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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 113-96 victory over New York Knicks


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan credits the Lakers for picking up the pace in their 113-96 victory Friday over the New York Knicks.

--The New York Times' Howard Beck focuses on Kobe Bryant's dominance over New York.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding praises the Lakers' focus against the Knicks.

--The New York Daily News' Frank Isola argues the Knicks didn't have any defensive answer for Bryant and the Lakers.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford also highlights Bryant's performance against New York.

--The Orange County Register's Ding mentions that Jackson talked to Andrew Bynum about the trade speculation involving him and Denver forward Carmelo Anthony.

--The Daily News' Teaford features Phil Jackson's reflections on playing for New York.


--The Times' Bresnahan highlights Bryant's consideration that he would play in Europe should there be an NBA lockout.

--The New York Times' Beck sits down with Jackson over lunch and talks about his days with the Knicks.

--The New York Post's Marc Berman highlights Bryant's beliefs the Knicks would be better off getting Anthony. Berman also talks to Lakers executive vice president Jeanie Buss, who wouldn't be surprised if Jackson coached the Knicks after leaving the Lakers.

--The Times' Broderick Turner details Shannon Brown's contributions against New York.

--I detail Jerry West's clarification on his comments about the Lakers' aging roster and why he believes the team doesn't always run its offense correctly.

--The New York Daily News' Ebenezer Samuel talks to Ron Artest, who says he wants Carmelo Anthony to join the Knicks. Samuel also highlights Raymond Felton's contention that the Anthony-trade reports are distracting the team.


--The Orange County Register's Ding credits Jackson for knowing how to keep Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum motivated.

--ESPN New York's Mike Mazzeo details Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's recent documentary on the Harlem Rens.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin explains how the Garden brings the best out of Bryant.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ian O'Connor faults Mike D'Antoni's coaching.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne notices Jackson wasn't really waxing nostalgia about his possible last trip to Madison Square Garden.

--ESPN New York's Chris Sheridan argues the Knicks need to make a trade.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Stephen A. Smith argues Laker fans need to be more patient with the defending champions.


--ESPN New York's Ian Begley dissects the Knicks loss to the Lakers.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' victory over the Knicks.'s Mike Trudell provides a running diary.

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark remains impressed with the Lakers' trip.

Tweet of the Day: "Kobe played sensational and the @Lakers are starting to look like the back to back champions that they are!" -- Magic Johnson (Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Great back to back by the Lakers. When I looked at the schedule for the roadie, I thought this would be a stern test. Well, the team passed with flying colors!" -- bronxlakerfan

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Knicks point guard Raymond Felton fouls Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on a driving layup in the second half Friday night. Credit: Christopher Pasatieri / McClatchy-Tribune

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Nice to see Magic back to enthusiastically supporting the Lakers instead of choosing the Celtics to win the Championship.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The PSP has only one issue left and is willing to move on IF kobemvp888 either comes out and shows proof of what he is accusing the PSP of or admits that he lied about/put words in the PSP's mouth.

IF he can show where I said that we would not have won without HCA, I promise every member of this blog that I will straight up apologize and drop the matter.

This is the millionth time I have asked him, yet he chooses to deflect the question and prefer to call names ( fine by me too, we can keep going back and forth). Again I quote his exact words from a previous thread and I will continue to call him out on this.

KobeMVP888 you said:
"He chooses to simplify matters and make assumptions he can't prove that we would have lost without HCA last season and can't win without it this season. He lacks confidence, knowledge and basic Lakers fan common sense."

The practice season police is now publicly calling you out AGAIN to show where the PSP EVER made such a statement/assumption. Until you can show proof of the above you are a liar, a fraud, a bust, and a poser.

After calling him out above, this is part of a comment he made to LakerTom:

But until I can prove to this PSP joke of a blogger that we would have won without HCA last season, my opinions are worthless. How farcical is that?

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | February 12, 2011 at 11:19 AM

People please, how does the question I asked KobeMVP888 translate to what he is now telling LakerTom that I asked him? Am I the only one seeing the problem here or what?

PSP Intern

Posted by: Practice Season Police

FYI: Since fraudmvp888 won't, I have also posted my EXACT words on this matter below. Please read and tell me how he has completely spun what I said into something else.


it is FACT that your regular season record determines your final standing/playoff seeding/HCA. Now going by your logic, that would mean that having HCA is of no merit. The PSP have to disagree with that; HCA may not determine the outcome of a series on its own, BUT it definitely has its merits. Do you disagree with that?

PSP Intern [ should be our partaying :( ]

Posted by: Practice Season Police | February 11, 2011 at 09:24 PM


I don't have time today to respond to your posts or any other posts for that matter. Too much other stuff to do.
But I will try to find time to respond tomorrow if you really want me to.

Just looking through the article, a few things caught my eye...Comments from Kobe,Ron,and Jeanie.. I must say the team is off to a great start on this roadie.With all the trade talk etc. it's been a heck of a basically Kobe and ron are lobbying for Melo to the knicks??As long as the team keeps winning(especially the games they should)it's cool,but ther's something there I just can't put my finger on.Then I read a lil further and Jeanie says she won't be suprised if Phil coaches the knicks afterwards.I guess on the surface it's fine cause we all know Phil said it's his last year.Now the question comes up as in is it his last year period or he'll be the next Larry Brown??Why would he leave a champ to coach the knicks,and then wanting Melo to go there(even though phil himself didn't say it).This can be sliced and diced so many ways,butI guess as long as the reams winning it's all good. Getting through this long trip(with no losses).The next is the trade deadline(without the loss of Bynum)which btw looks less likely. Which brings up the next time they lose or start an l streak,and(knock on wood)the finishing up of a season with a healthy Bynum..

All in all winning cures all.Just wish guys like Artest and socks would look at Kobe play and drive for motivation,and do what they are supposed to do best on this team at their respective positions...........

Haha! I see that while this post links about 20 other great posts, all the comment action is taking place on the Laker Girl profile thread. Nice!

Hey four in a row.Good to see our boys start taking this season serious and start stringing together a couple quality wins.Good work Lakers keep it up.I believe they can go 7-0 on this trip as things began to turn around for them.Happy old magic finally had something good to say about our boys.Like you'll say what do we play for? Rings!

Go Lakers!


Thanx for the RCOTD!


I am convinced that PJ used the Celtics game to build Brown's confidence because not only has he been in a funk, but with the Celtics depleted roster, it gave PJ an opportunity to build Shannon's confidence against a team that he normally lacks confidence and aggression against. By waiting to reinsert Kobe until 5:04 left in the fourth quarter, PJ brilliantly killed two birds with one stone: Kobe came back rested and finished like only Kobe can and the Shannon Brown who started this season with confidence returned to the Lakers. The consequence? Look how he performed at Madison Square Garden!

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | February 12, 2011 at 12:33 PM

No doubt Shannon got a big boost from his good play against the Green Slime. I honestly believe the only thing that is holding him back in a certain lack of self belief. If he had Kobe's confidence and swagger, Shannon would be an All Star quality performer.

I wouldn't think too much of PJ taking off for a year and then coming back to coach any other team, much less the Knicks. If he wants to coach any more after this season, the Lakers should have first dibs.

Who is this PSP clown? Go back to just reading... PLEASE!

