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L.A. Times Mark Medina on Lakers' 89-88 loss to San Antonio Spurs

--Mark Medina

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Posted by: D(erek)J(eter)

..... I think the biggest problem is we have no real scorer other than Kobe and when he has to or just tries to do that, he's always got 2 or 3 guys on him. If we had one real outside shooter, that would open up everything.


You hit the nail on the head, the Lakers have always needed another "real scorer". There is always so much pressure on Kobe to pick up the slack it's amazing.
Some blogger nominated Lamar Odom to be this guy, claiming he was the only other laker who could create his own shot but I disagree. He doesn't have real good touch around the basket so he has to rely on his jump shot which is suspect at best. I think the same person wanted him to be Magic Johnson and take it coast to coast, but in my opinion after watching him all these years, he has always needed a clear path and those oppurtunities are rare.

So nobody on this team can all of a sudden become Mr. 2nd "real scorer". Now the Lakers will have to hope that all the pieces fall as fortuitously as it has the last 2 years in the playoffs to make it a 3peat.

What great scorer could the Lakers possibly steal from a team by the trading deadline.

Any thoughts?


"He will be saying that again in May."

Posted by: Common Sense | February 03, 2011 at 11:20 PM




Troll Man: I disagree. LO has that ability and I don't see Melo coming to L.A. so you're back to square 1. You have to work with what you have and the only other player on the roster that's showing some promise of getting to the hole is Brown. Heck, this whole team has to work on getting that ball to the hole. 2-14 from 3pt land and I think as a team, they're shooting in the 30 percentile range from the 3. Again, too many outside shots way too early in the shot clock. That kind of stuff is correctable.

Like "DJ" wrote: "...remember we were 4-7 in our last 11 regular season games last year. Turned out rather well don't you think. Even the Celts were 27-27 in their last 54, turned out fairly well for them too. Now, LBJ and the Cavs had the best regular season record for, what, two years and nothing to show for it."

At this point, you just have to trust the team and the FO because we have a 3 headed dragon going for us: best coach, best player and best owner with time left on the clock!

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


The oversimplification of saying the our bigs need to receive more touches is easier said than done.

The error in this theory is the failure to realize that the bigs need to establish position before a pass is made. A pass thrown into Pau Gasol while he is being pushed out is defeating the purpose of such plays unless he going to do a turnaround jumper or step back jumper. Additionally, when Pau does get position he often times will be knocked off balance making a move to the basket ending frequently with that off stride left-handed hook or layout right-handed flip shot that is 50-50 at best.

Now Bynum is better at establishing position but lacks the moves to take full advantage of his height. The tutoring lessons of Kareem have long been forgotten. Another issue that is problematic with Bynum is he is not a very good passer. So he can establish position but can't pass out or make a move unless it's a clear path dunk.

If anyone ever wants to see a player establish position to receive a pass should look no further than Kobe Bryant. Watch him next game and study how he uses his body to create a clear passing lane all the while firmly holding the position he has established. This is why the ball goes to Kobe so often.


I do not doubt that Lamar once had the potential to be all you said, but it's been 11 years he's been in the league now and I guess I've given up on him being the player you envision.

History tells us though, not gonna happen.

What we'll get from Lamar is what we get every year; a few monster games, a handful of great games, a majority of average games, and a few disappearances.

What's that saying. You can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I was worried about the Lakers until I saw this game. Basketball fundamentals lost this basketball game tonight. When everything else is equal it the little things that wins games, the Lakers lost this game because they did not or could not do the basic things right. Box out and rebound the basketball. Lack of basketball fundamentals this stage of a basketball season means one of two things either they weren't taught the game properly or their focus on the game is not what it should be at the moment. How else do you explain the sequence leading up to McDyess tip in at the buzzer. NO box out by Gasol allowing people to claim his back, inability to rebound a ball by Artest that fell into his hands and brain dump by Odom ball watching instead of boxing out his man. All little things in the course of a basketball game that if not done will lose you most close games. So yes I was worried before reading all the crap in the papers and quotes by this legend and that legend when in reality this Laker team lacks focus and maybe a bit of coaching. So get used to this because you are just going to have to ride this one out as they say. Believe in the ability of these players to re-engaged themselves when it counts. It won't guanrantee a championship but they will be in the conversation.


