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Audio from Western Conference All-Star's 148-143 victory over Eastern Conference


Kobe Bryant


Gregg Popovich:Doc Rivers


Kevin Durant


LeBron James


--Mark Medina

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get em Kobe.
great interview.

That was a fun game for fans. Too many times to count I found myself going wow!
Let's just eliminate defense from regular season play until the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Labron tried to take the mantle from Kobe by rallying his team to come back for a win. He couldn't quite pull it off but made it exciting.

So many good plays, but Kobe's dunk that LBJ tried to block was my favorite. To his credit James got all ball without fouling but Kobe hung in there and still dunked it. Kobe is stronger than he looks. And in the end he showed maturity by passing to Durant (who hit the shots) instead of trying to do too much himself.

Dang, it made me imagine having a Durant type on the Lakers to camp out at the 3 point line.

Hopefully this rejuvenates Kobe and the rest of the team to focus and play these last 25 games with passion, energy and intelligence.

The hazard today is drawing wrong conclusions from this game. It was after all (except for the last half of the 4th quarter) just an exhibition, with hardly any real defense being played by anyone. But here are some conclusions I think are pretty safe.

1) Kobe too old, too slow?...are you friggin kidding me?!!! He was not only the best and most versatile player on the court, when he chose to turn on his jets, he was also among the quickest. See ya, LaBron...nice try. Great elevation too on 5 impressive dunks (5!!!). we know what Kobe would play like with a Chris Paul or DWill at PG, don't we?

2) Trade Pau or Bynum for Melo? Are you kidding me? Maybe (MAYBE) Joe Smith, or Caracter, straight up...I said maybe...OK, I might throw in Theo Ratleff.

3) Maybe it's not our guys that are old and slow, maybe it's the triangle that forces them to play like they are. Wow, that was some great wide open basketball. Players moving, ball moving, great passing. Basketball like it was designed to be played. Wish we played BB again.

4) Get Pop when Phil leaves. The next best coach on the planet.

5) Get Russell Westbrook. OMG, OMG! The next great PG. Imagine Kobe plus Westbrook...imagine about 5 more rings.

I'm late, been away for two days. I Just want to share my opinons on some current issues.

Please, these are only my OPINIONS.



- We MAY or we may NOT join them.
- We may LIKE them or we may DISlike them.
- (I think) Everyone is allowed to create a Bandwagon of their own. If you strongly feel for something/ someone, you may actually create your own. Please, do not wait for others to make them for you.
- A Bandwagon is not necessarily AGREEABLE to all.
- A Bandwagon can be made just for FUN.


- When LT said trolls are somewhat like "Family Dogs", I don't think he LITERALLY mean that trolls are dogs, or in this case Sonny Belfast as a Dog. Here is what he actually said, and I quote;
"Familiarity with trolls is no substitute for treating them like family. Sonny Belfast at best is nothing more than the family dog, that means you don’t kick him in the balls or leave him outside in the rain but also that you don’t invite him to sit at the family dinner table or give him his own special roll call."
- I actually agree with LT here, we "don't kick him in the balls or leave him outside in the rain". For me this called respect. Now, with this kind of respect, It does not mean that they automatically become family members. Especially If they make CONSTANT PERSONAL ATTACKS TO ANY OF OUR LAKERS.
- In my opinion, this was the issue "Wake up, you idiots, he’s a freaking troll". It's the "I" word.


- I respect Sonny Belfast's opinions, but NOT when he attacks Kobe personally.
- To Sonny Belfast's credit, I remembered his post wherein he mentioned that he won't talk about Kobe's "sin" anymore. I hope he does this and instead criticize how we play, or how our players play.


- I honestly don't know how I got there...I didn't present myself to become a member of that...LOL! LARRY!!!! LOL... it's all good brother.
- Seriously, as much as I love you my brother Larry, I wouldn't wanna be in the SB BANDWAGON just yet, not unless the personal attacks on Kobe stops.


