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Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom on Lakers' 100-95 loss to Sacramento Kings

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

--Mark Medina

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"Looking ahead" is an excuse and I don't buy it.

Was very pleased at the effort I saw in the 4th. But that 3rd?

Anyone know why Derek never came back in? Just curious

This season has had its ups and down - sometimes thrilling, sometimes very hard to watch... The only guy that brings it every night is Kobe. That was obviously the worst game of the season for Lamar. Ron was awful. Drew got beat up and made an excellent argument for not being in the all star game - letting Cousins drop 27 on his sorry ass. What is up with his comment? "I didn't play defense in the first half." Why the F*&^K not? He doesn’t get enough money? He let his guy out-muscle and out-play him. Pau was ineffectual. Blake went back to shooting like crap. Fisher was typically mediocre... I feel sorry for all the Laker fans who paid to watch it… It must be very frustrating to be Kobe – stuck with a bunch of guys that don’t care as much as he does. When nobody else can make a shot, he starts taking it all on himself. He didn’t shoot a bad percentage, but we don’t seem to be able to win with this approach. Once he starts shooting like that, the rest of the team gives up. They are no longer involved in the game and their defense gets worse. You can see why PJ is so adamant about retiring after this year. Trying to motivate a bunch of spoiled millionaires must get really old… Sorry, these games upset me way more than they should because…

I am a Lakerholic.

Jeez... The worst of all worlds. Losing to a highschool team like the Queens and Kobe missing out on yet another 40-point game. I sat watching the game and just wished Kobe would go "Eff all y'all. I'm doing this on my own!" I know it's a nightmare tactic but these bunch of morons just never learn. They've won two championships in a row - and they still don't get it?!?!? You need to show up for games.

Disrespecting the opponents? What the hell Drew? If you wanna be arrogant, do it after you've dropped 30 in their faces or blocked a bunch of shots. If you wanna play D for only half a game I think the team should renegotiate your HUGE contract and only pay you half, you snot faced millionaire!

Well, this "dynasty's" hallmark is their excellent brand of frustrato-ball, so everything's looking just about right and I guess we'll walk away with yet another trophy come june. Woohoo!

Btw. what a nice display by our bigs just before the allstar reserve selection...

The Lakers never intended to play this game with any BB passion.
Lets get this straight , The Lakers make up their mind as a team wether they want this game or not before
they even get on the floor. That is why I have a lack of interest of watching the whole game.
They put on a spurt like a candy bar and everything is so sweet then they say wait let me refrigerate the rest of this
and keep it on ice. We'll get back to this later down the road.
Up to this point I have given The Lakers a grade of C+ they do not care about the paying customer , they will only focus
down the stretch run. So the 1st 47 games are a roller coaster.
Game 1 of a 35 game season starts on Sunday.
Lakers by 10pts.
They will start the season 1-0

Too Funny.

Lakers look ahead to Sunday and let Kings build up a big lead they can't quite erase. Celtics looking forward to Sunday and forget to score against defensive specialists the Phoenix Suns.

I guess they'll both be pissed off and ready Sunday.

OK, so here is what every scout and NBA team knows on how to beat the Lakers. Unless this changes we are in for more abhorent performances like last night:

1. Bang and beat on Pau until he quits and pouts. He has no base at all and can't keep a mosquito out of the paint. He stares at rebounds and does not go to them, like late last night. His pathetic finger rolls and weak shots are mostly tipped away or don't even get to the rim!

2. When the game is on the line just doube/triple team Kobe, because no other Lakers will come/move to give him an outlet for a pass that is reasonably likely to be completed. They don't even come to the ball when he does get the pass away=steals and turnovers! Basketball 101 again.

3. MAKE A DARNED LAYUP!! Teams know all they have to do with almost the entire roster is to just get in the paint and the Lakers will leave a layup off the glass improperly or finger roll it to the floor.

I don't want to hear from any of the Pau defenders about him not getting the ball enough, today! He is so weak, he couldn't play as a college team's center. His legs AND his arms and wrists are very weak. I cannot believe a coach has not dragged him into the weight room to show him what those heavy things are for in that room! Time to think about bundling some Lakers or whatever to get a big that will actually bang and keep their position in the paint and maybe can run the 40 in under 8 seconds!!!! LO is quick, but PG and AB are not.

This is getting very old..............

I love how being a fan first, and a reporter second gets you a pass in La La Land.
I’m waiting to hear what actually happened in the game.
Nevermind. Lakers got whooped...and it could happen again.

You say, to paraphrase, ‘They (the Hollywood Troupe) LET Demarcus Cousins pretty much walk over them’. Are you so sure they could have stopped him last night?

Here’s some news.
Cuz is a 20-year old mama’s boy who is only now
beginning to learn to stay out of foul trouble.
In the two games prior to this one, he had 11 fouls.
He is averaging only 26.1 minutes per game because of this.
Anytime he is in the game, he is a force.
He can do everything; all the moves under the basket, with both hands.
Mid range and perimeter shooter. Can pass, rebound, block, and steal.
Most importantly, he’s got a high BB IQ, and is one tough mother.
He can not stand to lose.

