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Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum discuss Lakers 120-91 win over Utah Jazz

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

--Mark Medina

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@TOM DANIELS... Excellent comments regarding Drew’s defense. I may never forgive Kevin McHale for his dirty shot at Kurt Rambis but I do have to give the guy credit for understanding the game of basketball and his appreciation for the job that Andrew Bynum has been doing on defense.
My one major complaint still revolves around the rule that allows the commissioner to ignore the fans who have given Andrew Bynum more votes than any center other than the injured Yao Ming and choose the player to replace Yao as starter. The NBA fans have chosen Andrew Bynum to start.

Drew played hard and has a mean streak. He stared down Nene for hard play and threw Raja to the floor. I like this hard foul approach.

Brown stay out of the dunk competition,

You will embarrass yourself, the Laker organization and their Fans!!!!!!!!

@NMLL... "Laker Tom... You have to be very happy with the way "The Beast" is playing! That throw down on Raja...PRICELESS!! Not in our Freaking House! They can't overlook the Queen's on Fri nite. Lewstrs..awesome job on the Banwagon's. Be VERY worried NBA, we're baacck!”
I could not be more happy with how Drew is playing right now. He is a bigger, badder, and better beast than ever in my opinion. What I really love most, however, is how Lamar continues to play so superbly off the bench, how Pau is starting to play like the best power forward in the league, and how Kobe is running the show and controlling the offense. Like Tom D said on the previous thread, the Lakers now have a real Big 4 with Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Lamar.

Phil's commented that LO's confidence is connected to his outside shot. "2000 makes per day from 18 feet, see you at the All Star Game" ... remember posting something like that when he first arrived in LA.

Can you imagine what his career with a Karl Malone mid range game?

Better late than never. GO LO.

On Friday Kobe should pass The Dream on the scoring list. Nice.

By J.A. Adande for
Excellent article by J.A. Here is excerpt:
LOS ANGELES -- We get so caught up in the most obvious attribute Andrew Bynum -- his height -- that we forget his youth can be just as valuable.
When he starts ahead of Lamar Odom, the 23-year-old Bynum singlehandedly drops the average age of the starting lineup from 32 to 30.4. More than the numeric benefit that makes the Lakers seem less geezer-ish, there’s still that desire to make a full-fledged contribution after he limped his way through the past two postseasons. And on nights such as Tuesday, when the Lakers dominated the Jazz 120-91 he showed just how essential he is to Lakers’ chances of winning their third consecutive championship.
Bynum was the biggest difference maker Tuesday. He had a plus-minus of plus-27 in his first 16 minutes. He played only 27 minutes the whole night and scored 19 points, right in the thick of four Laker double-digit scorers, and he posted game-highs with 11 rebounds and three blocked shots.
“Pretty good example,” Phil Jackson said of Bynum’s role on the team. “A lot of interior shots that Utah gets, he disrupted or changed the shots and made them miss and helped us out a lot inside, and obviously had a lot of opportunities himself.”
Lately I’ve been keeping my own stat: SOBOA, or Shots Over Bynum’s Outstretched Arms, to get a sense of how opponents fare when Bynum contests their shots. Tuesday night the SOBOA percentage when Bynum played in the first three quarters was .273 (3 for 11), showing just how difficult Bynum can make things when he’s challenging shots.
Bynum said he’s focused on making a difference on defense.
“That’s the biggest thing,” he said. “We have a lot of scorers on this team. You get a play run for you, you better be successful with it. Defensively I can be active and challenge a lot of shots, change a lot of shots.”
He can also change the perception -- voiced most notably by Jerry West -- that the Lakers are an old, worn-down team.
The only thing old about the Lakers on Tuesday night was the same old results against the Jazz in Staples Center, as in their 17th consecutive homecourt victory over Utah.
It was interesting to hear Jackson keep mentioning Bynum -- unprompted -- when assessing the Lakers’ prospects.
“I think we’re coming into our own as a team,” Jackson said. “The addition of Andrew, watching the process of him coming in and playing basketball at a level that’s going to continue to improve. I think we’re playing better basketball right now than we played even in the last three or four weeks.
“I think we’re capable of being a very good team. … Our defense has picked up a little bit. I think we’re getting more identity as far as a defensive team with the addition of Bynum back it really helps us out in the middle as far as rebounding, challenging shots, those things are helping us.”
It’s easy to forget everything Bynum can bring to the team because we don’t always see it.
Kobe Bryant insists the Lakers know “exactly what he can do.”
He then took a shot at a questioner (OK, me) who wondered if it might be otherwise with a player who has missed at least 96 games over the past three seasons and sat out the first 24 this season while recovering from his latest knee surgery.
“I don’t want to insult the weak-minded … but I shall anyway,” Bryant said. “We know very well what he can give us on the defensive end, on the offensive end. It’s pretty elementary for us intelligent folks.”
Bynum still isn’t all the way back. He said he doesn’t have his explosive leaping back yet.
“I’m not able to go dunk balls like I used to,” he said.
Lately opponents aren't dunking balls like they used to against the Lakers. That's because of Bynum.

great videos! the first one you can barely hear and the remaining ones say they are "private videos"... wow, this is a secretive bunch posting here...

