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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Orlando Magic

February 13, 2011 |  9:45 am

--The Times' Broderick Turner details how the Lakers have come closer together during the Grammy Trip.

--The Times' Mark Heisler makes fun of ESPN regarding the Bynum-Anthony trade. Heisler also details David Stern's legacy.'s Steve Aschburner favors Kobe Bryant as league MVP.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky discuss "Black Swan", the Grammy Trip and Sasha Vujacic in their latest podcats.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin highlights Andrew Bynum's success during the Grammy Trip.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller pokes fun at Lamar Odom's unisex fragrance.

--The Orlando Sentinel put together a compilation of soundbites highlighting the Magic's hope to win a championship.


--The Orlando Sentinel's Zach McCann details Stan Van Gundy's meeting Saturday with the team.

--The Orlando Sentinel's Josh Robbins talks to Lakers forward Matt Barnes about his bittersweet memories about playing for the Magic and how he wished he could suit up Sunday against them.

--Silver Screen and Roll's wondahbap explains why Bryant is the Lakers' player of the week.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Jeff Skibiski previews the Lakers-Magic game.

--Laker Nation's Wade LaRoche reviews Jeanie Buss' "Laker Girl."

Tweet of the Day: "Dnt sometimes u wish when u wake up that sum1 is laying next to you? :-/" -- DevinEbanks3 (Lakers forward Devin Ebanks)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Here's the thing about the "Grammy Trip" and why it is the turning point every year (and Mitch knows this)... The environment during the Shaq/Kobe years was arguably as toxic as any winning program has ever had, but they had superior talent. Kobe suffered through that... and now he is on a team where the overwhelming majority of the team gets a long. He's not there to create division, he's there to be a true leader, which is always what he's wanted to be. A true leader is not an autocrat.

A true leader inspires through example. THAT is who Kobe has always wanted to be... and he knows he has that opportunity now. A true team is the essence of synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It's not fantasy basketball. It's about a bunch of people caring for each other and collectively wanting to be the best. And being the best includes sacrifices... sacrifices that don't feel like sacrifices because they mean something more. You learn those kinds of lessons by being with people you care about. And that requires time. Like being locked together on the "Grammy Trip." " -- Jon K.

--Mark Medina

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