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Ron Artest and Lamar Odom size up the Jets-Patriots AFC playoff matchup

Walk into the Lakers' locker room, and there Lamar Odom usually will be sitting at his locker talking to nearly anyone within sight about the day's sporting events.

When something involves his favorite teams, the New York Yankees and New York Giants, the Queens, N.Y., native will share his knowledge. When the topic pertains to other favorite teams shared among other reporters, he'll playfully tease them. And when anything good happens regarding the other New York teams, the Jets and Mets, he'll happily switch allegiances.

With the Jets visiting the New England Patriots on Sunday for an AFC semifinal matchup, Odom will have company. Lakers forward Ron Artest, a Queensbridge native, strictly adheres to the Jets-Mets connection, but even he admits he's hopping on the bandwagon after spending all season not really following much of the team's personnel. If Artest were a regular sports fan, however, he'd certainly not tune into the Lakers-Clippers game Sunday considering the 12:30 p.m. tipoff time starts an hour before the Jets-Patriots kickoff.

"I can't see a lot of people watching our game," Artest said. "Maybe hard-core Laker fans and Clipper fans. Other than that, everyboy will be tuned in. At halftime, people will be tuned into the Jet game.

"I'll probably TiVo it. I like to know the score [after the game]. But I still like to go home [and] watch it over just to see the plays and see what happened."

Odom, however, will tune in for other reasons. He admitted to being a bandwagon Jets fan, saying he's "rooting for the last team left" in New York. Even if he's just beginning to root for them, it seems as if he's more in tune with the Jets' personnel, however, than Artest. He conceded he doesn't know much about Jets Coach Rex Ryan other than his penchant for creating even more headline-grabbing stories than Artest, who admits, "I'm not happy about that". Odom pointed to Ryan as a significant reason for the Jets' turnaround. "He's given that team the right push it needed," he said. Artest acknowledged he knows very little about the Jets' roster, other than former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, running back LaDainian Tomlinson and wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Moments after Odom explained how the Lakers' tweaked defensive scheme has led to a seven-game winning streak, he argued the Jets' fourth-ranked finish in total defense also largely led to their success. And both offered encouraging predictions regarding their favorite team they rarely follow (Artest) and their favorite team they just began liking (Odom).

"If there's one team built to beat [New England] in a matchup," Odom said, "the Jets are."

"We're not underdogs," Artest said. "We're the best."

--Mark Medina

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Go Packers!!!

Now Bosh goes down...and a 3 game losing streak...

LeBron what was that you were saying about karma...

Ha-Ha, Karma seems to a much BIGGER B than what Queen James was mentioning!!

Ru Paul Bosh also goes down, and 3-straight losses, hahahaha

And I thought this article was going to be about Tom Daniels....

Being though I was bestowed a true honor by MM today, I'm going to do this LRob style:

@ MM - Thank you for this prestigious award in journalism. The Friedman is not to be taken lightly, especially when it is bequeathed upon you by a true professional journalist and potential NBA star. By the way, your hypothetical workout sounds no different than what the Lakers are going to do to their playoff opponents this season, so what do you have to lose?

@ Mamba24 (numerous posts) - Preach, Mamba, preach!! You have awaken and have returned this blog to OUT FREAKIN' STANDING form! Thank you for being the first to acknowledge my RCOTD. Now carry on, sir!

@ LEWSTRS, LRob, 63 Footer, bronxlakerfan, LakerMike, frmkt and Wallace - Sincere thanks for your congratulatory comments. I think I got everyone, except ....

@CyberCosmiX - Man, get back to health. There's nothing more important than that. Thanks for your over the top kudos and I love you, man .. more than you love me. Get back to 100% soon, brother!

@segeboy (9:08 AM) - regarding my discussion with hobbitmage about stats:

"Really dude? Ain't u d same guy with all the stats on how Kobe will never be MJ or is my memory serving me wrong?"

Your memory is serving you wrong. I have repeatedly opined that Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are the same player for all intents and purposes and that they both belong in the discussion for the G.O.A.T. for a floor player. With these 2 very similar players, the only stats I take into account are NBA Finals appearances and rings. I HAVE stated that if Kobe Bryant had received the same preferential treatment throughout his career that Michael Jordan received, his lifetime scoring average would be 2-5 points higher and, conversely, that if the refs had treated Jordan the same way they have treated Kobe, his lifetime scoring average would be lower. In no way does that factor into my opinion of who is the better player.

@ (11:45 AM)- "Dude... Your're the same one who refers to the regular season as PRACTICE SEASON, RIGHT? and another poster mention to you about practicing good habits and you blew then UP. Maybe I'm WRONG, but I'm sure it was YOU. Just Sayin....