@MVP... Just wanted to thank you for continuing to fight the good fight. Anybody who disrespects your basketball acumen or debating ability should rethink their strategy before donning the gloves. We may differ on nuances but pretty much see the game the same way. We ARE the back-to-back defending NBA champs and we will three-peat.

MM... We cannot watch the Kobe, Bynum, or Odom videos. We get a message that says “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.” Can you please fix? Thanks.

>>>My one major complaint still revolves around the rule that allows the
>>>commissioner to ignore the fans who have given Andrew Bynum more votes
>>>than any center other than the injured Yao Ming and choose the player to
>>>replace Yao as starter.

For once I'm in agreement with LakerTom about Bynum here.

Though Bynum was out for much of the season with injury, what center in the West can you say is CLEARLY better than Bynum? Sure, there are some guys who have played well - notably Nene and Tyson Chandler and Al Jefferson. But Bynum has been playing very well now that he's starting and playing up to speed. He OWNED Nene last week and Jefferson last night.

What the comish will probably do is make Pau the starting C, thus opening room for more forwards so maybe they can squeeze in one of Lamar or Kevin Love or Blake Griffin.

But dag nabbit, more fans VOTED to see Andrew Bynum. Granted, that probably is because Los Angeles is a much larger city than SLC or Denver, but since there's no true C better than Bynum who's healthy enough to play AND he got the most votes other than the guy who's out for another year... he should seriously be considered.

The one way that I would find it acceptable that Bynum didn't make the team is if Lamar does. Lamar hasn't contributed quite as much as Bynum does, but he's been very good this season, MUCH more consistent than usual, and he's been healthy the whole season, unlike Bynum.

The last few years, the All-Star game has PANDERED to the Celtics - putting some combo of Garnett, Allen, Pierce, and Rondo on the team. They've also put 3 Orlando players on a squad (Howard, Lewis, Nelson).

It's time to pay RESPECT to the TWO TIME Champion Lakers and give them more than 2 players on the All-Stars. Kobe-Pau-Bynum or Kobe-Pau-Lamar. I don't care which, but the league OWES it to this team to show them some props.

Dude....I see the Laker Faithful are back at it AGAIN, drinking their your own URINE. Utah...C'mon now, I know a WIN is a WIN, but UTAH. Leading up to the Celtic's Sunday and the Spurs, let's just see if they've REALLY grown some STONES. I saw this same EMOTIONS coming from the blog27 one month prior to the Christmas Day game. AND WE KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT, DON'T WE.
It's always a Practice game in a mean less season when you get your BUTT's KICKED, and always the Championship SWAGGER when you WIN.

If the LAKERS BEAT DOWN the CEL's and SPURS, I'll be the first to say.....THEIR BACCCCKKKKK. Till then....put down the URINE JUG, it's not KOOL AID.


I think we’re capable of being a very good team. … Our defense has picked up a little bit. I think we’re getting more identity as far as a defensive team with the addition of Bynum back it really helps us out in the middle as far as rebounding, challenging shots, those things are helping us.”

Identity is the key word here.
As soon as the league identifies the Lakers as a good defensive team
The hacks, pulls, pushes, slaps will be brushed off as good D by the refs.
And will also help Bynum stay on the floor without getting called for all those ticky tacks.
And I ain't mad at that.


I'm enjoying this new side of the Beast: the side that stands chest to chest with Nene -- looking DOWN at him, I might add -- the side that gives Raja a special little "get out of my way" nudge, the side that relishes the opportunity to challenge every shot at the rim WITHOUT fouling.

The Lakers have some very important games on the docket this next week. Bynum needs to bring this new side onto the court for each and every game, continue rounding into shape, keep jumping more than once (I love that!), and patrol the paint.

Go Lake Show!

So to all you people who were whining about the Lakers' loss to Miami back on Christmas, while some of was were saying it ain't that big a deal?

NOW is when games start to become much more important.

