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Ron Artest plans to release mixtape during NBA All-Star weekend

The anticipation surrounding the 2011 NBA All-Star game goes beyond seeing Jerry West's statue unveiled outside Staples Center, wondering how many points Kobe Bryant will drop in front of the hometown crowd and whether Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom get a spot on the West's roster.

It also involves what Ron Artest's mix tape will sound like, which he says will make its debut during All-Star weekend. Considering his "Champion" single included some hefty production from none other than Dr. Dre himself and that Snoop Dogg gave a shout out to Artest in Purp & Yellow, it's safe to presume Artest's tape should feature a number of legit artists. But those wanting a sneak peek will have to wait.

"There's going to be a bunch of celebrities on it," Artest said. "I can't say the names yet, but there's going to be a bunch of people on there that you wouldn't believe that would rap or sing. A lot of athletes, a lot of rappers and a couple comedians."

Well, we can play the guessing game. Sign up Dre and Snoop. Maybe throw in Ice Cube, considering he attended the Lakers' practice on Monday. And as far as Lakers players? You have to include Kobe Bryant, considering R&B singer Brian McKnight said at Magic Johnson's championship party last summer that Bryant would likely be the Lakers' best singer simply because "he's smooth and he's right there and doesn't let anything affect him." Throw in Lakers guard Shannon Brown since he recently married R&B singer Monica and even appeared in one of her music videos. And add  Odom, since he'd likely go with the flow and the experience would make for a good bit in his upcoming reality show with wife Khloe Kardashian.

There's one player, though, that's safe to exclude -- Pau Gasol.

"He's definitely not on it," Artest said of Gasol. "I would like him to, but he probably wouldn't. He has good rhythm."

In turn, Gasol acknowledged his shortcomings in the rap industry. When El Spaniard was told he could play the piano, he joked that probably wouldn't mix well on a rap song.

"I don't have any freestyle lines unfortunately," Gaosl said. "I wish I did. But I haven't been working on it. But we'll work in it. I have no problem with it. I love challenges."

--Mark Medina

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Dude...How about just playing BASKETBALL, forget about that other DISTRACTIONS. Then again...keep on being DISTRACTED.


Well, I mean this is why the Lakers always attract talent. Playing in Los Angeles will open the doors for other venues. I remember when Kobe attempted a rap career, and I am glad he stopped. Ron is from Queensbridge which produced some of the greatest hip-hop artists ever, and it is entertaining to say the least. It seems like all hip-hop artists want to be basketball players and many basketball players want to be hip-hop artists.

G. Money - Laker players can multi-task. They've always did their hollywood/showbiz thing while still winning CHIPS. The only distractions you should worry about is Lebron and his party in every city, DWade and his commercials, and Chris Bosh and his...ummm...never mind I guess CB4 still can't get any love even in South Beach.

Maybe Ron will get Nas, The Bridge's finest, to join him. Or go real old school and get the legendary Marley Marl or someone from his "Juice Crew".

They just better win another 'chip. I couldn't give a ratz @$$ about their TV shows, music ventures, celebrity marriages and anything else outside of championship caliber basketball. Get it together L.A. and get your heads out of "LaLa" land's @$$!

C'mon, guys, could we PLEASE cut out all this "urban" rap crap and just focus on our beloved Lakers instead of all the "gangstah wannabe" nonsense? With all the swapping of references to music videos, etc. you all remind me of a bunch of junior high school kids. Grow some gray matter, will ya, and keep your eye on the prize.

They just better win another 'chip. I couldn't give a ratz @$$ about their TV shows, music ventures, celebrity marriages and anything else outside of championship caliber basketball. Get it together L.A. and get your heads out of "LaLa" land's @$$!

Posted by: frmkt | January 24, 2011 at 06:27 PM

To be fair, frmkt, a lot of media outlets, skeptics, thought that women would slow down Magic in the 80's, and the lifestyle, and the perks. It didn't happen.
He still dominated. Would you think that Kobe Bryant would ever let that (insert expletive) go in the Locker Room and affect play on his Court. No!!!!

You win or lose a title on a court of play. Not in the Newspapers, or TV.


@ 27 ~ thanks for correcting my error. Fuzzy memory on that one, I admit... could not clearly remember if it was a playoff game or late regular season that Joey tossed Timmy.


Ron Artest will be performing music from his new mixtape on February 18th, 2011 in Los Angeles, Ca to find out more go to ...The countdown begins!



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