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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

--Mark Medina

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Ray Allen is making Derek ( Speedy) Fisher look silly !!!!!!

Flipping the switch!

Game faces!

Winning time!

THAT'S it boys!

The switch was flipped!

it looks like big bynum just silenced all these trade talks, 40 plus rebounds from our bigs! we don't need melo, just desire to win

now my east coast team knicks on the other hand, they definitely need melo!

take that, Celtics! Too much Bynum, Gasol, Odom and Kobe.
Let's keep up the defensive intensity tomorrow!

A couple of nice assists from Shannon and 12 points. Way to go UPS.


Maybe I'm just old-school, but this was an EPIC win!!!!!!

The septics SUCKED during the '90s and most the '0o's, now that they stole one of our titles - well, this one was a fun, great, FANTASTIC win!

Man I must REALLY HATE the septics cuz I was LOVING the fact they lost, those stupid, miserable fans going home in their 20 degree weather and being MISERABLE FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH!!!!!

BEAUTIFUL game by the black mamba, they had to adjust to his mind games, he poured it on in the end, and he dictated the flow of the game - from beginning to end!!!!!



Sorry peeps, I could not contain myself, but I LOVED this win - best one since the Finals gm 7! AWESOME WIN!!!!!


Obviously, as far as big wins go, this delivers. Pau steady as she goes, stayed with it, 20/10, nice response from the last game. Ron Artest, I got to give him his HUGE HUGE props on the pass that Kobe took to the rim. That's the smartest Ron has ever looked in the Triangle, the anticipation, the direction, lead Kobe right to the hoop, Ron can be very creative at times, that was one instant. Fish hit a huge 3 to open the 2nd half, Kobe followed up with a 3 point play of his own. Pau hit a jumper, Shannon tipped in a low percentage rebound tip. Guts, effort and that 4th quarter defense that just collapses on you.

Dude...nice win, I eat my WORDS. This trade talk may have WAKEN the sleeping GIANTS.

Wow, what a satisfying win. Nothing could be sweeter than to witness the Ls deliver a 'Beatdown in Beantown'. Pau and Drew were ready for battle right from the opening tip, and LO was AWESOME!!!. OF course, Mamba was...well...just Mamba!


Now let's keep the momentum rolling in MSG tomorrow night.


@LRob:I'm so pumped from tonite's win, I think for my musical contribution I'm gonna go a lil up tempo. Enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Nice win, not too big of a deal, except it does show we are capable of competing for a 3rd in a row. I think both the West and the East will be very difficult for any team to waltz through. If it is Spurs and Lakers in the west and Heat and Celts in the East, those series are gonna be tough, at least 6 if not 7 games.

Congrats on a hard fought win. And evening the season series. WE need to make a move before the guys seem fine to me.

The last time Kobe crucified Bynum in a parking lot, demanding Kupchak to trade him, Bynum started to play alot better than previous seasons. As trade rumors swirled around an Anthony-Bynum trade, tonight Bynum plays better. Is there a pattern here? At this level, and at 13 mils a year why does Bynum need anything other than self-motivation to play the game the way he is capable of? Evidently professionalism and maturity are lacking in Bynum.

@LRob: Sorry, I forgot to add part 2. :-)


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!


Police here. Great win for the P&G. At a point it looked like we were about to quit but the black mamba came through when we needed him!!

One thing the PSP noted; our bigs need to play bigger and stronger in the paint, they were getting pushed out too easily. They also need to watch Kobe and see how he boxes out and creates a passing lane, and try to emulate that.

PSP Intern

Oh yeah, I forgot to give props to UPS, way to go Shannon!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Oh wow what a treat, that gives us all a good night sleep without being angry and recriminations. For others, it is just another meaningless game, however for the old timers who have been toasted by lephries in the past it is a sweet redemption.

Congratulations to Ray Allen for breaking the record tho' it is giant night for Andrew for the great difference. Sometimes when challenged, he creates miracle to prove naysayers wrong. That's all another type of motivation in application of carrot and stick that when you are put in a corner, there is no other move but to launch an attack. I prefer to eat a crow than see Bynum loathe in his games.

Great win ODOM played like I have never seen him play before. He is truley the X factor. Phil purposley sat Kobe and Pau for 5 min extra to let Odom take over. Amazing!

>>>Dude...nice win, I eat my WORDS.

Spoken like a gentleman.

a gentleman troll, but a gentleman nonetheless. :-)

Crummy officiating made it look like the game was decided prior to the tip off. Laker perseverence paid off. When LO plays like the allstar he has in him, the Lakers are hard to beat.



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