We're now more than halfway through the season and coming into the home stretch of the season. After the All-Star break, it will become even more important to establish a level of dominance on both ends of the court. But the Lakers have a string of games coming up that could set the tone even before the break.

The first half of February, the Lakers face New Orleans (winners of 9 straight at this point), New York, San Antonio, Orlando, and Boston twice. Plus their long road trip includes games against Memphis, Charlotte, and Cleveland in that time stretch.

If the Lakers fare well between now and the All-Star break (especially if they can beat the Spurs, Orlando, and Boston), then it will set a tone that they're closer to being ready for the playoffs.

If they screw it up, it doesn't mean all hope is lost or anything... but compared to a few games in December when Bynum was out or just getting his pre-season on, it would be a much worse indicator if the Lakers did poorly in this next stretch.

Can't wait for the Boston game on Sunday.


Utah will beat San Antonio tonight.

You heard it here first.

DUDE...MM, the blog is on LOCK DOWN? What's up with THAT.

Anyone else besides me willing to MAN UP (or WOMAN UP) and admit that Boston needs that win on Sunday more than we do?

Andrew is looking more and more dominant...starting with the defense, it is so obvious he is the reason our defense has gotten more formidable, and I don't buy the reasoning that it was Persons adjustment that made us better...Yes the new scheme of funneling the ball base line instead of straight down the paint has helped, but without Andrew anchoring the paint, it still wouldn't be effective...I noticed he is jumping higher at getting rebounds, and the offense is coming along...hopefully, PJ schemes the offense towards AB more and more...

Lamar Odom...I am so happy for him that he has reached this level of play and confidence...For years it was LO as the whipping posts...LO is inconsistant, Lamar didn't show up again, trade ODumb, he is overpaid...I've heard it all...It's so fresh that Laker Nation is throwing LO so much love...but it's well deserved...

Fish...poor Fish...I have never seen so much hate and criticism spewed on Fish constantly on the blogs and chats here...I don't need to show his worth, posting stats and pointing out and justifying 'intangibles'...He had a stellar game last night...He is a necessary piece for us to three peat...Just take PJ's and Kobe word for it, not mine...But Good Game last night Derek...

Shannon Brown - his game has gained more confidence...his jumper looks smoother this year...I agree with 63 that he needs to stop dribbling so much, and he needs to work on his decision making times the offense stalls when he is handling the ball...

Pau Gasol a quiet 20-7-5...Another poor player that gets hammered here...All I can say...think about the pre-Gasol days...would you rather have that team...if you say yes...than give up the last 2 rings we got...

There was a lot of panic on here last 2 months...Now we are 3rd best in the whole league and as MVP posted, are right in line with all of PJ 3peat teams as far as record in the halfway point...I know there are still a lot of doubters...and I just have to accept that...even though I feel I know this current squad by now, following them religiously for 4 seasons...

This Sunday will be a great test...and win or lose...I know I will be entertained...and face it...that is why we watch and support our Lakers, because the give us entertainment and they REWARD us with winning championships...and think about it...isn't that what is should be all about...

Lakers - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Laker Tom,

As I've said before, Andrew Bynum assent as a player is THE key to the Lakers continued dominance NEXT YEAR. This year I think all this talk about the team's age is much ado about nothing.

Last night wasn't an example of the Lakers playing inspired basketball that transcends their potential. Last night was about the Lakers playing basketball as they should: As a coordinated team with good chemistry making smart decisions.

More to come...

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Just a thought.

If Lakers beat Sacramento (which they should - easily) and if Boston loses to either Portland or Phoenix (not likely, but not inconceivable - the C's have lost games to Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, Houston, and Washington - so a road loss in Portland or Phoenix wouldn't be shocking), then the Lakers could take HCA away from Boston on Sunday with a victory.

There's a lot of ifs in there, but that would make the game much more momentous.

What's funny is that Boston trolls keep coming here and talkin' about how great their front court is with Perkins and O'Neal and O'Neal and Erden, and how they'll be ready for the Lakers this year...

Problem is, none of their first 3 centers has been consistently healthy so far.

If all four of those guys were healthy, then Perkins and Shaq would get all the non garbage-time minutes, and they'd be pretty solid.

But the more likely situation, if they actually MAKE it to a finals game 7, whether in Boston or LA, is that they'd be starting Semih Erden. And Doc Rivers would still be whining that they're undefeated with their mythical starting lineup.

Wow, did you see the schedule?

The Lakers go on a 7-game road trip starting Feb. 5, but that's not all.

In fact, starting Feb. 5, FOURTEEN of the next SEVENTEEN games are on the road.

This is going to be a tough stretch for the Lakers and will tell us volumes about the state of our team.

