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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 114-106 overtime victory over Houston Rockets

--Mark Medina

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Defense still has a LONG way to go. But I'll take the W.

@hobbit - good post at 7:42pm

@Eurotriple - I agree with your post at 8:25pm. But that's the nature of fans. We live in the age of instant gratification. It's strictly what have you done for me lately.

MM - Good recap.

FYI your column on Sept. 9th about Matt Barnes domestic charge was showed briefly on the latest episode of Basketball Wives.

Oh and luke had just about the most agonizing and horrifying 8 minutes of basktball I have seen in my life!

Like watching a horror movie.. I couldn't help but just close my eyes cringe my face and turn away at times.. Just so hard on the eyes. So hard..

Well at least we know lukes problem aint EFFORT cause he sure was tryin... Only if luke had a switch we can turn on n off.. Only if.

This is what leadership looks like…(from today's AP recap)

Kobe Bryant recently took Pau Gasol aside to deliver a cinematic message: The Los Angeles Lakers sometimes need to see the sinister side of their Spanish 7-footer. "It's against his nature," Bryant said. "He's very white swan. I need him to be more black swan."

Gasol has thoroughly embraced his role as Bryant's sidekick during three years with the Lakers, but he understands the wisdom of Bryant's "Black Swan" analogy. "I've just got to be more aggressive," Gasol said. "I've got to be more involved. If I'm not, I can't contribute, can't live up to my potential."

Good analysis Mark. I feel the Lakers need to really get it going if they expect another ring. Don't get me wrong, I love my Lakers, but they really need to go hard if all these teams are going to go hard on them. I want to see some more aggressive defense. Peace out.

>>>Oh and luke had just about the most agonizing and horrifying 8 minutes of
>>>basktball I have seen in my life!

I'm the one usually defending Luke, and it's hard to define that stretch of play (using the word loosely). He had a couple of steals and a rebound, but Courtney Lee shredded him like cheese on both ends. Oddly, the Lakers were able to extend the lead while he was on the floor.

Luke's been kinda up and down lately. He's had a few games where he played well and a few where he's looked pretty inept.

Take heart in the fact that when Barnes gets back, he'll absorb most of Luke's minutes.



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