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Five things to take away from the Lakers' 106-101 overtime victory over Portland Trail Blazers

596641141. The Lakers' 106-101 overtime victory over the Portland Trail Blazers should boost team morale

It's safe to presume the Lakers were in a much better mood following their double-digit victory Tuesday over Atlanta after the All-Star break than when they were riddled with a three-game losing streak, including a loss to the listless Cleveland Cavaliers. But overtime victories in well-fought games against a quality opponent proves something that's more valuable in the long run. It tested the Lakers' willingness to grind it out and maintain their patience when things weren't working out, such as when the Lakers shot only 41.5% in the first half, were outrebounded 21-16 and allowed a 10-2 start to slip away to a 29-23 first-quarter deficit. Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson appropriately tweeted that "I won't get too excited until they win 7 or 8 in a row!" But a victory against Portland surely has to be a momentum boost toward that effort considering the win snapped the Trail Blazers' six-game winning streak and marked the Lakers' second consecutive victory at the Rose Garden after losing nine in a row.

2. Kobe Bryant overcame a poor shooting start with some clutch plays

A four-of-15 shooting mark in the first half surely wasn't going to inhibit Bryant from playing his game, even if it's against a team that historically has taken its chances with allowing Bryant to shoot a high volume of shots. This time, however, Bryant made the Blazers pay, finishing with 37 points on 14-of-31 shooting. His 11 third-quarter points proved instrumental in the Lakers ending that period trailing 69-67, setting plenty of more instances that allowed Bryant to flourish. His fallaway jumper cut Portland's lead to 87-85 with less than a minute remaining in the game and his multiple pump fakes followed by a fallaway jumper tied the score at 87-87 with 4.7 seconds left in regulation.

Once the game went into overtime, Bryant continued to shine. He hit a nine-foot jumper to give the Lakers a 100-97 lead with 27 seconds left, grabbed a key defensive rebound and secured the victory with six consecutive free throws. Sure, there were a few head-scratching decisions, such as his first-half shot selection, three turnovers and not being aware of the shot clock that ultimately led to a turnover. But Bryant didn't allow any of those miscues to cloud his overall dominance.

596630733. Ron Artest became a focal point of the offense

Usually Artest's role in the offense involves hiding in the corner, shooting off-balance jumpers and either making an offensive foul or botching a layup after bulldozing into traffic. Against Portland, however, Artest played his most consistent game of the season, scoring 24 points on eight-of-13 shooting and hitting a three-pointer that gave the Lakers a 95-92 lead with 2:46 remaining. He then grabbed a crucial rebound that led to Bryant finding an open jumper off a curl. Most of Artest's strong offensive performances happen when he's relying on basketball instincts, looking for the open man, cutting to the open space and finding shots that are open and on balance. Artest and his teammates can say all they want that he's not the primary focal point on offense. Fair enough. The Lakers mostly need him for defense. But it's nights like tonight that prove why he needs at least to be a dependable option on offense.

4. The Lakers made adjustments on LaMarcus Aldridge

His performance shows the Lakers still lack defensive consistency in shutting off the passing lanes, as Aldridge scored 29 points through three quarters thanks to open drives to the rack and uncontested mid-range jumpers. But credit the Lakers for eventually adjusting. Aldridge didn't score a point in the fourth quarter and overtime. This points to the Lakers' relentless double teams in denying him the ball, considering he only attempted two field goals. But it also points to the Lakers clamping down on him on two crucial possessions. First came with shutting off Aldridge on an open layup and Odom grabbing the rebound that set up Bryant's game-tying basket. Then came Odom's help defense on the next possession after Aldridge beat Lakers forward Pau Gasol off the dribble, a play that forced overtime.

5. The Lakers are committing too many turnovers

The Lakers lately have assessed their development by counting the mistakes they're making. With the Lakers committing 16 turnovers a game after finishing with 18 against Atlanta, the defending champions are still in dire need of improving in that category. This easily could've led to the Lakers demise considering the Trail Blazers cashed 40 points in transition. Just because the Lakers found other ways to compensate doesn't mean they should overlook their effort in handling the ball. Come playoff time, most teams will likely find the best way to beat the Lakers will entail forcing poor shot selection and poor ball handling, which in turn will lead to baskets in transition and the open court. Since the Lakers are a deliberate and veteran-laden team, it's imperative they don't allow teams to exploit this area.