I'll be watching every single game. Go Lakers!


The videos should be working now. Also apologize that we've gone to moderated. Again I thought the tone the past few weeks from outsiders really infected the community here. So we'll have this on moderation for a bit

There should be a links post up soon. But here's the news. Lakers have a day off today. So we will have a live chat at 2:30 p.m. I'll be there until about 4 and then I have to run out and do a few errands. But the chat will still be open.

@OUTLAW...I definitely agree with you about the toughness that Drew is showing now. He and Ron definitely give this team another dimension when it comes to toughness. If Drew can stay healthy, we will finally get to see our entire starting lineup in the playoffs. A big part of why teams don’t attack the paint when Drew is in the lineup is definitely related to the hard fouls and way he challenges every single shot opponents take. What was really revealing was looking at the Lakers half court defense every time that the announcers went to slow mo replays of the Jazz on offense. Lakers controlled the lane.
@LEWSTERS.... Glad to hear your business is picking up but sorry that it will limit your posts. Along with LRob, 63, and MVP, you’ve been one of the key off-season acquisitions that has kept this blog at a championship level. Your description of Drew’s contribution as “formidable” was right on. His focus on defense and the strategic moves by Phil and the coaching staff to keep him in the paint have really transformed the Lakers defense.
I was also pleased to see our Big Four (Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Lamar) post another superb performance. Kobe is the clear mastermind of this team without a doubt. He seemingly does not even care how many shots he takes as he choreographs another win. 55% from the field in the last eight games shows all Kobe really wants to do is win. Phil is right. This team is finally coming together and getting ready for the stretch run.


Whether we’re talking about the Lakers or the LA Times Lakers Blog, success depends upon building a chemistry and creating a vibrant level of energy where the efforts and contributions of the individual players or posters create a championship synergy.
For the Lakers, the winning formula is obvious: play smart inside-out basketball that takes care of the rock and generates balanced scoring on offense and play aggressive team defense that controls the tempo and keeps opposing teams out of the paint.
For the LA Times Lakers Blog, the winning formula is equally obvious. Revere the fact that we are the back-to-back defending NBA champs and treat your blogmates with the same courtesy and respect you would expect from your brother and sister Lakers fans.
I’ve never liked seeing any posters get banned but when the whole intent of a blogger is simply to undermine and denigrate the dynamic camaraderie and chemistry of this blog, then I think MM is well within his rights to ban the offenders from posting.
What bothers me most is when these trolls disguised as bloggers try to create cliques of disrespect and disillusionment within the blog. There is only one blog-sync-think that really matters and which we all espouse with passion, which is for the Lakers to win. Like the team, that’s the only thing upon which we all need to focus our attention.

I don't know if they're all the way back, but they're def ready for the Geriatrics. Let the Staples Center be strewn with the bodies of fallen Leprechauns.

MM - Was this a test to see if we watch the videos you post?

Lakers win over the Jazz was great but the Lakers need to play like this the rest of the season. Conditioning for the playoffs begin now!

Also, it would be nice to see Ebanks and Character play more minutes.

Bynum is a work in progress and looks great considering he's coming off knee surgery.

Stay focused purple and gold... keep the dream alive for Phil's ultimate retirement present. It will not be easy but it's completely doable.

Go Lakers

@63 Footer… Oh mama mama mama…that was the Real Thing indeed…just like the Lakers last night.

@MVP – I’m with you on the no asterisks. I also took exception to Phil saying the Spurs chip in 1999 should have an asterisk.

@Laker Tom – Loved the article on Drew. My favorite part was Drew talking about making a difference on defense. He’s “talked the talk” about defense before, but now he’s “walking the walk” more than ever.

@Utz – Boston will certainly be more motivated. They’ve been pointing to this game since September.

@JO N K... Good to hear from you. Hope your return to Cali has been as great as you had hoped it would be. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that Drew can avoid any freak injuries this year and get back his incredible hops before the playoffs. The good news is that Drew seems to finally have everything in proper perspective and is using his defensive play to dominate even when he does not get the touches he deserves. I truly believe even though he’s not yet all the way back, he is a bigger, badder, and better beast.

@MM.... Thanks for fixing the videos and for making the moves necessary to return the blog to a positive gathering place for Lakers fans. Sometimes, you have to take a step back in order to move two steps ahead. You have shown over and over that the blog is in good hands with you as moderator. Like the Lakers, the blog is all about chemistry.

I appreciate all of the Bynum love, and he's been doing a good/great job, but
can we give props to the defensive scheme that Pearson tweaked?