Read Magic's tweet and came away with the feeling that he's a bit of a bandwagoneer himself...just a few days ago after some tough losses, he was calling out the team as not being focused enough. Lakers turn things around and start off this road trip well, and Magic does a 180. He'd fit right in as a regular on this blog!

bronxlakerfan - congrats on the Friedman... though I still think the test is ongoing.

Hey PSP and KobeMVP - Let's tone down the contentiousness. Appreciate the passion, but don't let it spill over

I was looking over the Lakers team stats and there are some interesting numbers. The team’s 3-point shooting has cooled off to 36.3% (versus 34.1% for opponents), with Fisher leading the team at 40.2%, followed by Blake and Brown both at 38.6%, then Lamar at 37.9%, Artest at 35.8%, Barnes at 34.1, with Kobe last at 32.1%. Funny, if I were to pick a Lakers player to shoot a 3-pointer, I’d take Kobe.

As a team, the Lakers are shooting an out standing 78% from the line. I always look at the free throw percentages because they are an excellent gauge in my opinion of a players true shooting ability. Great shooting is totally about muscle memory, which is why free throws always reveal suspect shooters. If you want to know if a player’s outside shooting is for real, I always look at their free throw shooting. That’s one reason why I hated to give up on Sasha but had essentially given up on Farmar.

The top free throw shooter so far for the Lakers has been Blake at 90.5% followed by Brown at 89.6% and then Fisher at 85.%, Kobe at 82.6%, Barnes at 81.5%, Gasol at 81.2% with Odom at 68.1% and Bynum at 66.1% trailing the pack. What is significant about these numbers is that they bode well for Blake and Brown, who both started off hot and have since cooled off, to be able to pick it up again. I think that is exactly what we have been seeing in Shannon Brown the last few games.

I’ve always pretty much been a Shannon Brown doubter. I completely disagree with my friend CCX about Brown’s potential as a point guard in the Triangle. Sorry, Mike, it ain’t going to happen. Ball handling, playmaking, and good decision making are not part of Shannon’s current arsenal. Where he has surprised me, however, is with his outside shooting. When I see that he is shooting almost 90% from the free throw line this year, that convinces me that he has truly become a better shooter. Along with attacking the rim with his athleticism, Shannon is developing into a solid shooting guard.

Also, with it being a Saturday, this is a great opportunity for me to catch up on errands before the madness of ASG weekend. So enjoy the day and the comment threads

@bronx - congrats on RCOTD. Also you're right about Magic fitting right in with his latest 180.

Good article on Shannon. He said he made excuses for his recent poor play by blaming some off court issues, but now he's refocused!

Practice Season Police,

Arguing and being insulted is part of the rites of passage of being a part of this blog.

I wouldn't take it too personally and I would hope that you don't try take down other bloggers who disagree with you.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Where are your seats for the All-Star game?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Was that really necessary?

PSP Intern

Nice photo of Felton fouling Kobe. Too bad the ref didn't call it.

@LT - speaking of free throw shooting Ron is 3-13 in the last five games. Ouch


Please admonish him to change his handle. It's sole purpose is to mock and stalk me. He's a coward and won;t even acknowledge who he really is (was). It might be Justa Laker Hater based on previous admissions of multiple insulting handles, but there's no way to know. LAKER TRUTH and yellofever have similar bigs up their butts about me, too, but I will not accuse them either. It really doesn't matter as long as a stop is put to it.

Is calling me a "fraud" and other names permissible? I prefer (attempting) to contribute substantive opinions and observations about the Lakers and the NBA (as you WELL know), but when you allow this kind of garbage to permeate the forum, I have no alternative other than to defend myself as bothersome as it might be to everyone else. Interestingly, he's among the group of Lakers fans who you have labeled as "complainers," without mentioning them by name. While the majority of my opinions are actually mainstream because all I do is expound upon what I read and hear with respect to the Lakers and the NBA from people whose knowledge base exceeds mine, somehow the "complainers" are given equal say about what goes on around here. The problem is that they choose to do it through forms of mockery and insults.

So what's a fan who adds a positive approach supposed to do when he's attacked by these complaining, unappreciative naysayers? Sit back and do nothing? Sorry, MM, it's your job to dispose of the waste in here, but if you won't do it, it's not part of my "style" to sit back and be lovey-dovey or do nothing when I'm repeatedly attacked. Screw him. Make him change his handle because he has that handle for ONLY one reason and you know it. I ask you to do this to keep me from constantly and unnecessarily defending my mainstream positions in a way I would prefer to avoid.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Evidently it was necessary. As MM has asked you politely to tone it down.

I apologize for the "clown" remark.


For how long has it been the same old story about the Lakers "needing" a perimeter shooter? We're fine. Fortunately, our team success lies with pounding the ball inside, not with living or dying by the three. We have plenty of guys who can hit them at a high enough percentage already. We even have the luxury of a guy like LO who has recently knocked down some clutch threes late in the game. he's not exactly a"stretch 4" like a Rashard Lewis, but he can and does play that role when need be. From my previous post, you know I agree with you on Shannon Brown, but as for Sasha leaving, he would have been still been pulling splinters from his behind because our guards have remained healthy. If we need two free throws at the end of a Game 7 this year, I am quite comfortable with either Blake or Brown being inserted in a similar situation for that opportunity.

This is a team with an existing identity. Mitch Kupchak tweaked it ever so slightly in the off season with the additions of Blake and Brown who give us the exact type of players who fit Phil Jackson's system at those positions, and Shannon Brown has been an overall pleasant surprise this season as Kobe's back up. I remain extremely optimistic for the playoffs for every reason we have been talking about. Kobe's minutes are down, LO's having a great year, Bynum will continue to get stronger and better, the Black Swan will bring his mojo when he needs to, Playoff Fish will still be Playoff Fish, and Lock-Down Ron will be a focused Lock-Down Ron when it counts. Add Barnes and Blake, with a season under their belts and an improved Shannon Brown, and I just like the way this smells! Seriously, does any team have a 9 man rotation like this?


i'm sorry i really wanted to stay above the fray here... but this is just too tempting to pass up...

i for one would like to commend you on an outstanding job you are putting forth in protecting the inalienable rights of all us bloggers who wish to express our own opinions to have the freedom to speak freely without constant censorship and downright harsh and ugly criticism from certain bloggers... you are doing an outstanding job!!... NOW i also find it completely laughable how that certain blogger with the triple digits is pathetically playing the victim card in portraying you as the BAD GUY by practically begging MM to ban you for just expressing your right to an opinion.

i actually thought that man was on the road to rehabilitation not too long ago... his posts were becoming less and less combative and his tone less supercilious and i thought he lost the 'TUDE when he even tried on numerous occasions to extend an olive branch to LAKERTRUTH that not only got denied but went completely ignored... you see somethings WILL NEVER CHANGE and hes back to his same old tricks... in the past few weeks alone hes called out and had numerous run-ins with: hobbit, edwin, Art-FL, bay to LA, even phred and now Lrob of all people to name a few... Lrob?? thats like declaring war on switzerland for christs sake?? but the question posed shouldnt be how many bloggers has that man insulted but how many bloggers has that man NOT insulted??!!

so please dont stop what you're doing.. this blog is a much safe place to patrol...THE PSP... TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE!!


way to rain on leah parade.. common man dont be so hard on the lakergirls! they are part of lakernation and deserve their brief moment in the spotlight... beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. you can choose to read or just stare if you wish! Lol

What may seem stupid to anyone doesn't necessarily seem stupid to someone else. An argument about an apparent trivial matter may reflect or mask conflicts on larger matters. This is a Lakers forum fan; people are welcome here to voice their opinion/concerns about the team. But, names calling shouldn’t be used. If used the offender should back down from that person’s comment and move on if he/she chooses to. You might try thinking about what people are really saying when they argue about whether Sponge Paul is gay or not, or how an argument about the world ending (or not) just reflects certain attitudes and anxieties that some people hold. Consider why they hold them. As to my face, sometimes people really do like to discuss and debate the genuinely trivial because discussing and debating major issues can be too disturbing and unpleasant. ...

