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Chat: Lakers vs. Charlotte Bobcats

--Mark Medina

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All of you that think Fisher is actually a good team defensive player but just slow. I can show you every night countless times he makes fundamental mistakes on defense that have nothing to do with his pathetic cement gym shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROFLMAO watching Fisher play defense without Kobe on the floor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its NOT easy to play 4 games in 5 nights. What's important is they stay healthy and pique just in time for the playoffs. I have a feeling SA will lose gas towards the end of the season.

Charlotte played with heart and hustle. Something the defending CHUMPS have none of !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does it matter if the NBA is in Lockout next year? Lakers dont play in the regular season anyways. They like to waste supporters time with rubbish play and try to win us over when playoffs start.

The lakers not respecting the bobcats... last year twice the bobcats beat LA, LA always soft when playing the bobcats while the bobcats always like a roaring lion, they know that lakers are soft.... I watched, my observation lakers must play physical... pau must not give space,odom ...they must bang bodies and play physical defense and physical offense... respect the bobcats play them like they are the boston celtics... starting 5 must play intelligent and physical basketball... watch how orlando beat this team 4-0... coached..

Pathetic loss. Gasol didn't even raise his arms to defend some of Kwame's shots. I've never seen a Laker show so little heart. It was like watching a baseball game where everyone just trots to first instead of trying to beat out a throw to first. No blocking out on rebounds, no diving after loose balls, trying to run the court without the ball.

This team plays like they're getting ready for Cancun.

Dude...up till yesterday nice road trip. If the lakers end this road trip at 5-2 is it a GREAT or Average trip? And the thought of a 4-3 would bring on a MELT DOWN with the TRADE talks again. Those DREADED TRADE TALKS, the HEAT would GLADLY trade you say.....Big Z for say DREW with the BAD

Posted by: G.Money | February 14, 2011 at 08:13 AM

This Lakers team is Predictable, and it's a real possibility they can have another SET BACK against the Cav's. You can ride the BANDWAGON till the wheel's fall off, but it's heading off the CLIFF.

Mamba24 can try and rally the Lakerholic and give them a shot of KOOL AID or FATTY'S TONIC, it's really DRAINO a slow, slow DEATH.

To be honest with's only PRACTICE it's not that SERIOUS, IT'S NOT THE PLAYOFFS.

Gasol, Bynum, and Blake for Carmelo, Nene, K-Mart, and Billups.

Shannon Brown = Devan George

The lakers biggest problem is pj and fisher.if the coach is stupid enough to keep starting and playing fish and luke the
lakers deserve to lose and they will continue to loose.any other owner would get rid of pj,he is a lousy coach it
dont matter how many rings he have earn he has been lucky to
have some good players over his carrer.this year he has to coach and he dont know how to use the talent on the pau and just give fish and luke to any team that
would have them. i bet you no one else would take them.get rid of the whole coaching staff and hire jerry sloan.i bet
you the team would improve60%.because jerry would make the play 100% every game win or loose.

Dude...A betting man would never lay a DIME on the Lakers, that's just RETARED.

That was ugly. The team's biggest concern in their quest for a 3peat is their arrogance. It's really sad for people to pay their hard earned money to watch them play with such apathy. Show some pride fellas! We, the fans, don't expect you guys to win all the remaining regular season games but at least show some pride when you lose. Kwame looked like an all-star tonight!Jeez. Oh well, on to the next one.

I beleive Phil Jackon is loosing control of the Lakers and at this moment, this team will not win the Championchip this season.

That four game win streak was FOOL'S GOLD, make the trade MITCH.

Screw the Lakers, this ain't no def. champs to me.

Send Drew to the HEAT, for BIG Z.

Make the trade!

I will stop watching the regular games, no pride, no heart and no respect for the fans who shell out good money to see pathetic and anemic plays of the Lakers. I know these are practice games but is this how soft they play during practice? End of my rant.

Having said all that, I still believe that no other team can beat the Lakers in 7-games series. Wake me up when playoffs starts, when every win counts and when Lakers play with "sense of urgency". A chance for a 3-peat is too good to let it slip away without a good fight.

LakerTom: Consider yourself lucky to have missed the first half of this dog of a game...

- - -

I came away thinking how desperately the Lakers need a dead-eye shooter, how badly they miss those Barnes minutes with the feisty defensive pressure he exerts, the heart he plays with. I love Ron Ron, but how good would either Gerald Wallace or Stephen Jackson look in purple and gold?

LRob suggested J.J. Redick sometime last week, I think that would be a great addition. Here's another couple names, how about youngsters Anthony Morrow or Stephen Curry? Aaron Afflalo? How good would The Jet Jason Terry look in purple and gold, have loved his jump shooting for years (yes, it is a pipedream, Cuban would never get rid of him).

