coach in the league is aware I would think. Our team is not a good fit at this time to much dribbling and only one player who can get his shot the point guard and small forward are slow and very limited. So any coach would put his best defender on Kobe give help and let the other guy's make play's which they are limited in movement to the basket and are horrible passer. Phils team in Chicago was good at everything that I just talk about above, so they were better even in there older years. Same with his first three-peat here Kobe, Shaw , Harper, and Horry. Very talented players interchangeable on offensive and defensive.



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