I’m a long time reader first time poster to the blog.

Go Lakers...


Apology accepted. I hope you did note that MM called out BOTH KobeMVP and I but you chose to sling mud at me only.


You still cannot answer a simple question the PSP posed to you. How hard can this be? You do not want to be called a fraud yet you want to get away with posting slander about me? It does not work that way my dear, deluded friend. You are accountable for what you post here.

I have posted your exact words and my exact words to show that you are full of lies. If you cannot defend yourself, then you are guilty, a fraud, and a bust case closed. The PSP will state again, I am NOT one of these others bloggers you keep insinuating that I am! Its getting exasparating having to make this clear over and over again.

Jon K

The PSP is not taking anything on here personal! Lol, this is so much fun the PSP can't believe what the PSP has been missing out on. Deep inside, you know you want me and kobemvp888 to meet up in a dark alley eh? The PSP kids!


A bottle of budweiser for you sir. I mean he is beefing/beefed with LRob of all people? And he is trying to make me out to be the bad guy, yet can't answer a simple question i've asked him about 5 times or so now.

PSP Intern

It's nice just about everyone has an opinion about whether or not people should have opinions. That being said, etiquette should be followed. Now, Mark interjected so I'm not going to over step my bounds only to mention something important.

On most blogs Ad Hominem are no no's. I'm not sure if Mark Medina has ever addressed the issue. Using words like snake, slithering, son, fraud, in the context of what was written can be considered Ad Hominem. The person is directly the character of the blogger than the merits of their posts. This needs to stop. I'm not speaking to anyone directly. Without knowing, I have been guilty of Ad Hominem as well, I learned a valuable lesson.

Please everyone, if you've stopped using logic and/or reason at any point during an exchange. Just leave and comeback the next day, no one gets offended, no one gets banned. And we just keep on moving.

Thanks, Sean

re: The person is directly attacking the character of the blogger rather


Just got back on the blog after watch Bruins vs Beavers. Did you see the D exhibited by both teams? Fantastic! I think our Lakers can learn something from these collegiate hoopsters, tho the latter need maturity as well in handling the ball and the clock. They're like unstoppable train of nowhere to go.

With regards to the Laker girl, Leah, I was commenting because her profile is on the blog. I just commented on MM penchant of putting of profiles of Laker girls as sort of encouragement to visit the blog. This blog has all the attributes of commercialism from too many threads, frequent chats with slight issue on hand, too much debates. I missed a lot of great bloggers who have deserted this blog. One of them Kblitz, another is Mike T, (an ex-convict who has been banned last year but a true Laker fan who was also responsible for the growth of this blog with his JJ), Korey, Ex, Hariyahu, Tsphere, Kiwi, Troy, Troy B, Jamie Sweet, including my good friend Mamba 24 and the Sheriff formerly Taliq who became Segeway and many more like Jay Jay, Rdlee these are the elder bloggers who lost interest in sharing the passion in the blog. IMO, This blog became the forum for kids, blight and fights. Not healthy in the long run if you wish to bring camaraderie from everyone. You're right even LRob who kept the flagship of the blog with his creative ingenuity is now an "issue" because of his Pau comments. Yes, Gasol comments over Drew put you in trouble, I think that is a stretch of fanaticism and immaturity. 63 Footer is also becoming a disinterested participant with all these backbiting and tearing one another. My good old friend, Vman stay away from the fray but he's one first bloggers here. I think whoever is right PSP or 888 back off please.... try to maintain tranquility and considerations to others.

Posted by: sean | February 12, 2011 at 04:10 PM
Good post! exactly what I posted one post above psp’s post. However, psp and kobemvp888 beef brings laughs in this blogs sometimes, who know maybe that’s what’s it is intend for…

@Bob- Thanks Bob, I saw your post, that's as apropos as you can get. You never know, only those two know what the score is all about. Ad Hominem drag blogs down, it creates bad vibes, intentional or not, it needs to weeded out before it drags out.

Please send this pic to the Refs and the next time they "T" Kobe up just make them look at this!

Hey! Let's talk Lakers and their game! What is this personal attack garbage! Back-in-the-day this would be handled with a throwdown (fists and wrestling only) in the park and then back to eatin' take-out together and the game! This is unseemly for the rest of us trying to page past all the vile and hoping to find more compadres with insights on the Lakers. Take it to the social blogs somewhere else please or stop it and stick to our game opinions....or agree to disagree and can it.

MVP888 and Practice Season Police, everybody else- I don’t want to jump into this and fire something up if it is cooling down. But I have few thoughts that might be interesting, they are of course worth what they cost-

There are several things that I try to remember about some of the disputes on here- It is difficult to reconcile a few things- I would like to remind you that this in fact a comment forum that in fact does record what is written for posterity- It is not always necessary to continue to restate a position that has already been made within the same thread.

It is also less interesting for most of us to rehash an argument that is taken from say, twenty threads ago.

I think it is on some level important to hold people accountable for positions they have taken in the past- if there is no accountability, it is too easy to abandon a standard of truth. Given that it isn’t always desirable or easy within the thread of a particular debate to research and cite verbatim someone’s comments from 20 threads or so ago, I understand it is tempting to attempt to summarize someone’s past position; however, I think that in order to really hold anyone accountable it is better to in fact cite a person’s comment directly. No one appreciates having their past arguments misstated.

I think I have found in both in my own comments and others a tendency to hold one person accountable for arguments that other people who share their positions have taken; (One that is compounded by the fact that several commentors here in fact change names the way some people change their socks- while many in fact deny that they have done so, giving the appearance that they are disavowing past statements in an attempt to salvage credibility). For example, if one person agrees with another person that Derek Fisher isn’t a valuable player, there is a tendency to lump that person in with a person who is critical of Luke Walton- A generalization at best that isn’t fair to the effort anyone makes to articulate their particular belief- (if in fact there is any effort taken at all to articulate criticism of Luke Walton in lieu of knee jerk attacks, but I digress).

Perhaps I am dwelling on this a bit much, but I do think these things are worth considering.

I would also like to suggest finally that most of us here do not frame our opinion of a commentor based on what another commentor says about them; we do so based on that person’s own words- and that indulging in personal attacks, while occasionally entertaining, ultimately rebounds by reflecting badly on the person making the attack instead of the person being attacked.
Just my thoughts



All I know is that the regular use of lip balm has now officially changed my life for the better!

@phred- anything rational, like what you've laid out is a good thing. Thanks for your two cents, it's good to see that we all seem to be on the same page as far as etiquette and common respect.

Great piece by Heisler, I caught it on the Chicago Tribune:,0,4966705.story

I'm glad some of ESPN's peers are calling them out and taking them to task as it relates to the ridiculous rumor mills.