--Mark Medina

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Top photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant pulls up for a jumper over Portland guard Wesley Matthews in the second half Wednesday night. Credit: Steve Dipaola / Reuters

Bottom photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest powers his way to the basket on a drive down the lane against Blazers forward Nicolas Batum in the first half Wednesday night. Credit: Don Ryan / Associated Press

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Hahahahahaha Lakers win again.Kobe Bryant the greatest player of all time.Lakers will three peat again in no time and haters will dissapear and shut up at the same

Finally a quality effort.

Jon Barry: 'Kobe shot more than 21 times, so the Lakers certainly lost. WHAT!? They won!?!? How can that perfect stat indicator be wrong!?'

Great effort by Kobe and Artest. Pau finally got aggressive thanks to pleading from Kobe and became a factor down the stretch. If Bynum had given them anything, they would have won this game easily. Bynum was a disgrace on both ends of the floor. This guy never puts together a solid effort on a consistent basis. One step up, two steps back. The inconsistent play at center and point guard will eventually doom our chances of a three-peat.

Oh my God, when is Lebronze going to shut up? Everything he says ends up with him declaring that whatever he is involved with, is the best in NBA history. Now he says that the East is better than the West; in a way, because everyone is following what he did; which he thinks is an original idea.
So the East has 4 to 6 teams that can win an NBA title or could compete for the ring. Why does LBJ think he can talk so openly? Oh that's because ESPN has a microphone attached to his face.

Does Lebronze realize since his conference is stacked with good players and good teams it makes it that much harder for his team to escape that conference in the playoffs?
In the West, it has now become easier for KOBE to age without opposition. That expands the Lakers potential dynasty run for another 2 years.

I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned before, but Jerry Sloan as the next Lakers coach.

Jon Barry and Charles Barkley are Kobe haters dont pay attention to them because they know what it take to be a champion.They are just jealous of what Kobe achieved at this point of his career.They like ugly Lebron because they all have one thing in common they are all losers and dont have rings...

In the 90's Jordan dominated the Eastern Conference, maybe that's why it got weak. In the 00's, I guess it belongs to Kobe. In the early 10's i guess it still belongs to him along with his super friends in Gasol/Bynum/Odom.
What does the ringless King dominate? Just tweeting and talking out of his ass. Oh and making enemies. I wonder how long his list is at this point.

I'd like to see how many games labron, wade, durant, anthony, pierce or duncan would win if they played numerous games where they don't get free throws??

Kobe's 31 fg attempts usually spells doom.

Kobe FGA stat has merit.

Can some one post link graphing

Lakers winning % vs. Kobe field goals attempted?

"Finally a quality effort." Say what!?!?!

Another puke inducing game I'd say. Guess there was no roll call this time. Alley oops and backdoor plays behind confused Lakers players all game long. 16 turnovers and easy putbacks for the opposition made me hurl profanities towards the screen all game long. I can't believe we won that game and I certainly can't believe Ron Ron helped us do that. This game also showed how Bynum is like a micro cosmos of the Lakers. He plays great one game and totally disappears the next.

Apart from the horrendous play by the Lakers I also had to endure the Portland commentators who are total rectums. Besides their bitterness against the Lakers they are total morons when it comes to calling the action. At one point they snickered that maybe a Lakers fan had puked on the court when a ball boy was wiping it. "It wouldn't be the first time" they laughed. Um..okaaay? Of course, this just made me enjoy the MVP-chants for Kobe by the end of the game all the more!

On an another note, how LITTLE will we hear of what a steal NY did in this Melo trade. Wow, Melo AND Billups for...uh...who!? Sure, they gutted the team but who cares when you trade scrubs for two all stars? But no, there will be only one robbery in the history of NBA trades and that's Pau coming here. Tsk tsk...

So funny how many of you celebrated the return of 888 only to find out you'd been played.

Which leads me to this, those who were fooled obviously didn't read the entire statement. By the end of the first sentence you should have been skeptical, by the end, you should have been laughing hysterically.

I was rolling on the floor, so funny, whoever did that, kudos my man or woman. Of course jacking the handle is a no no, but in this case it was obviously jacked for comedic relief. Please fess up and reveal yourself.

But seriously MM this post is an instant classic. The timing, the satire, the cleverness, the irony of situation. What more could a writer do. A++

People have no sense of humor, and to top that, some of you don't even bother to read what is written, ergo, succumbing to your own biases.

So now I can deduct that if you see a certain handle it doesn't matter what the content is, it's good or bad depending on who's saying it.

Very sad of those who do that, at least I fully read a comment and try to understand the logic and reasoning of the bloggers position before I point/counterpoint.