One name that is probably out there, legitimately and without having to give up too much is the Cav's Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson (who, coincidentally, will be doing his own Laker-rehearsal on Wednesday). This guy is a great catch-and-shooter with a quick release. He's also a speedster and a nice defender too. He makes about $4-mill/yr.

Anyways, just throwing it out there. Shannon is either very good or very bad it seems, either hitting his shots or totally missing. When he's hot, he's great. But, his 3-pt shots are killing the Lakers at times, so is Ron Ron's.

I hate being hypercritical, but it's just so painfully obvious. Without a perimeter shot maker the defense collapses.

Tough roadtrip, it has taken it's toll on the guys, but these consecutive losses have shone a spotlight on the Lakers deficiencies. At times I was almost hoping Chuck Person would run into the dressing room and put on a Laker uni, I bet at his age he could probably still shoot better at his age than what they were doing today...

Oh well, flush this one down. Only the Cavs stand between them and much-needed rest at the all-star break. I am afraid though, if they bring as little energy Wednesday vs Cleveland as they did today, well it might get very ugly...

- - -

OMG TOO FUNNY! Ron Ron spraying Unbreakable on John Ireland on LTV postgame. Priceless...


They'll be lucky to get out of the 1st round. No way they're beating San Antonio or anyone from the East.

Oh, there's another great shooter out there, better than all of them: 'Melo. Oh, and one more, a killer distributor to boot: Chauncey Billups.

Just saying.


MO WILLIAMS STINKS! (that is for you 888 if you are out there!)

come playoff time the lakers will play even worse because pj has not develop enough backup players,as far as beating the
bob cats remember michael jordan is part owner who was coach by pj.use your own imagination as to why the lakers have a tough time against this particular team ?.once pj retires this will be the best thing that can happen for the for all you fisher lovers he woldnt be able to
start on any top ten(10) college team.bench fish and keep luke on the bench you will began to see a better performance
team.this guys looks terible out there only a mother would think he can still play.

Cancun! Cancun! Cancun!

The Lakers play like how Sam Perkins looks.

You take a team with players who would be garbage time players on any other team, Fisher, Walton, Brown and you wonder why the bench production is so low and the PG play is so bad??? Artest should not be parked out on the 3 point line. He should be down on the block to rebound. Fisher shouldn't even be in the league. Walton should retire. Ebanks should have been given a chance to play so that even if he has a bad year, he can develop. The Lakers need some more banger types to get offensive rebounds and score. The only players Lakers have who does this, and only occasionally, is Odom. Bynum and Gasol, as big as they are, are terrible rebounders.

Nice game Lakers............they don't make like Tom Boerwinkle anymore

Laker 17- Dude slowdown bro, you appear to be having a MELTDOWN, I understand your PASSION for the team. But relax, It's not that SERIOUS.

Jon K has mentioned how the Cavs fans all miss Shannon Brown. Well, how about Shannon/Joe Smith or Ratliff for Boobie Gibson? They get to 'correct' their bad trade, get back an old favorite who has one more year left on his deal.

Racking my brain a bit, I remember Rudy Fernandez wanted out of Portland during training camp. How about this trade, which works and would give the Lakers one of those 'serviceable bigs' types to stick at the end of the bench:

Again, not hating on Shannon, just thinking what would be best for a championship, without breaking up the core-group. Shannon holds a player-option for next season (if there even is one, lol...). There is a chance he doesn't return. Rudy is a very nice shooter, he's also a decent clutch shooter, and a bargain. He maybe could also help relate to Pau, get him a buddy that could help break out of any funk he may have.

Anyways, just throwing stuff out there. Never know if Mitch is reading the blog tonight. =P


Great ideas here tonight.

Let's trade Luke and Fish for Curry, G Wallace, Lebron, D Howard and Melo with Chauncey. Get it done, Mitch!

The only thing certain about after loss predictions of doom: as the Lakers do move through the playoffs, the predictors will be MIA.

Vman- Dude...sounds like a PIPE DREAM.

This is a shame for Laker Nation.
I think Phil Jackson has had enough. I bet he wants Mitch to make a trade right now.
Trade Bynum, Artest, for Melo and Bill-ups.
Trade Walton for O.J Mayo.
Trade Fisher for a better defensive better.
Trade cen Gasol, so that he could wake and say "Wake up!!"
And Bynum says"I don't know man."

I will stop watching the regular games, no pride, no heart and no respect for the fans who shell out good money to see pathetic and anemic plays of the Lakers. I know these are practice games but is this how soft they play during practice? End of my rant.