Also interesting to know, that after the Decision, Lebron has no contact with ESPN and doesn't talk to them about anything. I didn't know he freezed them out.

Sean and Bob,

Here are the legal terms of LA Times that are not being implemented by MM which we all agree in posting comments. In a way, it is also difficult to police and edit postings because of the automatic blogging. We rest our case on bloggers maturity to accept or ignore these terms.


I quote the following:

Do not provide User Content that

* contains vulgar, profane, abusive, racist or hateful language or expressions, epithets or slurs, text, photographs or illustrations in poor taste, inflammatory attacks of a personal, racial or religious nature.

* is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual or community.


On top of this, there is the Netiquette rules written by Virginia Shea that we always remind for everyone's guide.

What happens if u throw mud at someone else, you expect something in return as well, isn't it? There is a point we don't know who started the whole thing. Isn't this familiar among 3 year olds? At least, I noticed these toddlers immediately become friends after brief fight of pulling hairs. lol! Here, fights and debates replicates by itself like a broken record as if we come to this blog because of bloggers comments. We only represent one segment of the universe of Laker fans, who are considered talkative and opinionated fans. let us take care of that responsibility if we post our uninhibited views .

@Edwin- Thanks for bringing it to light Edwin, It's the basics, which is good. Nonetheless without rules there is only chaos.

You may have missed it, Mark did chime in and asked the personal attacks stop.

The rancour between kith and kin should stop at Ad Hominem like I stated before. Conflict is necessary part of life, that being said, all/any conflict can always reach a resolution.

I'm proud to be on a blog that preaches tolerance, difference of opinion and a veteran group that does an excellent job of policing the blog themselves. I'm new and not going to overstate my opinion until I feel comfortable enough to debate without ruffling anyone's feathers.

Great link from sean and Edwin- thanks guys, I think everybody should check out both- FCM, Heisler's article would go great in your Caught in the Web thread tomorrow.

Edwin- not to nitpick and I definitely agree with you, but I also think it's fair to say that anyone who has made it this far down in the comments section probably does come to the blog at least in part to read people's comments. At least, anyone who comes this far down more than once.

@Bob -

Since you said this is your first time posting, I wanted to say welcome to the blog. I'm sure that I won't be the only one to welcome you, and to let you know that it'll be great having your thoughts as an addition to this blog.


GREAT stuff posted this afternoon. My thanks Sean for the point you made about Ad Hominem. My thanks also to Edwin for posting the link to "THE CORE RULES OF NETIQUETTE". Always appreciate stuff like that.

phred, good points and valuable stuff. I do notice that when beefs get going in here, it's tough to even remember what people are fighting ABOUT because it degrades into personal mud slinging and name calling. Some of the nicest guys in this blog can become fierce and personal. It happened just today.

I "try" to make the choice to say nothing instead of attacking when someone is dismissive with me on this blog. I recently went a month without posting because I was so upset. I would rather make that choice than to force upon the other bloggers my right for vengence or my attempts to "balance the books" so to speak.

I wish people understood that for those of us that read the blog daily, the personal beefs come into the world of all of us. Even if you think you are doing what you consider the "Right Thing", we are witness to the clash. Inevitably, the blogger will defend his/her right to defend themselves and off to the races they go.

Now while I am watching this (sometimes for days) I am thinking, wow, how self centered they are. Placing at risk the cohesiveness of our blog because they feel justified! In truth what happens is, people will make the choice to leave the blog or to at minimum check out for a few days. It took me a month last time. Next time?

Fellow Bloggers

The PSP is in agreement with most of what the peacemakers are saying. Also want to say thanks to everyone trying to defuse this whole nonsense.

People like sean, mcclyne,cybercosmix and just today ChicNStu (even though he later apologized) have called me names and been demeaning even though none of my posts were originally directed towards them.

As for KobeMVP888, he has been telling lies about me and the PSP has been asking him to show proof that I said the things he claimed I said. Instead of doing just that, he keeps on calling me names and avoiding the original issue. How hard is it for him to say "I'm sorry, the things I posted that you said were wrong" OR show actual proof that I said those things?

So its not that the PSP wants this to go on for months, but I will not have someone tell lies with my name and get away with it. My next post will be a polite, courteous post to KobeMVP888 about this. Let's see how he responds.

PSP Intern [what a day!!! :-) ]


You said and i quote:

"He chooses to simplify matters and make assumptions he can't prove that we would have lost without HCA last season and can't win without it this season. He lacks confidence, knowledge and basic Lakers fan common sense."

Could you please enlighten the PSP on when and where I made such comments/assumption about us losing last season without HCA?

PSP Intern


Bob - welcome fellow Laker fan!


I've been meaning to bring up how the Logo reflects your precise sentiments about the Lakers' defense. MM's article, which was published in the paper version of the LA Times today, contains the following:

"The Lakers' biggest problem defensively [this season] has been their offense," West said. "They don't run patiently with their offense. They have two big guys and when they get down in their [offensive] set, they're very good. But if they turn the ball over and have quick shots, they can't get back [on defense]."

He also noted the team's recent progress — the Lakers won the first three games of their seven-game road trip.

"The Lakers have great talent, and they should be favored to win [the championship]," West said. "But as I say, they're not going to win if they don't run their offense correctly, which will lead to bad defense."

Is this not EXACTLY what you have been preaching since the beginning of the season? Hell, you have PROBABLY been saying this for a lot longer than I have been posting in here. It's nice to know that I admire and respect bloggers who know what they are talking about.


We're done. Please get rid of your handle and stop addressing me and defaming me. I have no further interest in responding to your garbage. The only people it entertains are those who already can't stand me, so if that gives you a rise then you are one pathetic soul. This is the last time I will address you and I will revert to skipping over your posts altogether as I did previously and as I have since I made my request to MM. Please do me and the rest of the good bloggers in here the courtesy of losing that handle and it would be big of you if you returned with a normal handle with the good intentions of focusing on Lakers basketball rather than your current mission in life which is a lame effort at mocking and belittling me. Thank you.

@edwin.. sorry not a big fan of college basketball anymore unless its my alma mater the golden bears who havent exactly send shockwaves through the pac 10 for like 20 years since jason kidd left... as for all those aforementioned bloggers i cant really speak for since most were before my time but i dearly do miss KBLITZ... now theres a dude i miss having around... where art thou brother?? if u can hear us pls come back!!!

@bob... nice to have you post for the first time... as you can see a lot of bloggers have come and gone through the years some voluntarily and others unfairly banned... but i sure hope you will stick around.. this is just another ordinary day in the life of the laker blog.


Ok you are guilty as charged then; just not man enough to admit it. Sorry but the PSP will NOT get rid of their handle, you can take that to the bank son.

To the blog in general, let it be noted that the PSP approached KobeMVP888 in a non aggressive, non threatening, amicable manner and KobeMVP888 would not/could not respond the same way and instead reverted to mud slinging as usual.

PSP Intern

Is it too late for me to be a loyal fan and appreciate everything Fisher brought to the win yesterday?

Ok, now I call BS on both of you guys. Give it a freakin rest.

MVP888- You seem very reasonable when we chat in person but I find you very confrontational and I don't think you are justified by the argument of defending yourself- even if you were, I personally am getting tired of it. I hope for all of our sakes you stay true to your word and stop reading and responding to PSP. I like your basketball centered comments.