- Our Celtics fellow bloggers here namely 131/ RLC/ BossinCeltics, based on what I see/ read, does not seem to attack any of our players personally, they criticize our players based on how they play, they criticize our team based on how our team plays. That is why, they have earned my respect.


-I love you brother! Carry on!!!! Nobody can stop you!!!!


See ya, LaBron...nice try.

Posted by: CornerJ

Yes CornerJ, that was PRICELESS!!!! LBJ looked back at the rim hoping Kobe didn't get that ball in... LOL!


I hope MM can put a photo of Kobe's posterization of LBJ.


@LakerTom, I owe you an apology. I left one on a prior thread, but it was a generic one to the Laker Nation as a whole and not to you. So...My friend and Idol, I apologize for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Anything in anyway that I may have said that was offensive to you, you have my sincere apologies. You are and always will be my friend but... Sonny is also my friend. So I hope that can end the controversey. As for the Roll Call Lewstrs, or whomever wants to, can do it from now on. As they say you can't please all the people all the time. My mistake was...I TRIED. Once again accept my apology sir.
@JovBatz44, how you doing my brother? I guess I got to apologize to you also for it seems I put your name on the bandwagon by mistake, dragging you into a needless controversy. Accept my apology for that sir. Keep doing what you're doing in rallying the troops. Well I think that's it for me today. Take care my brother!

Larry my brother,

No apologies needed Sir. You know I love you. I know you, I know that you have no bad intentions there or whatsoever. I know where you are hurt. But cheer up my man! It's all good. This is part of it all, Good times & Bad times, we are LAKERS FAMILY.


I haven't been doing this for very long, but I have to say I don't get trolls. I try to imagine myself going on a Celtic blog and talking crap... not! Waht is the point? I enjoy talking Lakers with other fans. Sometimes we respectively disagree. That is what makes it fun. I scroll past the people talking crap.

Larry - you are what made a lot of people (including me) start participating. Your inclusiveness is a big part of that. SB has some decent things to say sometimes. Other times... not so much... If you want to start a bandwagon, you go for it. People can join or not. I have to say that is all seems a little high school and prefer talking Lakers. I think everyone should agree to disagree and CARRY ON SIR!!! Nobody can do the roll call like you and you shouldn't deprive us of it over something stupid like this. This is a long tough season and we need to stand and fight. Laker nation needs you!!!

@JovBatz44, Thank you my brother for being so gracious. It seems you know me too well. Yeah I really didn't see this one coming and got kinda blind sided, so...I'm gonna take the day off and rest up for GAME DAY tommorow! Hold down the fort and thanks again!

Kobe was very cool. Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water - he drops 37 on your ass. I like how LeBron tried to make it a game in the end... too little, too late... ;-) He tried and failed. It reminded me of the rest of his career. I was proud of the Kobester, when he realized his shot wasn't falling in the end, to draw the double team and feed Durant. I am sure all of us were imagining Kevin, or someone else who can hit an open three, on the team and how sweet it would be. I also like how Pau had Kobe's back. I hope to see more of that in the rest of the season.

Amare is a beast.

It is hard to imagine how good Blake will be. He is only a Rookie! He would do better on the Lakers with some veteran guidance. Kobe is ready, over the next few years, to turn it over to someone with his kind of talent. Mitch! Make some calls!

Personally, I think they should sit tight this year and then give Orlando whatever they want for Dwight - except Pau and Kobe of course. With those three guys (and a few players who can hit the three shot) we would have another dynasty on our hands. I remember the old days when guys wouldn't want to play with Kobe because he was a ball hog. He is now the consumate veteran leader who everyone would want to play with. Let's face it, he has old legs. We need some young talent. We traded our young talent away (except for two rookies) and are looking older and older by the day. We should take this team as far as it will go this year, but ring or no ring we need to start thinking about the future once the off season starts.


I am a Lakerholic.