I really feel like D-Fish is the unsung hero of this game (against Portland). His plus-minus was +25 which is just amazing when you consider that he only had 2 assists and only scored 6 points.

I keep re-watching that play in overtime. Lakers are up 98-97. Gasol shoots and misses. Artest rebounds the ball and passes it out to Fish. Kobe is calling for the ball. Almost any other Laker would just give Kobe the ball--but Fish holds onto to setup a play: he passes the ball to Lamar as Kobe curls around to lose his man. Lamar passes to Kobe who shoots to put the Lakers up 100-97. Lamar gets the assist--but it's Derek's decision-making that made it possible and the only place it shows up is in the plus-minus stat.

LRob: What do you think, we need a shooter and Miller could fit the bill. Odds of the Heat making that trade might be somewhere around zero percent though...

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | February 23, 2011 at 06:31 PM
Cyber – Somehow I don't think Miami will take on Luke's contract this year.

Well, my fellow Lakeraholics, I have some challenging news...My boss has shut down my department at work and I will soon be unemployed.Since I was paid for on a 1099, I will not have unemployment insurance. This means times are desperate & unless I find some other means of generating income, I'm going to have to leave for Ohio or be homeless. So, the good news is that if I am exiled from California, I'll at least be able to activate the magical powers of the Lucky Barstool to propel the Lakers to Greatness during the end of the season. The bad news is that I'd have to leave my homeland against my will and be able to watch the Lakers with far less frequency... which would be somewhat heartbreaking. Anyhow, if anyone knows of any employment opportunities, if you wouldn't mind contacting me via Mark Medina, I'd truly appreciate it. It's interesting. A homeless person asked me for money last night, and as was giving him some money, he asked, "Do you what period it is in the Lakers game?" "It's halftime," I responded. "Are we winning?" "Yeah, we're up by 21." "Good. Good. Okay, thanks, brother." As he walked off & I got into my car, I realized how many people connect with the Lakers & lean on their success to get them through the challenges each day It's kind of a big deal & it's what makes the Lakers so special. What do we play for? RINGS!!! Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever. Posted by: Jon K. *_______________________________________________________________________*
I am starting my own business and have been working on it for months now. We're at the funding stage. We need about $2 million to start and funding isn't flowing as freely as I'd like it to in this economy.
(01) LEWSTRS – OWNER - Jon K - sorry to hear about your employment news...I will keep my eye out...what's you occupation...I still have some casino connections in town...MM has my email if you
want to forward me your contact info. Or stop by the RC and I can give it to you...
(02) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – Hang in there Jon K. What would be beautiful is if someone, somewhere In Laker nation could help LakerHolic Jon K. with a job. NOW COME ON LAKER NATION!!!! WE GOT TO DO THIS!!! NOT ONLY BECAUSE JON K IS A GOOD GUY BUT...HE HAS THE FREAKIN LUCKY STOOL!!!!!! NOW DO YOU WANT TO RISK OUR 3-PEAT??? DO YA!!!!
(03) PURPLEHEART – RIDING SHOTGUN – JON K, Sorry to hear about your job situation. Wht part of Ohio are you moving to? I'm in Hilliard, a burb of Columbus, you're more than welcome to watch some games at my place bra. I've got the NBA League Pass and get every Laker game, and I don't miss a single possession. Chris
(04) D(EREK) J(ETER) - Jon K, Good luck on your job hunt my friend!
(05) LROB - Jon K - Sorry to hear about your department at work being shut down. I hope an opportunity opens up for you in Cali. Keep the faith! Thanks for sharing the story about the homeless Laker fan.
(06) EDWIN GUECO - Jon K, $ 2 million is a huge gamble for me who is just a small fry. I would not recommend that in a recessionary condition w/ an unstable world because of the turn around in Middle East. 2M investment is for Bill Gates, so I would say save for the extended drought and gas inflation days while proceeding aggressively on "sweat or saliva" investment. Through contacts, you let parties transact business while you act as the middleman. Let the insurance assume the risk while you just pay the premiums. To avoid being homeless, don't include your food, shelter and clothing in your business, because if you fail you will be left wearing only underwear. Go w/ investment with less financial exposure, low profitability but high in activity, once the economic picture becomes clear then that is the time to go for the big bucks gamble
(07) MAGIC PHIL - Oh, drat....Jon K. I hope you get something really soon. Ask MM for my email and send me your resume, or whatever you have. I don't have many contacts, but I got some...
(08) PHRED - I'm glad the blog is here for Jon K- He is a stand up guy who shares his life with us and if anybody can help him out it would be a great gesture.
(09) CYBERCOSMIX - Jon K: Hang in there bud. Hope you get back settled and on your feet. Whatever you do, hope everything works out for the best.