They're funneling to the baseline and keeping Bynum near the rim where
he maximizes his height and minimizes his slow feet. Sorry. Less than
quick feet.

And before someone gets started, I did and do say that he's been doing a
good/great job. [ I said it twice. ]

Here's the League Office email link:

Everyone email them "WE WANT BYNUM!"

@HOBBITMAGE... “I appreciate all of the Bynum love, and he's been doing a good/great job, but can we give props to the defensive scheme that Pearson tweaked?
They're funneling to the baseline and keeping Bynum near the rim where
he maximizes his height and minimizes his slow feet. Sorry. Less than
quick feet.
And before someone gets started, I did and do say that he's been doing a
good/great job. [ I said it twice. ].”
I agree 100% about the strategic changes and I think the moves have been a huge reason why Drew is so active defensively now whereas he seemed to get lost at times in the past. Finally, our defensive game plan is in perfect sync with our player’s strengths and pluses.
I also want to compliment you on being very fair with respect to your comments. It’s been a pleasure interacting with you and I think it’s a perfect example for all of us to remember. All it takes is a couple of guys realizing that other passionate Lakers fans are not the enemy and that once you get by the personality quirks, we all really want the same thing, which is the Lakers to dominate and win another championship.
I am hoping that all of us NorCal Lakers fans can get together for a few games before the playoffs. Then you and I can finally meet and raise a toast to our love for the Lakers.

L Rob: "@Utz – Boston will certainly be more motivated. They’ve been pointing to this game since September."

They've been pointing to this game since the day after Game 7.

That Rick Carlisle - Baron exchange yesterday was interesting. A lot of people see Carlisle as laid back, but he's got quite the temper when you get him started.

@Lew and Mark G - what y'all got today?

REST DOES A BODY GOOD. The team was rested and it showed.


Utah will beat San Antonio tonight.

You heard it here first.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | January 26, 2011 at 10:13 AM

Meh, D-Will, Millsap and C.J. Miles will definitely play hard. Aside, from that...ugh.

Blown out on the first half of a back to back, doesn't bode well for the Jazz, even if they are at home.

Does anybody else get chills watching Lamar with that crazy runner. It brought back memories of Mully doin almost the same thing, w/out the contact and it didn't count.


I had something, then I changed my mind cuz it didn't feel quite right. I'll go with Albert King I guess, because the Lakers are starting to Funk Shun.

drew is playing well but he's no all star. I'd rather they let another power forward in over drew, namely Lamar Odom.


Why am I suddenly reminded of Ice Cube's "Good Day"? :)

Does anyone know where I can get a "Fat Burger"? It's almost lunch time
and I'm hungry.

In all seriousness, it's nice when people read & understand what's being said.
A much nicer place to be. Yes, it would be nice to get together for a few

Nice Post.

Go Lakers!

Here you go LRob, now that I'm at the office, here is my flavor for today...

This selection is a message to all the other teams in the Association...Until someone unseats the Lakeshow...We are the Champs baybee!!!

OK, well that's all I was trying to say. I'm not mad about it. I don't care. That's fine. But don't try to make me out to be the bad guy, like I'm this money-hungry, greedy person when that wasn't the case. It's crazy. I know the truth, and they know that. - Trevor Ariza

First off, nobody, I've spoken with, ever tried to make you out to be the heavy, Trev. I also have a problem with you and you're agent, who played that whole scenario wrong. Business should never influence professionalism. If you don't want to talk about what went on, that's your right, on the flip side, it also sounds as if you don't want to deal with the reality of the situation. Your agent made grand mistakes on your behalf, and let's face it, you're bitter, you're bitter. You haven't come close to your playoff success, offensively or defensively. Monty Williams can help you with your game, you just have to let the past be the past, and I wish people like Sam Amick, and other shall we say 'cronies' do the same thing.

Sunday can't come fast enough for me. I also laugh at the Septics bringing in two new bigs this year (Shaq, Jermaine Oneil) to go with Big Baby (I hate that name) and Perk because it makes it so obvious that the Septics are trying their hardest to out big us, which indicates fear and a dawning realization that if both teams are healthy, we'd take it everytime under the old roster. Except that Bynum has shown (when healthy) that he can at least stay with some of these guys and flat out own the others (JO and Perk esp).
Should be a good game regardless. Go LAkers!1!!!!

Bynum is a work in progress and looks great considering he's coming off knee surgery.

Posted by: tmohr48 | January 26, 2011 at 10:49 AM
I agree with most your post but not with the above.
Andrew is not a project anymore but an established center. He will continue to learn and improve. Kobe is not a work in progress yet he continues to learn and improve. Thanks for your insight.



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