Having said all that, I still believe that no other team can beat the Lakers in 7-games series. Wake me up when playoffs starts, when every win counts and when Lakers play with "sense of urgency". A chance for a 3-peat is too good to let it slip away without a good fight.

Posted by: jette

These are not PRACTICE games. This is called the regular season. Just because the Lakers stink during the regular season doesn't mean these games do not matter. Season ticket holders play huge amount of money to watch these games. Jette if you ever buy season tickets you won't be calling these games PRACTICE games !!! The Laker faithful want to believe that the regular season doesn't matter because they have a very talented team. But they also have Derek Fisher who should no longer be on an NBA floor. Luckily he plays along side Kobe and 2 players that shoot close to 60%. Because he is not NBA caliber. yes Mr. intangilbe is not NBA quality !!!

Jon K has mentioned how the Cavs fans all miss Shannon Brown. Well, how about Shannon/Joe Smith or Ratliff for Boobie Gibson? They get to 'correct' their bad trade, get back an old favorite who has one more year left on his deal.

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | February 14, 2011 at 07:37 PM

What up Cyber, Don't mean to rain on that trade parade. I have to. It won't happen, Shannon would exercise his bird rights, which he should use to his benefit, and would veto any trade. His agent released a statement, after Brown re-signed, that stated, Shannon's prime intention was being part of a 3 peat squad, Brown has played very well in Boston and New York.

4 games in 5 nights, might go bad for a lot of reasons. These things happen, I've seen it before time and time again in sports. This year look up 'Green Bay Packers 2010' season, a lot of hard done by in that team.

Look, I understand, as fans, we all feel a sense of pride, agony, it's almost a strangelove that some fans and squads and players have.
As a blog, I say, we're all in this together. Whether we differ on opinions, players, each other, win or lose, and that's the way it should be with fans.

I look at the Lakers this year, I've been doing a lot of meditation, and I keep coming back to Bruce Lee. Lee had such a simple way of communicating, it struck me, wise beyond his years. Through himself and martial arts, I have learned a sort of discipline in life and spirit.

In a combative battle between men, you have the natural ability (instinct) of men, who have been trained into that battle, than you have control (execution). If you have an extreme of one or the other, very unscientific, or mechanical. A successful combination of the synergy (yin/yang), you harmony.

I've seen, harmony in this squad, on this trip, in this season, I've also seen the natural ability of this squad and control (consistency) become very erratic. It's interesting. It makes for interesting talk, relevelant or not, makes for good reading/writing material. This Lakers team has been to the Finals three straight years and have a formidable squad when measured up to the other two. I see no reason, not to believe in the successful combination of our natural ability and control. They been through the Foxhole and come out the other side, bright and clear time and time again. I have no reason to believe, the men, together, will not find a way again this year.

It may be time for PJ to follow Jerry Sloan's example...........

I hate wasting more of Kobe's seasons on lazy un-motivated (PJ's job!) teammates!

No more excuses! This is not the team that will get it done come playoff time. No way. Patterns are habits that become hard to break........... No GO-TIME switch in this crew past Kobe.

Give the guys at the end of the bench a run at it - can't be any worse than what happened tonight!

Our Champs flipped the switch again, it used to be L means losing time, this one is lazy-dozy plays, 4-2 is good enough so let's just play good during the playoffs. It used to be when you are a Champ you dominate the league, every game is a challenge to one's manhood of being the title holder. If you lose a game, people will accuse you of betting against yourself. This team is composed of spoiled brats, inconsistent, irresponsible to their fans, city and lastly, irrelevant to what a basketball champs is all about. It is reality basketball made for twitters, fantasizing when playing and waiting for the 2nd season. Nuff said, I won't bother to waste intelligence in analyzing laziness.

I am so appalled by the Lakers lack of effort. After every loss it's the same thing. We need to focus on defense and bring energy to the game. Guess what? Everyone knows that but still they don't do anything about it.

I don't know if it's the players or the coach. Maybe the players have tuned out Phil Jackson. Even when the Lakers had bad years they still played with enthusiasm. But not this year.

This was an UGLY game by the Laker team. I did not even watch the whole game I was sick of watching Fisher get eaten up by faster better shooting guard Augustin. Fisher is the weak link for the Lakers and he should be the first to go. Mitch should think about Bynum for Melo trade with only a few days left. Pau needs to man up and lift some weights. He cannot even make free throws and neither can Lamar. Kobe is the "turn over" king as all his passes go to the opposite team. Why is Walton playing ?? The Lakers are not playng like the NBA champions and show NO pride in their game. Really sad.

Coach Jackson has how many days left of coaching the Lakers ?? Coach Sloan is available and alot better in managing his players and showing discipline. Damn this is going to be a long second half of NBA. Let's get it overwith.



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