Yeah! A win in PTL!
I liked that we clamped down in 4Q and OT.

The championship run has officially started. The intent to focus is there, now we just need to string together 48 minutes and a few extra sometimes.

Thought AB wasn't as active and with a small team, that's not good. It seems when we play small teams, AB appears lost. And with Pau in foul trouble last night, it should have been a game for AB to stake his claim. Didn't see it.

Looking forward to what we have left on Friday against the Clips sans Baron Davis. Should be interesting.....

Cheers - PLG

It would be better off if Nobody has name or ID, and just express their opinions rather than react to each other. That way, there is Nobody to react to or respond to, just purely opinions are to be expressed. It can also eliminate the negative emotions resulting from his or her thoughts or opinions. By nature, opinions and beliefs are limited perspective. They can never be the absolute Truth. So it's no use trying to prove that my point of view is more right than other's point of view. The subject is simply viewed from different perspectives. That's all. Thus, instead of resisting other points of views, if one can integrate (accept) all different perspectives, one can get closER to the Truth. Also, in the end, all of vicious and baseless comments will lose their powers because (only) Nobody will react to Nobody's comments. It's a paradox. Posted by: Nobody | February 23, 2011 at 06:43 PM

Ron Ron redeemed himself in the latter stages of the game, nearly erasing my frustration at his too-quick shot selection in the first quarter. Collectively, the Lakers won a grind-it-out victory with a playoff-type effort, which proves to me that the focus is returning.

Go Lake Show!

The Lakers will have to battle this playoff season from a seed that they haven't occupied in a while but that doesn't mean that they can't get it done. Defense and defensive rebounding will allow the offense to get it going and be more consistent. You can't expect 24 points from Artest every night but if they can find a way to get him 10-12 every night his offense will pay dividends in their all around performance. NO LETDOWNS FROM HERE ON IN!!! TIME TO BUILD MOMENTUM FOR THE PLAYOFFS!!!

Very good win last night. Clutch performance by Kobe and Ron was superb. Here's Kobe, Pau and Phil post game audio...

The Lakers get a rare come from behind victory...very sweet indeed. This win is even bigger when you consider:

-they did it in Portland, a place they usually lose
-it was against a +.500 team
-it was on the 2nd night of a back to back
-Artest was a presence on offense

Lakers 2-0 in the stretch run...the way it sure be.

In response to Jon Barry and others who say Lakers lose when Kobe has a high volume of shots: It depends on Kobe's makes and attempts. Last night he took 31 shots but he made 14, near 50%. That's the difference. I think the Lakers can live with Kobe taking alot of shots if he is making alot of them and I think the Lakers win when that is the case. Now, if he had taken 31 shots last night and only made 7- that's a problem, but he generally played within the offense last night. I think I saw 2 possessions where he dribbled and dribbled and something bad happened. Folks, I think the Lakers are rounding into playoff form. I see it in their eyes. The hunger is there again. If they play like they played last night- grinding it out, digging deep on defense- they are not beatable! Let's go LAKERS!

One thing to take away from the Lakers victory over the Trailblazers: it's stunning how bad the refereeing can be in the NBA and what a huge impact it can have on the game. Since we won, we forget about how flat out wrong some of the calls were in the game. I really hope the league reviews it.

It's awesome to see the Lakers win a contested game, especially after being down and coming from behind. Kobe is, and will be, Kobe. Artest, on the other hand, showed us his brilliant side. Hopefully, he will epitomize what turning the switch on for this team means. This is the Artest we've known, but have been waiting for this year.

While my personal preference is always for a blow out, it was great fun watching the Lakers come from behind to steal a game from the Blazers at the hated Rose Garden. Kobe was money down the stretch as was Pau Gasol and Ron Artest. These are the kinds of games we would have lost a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, the trend will continue and the Lakers will rack up a lot of wins.

It’s beginning to look as if Ron Artest is waking up from a long sleep and is starting to play great basketball. That as well as a solid effort from Derek Fisher, hitting 2 of 4 3-pointers, has the Lakers suddenly playing 5 against 5 instead of 3 or 4 against 5. If we can somehow cut down on all the turnovers, we should start seeing a much more confident and efficient Lakers team.