It is very curious how the Lakers can look so...

Poorly coached
Lacking in basic BB fundamentals
Indifferent to the task at hand

Then when the playoffs come around they remember how to play.


Follow up to the earlier post, I am worried about one thing that I noticed from tonght game. The Lakers inability to get easy baskets. That part of their game has gone. It puts to much pressure on Kobe to be ...well Kobe. Lack of easy baskets means the Lakers need Gasol, Odom and Bynum to play more aggressively. Hopefully Gasol is just going through a funk right now because the guy has played a lot of basketball in the last 5 years with his commitment to Spain and the Lakers. Don't get me wrong, he will never be the bruising power forward with a lethal touch that we want him to be but he is an effective player. He just needs a little fine tuning. Odom, this year I cannot find fault unless you start to think about the occassional brain dumps that over come him from time to time. Which brings me to the X factor Bynum, his injuries and start stop presence is killing the Lakers at the moment. The guy cannot stay healthly and is always in the process of returning to form or trying to over come whatever slight problem he may be facing because of over compensating for his last latest injury. May sound harse but it is true, Bynum is 23/24 should be the Laker more than anybody who should be pushing Kobe to relinquish some control over this team. He should be doing it with his play demanding on offense and controlling on defense. Running the floor, just being a 20/10 guy which the 6 to 7 years of Lakers investment and Dr. Buss's money have brought. Because of injuries he is neither demanding on offense nor controlling on defense. Instead we were wondering again if he would even play tonight. Taking all that into account the four other key components of this team just aren't helping at the moment. Fisher, cannot say anything about Fish too many clutch moments that have brought him some credit. Artest on the other hand while he did not play a bad game tonight have been missing in action as a basketball player probably all year. Plus he seems to have lost a step meaning he does not get anything easy. Translation: Trading Artest for Ariza have lost the Lakers maybe 5 years of physical play. Remember Ariza's breakaway steals, follow up dunks and dead eye shooting in the playoffs. That is all gone with Artest and that has put even more pressure on Kobe. Doesn't help that Brown seems to have the physical tools to compensate but most times to me is lost on the court. You heard it here first the Lakers may have to give the starting point guard position to Blake to get the best out of him. Whew! Guess I am done.

Well, intentional or not, the team is doing just enough to make the playoffs and once they're in, all bets are off. The concentration, focus and desire to win will increase. Right now, any and all teams that go up against the 2X champs play at a heightened level for obvious reasons. The team’s level will naturally increase once the playoffs begin.

Don't get me wrong: I believe this team wanted this win but as with the other games against the elite that they lost, their best just wasn't good enough. They will get there. They've done it before and at this stage of the season, I don't see why they can't. The key phrase is "at this stage of the season." The Front Office will take care of business if there's any business to be had, otherwise, this is the team we have for the season and it really isn't a bad team at all. Struggling? You bet but no need for panic in February before the All Star break.

"Even when we didn't make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss


Well...given the multitude of advantages bestowed the Lakers
by the league, media, and (some of you seem to think) God,
(not to mention a payroll almost double that of some teams),
the improbability of not being able to put a championship team
on the floor is actually being borne out...go figure.
The clear head-start you were handed may not be enough.
Actually, it's hard to imagine how this could even be possible.

I'll give you credit though.
Your boys played hard against the Spurs.
They tried their best.

But you know how it is...the mark of a champion...
is the ability to pull out those close games,
especially in your own house, in a nationally televised game,
the start of Super Bowl weekend, no less.

Yes, you lost...but were not blown out by what is probably
the second or third best team in the league...
behind the Heat of course,
which means you are still a pretty good team.
Pretty darn good team!

Anyway, it looks like pretty slim pickins' for the Southland
for some time to come...

The USC cheaters are going nowhere fast,
another Blue year for the Dodgers,
and the Lakers, well, they are just old,
and it doesn't look likely you'll have a Super Bowl team
anytime soon.

Good thing you've got the beach.
Socal...where life is a beach.

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!
Go World Champs San Francisco Giants!
Go Rising Fast San Francisco 49'ers!
The League stole a championship from Seattle and gave it to the Steelers...
Go Green Bay! Aaron Rogers...Chico Nocal boy!


