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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Cavaliers

--Mark Medina

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Very rare situation... words totally fail me... 1st quarter and we are already down 10 F-ing the LAST F-ING PLACE CAVALIERS.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! (Yes, I know I'm screaming. Aren't you?)

We will likely win anyway, but JEEEEZ!!!

Think I'll watch Jeopardy instead.


watch some classic SNL celebrity jeopardy instead.

Where the heck is Magic when you need him? Are you kidding me? The worst team in the NBA just humiliated the defending champs! Kobe please police your team up!!!

Lakers management suck! They let go all their star young players for old dudes that don't score point.

Sometimes it gets to the point where the general managers needs to retire too.

Or get rid of whoever let go Arizza, Farmar, Sasha for this pointless lackluster decline of a once great laker team.

MM: love this blog. Angry though with work, and the Lakers tonight. In the end we will all be fine. Oh yeah hate the rain too.

Spoiled in Pasadena. ASG with my son (priceless).

Buenos Noches...

OK. I'm about ready to join those who want Carmelo in LA. Bynum complained last game about not getting enough touches. Well, he got a lot of touches tonight and couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. What would the score have been if Verajao had played? Blake is a bust, Artest is floating around in space, and why is Walton still on the team? I love Fish, but he's proven he can no longer guard the younger guards in the League.

Lakers are worthless, they will lose in the second round in the west.
They should trade, problem is no other team will take their worthless players

Sorry lakers cleveland come on nw i knew yal wus sorry but not that sorry. and yal think yal can run a 7 game series with miami plz STOP. sit that old team down including kobe oh and phil jackson and tlk about retirement.

To all Lakers haters !!! what the hell you guys doing in here? jealous just because they have to many rings?????

Allright....I cant belive lakers lost 3 stright...reason being cus there too many Hot Dogs...not enuff work underneath...everyone shooting the G.D.M one watching the other team...gezzz Que Paso Here....!!!... Double Agent..



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