I thought Drew definitely struggled on the second night of a back-to-back. Even though he only had 6 points and 4 boards, I thought his 1-on-1 and help defense were outstanding. You could easily see how the Blazers were intimidated from attacking the rim when Drew was in the game. And whenever he went out, the Blazers immediately took advantage with layups and dunks.

Offensively, I thought this was a great game from Pau. He really took Aldridge to school on the block in the fourth quarter with several great moves in the paint, especially with his lefty hook.
When the Lakers have 3 players – in this case, Kobe, Pau, and Ron – with great offensive games, they are usually a very difficult team to defeat. Give the Blazers credit. They played great until they wilted in the fourth quarter as the Lakers turned up the defense, especially on Aldridge.

Bottom line, this was a Black Mamba victory all the way. After struggling with his shooting in the first half, Kobe dialed it up in the second half and especially the fourth quarter. While the Blazers did blow the game, there were a lot of positives for the Lakers to take away from the road win, including Kobe’s MVP level play, Pau’s aggressiveness, Ron’s and Derek’s solid contributions,
Drew’s impact defensively, and the entire team’s energy, focus, and elevated performance.

Next up, the Clippers on Friday, a game that I think the Lakers have had circled on the calendar ever since their upset by the Clippers last month. Considering the confrontations at the end of that game, I look for the Lakers to really take it to the Clippers tomorrow night to make it perfectly clear to everybody following the NBA that the Lakers are still the best team in LA and the league.


Police here; we beat Portland away! Not something that happens very often so we'll take the win, however ugly it may have been.

Today is the trade deadline, are we standing pat or any pleaseant (or unpleasant) surprises waiting for us?

PSP Solutions Architect

Hello hello
Testing 1 2 3 ..

MM do u read? Over?

Wake up MM.. Ur slackin!

*A very good win last night. It's always tough to go into Portland and win.

*Ron Artest with a good offensive game. He needs that and we needed that. I hope we get some more games like that out of him.

*Kobe finished. Including a beautiful fadeaway to cut it to 2. Great shot.

*Let's keep it up!

Go Lakers!
Go Aztecs! Beat BYU!!

Oh Lord, moderation again :( ... MM are you serious? You do realize that moderation is keeping people away more than most of the 'silly' comments that you are moderating for?

Thanks but no thanks
PSP Intern

Saw improvement from the last game and from the previous road trip. I'm sure a lot of people watched the KCAL Broadcast, well the NBA Package on Wednesday night featured the TrailBlazers feed.

With the score 87-80 in favor of Portland, the TrailBlazers sideline reporter mentioned during the TV timeout that Nate McMillan told his players 'Kobe Bryant is going to put his head down and carry this team on his shoulders, meet the challenge on defense'. Well, the Lakers went on a 24-7 run, executing offensively and met Portland's offense with Defensive intensity. It's what they call a signature road win. Nothing better than sitting on that bus heading to the airport, with a hostile road win in your back pocket. Great effort, let's wait and see if they continue to improve upon their good habits and try to stifle the bad habits.

Artest sighting!!!

EXCELLENT win last night in Rip City!

The Mamba struck again! He has not lost one ounce of greatness- he keeps showing everyone that he his still the best player in the game today!

Ron Ron finally had a great game this year. Keep it up Ron!

Even Phil thre Caracter a bone by giving him a few minutes in a non-blowout game.

@Joe Corad- Hey, this is a Laker blog. If you want to diss or hate on Lebron, go to the South Florida beacon or the Miami Herald.

You're a few months more redundant than what's necessary.

From the Blazers Blog:

"There's been a lot of debate and discussion online, prompted by ESPN's Henry Abbott, our revered Blogfather, about whether Bryant is really as clutch as his reputation suggests. Abbott has argued convincingly that Bryant's successes stick with us while his failures are forgotten, and that his reputation has been built, in part, on volume.

The players tasked with guarding him tonight weren't having any of it.

"Yeah, of course," Blazers guard Brandon Roy told me, when asked if Bryant was still the gold standard clutch player in the NBA or if it was up for debate. "He's the guy that's been doing it better than anybody. I don't quite know what the debate is. What's the debate?"

A brief explanation of the volume argument wasn't going to convince a chuckling Roy.

"Yeah, he takes [a lot of] them. I don't know, there's nothing I can say about Kobe. He's just that good. Tonight he did it to us. He did it to us a few times earlier in my career. You just know when he makes shots, it's tough."

