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Shannon Brown secretly weds Monica, People magazine says

At a location so secret that no one within the CIA -- or more importantly, the gossip pages -- could find, Lakers guard Shannon Brown and R&B singer Monica got married sometime in November.

It wasn't a secret that the two were engaged. When issued a congratulations from yours truly during training camp, Brown said, "I'm happy. She's a great girl. Everything is great." It just wasn't decided, or at least known, when the wedding would happen. Apparently a month later, as reported by People magazine.

The two met over the summer when Brown starred in Monica's music video, "Love All Over Me." Should they have kids, the following video is all Brown and Monica will need to explain how they fell in love.

-- Mark Medina

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Orale Shannon!

Congrats, Shannon. Here's to hoping you throw down a NASTY dunk on someone's head tonight. DO IT.

Go Lake Show!

Congrats Shannon.

Gasol superstar?

Posted by: random comics | January 21, 2011 at 02:26 PM

He's not? That's news to me. What else would you call a player who is called by many knowledgeable basketball people to be the best all-around big man in the world? I suppose you know more than they do.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | January 21, 2011 at 02:44 PM


(Let's enjoy the Thenver Game. I will get back to you with references from "OTHER" "knowledgeable basketball people" and especially I will CRUSH you with a quote from none OTHER that your own PJ who you like to refer and defer to. Articles and references go BEYOND what MM lists daily, and preferential and censored quotes that writers that cover the Lakers are putting in print. Some on OTHER blogs are not so sub-servient to certain "CAUSES")

The PSP is curious, if the 82 game regular season is a 'meaningless' practice season as you so eloquently state about 10 times a day what happens if we end up winning less games than 8 teams in the west?
Since its 'meaningless', do we still get to compete for the championsip come post season?

I can see an embarrasing lost by the Lakers again tonight against (always very good when they face the Lakers I don't know why) Denver. So don't waste your time and energy because Lakers will lose by 15 points tonight 100 - 85 final score. I won't.

Great, one of those days on the blog...huh...

Anyone want to talk basketball instead of sniping at each other?

LRob, do you think Kobe's defense this year is that much worse than previous years? Also, do you think Kobe is an overrated defender (deserving of 1st team honors for the last several years)?

Congratz to UPS! That song was one of the best R&B records of 2010! Glad to know that it sparked their love!

May the Lord bless their union...and may the Lord refocus UPS so he can deliver tonight & beyond!

Please Help Me!

I'm not sure I get this:

All Star Game is in LA.
Each team gets 5 day Off from Wednesday till next Tuesday.
I understand that PJ is Lazy or wants the Weekend off.
We know that PJ hates this game.
But it is just a drive.
The Game is in Los Angeles.
He does not have to fly or to spend a few days in a different City.

Maybe as the Western Conference All Star Team's Coach, PJ could have Kobe, Gasol, LO and Bynum part of the team.
Wouldn't all the Lakers Fans be proud?

Somehow I believe that HE WILL BE THERE anyway, because the Lakers are the Host. And he is Part of the establishment.

The Lakers are behind 7 games

Are you telling me that PJ has the RIGHT to sabotage the RECORD OF THE TEAM, because he is lazy to be at the Staples for 3 hours?


"I hate to say this, but I think because they decide who's going to coach the All-Star team based on the standings on Jan. 30, so it looks like Gregg Popovich, the coach of San Antonio, is going to be the coach," Buss said. "I kind of think Phil [Jackson] likes not being in first place so he can get the weekend off."

First I considered this just as a LAME excuse.

But on second thoughts, not only it is a Lame excuse, it is one of the most STUPID PR prank? I ever heard. That coming from a "brilliant business" women and a caring person.

Does she care about her own players representing the Los Angeles Lakers during the All Star Game in Los Angeles? In her own town? On her turf?

Please pinch me.
I'm kinda shocked!

Not surprised what pfunk36 mentions about PJ's ex-wife and HER opinion about PJ. Is Jeannie Buss so …

Sorry, but this is beyond stupid!

Are any of YOU buying that statement?

7 games behind as record JUST to avoid the PERSONAL unpleasant feeling of the coach?

Almost a 1/10 of the season?

Really? (Sorry, I'm a little shocked)

So Kobe (the one that SHE cares so much about) is busting his behind with a broken knee, so PJ can go fishing? Did he get that message? Or is it an inside PLOT?

Indeed, a brilliant business women. And what a PR stunt!


Are you having fun?

I will CRUSH you with a quote from none OTHER that your own PJ who you like to refer and defer to.

Posted by: random comics | January 21, 2011 at 03:32 PM

That's impossible, ouchhhhh, because you never know when Phil means what he says, so you could be CRUSHING yourself with his words. When was the last time I quoted him? I defer to Phil coaching the Lakers any way he wants to because HE has Eleven Rings and HE knows the team a lot better than anyone else (except you, of course). So go ahead and gets your stones off trying to CRUSH me with his quotes (YAWN). In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying yourself trying to set a record for getting banned from this blog.

LRob, do you think Kobe's defense this year is that much worse than previous years? Also, do you think Kobe is an overrated defender (deserving of 1st team honors for the last several years)?

