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Andrew Bynum says he plans to play Thursday against San Antonio

After missing the Lakers' 114-106 victory over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday because of a bone bruise in his left knee, center Andrew Bynum said he plans to play in Thursday's game at San Antonio.

"It's good," Bynum said of his knee, speaking briefly outside the Lakers' locker room following the game. "I should be back."

Lakers forward Lamar Odom posted 20 points on eight-of-18 shooting and 20 rebounds while starting in Bynum's place against the Rockets, a role he filled in the first 24 games of the season while Bynum rehabbed his surgically repaired right knee.

Before the game, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said he didn't consider Bynum's injury serious, but he expressed uncertainty about how many games the center would miss.

"We don't know how quickly he'll get over this," Jackson said of Bynum, who's averaged 11.4 points on 57.2% shooting and 7.3 rebounds per game in 24 contests, 17 as a starter. "We're going to miss him, but we're relieved that it's not anything worse than that."

-- Mark Medina

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so finally you all agree with me that we need to trade some players away? Where is that Kobe234 dude? He called me a poser and a troll for saying the same thing as Mitch is saying now.
Posted by: keen observer | February 01, 2011 at 05:09 PM

yeah i hear you keen observer.. i saw that one coming too from a mile away.. very keen observation from keen observer.. funny how the world in the laker blog turns with certain bloggers... it seems we have a very possible rare case of double whammy... both HYPOCRISY and DOUBLE STANDARD at work here.. let it be said let it be spoken...

some have what you call certain "MM ordained rights" to freely bash other laker bloggers for so much as offering any form of criticism toward a laker player... and then the next moment that same laker blogger can bash another laker player by calling them sick and mental and demanding he visits his shrink.. so you see keen observer you among many other bloggers here have no right to criticize any laker players at risk of jeopardizing your own FANHOOD without being reprimanded by the blog police.. haha.. that is hypocrasy EXHIBIT A

then you have other more prominent senior bloggers suddenly demand a trade for gasol (which is his right if he so chooses)... but is not demanding a player be immediately be shipped out another form of bashing?? however take notice that when that same senior blogger demanded a trade his actions fully escaped any public flogging or castigation from the same self appointed blog cop who was calling everyone else a TROLL for demanding a trade??? see double standard EXHIBIT B at work here yet? so unless you're part of the glass full hunky dory hurray club i can assure you will be held to a different standard.

but please carry on.. just another keen observer here observing another whacky day in the laker blog unfold.

nice statement performance in a statement game man from the spaniard under scrutiny.

46 nonsoft minutes.. 20 agressiveshot attempts.. 16 rbs.. 4 blks.. 26 manly points.. all this suddently against a very tough low post defender in chuck hayes AND after being called out by our GM?

hmmm.. makes you wonder.. maybe he still may have it somewhere in there... like flippin a switch aint it... TURN SOFT ON TURN SOFT OFF..

tomorrow should be very interesting... another whacky day in the life of the laker blog....

Lamar a 20/20 in Pau's spot
Pau 26/14 in Bynum's spot

interesting indeed

It took just a few words from Mitch and look who's motivated now.

PJ isn't a motivator that is self-evident. Perhaps if he had sat some players down who weren't playing with total effort, Mitch wouldn't need to use the T word

Let's see on thursday if they are still as hungry as today

Chuck Hayes can't be considered anything without first being acknowledged as being a GROSSLY undersized (6'8" maybe) center. Let's not get too excited about the somewhat gaudy numbers put up by Odom, and especially Ga-SOFT.

PAU is the PROBLEM!!! He's passive, weak, lacks passion and heart, and plays like a small-forward. Last year we were able to cover-up his passive play with a strong and determined Kobe and inspiring play by Bynum, and tough play by Artest. Those guys have taken a step back for reasons we can understand (Kobe and Bynums surgeries, Artest fragile mental state) and Pau is scared to step up. He has taken two steps back this year and needs to be traded.

Pau and Artest for:

Deng and Noah
David West and Ariza
Carmello and Nene
Dwight Howard
Favvors, Vujacic, Lopez
Bogut, Maggette

Nice to see that the Lakers Front Office and former players are frustrated with the way the Lakers have been playing this season. It just sucks that the players don't seem to care for the regular NBA season.I know that the playoffs is where the championships are won; but the regular season is where the money they are making is being paid by fans that sit in the arenas and by the fans who pay to watch them on tv.
I can't remember how many times the Lakers have been booed this many times at home in one season than any other?

Again, I know the Lakers are not in trouble until they lose 2/3 games in a playoff series. But as a fan that takes time, and spends some cash to watch them play and see them lose or play half the time, it becomes frustrating. Even more so when we all know that they could either be the best record in the NBA or have the 2nd best.

Lakers biggest problem remains lack of perimeter defense. Opposing teams dominate the perimeter.
MM contention Fisher is invaluable is misguided.
Fisher is the problem.
No other player has been given a chance to show perimeter defensive ability.
Its been all fisher for 3 yrs without any other possibilities.

C-Webb said something stupid .... "Lakers need to get a perimeter knock down shooter like Kyle Korver .... Dah didn't Lakers just trade Sasha?"

Lakers should have not signed Fisher and Blake and gone with Sasha, Farmar and Brown at the PG position. They would have been better, younger and the salary outlay the same.

Of course, Fisher would be a broadcaster this season but who cares as long as he is not on the court as a defensive liability.

The C's got to the finals last year w/o the home court. We can do the same. health is the key to our three- peat. The motivation will be there when the real season begins. The regular season is for teams like Dallas, Miami and new Orleans... Teams that need to prove themselves.

Cecil, boston's fans mustn't post hear please

"Chuck Hayes can't be considered anything without first being acknowledged as being a GROSSLY undersized (6'8" maybe) center."

From what I understand, he's actually 6'6".


>>>Dah didn't Lakers just trade Sasha?

Yep. He's now the 4th leading scorer on the Nyets and getting 12 points and a couple of threes a game for them.

But even if he was with the Lakers, there's no guarantee that he'd be getting any of Shannon Brown's minutes. If Shannon was with the Nyets, he might be scoring 15 a game.

Please no trades!
can anyone see that Phils' regular season rotation causes losses. He knows it but really it just makes the playoffs a completely different season of basketball; with tighter rotations and more flexibility to leave people in when they are hot. Phil uses a system that has proven to work!
Yet the losses are proof that the starters (especially Fish and kobe) are really on the down slide of their careers. Sorry fans but the new backup point guard (he's become so average I've forgotten his name for the moment) isn't good enough to make up for Fish's massive decline in the last two years.
But my original point is, with all players healthy, the Lakers are still the best team in the world!!

I noticed no one said anything about Luke Walton? This guy would have trouble making the starting lineup of a prominent college team. Their biggest problem is at the small forward position. Hurry back Matt Barnes!



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