Roy stopped short of calling Bryant unstoppable but spoke with awe about his late-game mentality. "He takes it like he doesn't care if he misses or makes them," Roy told me. "Anybody who is shooting that fearless, it's definitely -- I wouldn't say unstoppable -- but it's something you worry about. No conscience. He's never had one."

Blazers forward Nicolas Batum paused in applying the "unstoppable" label, but eventually admitted that it often feels that way. "He is very good, sometimes, yeah, he is unstoppable, sometimes. You can crowd him, get on him, he's going to find a way to score. I don't know how. Only he knows."

Batum agreed Bryant is still the most clutch player in the NBA. Asked to elaborate, he paused as if it needed no explanation. "Why would I say that? Just what I've watched for the last 15 years. We know he's going to take the ball in the end. We know that. Everybody in the world knows that. When the game is tight, Kobe is going to take the ball and take over the game."

Reminiscing on L.A.'s final offensive play during regulation - a tough Bryant jumper going to the hoop with the clock winding down - Batum couldn't come up with any obvious room for improvement for Portland's defense. "I think at the end of the game, when he tied it, Wesley [Matthews] played good defense," Batum said. "Wesley played pretty good defense and he made a tough shot. Ask Kobe how many shots he's made shots like this in his career."

Clearly, Bryant's late-game successes can be as indelible for his opponents as they are for his legion of dedicated fanboys, some of whom serenaded him with MVP chants down the stretch, a sound not often heard in the Rose Garden. "

Does everyone now see that Ron Artest can not only be a focal point on offense, if other guys struggle, he can also distribute. He once again sets up Pau on the left block for an easy jumper. Set up Kobe, his offense rebounding is completely underrated and overlooked, on this blog, anyway. This isn't an outlier and this shouldn't be expected every night. This was Ron doing what's necessary for the benefit of the team, his energy, transcends his shooting % or how many points he gets.

After Kobe’s clutch performance last night I immediately thought of Henry Abbott, the writer from TrueHoop, who recently wrote YET ANOTHER inane article detailing how Kobe is not that effective in clutch situations. Henry is also a devoted Blazer fan so I checked ESPN this morning and could find nary a mention of Kobe’s performance last night by him.

I have one question for you Mr. Abbott…. “How Long” will you continue with this silly propaganda? So Mr. Abbott today’s song is for you!

Ace – How Long (1975 - #3 on the charts. Song written about a band member that had been secretly working with a competing band)


Thanks for posting the info on BRoy's response to Henry Abbott's claim that Kobe is not that clutch. Good stuff. I just saw your post after I had posted something about his comments also.

Jon K,

Sorry to hear about your predicament. These are just tough times man. Hang in there. I wish you the best.

Go Lakers!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the terrible, lopsided officiating. The double tech on Pau was one of the worst calls I've ever seen, EVER.
How in the world does Pau get a tech for getting the ball thrown at him? JUST STUPID officiating.

I have one question for you Mr. Abbott…. “How Long” will you continue with this silly propaganda? So Mr. Abbott today’s song is for you!Ace – How Long (1975 - #3 on the charts. Song written about a band member that had been secretly working with a competing band)
Posted by: LRob | February 24, 2011 at 09:46 AM
PREACH LROB, PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kobe shooting 30 times is usually a sign of things being wrong in the offense so I don't think this game dispels any of those theories. What this game does prove is that if Ron Artest is making shots from everywhere on the court, it doesn't matter how much or how well Kobe is shooting because they're going to win. Just ask game 7.

Nice selection , LRob.
Gonna keep the theme rollin:

Bill - thanks for your comment regarding Fish's unsung contributions. I saw that stat as well, smiled and wanted to say something. But everyone here knows I am a Fish lover and would have probably scrolled past.

Fish is part of our championship run and will be needed especially in playoff situations where KB24 "wants" the ball. Fish is the only one who can make those "decisions". Everyone else still defers to Mamba.

Cheers - PLG

Jon K - I will add you to my prayer list. Good luck blog friend. I hope you don't have to move back to Cleveland. If you are on LinkedIn, let me know and I can see if I know anyone in your sector too refer.


As to the game last night, I only saw the first half as 0400 comes early and there were too many things to be done today. What I did notice (besides the sloppy play) was that each time the Lakers started to come back there was a BS foul called and the momentum died.

I also noticed that when Pau was finessing down low, he was coming up short. As soon as he attacked, the ball was going in.

Then the fever kicked back in and I fell asleep.

Jon K -

It can be scary (I just survived a contractor change myself) but things will workout. You've already done your time in OH dammit!

Good Luck My Brother




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