If I have to hear that the Lakers have the height advantage on everyone in the league, I am gonna scream (again). It was no more apparent than last night that the Lakers do not have the height advantage on most teams because...........they don't use it to their "height" advantage when they actually do have height numbers &&&& they don't have height advantage many nights!! Height has to do with lift/ups/base/quickness/arm strength, more than it has to do with standing height measurements from floor to top of head.

Last play was perfect illustration: on the floor: Pau=7'; LO=6'10. Duncan=7'; McDyess=7'+. Advantge Spurs. Also, Pau;LO;AB (and frankly 90% of the rest of Lakers) rarely block out their man = last second tipin opportunity/make by McDyess!

Even more (two) reserve 7 footers on the Spurs bench! We have injured (again) & slow Bynum at 7' and aged/non-playing Ratliff at 6'10" and aged/injured/not playing Smith at 6'10" on the Lakers bench, so our supposed advantage is not real with Spurs (and others), especially when our bigs cannot get off the floor (Pau, AB now) and do not have enough base (Pau, LO) to hold their big out or not enough basic will-strength (LO; Pau, AB) to either keep from getting pushed under the basket or get into proper position.

I cannot believe that what it looks to me what we need and probably won't get until next season is a deadeye outside shooter and a real big with both some quickness and certainly a base and who will play Basketball 101 fundamentals including BLOCKING OUT!!!!

The game was close, but it should not have been - Lakers should have taken them down earlier in the game. Certainly should have not given up 3+ offensive rebounds on last possession of a game, no matter who it is!!!

'What great scorer could the Lakers possibly steal from a team by the trading deadline.

Any thoughts?'

Posted by: Troll Man | February 04, 2011 at 12:07 AM get our point?

Spoken without a hint of embarrassment or guilt...just SOP...

Just pick one...I'm sure the league will accommodate.

Just don't kid yourselves when you say, 'They hate us cuz they ain't us'.

No...boys and girls...

We don't hate you because we ain't you...

We hate you because you are you.

True NBA fans will say, 'Level the playing field'...
and let NBA championships really begin to mean something.

Go Kings!
Go San Francisco Giants!
Go San Francisco 49'ers!


Here's a suggestion!

It's the Hollywood Argyles! They'll fit right in.

Package the Saint, Drew, Paula, Fish, Lamar and the whole bunch
for Alley Ooop and a brand new 'club'.

Go Kings!


The fact is that we have the SOFTEST POWER-forward to ever play the game. Yet he may be the most skilled, the position demands something else. We have been able to hide his lack of dexterity with the inspired play by Ariza and Artest, the will of Kobe, the size of Bynum, the leadership of Fisher, and a bench led by Lamar. Those players aren't over-achieving this year, therefore we need Pau to play the position as it's intended to be played, but he CAN'T. We need a POWER-forward to every now and then take a HARD foul, dive to the floor, PROTECT the lane, get MEANINGFUL fouls, and play with the strength of a Roman column. For this team, the way it's built now, we need to make a change starting with Pau.

Pau and Artest for: (in the order of merit)

Aldridge and Batum (portland)
Noah and Deng (Chicago)
West and Ariza (New Orleans)
Granger and Collison (indiana)
Love and Wesley Johnson (minnesota)

"We don't hate you because we ain't you...
We hate you because you are you.

Posted by: Sonnybelfast | February 04, 2011 at 03:07 AM".

Wow, Sonnybelfast, talk about self-revealing. Coupled with your admission that you're a teacher (whew, glad my kids aren't learning life lessons from you), and your prior pontifications about Americans being despoilers of Mother Earth, this really completes the picture of who you really are. Namely, one of those "peace-love-recycle-sustainabilty-savethepolarbears-wearetheworld" types who underneath it all is really just a hater (I refer you to your own quote, above). Hates those more successful than himself (and in your case, hates the successful teams that have beaten the pathetic teams he has miserably backed for years). So what little pleasure he gets in life comes from pouncing on the occasional misfortunes of those he hates.

I can see now that coming here and spamming us relentlessly with your taunts is actually a form of therapy for you. Well we're big enough to accept you into our fold and give you a chance to have such therapeutic vents.

Am I the only that saw this last shot as a violation? The ball is clearly still over the cylinder! Why wasn't this offensive interference.

Regardless, I think it was one of the best games the Lakers played all season. If Neal doesn't make that prayer at the end of the first half...this basket wouldn't even have mattered.