PSP- Most of what i said to MVP also applies to you- You make conciliatory comments but your name seems aimed to cause trouble- If this is not the case, and you are really attached to it, I guess that is your deal. I think if you refrain from arguing with MVP people will decided your name is not aimed at him.

Like MVP, I like your basketball oriented comments. I do find it doubtful that you are any of the previous commentors you have been accused to being because your writing seems to be at a much higher level.

Frankly, I think both of you guys are getting close to getting bounced out of here, and I really hope that doesn't happen



And if both of you guys want tell me to &^%$ off, be my guest. I tried to be very careful and avoid making any statements that are critical of your personal character. I feel you are making bad decisions in the heat of the moment, something I know I have done before and can completely understand.

Yes, I am giving you both the benefit of the doubt in order to be nice.


Seriously, what was wrong with my post to kobemvp888 at 6:23 pm? Why could he not follow my lead and be courteous like I was? I posed a question to him using his EXACT quote and he could not defend his own words.

The PSP chose the name not to cause trouble, but because the PSP found the idea of the practice season humorous. Everyone is entitled to pick their non vulgar handle but KobeMVP888 seems to think I chose the name because of him which is false. Oy Oy Oy :-(

PSP Intern

Hmmm, Pop decides to bring Ginobli off the bench tonight. He’s been struggling in February avg just 12pts while shooting 35% and only 23% from 3pt. Could Manu be wearing down this early? I doubt it. He’s probably just going thru one of those droughts.


you wrote:
To the blog in general, let it be noted that the PSP approached KobeMVP888 in a non aggressive, non threatening, amicable manner and KobeMVP888 would not/could not respond the same way and instead reverted to mud slinging as usual.

my response:

Duly noted. Now please, head to the back of the line of people that
KobeMVP888 has lied about, slighted & then ignored when called on his

For what it's worth:

Mark Medina, I find KobeMVP888's handle offensive. Please make him
change it. [ Always take your $$ :) ]

Ok. Now that we've all shared our dirty laundry in public ... *sigh* how
about those Lakers?

DBDH checking in over the weekend here...

Two quality wins, plus two quality opponents, plus zero trades equals...

One happy Laker fan.


Is it May yet?

LRob - shooting aside, maybe Pop's gonna go back to Ginooooobli coming off the bench again like previous years.

I’m in the same bucket with sean… Caliphilosopher, thanks for having me Caliphilosopher. I’ll be the fbi not psp from now on… psp cool the f down brow…

PSP- Ok. Works for me.

Now lets see if we can get yello and mage and maybe even MVP888 on board and bury this kerfuffle. Let's give FCM a break and not make yello ^%$#@ about people getting banned unfairly.

Sometimes real life imitates life on the big screen and youth basketball mimics the NBA. Like the real Lakers, the Mt. Carmel Lakers burst out to an 18-10 halftime lead and were feeling a little too good about themselves. Our opponent came out smoking and shut us down completely, taking a 19-18 lead heading into the fourth quarter, where we again took charge and had 5 point lead with 2 minutes to go and a 2 point lead and the ball with 16 seconds to go. I clearly told them no shots just keep the ball away from the other team but our best player had an easy layup he couldn’t resist but which rolled out. The other team raced down the floor and were fouled trying to tie the game with 4 seconds to go
I called time after the kid nailed the first free throw to freeze him but he still banked in the tying free throw. We inbound the ball with 4 second and raced down the floor when our point guard was fouled with 1 second to go and our team in the 1-and-1. After a brief meeting, the ref retracted the foul and we went into overtime where we missed a chance to win the first and had the game winning shot bounce off in the second. It was a heart breaker and partly my fault for not calling a time out to make sure nobody shot rather than calling the instructions from the sidelines. The trolls on the Mt. Carmel team blog are going to lay into the coach for not calling a time out and for blowing the lead. LOL.

As for the blog, PSP and MVP have to just let it go. Do what hobbitmage and I have done. It’s not that hard, especially since the original point that started all of this was really trivial. I do understand how MVP could be annoyed to have a blogger select a handle that is an intentional mockery of him. All I ask is that you think of what it is like to essentially be virtually stalked where the same person immediately comments every time you post. I’ve had that happen to me and it’s not funny or fair. Nor is saying that he was just asking for it. It does take two to tango but only one to start a fight. If hobbitmage and I can get past our prior conflicts and make an effort to be mutually civil, then surely you two can do the same. Anyway, that’s where I stand. Tomorrow’s game day. Let’s get ready.


We got 4-0 but tomorrow is another big test against Magic. They have good perimeter shooting but that's Lakers weakness in containing the 3 pt shooting. All Laker loses come from lack of good D on p & r and perimeter shooting. Can we keep up the intensity in winning on the road? We won against Boston at their home court, tho' their excuse their starters are under the weather. It is not exactly a clear victory. In the case of Knicks, they are not really a quality team Amare cannot carry the whole team. On the other hand, the up and coming Clippers are also miserable on the road, they show their true colors as Clippers. What kind of adjustment should the Lakers apply in containing Orlando's fire power on the outside as well as inside game. Will KingKong and Black Swan have enough kryptonites to weaken Superman? Well we have Mamba reload but his D is just a so-so. What do you think?

Did anyone notice in last nights game, in the closing seconds of the 1st quarter
Kobe waving off Gasol? After Kobe did that, Gasol's body movement was like, Ya whatever.
Kobe makes the shot, everyone hi fives Kobe. Everyone except Gasol.

Laker Tom,

Zoomed ahead on these threads to catch up with you. Saw you had my back a few threads ago - appreciate that.

One thing that I don't want to get into is the personal back and forth - with name calling etc.

Just a note for the critic: I've been a Laker fan - die hard - since the late 60's. Lived most my life on East Coast but I did a short stint in Southern California as a young kid and listened to Chick Hearn every night the Lakers played. Meeting Jerry West at the Woolworth's store in San Diego in 1971 was one of the greatest thrills of my life. I had pictures taken, had autographs signed - like 5 of them and he signed my new Regent basketball that he was there to promote. At one time I had the press clippings from every Laker game in their 33 game win streak - until my basement flooded in NH and destroyed the collection.

I grew up for the most part in New England. Die hard Celtic country. I'll never forget the abuse I took on the school bus the morning after the Celtics came back to win game seven and take the title over the Lakers in 69. I was the only Laker fan around. Again, in 1984, living in NH, going to the local pub to watch the finals - 300 Celtic fans and me. Literally got into it physically more than once.

There is little I despise more than the Celtics. Turning off the AC in the visitor locker room in 100 degree heat, never fixing the warped parquet floor and designing defenses to trap in those areas, cheap shot artists like Danny Ainge, ML Car, Greg Kite....and even the classic cheap shot McHale, turning the 84 series from the team with the best talent into a hockey match, Aurebach being such a sore loser, Aurebach lighting cigars after victory - being such a poor winner, Tom Heinson and Johnny Most and their cry baby biased announcing. The thing about the Celtics is they will do anything to win and they are proud of that fact.

I've never known the Lakers to stoop beyond the realm of basketball to win.

However, to keep it in perspective, I love basketball and I respect great play and I respect hard work. While I hate the Celtics - they have had some of the greatest teams and players of all time - no question. I see Bird as the greatest forward ever and one of the top 3 players of all time. McHale - hate that cheap shot - always will, but he was amazing and maybe the greatest 4. The Celtics of 1985-86 may have been the greatest team ever....... all that...tough to swallow, but it is what it is.

