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Tweetable items from Phil Jackson's pre-game press conference previewing Lakers-Jazz game

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on Utah Jazz

Among the highlights of Lakers Coach Phil Jackson's pre-game press conference before Tuesday's game against the Utah Jazz

On Lakers' winning 16 consecutive games at home - It's really undefinable. I really don't know how it works out that way. Utah's a little bit of a different team on their home floor. I think that says something about their team. They had some struggles on the road the last couple of years and had a better home record by far. They come in here and beat the Clippers here at Staples. So it doesn't have anything to do with Staples or traveling to L.A.

On Utah's four-game losing streak - I think they got depressed after a loss to Washington. You wouldn't want to start a trip out with that kind of situation and it carried over. Boston you expect that will be a tough game to go in and win and of course you have a tough back to back against Philly. That really hurts. Washington, New Jersey, you expect to get two wins right off the bat and hopefully get three out of four on a trip like that. Try to go game by game, but I'm sure it set them back on their heels to lose to those two teams.

On why older teams with Chicago did well and why Lakers are struggling: I don't think we're struggling personally. I think we're coming into our own so to speak as a team. The addition of Andrew, we're watching the process of him playing basketball at a level that I anticipate will continue to improve. Luke's had to fill in for Matt Barnes and has started to play well and we're starting to play better. As a team. I think overall from one through 12, I think we're playing better basketball right now than perhaps in the last three or four weeks.

--The Times' T.J. Simers to Jackson: Does this old and tired thing more have to do with boredom and knowing that when the playoffs come, you turn it on to a different level and all that kind of stuff? Jackson: It's a long race. It's a really long run. You have to just pace it and know when it's important to turn it on and step it up another level.

--Mark Medina

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interesting comments by McHale & Webb on the Lakers defense.

it was the pre-game show on NBA TV

"Bay to LA,

Whats the historical stat on teams going to the finals for the 4th straight time to win their 3rd ring in a row?

Posted by: Magia32 | January 25, 2011 at 05:22 PM "

Haha. Good point.

Posted by: Bay to LA | January 25, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Excellent question, Magia32.

In 1958, the Boston Celtics lost their first chance at consecutive championships in the NBA Finals to the St. Louis Hawks (the Celtics won in 1957), and then they reeled off 6 consecutive three-peats, their first coming in 1961.

Other than that, THESE Lakers are the only team in NBA history to even be in this position. If they accomplish this feat (something that the two of you clearly doubt), where does it place this team among the NBA's dynasties? Not only would Phil's fourth three-peat be historical on many different levels and would tie the Celtics with 17 championships, but it would also put THESE Lakers in the discussion with THOSE Celtics, if for nothing more than to be only the second team in NBA history to three-peat after losing in the Finals the year before the run started. That's some pretty impressive stuff.

Hahaha...that was a boomerang pie in the face...

Waiting for rebuttal answer...



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