Kudos to Artest and Blake for superb defense and energy last night. If they play like this every game, I like our chances.

After watching last night and being disappointed in the final seconds I think the media is constantly blaming the same people (Kobe, Pau, Andrew, and Lamar) But really how come no one is adding Fisher to the talk for why they loose. I mean I have been a lakers fan for the longest time. But I mean this season I would have to say that watching Fisher play makes me wonder was it worth all the money just to have locker room presence and leadership. Although those traits are intangible and needed in a championship one thing for being a starter is that he does not score a lot and definitely not an offensive threat. I mean for a starter he is the one who has been consistently bad offensively. He has barely made double digits in scoring and not a lot of assists. I mean Kobe leads the team in scoring and assist. Should we consider trading for a better point guard? I don't know? Only the front office will make those decisions. Although we are a post season team loosing around this time is not helpful especially now that it puts San Antonio up by 7 1/2 games and Dallas by either a game or 1/2 a game. I mean whether Lakers fans want to agree with me or not I think it is not fair just to blame the same four that I mentioned up above when the rest of the starters keep getting blamed game in and game out after every lost.

MM, it's no longer "early in the season". that said, i hope that this frustration the feel will motivate them trough the rest of the season starting with this road trip they have

lakerchosen1 - Good point. I kind of used that as a qualifier that yes there's time to correct it, but the Lakers window of opportunity and effort required to turn things around becomes more and more difficult with each loss

Let get real here MM. The NBA is the biggest water down league in professional sports. In the West San Antonio and maybe Dallas has a shot of beating the Lakers. Boston and Miami in the East and that is it. You have a second tier of teams that can beat them on any given night in the long NBA schedule that leaves about 22 other teams that just suck and the only reason the Lakers lose to them is obvious injuries, tiredness and boredom. If the Lakers fell to an 8 seed, San Antonio would be cursing their luck. I get we want them to play better and I get we the fans put a lot into the game but for real the regular season is a joke to these Lakers now. The only guy I feel sorry for is Dr. Buss. If I spent 90 million on a team I would want a little more bang for my buck in the regular season. You know how America is; we only spend money on a winner. The post season is all that really counts and if they think they can beat boston once or twice in Boston or out rebound Miami enough in a seven game series these Lakers are not worried. Boston I am not sure about just yet but Miami don't have enough even with the 3 super friends in playoff basketball.

Looks like McDyss's is getting back Fisher's .04 moment against the Spurs. I said in chat to put in Brown for Blake and that did not happen and Parker drove to basket shot and missed when Brown would have slowed Parker up more than Blake. Then McDyss was there to tip in ball and no Bynum in the game to box out or block Parker drive. Of course we don't play especially aged bigs we don't use. But at least for God's sake not even a rookie who knows how to box out (DC) was in the game.. We need to get younger. Dump aged vets sitting on bench to create roster room and first call up Trey from D league. Check to see if any bigs from D League can come in and actually play and contribute to the team.

I don't know if some of you caught it or not, but Faker coach PJ, purposely and knowingly, held out Bynum for the past 3 or 4 games, stating injury with the possibility of being out for weeks. Well, all of a sudden Bynum runs out of nowhere into the starting lineup, all fresh and showing no signs of said injury. You know, PJ is a PUNK, with a capital P. He's not a coach, he's a mind player. He spends half of his time, thinking about how to fool or get into the mind of his opponent. You can't believe anything he says, as he is turning into a pathological liar. Obviously, Bynum did not appear hurt, and more than likely was never hurt, but rather, playing possum to rest up for this game. You see, the Fakers don't care about Boston, Chicago, Dallas, or Miami. They only have eyes for one team. PJ wanted to make sure the Spurs did not win in LA. If they did (which happened), it only serves to remind everyone, especially the players, that if the Spurs needed to win in LA, they could. PJ's plan has backfired in his face, as the Spurs go on to win anyways. The Fakers threw everything they had at the Spurs, and all for nothing. Tricks, inadvertant pushing and shoving, cheap fouls, loud noises, celeb's, and a kitchen sink. Still nothing. The Spurs do what they do best. Win. Now the table has turned, leaving the Fakers to question themselves as to their abilities. I'll say this once, this win was HUGE. GSG!



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