Satisfaction ....... is despite that great 85-86 team, the Lakers dominated that decade. The next greatest Celtic team may very well have been the 2008 squad - they were awesome. Those that think the Lakers got robbed are crazy - the Lakers were lucky to go six - they were overmatched. However, if the Lakers win it this year again they will have dominated in the face of two of the greatest Celtic teams ever (1986 and 2008) and would have taken away a chance for them to have a dynasty with titles surrounding those years.

So, what I don't want is the Lakers to play at a level below their capability and to not meet their potential this year. I have waited a lifetime for the Lakers to pass the Celtics in titles and the last thing I want to see is the Celtics win it again when the Lakers are right there - finally.

Ladies and Gentlemen, barring injuries - it will take a dog fight to beat the Celtics this year. The Lakers have the talent and the team to do it - but they will need to bring all they have.

I come from the era when the finals where tape delayed. Living on the East Coast 3 hours behind, Laker home games didn't finish until about 2am, but whenever they were on TV, I would watch the game into the next day. In college I would sneak out of parties to find a tv in someones apartment to watch the tape delayed finals with Magic and crew.

Jack Nicholson may be the most famous Laker Fan, but I was in the trenches as a fan long before it became the popular thing to do. That front row seat at the Staples Center is a piece of cake compared to a cellar pub with 300 crazy Celtic fans. So - Troll? ..... hardly. Being a Laker fan for me entails hating and respecting the Celtics all at the same time and always expecting the Lakers to be great.

And lastly - and I won't name names - but the person slinging the negative on Jerry West might want to think twice. Were you there at the press conference? It is the job of the press to make a story. So, all you know is what the press tells you. Jerry West has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. And so what if he is hard on the Lakers? That is who he is. He was always hard on himself and a perfectionist. I see his points - when the Lakers don't get the loose balls - what's up? I want to see something special from the Lakers - they have the talent, they owe it to themselves and the sport to be the best they can be.

Speaking of Ginobili, not sure where the guy found the fountain of youth, but he's looking every bit as good as he did 5 years ago. I thought SA might let him walk when he hit free agency, but I guess they made the right decision to give him a very reasonable extension. I think he should be in the MVP discussion this year, although he probably won't win it. I'd say Rose should be the favorite right now, with Howard second.

Manu is definitely the wild card on that team with his creativity and fearlessness. Parker and Duncan, on the other hand, can be contained. Jefferson has been a surprise too, reinventing himself to play the Bruce Bowen role on this team. They're clearly a contender in the West, but we should be able to take them out in 6 or 7 games in the playoffs. Maybe even less if Fish and Ron are knocking down open shots.

@LRob and 63 Footer,

Not sure if it matters whether Manu Ginobili starts or not. He always gets his minutes and he always finishes, as they say. Although Gregg Popovich will be hurting his MVP chances by making him a sixth man. . . .

How about the Western Conference mayhem in February? Suns one game over .500 and still in 10th place. . . . Grizzlies, three games over .500, climbing on top of the Blazers, who are a handful of games over .500. . . . The Jazz and Nuggets possibly about to go into meltdown mode and slip from seventh and sixth, respectively, where they're only 1 and 1 1/2 games ahead of the Blazers. . . . The top end of the Western Conference tightening as Lakers win more frequently to put pressure on Mavericks to try to keep pace and Spurs to stay ahead of the pace.

I can't wait for the NBA's version of March Madness.

Time to get back to work.

Take care all you Lakerholics.

I do understand how MVP could be annoyed to have a blogger select a handle that is an intentional mockery of him.
Posted by: LakerTom | February 12, 2011 at 07:45 PM

Laker Tom

The PSP gave reasons why he chose that moniker earlier in this thread or the previous one, dont remember. It has nothing to do directly with KobeMVP888; I could have easily gone for PracticeSeason888 if i wanted.

PSP Intern

Don't mean to add fuel to the fire, on MVP888 vs PSP, but I'm just wondering.

I wonder why everyone is pointing out to the PSP?

Even "new comer" Bob calls him out (see: "psp cool the f down brow")? Why would you even put the letter "F" there Bob? Not good for a new comer. If it's typo I doubt.

PSP's question towards MVP888 is pretty much obvious to me(don't know about other bloggers), It is written in plain simple english language. Why then MVP888 wouldn't want to answer this? Instead of answering it directly, he spins it around. I can see where the PSP is mad here. Do we really want to be charged of a LIE. Would we happily accept it?

Also, PSP's handle is his/ her own right. No one has the right to TAG his handle as being BIAS/ or is being used to just to mock people here. He does not buy the "practice season" theory, so what? We all have our own opinions do we?

Now, if we are charged with a LIE (a statement/ deed that we did not say or do), now that's a different story.

I rest my case but I wonder why.

On a completely unrelated subject, I just got done watching the movie 'Kill Zone' with Donny Yen, a recommendation from Blog Movie Czar wesjoe- Easily the best movie I've seen this year, and I'm only five years late. I guess it's a Hong Kong action movie in the best Hong Kong tradition, but the two movies it reminded me of were 'The Usual Suspects' and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,' two of my all time favorites.

Also I think PSP is a new commentor here and not an old retread, but he is obviously either Bob Dole or Rickey Henderson.

iikes, gone a few hours and WWIII breaks out!

Seriously though, don't know if MM realizes that one certain bloggers handle is a direct shot at 888. Perhaps, had that been nipped in the bud at the onset, things wouldn't have deteriorated. Seems like the point of the newly-named blogger is simply to rankle others, not to offer any type of views/insights/thoughts into the Lakers. The condescending/provocative use of the word 'son' when addressing others is provocative, rude and completely incendiary.

I for one has said far too much, given too much attention to the matter. I don't want to be part of the degradation of the blog. I'm going to say, one has to merely look around and see that this blog is actually pretty well behaved compared to others. This is actually pretty mild. Check out a couple of other Laker sites, or for that matter other teams newspaper blogs. Anyone interested in a taste, check out some posts on the latest NYDN Knicks article comments which I was reading thru earlier regarding last nights win:

This blog does about as well at self-policing than any I can recall being on. There is such a rich variety of voices and characters on the blog that it is never boring. I've never seen perfect 'blog-utopia' reached - but let's face it, how fun would it be if everyone thought the same, just reacted in the same way. OK, we get the occasional threats and personal attacks, a heated exchange happens from time to time, but really - considering how diverse the opinions, how passionate the views, how intense the feelings - it's rather amazing it doesn't happen more.

That being said, this new blogger is apparently more intent on wreaking havoc than in offering any type of productive thoughts at all.

- - -

Bob: Well said comments. Welcome to the blog, hope you stick around!

- - -

sean: Really enjoy your contributions to the blog. Anyone that sees the good in our dysfunctional bunch - well you're alright in my book! Look forward to your future thoughts on the Lakers and hoops in general.

- - -

yellofever: "this is just another ordinary day in the life of the laker blog."

LOL, perfectly stated.


Dan "the Man despite his genetic predisposition to be a Blazers fan" Loumena - Manu'll get his, but I was wondering if Pops is starting to change his lineup a little as the post-season comes upon us.

Does Manu work better starting or off the bench, match-up-wise? As Drew starts and LO tends to finish for Jacksonian reasons, will Pops alter his Spurs?