Yeah, the way you lay it out is wrong. I have posted numerous explanations for the appropriately named "practice season" for this back-to-back championship team whose core players have now been to 3 consecutive NBA Finals. If you skim or skip my posts, I can understand why you might strictly construe "practice season" without giving it further thought. Actually, the post that MM extracted my RCOTD from gives you more of an insight to what I mean and even the extracted excerpt describes it to an extent. Just read between the lines a little.

@ hobbitmage - (9:02 AM) A little misleading as usual, but let's face it, neither one of us completely gets the other. I was trying to give a civil, reasonable explanation for why I think statistics are very misleading as they apply to individual players and you reacted rather harshly to me. The one statistic that I pointed to which measures some of the so-called "intangibles" better than any other and that commentators repeatedly point to in terms of defensive excellence is opponents' fg% because it's a team statistic, not an individual one. Regardless, I don't agree that just because, for example, "hockey" assists or altered shots are not a recorded statistic that that automatically qualifies them as an "intangible." Andrew Bynum's presence in the paint is a whole lot more tangible than that! I would call LO's diversity for a player his size a true intangible because he does many things from alter the pace of the game to take their bigs away from the basket to put a team on its heals with his ability to go coast to coast. To me, that's a little different than having a 7 footer noticeably alter play in the lane.

@ hobbitmage (9:39 AM) - Other than your strong feelings that Bynum should have showered after Game 7 and then immediately had his knee surgery, which I will always disagree with, I actually agree with your take on the Lakers' complacency to the extent that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link." I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis of Gasol, but the one guy who has caused a little slack in this chain .. and you're not going to like this .. is our reiging NBA Finals MVP, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe has had to pace himself, especially on defense, by physical necessity because of his healing, ailing knee, and if our leader is not at 100%, that brings the rest of the team down. I think Kobe has one thing on his mind and that is his sixth ring. Consequently, he's experimenting a little on the court, trying to figure out how to best handle and shoot the ball with his screwed up fingers, among many other things. His turnovers look like they come from mental lapses as well, which also contributes to team complacency and he has not been practicing with the team much, another contributing factor. I am not BLAMING anything on Kobe because I think that both he and the Lakers are right where they need to be at this point in the season. I'm just explaining the complacency, which is well justified in my view for these back-to-back champions. A little more muscle memory and I believe that they are well positioned to put themselves in a position to three-peat.

Stefan Martin - I believed the LakeShow had a 3 and 4 game loosing streak, appreciate GREATNESS don't be a HATER.

888- Don't get you're shorts in a WAD...I feel ya.

Now Bosh goes down...and a 3 game losing streak...

LeBron what was that you were saying about karma...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 15, 2011 at 09:05 PM

C'mon Lews, the boys from South Beach will be there when the MONEY is on the LINE. BET ON IT. - I hope your team can get healthy and in sync in time for the playoffs...

If you guys don't win it all...LeBreeze statements of 5 rings will be hard to get unless he resigns another contract...unless I'm mistaken and the current deal he is in is for 6 years...

It's not only the Lakers, but every team in the league...


This is evident in Boston, Dallas and Miami...and was a factor with us in the first half of the season...Now when will the injury bug hit the Spurs...

So who will be the healthiest at the end of the practice season...

That is the 6 million dollar question...

CCX - I hope you feel better man...If it persists, you need to see the doc and get some antibiotics...

@MVP - LRob

@Lew - Actually Lebron said, "five, six or seven rings". He'll need at least seven to catch Kobe.

LRob- Actually I don't believe Kobe going to win another Ring, his time is UP. The Party's in South Beach, BANK ON IT.


you wrote: I was trying to give a civil, reasonable explanation for why I think statistics are very misleading as they apply to individual players and you reacted rather harshly to me.

my response: you should take a writing class. You're not being clear.

I think what you mean to say is that SOMETIMES individual stats can be
misleading as they apply to individual players. You're making *blanket*
statements which actually aren't true 100% of the time.

Let's make this less vague and see if you stand by your statement:

Kobe shoots 50% on a given night. Is that a reasonable/good shooting
night? What's mis-leading about it?

Kobe scores 20 pts on 10 shots. Is that a reasonable/good shooting
night? What's mis-leading about it?

D-Fish goes 1-6. Is that a good shooting night? What's mis-leading
about it?

re: my reacting harshly towards you. So ... there are a number of bloggers
who think that you have consistently acted harshly towards me. For a long
time it made no difference to you. [ Yes, you are acting nicer. ] However,
consider what just happened. I noted that Bynum was about to have a test,
you immediately started talking about trades [ i.e. what you wouldn't do. ]
& I made no mention of trading Bynum at all. You refused to acknowledge
that there was anything worthwhile in my comment at all until Norm Nixon
said the same thing.

Perhaps your perception about your comments is not the same as other
people's perception about your comments. i.e. maybe you're not coming
across the way you think you are. Hence: you're not being clear.

btw, one of the reasons why I post links & snippets of articles is that I'm
trying to be crystal clear. It may be a little long, but for a lot of people
it's cut down on mis-understandings.



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