Posted by: LakerFanInCowTown | January 21, 2011 at 04:01 PM

No, I wouldn't say Kobe's defense this year is "much worse" than previous years. I would say he's lost a little quickness (age? injuries?) but the biggest change I've noticed is less focus on defense.

Last year was the first year I thought he didn't play all 1st-team type defense. I thought Ron was more deserving...but alas the selection is based on position. Even though I felt Kobe didn't play all 1st team type defense imho...I can't think of another SG that was more deserving. I would be interested to see who you or others think play better defense at that position.

@Utz - Amen!

Good for UPS. The guy is delivering the goods, especially off the court.

Anyhow, I think an NBA contraction is necessary for a few reasons
1. money; the NBA has to levy cap restrictions and luxury taxes in an attempt to turn unprofitable teams into profitable ones. It also has the goal to help with my number 2. The bottom line is that there are teams that perpetually LOSE money. Part of this is the outrageous salaries and lack of protections for the investor, and another part is just that some cities can only support a lower level revenue stream.
2. Competitiveness. Right now, the league is watered down. Only recently have we seen a few teams obtain concentrated talent (Miami, Boston, Lakers). Boston and LA did it because some teams that not only lose games also lose money and trades were made for financial reasons only (Bennett giving away Ray Allen knowing it would cause his team to lose more, but gain more value making way for KG to accept going to Bos via a trade with Minny that loses games and money)... Miami was sort of a fluke, but does set the idea in the player's minds that they can manipulate the system if they think straight enough (but traditionally this hasn't really happened)

Just imagine if more teams were stacked? Would it not be like the glory days of the 80s? This is entirely possible if we lopped off like 5 or 6 teams - their best players would get absorbed into the rest of the league and teams would instantly get 1 or 2 spots deeper in legit talent.

Fisher, looking out for numero uno, wants players to make the bulk of the money. Owners want viable investments. Both can get what they want IF they eliminate some teams... but unions in general are loathed to eliminate positions even if it means the longevity of their members improves. Look it up, it's the way it works... and I'm sure Fisher's opinion reflects this.

AMEN Utz...but was that the game day prayer...or just a prayer for ShanWoW...

Wilbon with the Line of the Day...

"Lakers are like Zenyata...they come from behind to win"

Gasol superstar?

Posted by: random comics | January 21, 2011 at 02:26

Sire, Please explain to us what a superstar means to you?

Elizabeth you hear, its a big one!!

Posted by: Fred G. Sanford | January 21, 2011 at 04:31 PM

Kobe - mega, giga - whatever star

Lebron, Wade, Howard, Melo, KG, , Duncan?, Amare - superstars

"some other" All Stars - CP3, Deron, Rose …

Gasol was voted by the coaches on the All Star Team 2 years in a row after coming to LA. While he WAS in Memphis, he was the "little star" of the "insignificant".

The Stars are "made" by fans and not INDUCED or showed down our throat by Media. Media needs support in this one. How many Gasol votes are maybe from Spain?

How many sponsors Gasol has except "NBA Cares"? None. So, where is the STAR-dome?

Was Yao a "superstar"? In China yes. Voted in NBA by Chinese fans, yes.

Is Gasol a "superstar " in Spain?

I don't think so: there is soccer, there is Nadal, there are the cyclists who are winning the "Tour de France" and other tours, and basketball is so and so, like team sports. But not like soccer.

Kobe sells more stuff in Spain than Gasol. What does that tell you?

If you ask Ricky? You know the answer.

Do you think the Staples will sell out to watch Gasol (without Kobe)? NO

But the Medison Square Garden is "at maximum capacity" for the Amare's Knicks.

A little more chatter here, how about this trade: Bynum, Walton and Blake for Melo, Nene and Billups? You know, just for conversation purposes.
Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | January 21, 2011 at 02:16 PM

Guys - Let's tone down the argumentative tone here. We can debate basketball but we need to stop having such animosity toward each other
Posted by: Mark Medinaa | January 21, 2011 at 02:20 PM

I can see an embarrassing lost by the Lakers again tonight against (always very good when they face the Lakers I don't know why) Denver. So don't waste your time and energy because Lakers will lose by 15 points tonight 100 - 85 final score. I won't.
Posted by: rafanico | January 21, 2011 at 03:59 PM

JD-...Dude that CHATTER will become LOUD SCREAMSSSS.

MM- Dude...after tonight's LOSS, all HELL'S UP in HERE, Lakerholics will be CASTRATING. Tone it down!!! Did you say TONE IT DOWN? This $hit going to be BETTER than the GAME.

rafanico- Dude...TRUE THAT, may possibly be 20.


utzworld - Dude....You're a FRAUD, STOP EMBARRASSING yourself.

#thatisall oh i looove monica!

Even though I felt Kobe didn't play all 1st team type defense imho...I can't think of another SG that was more deserving. I would be interested to see who you or others think play better defense at that position.