It's a puppet

Cyber- Come on, man! We were kerfuffle burying! KERFUFFLE BURYING! Let's not judge! Leave Rickey alone, he is the greatest baserunner of our time.

Man, those guys on that Knicks Blog don't need civility, they need a freakin english teacher.

Dan the Man, 63- I hope this isn't just some lowdown move by Pop to try to screw over LO and try to get Manu another Sixth Man award. That would be a long step down from trying for the MVP. Hey, while we're looking for a new topic,

Who do you guys think is the favorite for the NBA MVP right now? Who are the dark horses? Lets disqualify all the Lakers for the sake of argument, as I think at least one guy there would get a lot of the vote.

Yes, I am talking about Luke Walton.




@ 63 Footer,

It has to be bench scoring. Only reason to move a starter to a reserve role. Although, as LRob points out, he could be trying to re-ignite his scoring touch by putting him against second-team defenders, too.

But when you see a bonafide offensive threat suddenly coming off the bench, the coach is usually fortifying his reserves' scoring punch.

Sorry, one last thing; Mr. Wonder Why Guy; I’m interested in that question too, however I am more concerned about answering what seem to me to be the more pertinent questions of why I keep falling in love and why all these birds keep appearing when I am near. Someday I even hope to figure out who shot the d*mn sheriff, but one thing at a time.

Oh right, the deputy. Whatever.

phred: ahh, I apologize for clumsily stepping in mid-kerfuffle. Hate when that happens! My kerfuffle awareness is not as good as it should be - really do need to work on it!

Rickey knows what Rickey knows, and Rickey knows Rickey is the greatest ever.

As for MVP, personally I think Manu is an important cog in the Spurs machine, but they have quite a few above-average role players, along with Timmy & Parker. He isn't the odds-on MVP fave in my book.

As much as I hate to admit it (because I despise what the guy does) but princess jimmy deserves serious consideration for MVP. So does Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant has fallen off, but he too. Of course, the Mamba. Dwight Howard. Even a Chris Paul, Amar'e or Dirk are more legitimate choices. Manu should be in the conversation, but not a frontrunner in my eyes.

- - -

LakerTom: "I’ve always pretty much been a Shannon Brown doubter. I completely disagree with my friend CCX about Brown’s potential as a point guard in the Triangle. Sorry, Mike, it ain’t going to happen. Ball handling, playmaking, and good decision making are not part of Shannon’s current arsenal. Where he has surprised me, however, is with his outside shooting. When I see that he is shooting almost 90% from the free throw line this year, that convinces me that he has truly become a better shooter. Along with attacking the rim with his athleticism, Shannon is developing into a solid shooting guard."
I was unclear in my response if I gave the impression I was in favor of Shannon as PG. Well, lead guard, as 888 points out. What I was meaning is that we've already been there, done that. I was in favor of giving him a few minutes at backup PG last year if simply to keep Farmar off the floor, lol, but no way does he have a distributor mentality. Perhaps for defensive purposes at times, but not for playmaking abilities for sure.

I love to see him develop and become more confident in his shooting, not hesitate when he gets a pass. If he can start regularly making those perimeter jumpers, help spread the floor, then he can increase his minutes as well as become a more important aspect of the Laker offense. Love his athletic ability and hops, now if he could improve his shooting - wow!

Or, should I say, Shan-WOW!


Posted by: phred | February 12, 2011 at 08:52 PM

Phred, thank you for sharing the same sentiments as to my "wondering".

Regarding the LOVE thing, it is truly A MANY-SPLENDORED THING. Falling in Love compares nothing to Basketball.

Thanks Phred, spread the LOVE. See you around(the blog that is).


Police here; my guns are still full of bullets, the PSP see some people are still taking shots. For example this Bob shows up and uses the f letter, then Cyber too reappears and throws a few jabs. No matter, we can dance all night.

Mr Cyber I forgive you for being naive in thinking that calling someone 'son' is derogatory. I will enlighten you here:

Now are you gonna spin and dodge like your buddy KobeMVP888 or are you gonna come back and say "my bad" ? We shall see, the PSP waits.

Oh and like Jigga said, for the rest of y'all haters you only get half a bar ... &%$^ yall &@#@.

63 Footer & Dan,

From reading the post game comments it didn't sound like the move of Ginobli to the bench was permanent. The Spurs were playing their 4th game in 5 nights and the 7th game of their road trip. Ginobli only played 8 minutes. He said he was happy for the blowout because he needed the rest.

As far as playoff matchups with the Lakers....I don't think Pop wants to start the game off with George Hill guarding Kobe. I can see Hill getting into quick foul trouble that way. SA and Boston will both have trouble defending Kobe in the playoffs (if they meet) with no Bowen or Tony Allen.


The PSP agree; It is already apparent from the two games against Boston this season that they will have a bigger problem guarding Kobe than in the past.

For some reason, the PSP is not as worried about getting past San Antonio as it is about the OKC Thunder. I just hope they batter the hell out of each other in an earlier round before we meet them. So you think Pop will start Ginobli on Kobe?

PSP Intern

So, another topic- from the buy low sell low school of basketball trading- we can trade Ron Artest and Steve Blake for Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks if we want. I am interested to see if there is anybody on here who can come up with an argument that this should happen.

My MVP pondering- I wonder if Princess Jimmy shouldn't have to pay the same price for being on a team with two many other superstars that so many have before. Similar arguments for anybody on the Spurs or the Celtics, or even perhaps the Lakers to a degree. Durant is a solid choice as is Chris Paul and Amar'e Stoudemire if you aren't looking for the best player or the best team or the best player on the best team but instead the player who brings the most to his particular team.

Derick Rose, Dirk Nowitski and Dwight Howard are the best players on each of their own very solid teams.

I think if Kobe or Lebron or Wadney Wade really turn it on and put some distance between them and their teammates before the end of the season they might start to look like the best player on the best team. I don't see a clear cut candidate coming from between Duncan, Parker and Ginobili or Garnett, Allen or Pierce.

I wish Kevin Durant could have had a better year, but I think the conventional wisdom is leaning towards Rose or Lebron with Kobe as the dark horse if the Lakers really rout everybody else for the rest of the season.

What do y'all think?

phred - funny, the first thing I thought of was: "Tryin' to cut LO out of his 6th Man Award, like they cut him out of the ASG." Glad you said it.

Dan - bench scoring could be it, I agree, or as LRob said: lot of games and a need to refire up the Manu.

MVP candidates... hmm, because it's almost as weird a vote as the All-Star game (certain TYPES of players with certain TYPES of stats tend to win it) and the Coach of the Year vote as well, then I think it's Rose in the lead followed by Der Princess. Kobe will never get another one again (and he was robbed of a couple I think), and I'm not sure if Dirk's quite what's making the Mavs different this year than last (though they're still going to chokify in the post season). I'm thinkin' either Jordan Farmar or Sasha have a real shot at it as well.


You're right, Orlando's 3pt shooting and the early Sunday start could prove dicey for the Lakers. The Magic have been struggling lately (only playing 50% ball in the last month) and they're looking for a big win to jump start them. And of course, with the Lakers in town you know the O-Rena will be jumping. But the Magic only true big man is Howard so if the Lakers slow the game down and don't commit a lot of silly turnovers they should be okay.
Plus, it looks like the Lakers are also playing with a little more determination, like they want to have a perfect road trip.