Now I understand why people called Pau Gasol Paula Gasoft! Dude is so slow! He fumbled so many balls at the All-star game. Wow!

@JovBatz44, Thank you my brother for being so gracious. It seems you know me too well. Yeah I really didn't see this one coming and got kinda blind sided, so...I'm gonna take the day off and rest up for GAME DAY tommorow! Hold down the fort and thanks again!

Posted by: mamba24 | February 21, 2011 at 06:35 AM

Rest up Larry. We need you on game day!!! As I said, this is part of being a FAMILY.

God Bless you Mamba24!


Good Morning Lakerland! Nice game last night, very entertaining.

@CCX, good point about 888. He was simply doing what he felt was right by defending our players against all comers. Hard to take issue with that. He's a good guy (as are you) and I hope he continues to post here.

Our team is going through a very difficult stretch and it may be testing our cohesiveness. As a group, it may be testing our mettle as much as the teams.

Kobe is amazing...being jealous of Lebron is NOT !!!! Can you nuts quit with the jealousy !!! Lebron is another amazing player. So what !!! You guys are like little babies. The play when Kobe dunked on Lebron was not that big of a deal. Kobe had a little lead on him. The one early in the game when Kobe went under the basket and dunked was way tougher !!!

Jon K's advice to this generation of Lakers to Odom, Artest and Bynum should be placed in a poster at the Lakers locker room at El Segundo. I would include here Fisher, Gasol and S Brown that if you want to be in the Finals, remove all those distractions around and for God's sake please focus on Basketball. Kobe will be Kobe, he may have the Nike Shoes but it has been there even before this run of Championship. It never distracted him but motivated him to go on another level, however Father time is against him and his mortal body is also subject to wear and tear just like the Superstars before him. Kobe will still be the great difference, & Odom, Artest, Bynum, Gasol, Fisher, Brown and Blake should do their best to complement with Kobe. They should provide the support that he needs offensively and defensively. Stay focus on the second half and try to get the HCA in the West even it is just a season game.

With regards to the blog postings, I still adhere to free postings. Attack the message but never the person or his handle. Like Jon K, we should be free to be anti Laker as long as it is a constructive criticism. I don't believe on all this blog sync or all these bandwagon, they are all for fun. Everyone should be free to express their ideas without fear of being attacked by others. If someone would like to be friendly with SonnyB, 131, Red and so forth so be it, that is own prerogative. Courtesy should always be in our mind and generously extend it to others, no need of calling fellow posters as idiots, family dog, GHF, GHE and so forth. Do that to your own family but not to any person that you do not OWN!!!

Posted by: S Perkins | February 21, 2011 at 07:28 AM

I think whats amazing here is, I think this is the first post you don't mention

I may be I may be I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

@Corner J - I think those 3 days off gave Kobe the fresh legs to allevate for some of those throwback dunks.

@Mamba - how the weather treating you today? We got hit with another foot of snow last night/this morning.

There's people that actually blog on the weekends?

The dunk contest was more rigged than the Miami/Dallas finals (well maybe not quite). Darth Stern would NEVER rig anything now would he?
Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | February 21, 2011 at 08:16 AM

Truth, I always enjoy your posts, and I agree with most of the one this morning...except for the dunk contest being rigged. Sure, ALL of this year's contestants were amazing, with each of them having at least one spectacular dunk, but seriously, you're telling me Blake didn't deserve the win? The ONLY reason people are bad mouthing his dunk over the car is because he did it so flawlessly,,,and on his FIRST and only try. Come on, I dare and defy anybody else to try that without getting a facial from the pavement. Guy leaps totally over the hood of the car, catches a ball being lobbed out of the moonroof, and flawlessly dunks then sticks the landing. First try. Only try. Perfect.

Almost all of the other dunks, though great, took the dudes about 10 tries before they got it. Like some gym rats perfecting a HORSE shot. Sorry, tries don't cut it.

Blake's the real deal. He deserved the win.



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