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Carmelo Anthony says Kobe Bryant helped him stay positive during trade uncertainty

Carmelo1_175 Seeing the scrum of reporters and camera crews surrounding the designated interview table, Denver forward Carmelo Anthony preempted the question everyone wanted ask: Will he stay with the Nuggets or not?

"I don't know anything," he said with a smile.

Anthony then spent the next 20 minutes explaining various uncertainties: whether he'll sign a three-year, $65-million extension with the Denver Nuggets before the Feb. 24 deadline or whether he'd accept an offer from the New Jersey Nets or New York Knicks. He clarified a few things: He said he hasn't met with the Nets; the uncertain future hasn't affected the Nuggets' on-court play or his teammates; and he hasn't discussed the future with Denver's front office since December. And he avoided questions, such as whether the Nuggets want him to stay, what acquisition Denver could make to have him sign the extension and where he prefers to play.

Very much of this is of little interest to Laker fans, especially after the team debunked any conception the Lakers would trade Andrew Bynum for Anthony. But here's one nugget Melo shared about Kobe Bryant: "He never texted me and told me to come to L.A."

"Me and Kobe have a lot of dialogue and a lot of conversations," Anthony said. "It's been good. He's one of the guys who's been keeping me afloat during the situation and keeping me positive with this whole decision. But I really can't discuss what me and him talk about and what me and LeBron talk about or anything like that."

It's telling considering Anthony's acknowledgment that he and Bryant have sent texts to each other frequently through this whole process. Bryant was in Anthony's position in 2007 when he demanded the Lakers trade him amid frustration over the team's missed playoff appearance in 2005 and first-round exits in 2006 and 2007 as well as Bryant's belief that the Lakers weren't building enough championship-caliber talent around him. Anthony didn't divulge specifics on what advice Bryant's been sharing with him, but he believes the support has helped him through the process.

"When I talk to him, I just want him to be happy," Bryant said of Anthony. "We don't talk too much about the trade because I'm sure he's talked about it a lot. Every time I speak to him about it, it's always about him making the decision that's best for him. Nobody else."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony takes questions from the media during Friday's All-Star media session at Staples Center. Credit: John G. Mabanglo / EPA

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"... Pau Gasol is far more easily replaced than Andrew Bynum"

Couldn't disagree with you more. You know I love Bynum and think he's our future (hopefully), but you got to be kidding me with that statement. Like Mitch said "Buss and PJ want to win now", if I'm going by that then I pick Gasol. If we had to rebuild around one or the other I'd pick Bynum. As far as RIGHT NOW, I'd take Odom over Bynum period.

It's not that I disagree with your comments; I just think they are two different professions. One being an art, the other being a science.

Posted by: NBA4ever | February 18, 2011 at 03:44 PM
Okay now I see what you meant.

bynum > gasoft

any day. even if u wanna win now. any real baller who actually plays & has game, knows this.

Let’s see how things shake out down the road. Maybe you’re right about Pau but maybe you’re not.

Posted by: LakerTom | February 18, 2011 at 03:00 PM

LT - What part of LAL fan post were you saying he may be right or not about Pau on?

doubt LAL will trade pew gasoft though. from a business stand-point, it's a lose-lose. gasoft has a lot of international appeal & esp cuz he speaks spanish. off-tangent, but the commenting system is sOOoOoOoo much more easier now. great job!

Both Andrew and Pau are expendable. Andrew is made of glass and potential does not win championships. Players who are on the court and ready to play win championships. That is rarely Andrew. Pau is a wuss. Plain and simple. Sure, he can give the illusion of toughness if the big man on the opposing team isn't really all that big, but let's get real, he doesn't like physical contact. At all. Bump him a couple of times and he's done. You know it, I know it and now we just wait for the GM to admit it.

didnt they win back to back championships with little effort from bynum and a lot from gasol?