Sure, PSP, you can keep dancing;

This one from Leonard Cohen

and this one from oh, whoever


Julie Andrews!! Lol ... Don't tell anybody but back in the day the PSP enjoyed watching The Sound of Music a lot!

PSP Intern


I agree the fight for the 6-8 seeds in the west will be very interesting. Each team has its share of question marks…Camby’s return should strengthen the Blazers, but what type of impact will BRoy have? If Melo is traded can Denver hold on to a spot? (doubtful), How will Utah respond? Will Memphis make a trade and disrupt their team? and what has got into Phoenix? Everytime we’re ready to write them off they win 3-4 in a row to stay in the hunt. March Madness indeed.

@Magia32 – I missed that, but I did see Kobe lay into Pau for failing to box out at the end of the 2nd qtr.

@dkwsfo – I felt you passion oozing out of that post. Good stuff. If Larry Legend is in your top 3 who are the other two with him?

@LT – Tough loss…sheesh what type of coach can’t hold a 2pt lead with the ball and under 20 seconds…j/k.

@Phred – working in a little Bacharach and Marley lyrics…nice. That ole mean John Brown. As far as MVP’s go…. 1)Rose 2)Howard 3)Lebron

@EJK – I agree Ginobli is the MVP of the Spurs because he makes the clutch plays for them, but I don’t think he’s a legit threat for league MVP. I do think Tony (offense) and Duncan (defense) are equally important to Manu contributions. For some reason Parker seems to be the one mostly overlooked.

@PSP – Yep I think Manu is Pop’s best bet…but I think it’ll take its toll on Ginobli’s offense just like it did Ray Allen in the finals.

@Phred – Cohen and Andrew…how dare you bring a little culture to the blog. Speaking of love…what did you think of Earth, Wind & Fire “All About Love”?

Seriously though, don't know if MM realizes that one certain bloggers handle is a direct shot at 888. Perhaps, had that been nipped in the bud at the onset, things wouldn't have deteriorated. Seems like the point of the newly-named blogger is simply to rankle others, not to offer any type of views/insights/thoughts into the Lakers. The condescending/provocative use of the word 'son' when addressing others is provocative, rude and completely incendiary.

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | February 12, 2011 at 08:35 PM


Please accept my personal apologies for engaging this PSP troll at all. I stayed away for the longest time and then gave this troll everything he was looking for. Stupid me. And don't kid yourself. This blogger is not new to here. He has just been plotting the perfect way to get under my skin because he has such a woody for me. The contenders are quite obvious, but I'll leave it at that. I give up. He wins.

Meanwhile, for the most part my basketball related posts get completely ignored and I suppose that by defending myself against this troll and other Half-Empty Complainers like that lying, insulting, offensive hobbitmage, I waste my time trying to share my observations, my research, my knowledge of NBA history and otherwise. Rarely are my better, well thought out, well researched posts even acknowledged or discussed, and that's because as soon as people see my handle they skip over it.

So I think I'll leave it to you, LakerTom, PLG, 63 Footer, CornerJ, Jon K, Diandra, Seely-Iggy, justanothermambafan, sean, dkwsfo, Johnny V, LakerMike, LRob, Art, LEWSTRS and the other Glass-Full/Big Picture thinkers (aka the "27") to keep this forum educated in the positive spirit in which it should be treated. These Lakers are defending back-to-back champions with players like Derek Fisher who have given us so much joy, yet even Fish must withstand a barrage of unwarranted attacks from the majority of the Complainers. Do these Neg-Heads even have a clue how privileged we are to even be talking about a possible three-peat? Wouldn't Jerry Sloan and the starving fans in Utah liked to have tasted that sweet nectar just once in his 22 seasons there?

I will never understand why it is okay to bash Phil Jackson, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol and EVEN Luke Walton, when all these guys have done for us as fans is win championships the past two seasons, yet somehow it is against the rules to challenge the "Lakers fans" who choose to insult the very people who have provided us with all this joy. Their insulting, demeaning comments about Fish, Bynum, PJ, Pau, Luke, etc, absolutely should be fair game! After all, free speech is free speech, isn't it?

So in phred's spirit of "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE," I wish you the very best of luck trying to get these irreversibly diseased lepers to root our team on to a three-peat in the spirit in which all Lakers fans should. Hardy har har. For me, the mere fact that such a simple, basic, elementary concept like the "practice season" flies over these Complainers' heads after all these years with Phil Jackson as the Lakers' head coach leaves me shaking my head in disgust and embarrassment as a fellow die-hard Lakers fan. That concept is one that EVERYONE should not only understand, but be in complete agreement with. It's a course in "2007 - present Lakers 101" as far as I am concerned, and the folks in here should be well beyond a freshman level course on these Lakers by now.

And that's the way it is. Febrary 12, 2011. This is KobeMVP888, LA Times Lakers Blog. Good night!

Sonny Belfast,

Kudos to the Kings for fighting to the end tonight. They almost pulled it out. I have a question for you....and this IS NOT meant to mock your team...

The Kings have a 3 game lead over Cleveland for the worst record in the league. Do you prefer them to tank games so they can get more ping pong balls or do you want them to win as many games as possible and reduce their chances of a higher draft pick?

I noticed they've played only 21 road games (the least amout in the league) out of 50 thus it looks like the sledding could get kinda tough.

well, people don't appreciate how great it is to root for a team like the Lakers, when one could be rooting for the Kings or the Clippers and having so much to complain about, but it's a sign of the times, as they say...

the worst thing is that bozos start posting on a forum like this and then they start thinking everyone just wants to talk about them, when the title at the top of the page is Lakers Blog...

Here's the thing about the "Grammy Trip" and why it is the turning point every year (and Mitch knows this)...

The environment during the Shaq/Kobe years was arguably as toxic as any winning program has ever had, but they had superior talent.

Kobe suffered through that... and now he is on a team where the overwhelming majority of the team gets a long. He's not there to create division, he's there to be a true leader, which is always what he's wanted to be. A true leader is not an autocrat. A true leader inspires through example. THAT is who Kobe has always wanted to be... and he knows he has that opportunity now.

A true team is the essence of synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It's not fantasy basketball.

It's about a bunch of people caring for each other and collectively wanting to be the best.

And being the best includes sacrifices... sacrifices that don't feel like sacrifices because they mean something more.

You learn those kinds of lessons by being with people you care about.

And that requires time.

Like being locked together on the "Grammy Trip."

Here... we... go...

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I agree that Parker and Duncan are equally valuable, but neither of them have the kind of mad creativity that Manu has on the offensive end. The guy is one of the most unpredictable scorers in the game today. He's kinda like Kobe in that way. I'd say Parker and Duncan are more predictable on offense and thus, more easily contained.

And I agree with your assessment of the MVP race right now. If we somehow manage to get the best record in the league, Kobe should be right up there too at the end of the season.

Do you guys know how much popcorn and soda is?

I'm broke.

GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! No let-up Laker Nation!!!

Larry, my brother, where is the Game Day Roll Call? I know you are well now, I have given you one day rest day! :-)

Arise now Lakers Fam!



"Bynum played a season-high 34 minutes Thursday night in Boston and played well but was feeling some effects Friday. He had electrical-stimulation units attached to two spots on his right knee. That is the knee that has given Bynum more problems in his career and he protects with a brace on the court. Bynum currently has a bone bruise on his left knee."


Is this an indication of a problem or is it pretty routine?

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