Posted by: LRob | January 21, 2011 at 04:41 PM

Haven't watched enough games this year to make a real educated opinion, but based on stats (steals, blocks, rebounds - obviously not as good as actually seeing them play), where would you rank Wade and Sefolosha (hmmm I guess not many good defensive 2 guards) compared to Bryant just on the defensive end?

Keep in mind, I'm usually the one in my group saying that Kobe is not overrated defensively. Also, Kobe doesn't have to guard himself so...take that for what it's worth. Looking at Kobe vs. the two names above, I guess I would still take Kobe for sure. Ok LRob, you've made your point.

@G. Money
"utzworld - Dude....You're a FRAUD, STOP EMBARRASSING yourself."

Actually, I think Utz is one of the most intelligent and genuine individuals that post here.

Time to stop the name-calling. It's just childish.

Posted by: G.Money | January 21, 2011 at 04:58 PM


Justa least use your own material when you troll...Thanks Big G...

Lews- Bro...not TROLLING, just having a little FUN. PEACE

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LET'S GO LAKESHOW!!! Let's kick off this week end with a win...just play your game and no team can beat us...

Hey G. Money,

How about the NBA and Lakers force the Magic, Clippers and Hornets to send Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to the Lakers. I'd throw in the Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony, but Melo might cramp Kobe's style (and the other three at least play high-caliber defense). Plus, the Lakers might actually have to give up Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Blake and Brown to make all that happen. Just saying! Hah . . . .

Hey LRob and LFICT,

Kobe and Dwyane Wade are by far the two best all-around shooting guards in the NBA. Not even close since they are both world-class defenders. The only other two guards who defend as well or better are Gerald Wallace (and nobody knows this since he plays for the Bobcats), Raja Bell and Thabo Sefalosha. Only Wallace has much of an offensive game, but nowhere near Kobe and D-Wade. Brandon Roy was an above average on-the-ball defender and at one time probably the third-best all-around shooting guard in the association, but that's history.

Ought to be a great game tonight with the Nuggets. Enjoy!

Hi Dan...

Just signed Rudy Fernandez to my FBB team...figured he would get more minutes since Roy is out...(sorry I had to bring that up)...

Just curious...with the way everything stands right now...who do you pick to come out of the West and East...and who will be the Champs this year...

Yes I think your opinion carries a lot of merit....Have a great week end...


Rudy Fernandez will be a big key for the Blazers if they want to stay in the playoff hunt. Him and Wesley Matthews must keep pace with Andre Miller, LaMarcus Aldridge and whatever big men the Blazers can keep healthy (if any?).

All things equal, as in no major injuries, I like the Celtics and Heat in the East to make the conference finals. As we know, the Magic could meet one of those two in the second round and knock them off (more likely the Heat than Celtics). Boston just seems to have enough in the tank right now to get a high seeding and get to the Finals, they have a lot of depth and they'd be tough to beat four times in a seven-game span with all their offensive weapons.

I really like the rebuilt and healthy Spurs to challenge the Lakers in the Western Conference finals, although if health problems impact either they could meet in the second round, and what a war that would be. Tony Parker is still an amazing PG, Manu Ginobili is indeed an MVP candidate and Tim Duncan is a low-post warrior despite age and mileage on his frame. Plus, with their two young big men (Blair and Splitter) plus McDyess and the development of young guards George Hill and Gary Neal, they have some nice support pieces.

So, as of this moment, I'd go Celtics-Heat in the East with the Magic as No. 3 and Lakers-Spurs in the West with the rebuilt Mavericks as a darkhorse. I'm a huge Dirk Nowitzki fan and Jason Kidd continues to hold that team together, plus they have a high-scoring bench. The Nuggets just don't seem to be the type of team to get over the hump. The Thunder aren't built for playoff basketball either.

What do you think, LEWSTRS?

Dan - I think you are spot on with your forecasts on both Conferences...I think when Noah comes back, Chicago would be the dark horse...In the West, well of course I'm going with the Lakers, even though the betting man would not...but I know my team, and they are built for the playoffs...and my dark horse in the West is believe it or not the Clippers...

But I think we will see the rubber match with Lakers vs Chowders, and I hope that starting 5 Doc uses for an excuse all the time will all be Doc can shut his mouth once and for all...


I was remiss not to mention the Bulls as a potential darkhorse, although I don't think they'll really challenge the big three in the East in a second-round matchup. They are the Thunder/Blazers of the East, lots of talent, some depth and a future MVP candidate in Derrick Rose (do you ever get tired of seeing his reverse-layup highlights, where he beats three defenders and two look as though they're going to reject his shot and he still scores?)



congrats are in order. one more great accomplishment. keep up the good work and have a very long and happy marraige.


Very nice catch! You're lucky dude. She is terrific in every way. Wishing you two the very best. Please do one thing, go get the three-peat done. She should serve as the ultimate inspiration. Go Lakers!

Shannon is a good teammate, good attitude, etc. he's good for Lakers and the fans like him. I like the fact that they did the wedding in the private environment, not kind of show-off as most of celebrities. That would tell Monica and Shannon are great for each other.

Congrats to both and wish you all the best. Hope to see Shannon to be with Lakers longer and will be starter some day. 1-2 more summers of hard work will lead you there.



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