For those of you who criticize Gasol and call him soft all day, this is the reason why you never trade him. Fisher is as bad a defender, but he shows heart, Gasol runs the triangle, he is smart and has a big wingspan. He is our 2nd team option and he has the best mid-range shot in this team not named Kobe or Odom, you really want a 7' with one of the most "money" shots in the game today to leave the Lakers? Not a smart decision, unless you get another legit scorer in the game that has a post game. You should put the blame defending on Bynum and not Gasol, he's the last line of defense this team has. Gasol had 30 pts and 20 rebounds in the loss against the Cavs. I disagree that Gasol is replaceable because of his arsenal of weapons you can go at people. Since we got Gasol this team only lost 2 in a row for a couple of years, because of complacency and a "flip-switch" mentality we lost 4 in a row, and 3 in a row this week. you can go look at the box score Bynum was 2-12 and 6 Rebounds. I know Bynum was a rookie but the first couple of years we only had Bynum the Lakers were a one-and done team until we got Gasol. See, because of Gasol's unselfish play this team has been able to go far. As bad as PG16 might look defensively at times he has been the most consistent player in this team. How many players like him exist in this league?

Bynum on the other hand has less weapons other than size that he can attack you with, interior defence is suspect rebounding, shot blocking are his strengths. In fact when Bynum was not injured he was more explosive, since last year he just hasn't been the same. It's not his fault and he has a lax attitude like everyone else, but if that was the case why is Gasol more consistent of the bunch? He is better but at the same time, he often lacks the effort that guys his size should not, why was that kid from Cleveland continously outrebounding and outhustling Andrew Bynum in the paint, that kid would jump 3 before any of our bigs jumped one time, and Gasol still had 20 rebounds. I know there wasn't equal distribution in that game but even with minimal effort he was able to achieve that. Why is it that guys smaller, like Kevin Love are consistently getting more than 10 rebounds a game? Heart. This is what Carmelo brings to the table, he has the psychological trait of Derek Fisher he never quits. Battle tested, durable and willing to learn. Maybe won't take kindly to learning the triangle but he would sacrifice that for half a year to win. We won't make that trade but to put into perspective, this Lakers team shouldn't be 3rd in the West because of our size and length. Bynum should really sleepwalk his way into 10 rebounds every single night. Part of it is Kobe has a hard time making his team mates better part of it is Bynum's inability to put forth great effort on a consistent basis.

Anyone else think how poorly Carmelo is handling this trade business coupled with his playoff disappearances show he can't really handle the pressure?

What's so tough about pondering a 65M future or a good chance at a ring or both? Make a decision and stick with it. Do like Kobe in early 2007. Play the game, shut up about it, freeze out the media and see what happens.

I heard he wants to play with the Knicks but they are keeping it hush hush and that they are trying to get Melo without giving up a lot of pieces so they will drag it as long as possible until that "best-case" scenario happens, I think it's risky. But I don't know how they do that, he might try and brut-force his way into the Knicks -forcing the Nuggets to get the worst package. Nets are giving them 4 1st round draft picks to build. Smoke and mirrors mostly. Just get it over with it, I'm sick and tired already.

I was listening to Hacksaw Hamilton on double X and he said something about the Lakers revisiting the Rip Hamilton situation.. I have not read anything about him online though. I honestly would be surprised if Mitch hasn't been working the phones behind the scenes. As he said "we are open for business".

Without Gasol, there's no way the Lakers could have reached the Finals the last 3 years in a row. So before anyone starts ripping on this guy, just appreciate that. It's tough to go to the Finals for 3 straight years. But to 3-peat, it's ten times harder. Everyone is gunning for you night in night out. We all know Gasol is not a physical player since day 1. That's Bynum and Artest's job. Gasol is not built for that so you guys cannot blame him for not being physical. He's a skilled finest player. I still remember last year almost every announcers on TV called him the most skilled big man in the game.



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Would bringing Carmelo to LA be all that bad, could Kobe and him share the ball and not be sad? Would Carmelo steal Kobe's his thunder, or make us wonder, is a trade with Carmelo such a blunder , who could go, certainly not L O. but hello somebudy might have to go.

Puerile morons who can't write or punctuate a coherent sentence should not be allowed to contaminate this blog with their troglodytic grunts. Mr. Medina, have you no literacy standards that you can enforce, sir?

Puerile morons who can't write or punctuate a coherent sentence should not be allowed to contaminate this blog with their troglodytic grunts. Mr. Medina, have you no literacy standards that you can enforce, sir?

Puerile morons who can't write or punctuate a coherent sentence should not be allowed to contaminate this blog with their troglodytic grunts. Mr. Medina, have you no literacy standards that you can enforce, sir?



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