So you go on to say, again paraphrased, that the Cuz
‘entered the league a highly touted rookie,
but ALL THE REPORTS indicate that he hasn’t really lived up to his potential’.
Really...ALL THE REPORTS...or just what’s what’s been reported,
and is in the mill to continually be recirculated by people like you
for the PC Roll-Call membership?
Have you ever spoken to the young man yourself,
or interviewed his coaches or team mates?
No doubt. He is a young, young firecracker...we like that about him.
He is also a delightful, and quite thoughtful individual who, unfortunately,
will probably be been given the usual idiot treatment by the press
every time he gets fired-up the remainder of his career.
He’s a great kid, and phenomenal giant, but a great kid.

The Cuz is only just now learning to play in the NBA.
I suppose I should be thankful Sacto fans do not expect him to ‘live up to his potential’ in the first half of his rookie season.

Here’s a flash! Demarcus will probably be runner-up only to Blake
in the ROY voting before the season is over,
and that’s only the beginning for this young man.
He’s already has a skill-set at minimum,
equal to that of Andrew (and Andrew is good)
and will be a major force in this league in the not-to-distant future.
He just needs maturation and experience, which he is getting.

You said that the typical strength that the Lakers
‘have in going inside just wasn’t there’.
But, you failed to mention why, and it wasn’t for lack of effort.
Without the Saint, you’d have been blown out.
The fact is, the Cuz and Dalembert had their way.
Andrew and Pau (even with Lamar in the mix)
shot poorly and looked mediocre,
not because they didn’t play hard, but rather,
because they were outplayed, and in some ways dominated.

Any (especially young buck) team with skills, size, and determination under the basket is going to give your team fits,
especially if they have ball handlers and decent perimeter shooters.
Doc knows about this, which is why they are frothing that Perk is back,
but not to worry...
It’s the Heat that the west, and possibly the Lakers are going to have to contend with before all is said and done anyway this season.

Reke, Beno, Landry, Thompson, and Jeter all had sub-par nights,
but all hustled and contributed to the win.
Unlike the Lakers, who build their teams another way,
it has taken years for the Kings to position themselves.
They are now better positioned to add high end pieces
than any team in the league.
We need a veteran guard, and another all-purpose scorer.

I would be shocked for sure,
but don’t you be too shocked if Melo and Billups end up in Purple and Black. Certainly the media will avoid mentioning it,
but the Kings are definitely in the discussion.
(Personally, I’d love to have Billups mentor our young guys,
but am not real high on Carmelo as a King).

However one wishes to look at it, we look forward to all comers,
including the Lakers,
as the Sacramento Kings continue to gain experience and improve,
game by game. The talent is already there.

Gotta love how our Israeli pestered the Saint
(gotta be a joke in there somewhere).
Given the look in his eye, I don’t think Kobe likes or respects Casspi.
But he was wise not to get too frisky with him.
Casspi is also an Israeli soldier.
I'd put my money on Casspi. KO in under 30 seconds.

Go Kings!
Go SF Giants!
Go Aaron Rodgers (Superior California Chico boy)


Good to read that Drew owned up to his poor defensive effort. I would've liked to heard Pau own up to his poor game as well.

The biggest positive I'll take out of the game other than Kobe being great offensively and Shannon regained his stroke, was at least the Lakers fought back after the huge deficit instead of rolling over like they did several times earlier this season.

>> Casspi is also an Israeli soldier. I'd put my money on Casspi. KO in under 30 secon s. Posted by: Sonnybelfast | January 29, 2011 at 08:21 A

The Saint is also a Black Belt in Kung Fu, trained by Bruce Lee's teacher. I'd put my money on the Black Mamba. KO in 5 seconds.

>>Sorry, these games upset me way more than they should because…I am a Lakerholic. Posted by: Lakerholic | January 29, 2011 at 05:15 AM

And being a Lakerholic myself, I feel your pain but...that is the curse of being a Lakerholic. Just remember after the pain comes the unbelievable joy and it is coming, so hang in there.

can someone please explain to me last nights loss? while watching the suns clobber the the celtics on espn in arizona, sacto was doing in our Lakers! i thought we were over this "losing to below .500 teams at home"! care to explain it to me? just by looking at L.A.'s stats, kobe and brown were the only ones that showed up. PATHETIC, JUST PATHETIC!

LROB, i don't think pau ever owns up to a poor performance. he'll probably blame kobe for his pathetic play!

Good morning BLOG CRUE,
I only watched the first half last night and had a bad feeling. Instead I enjoyed a few Blue Moons (2). I did keep tabs on the score though. I hope this team was humbled last night and takes it out on green. Reported Elie sounds a little like Sasha. I'm going thrift shopping my friends!

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Lakers smacked down by lowly Kings.

Laker Blog smacked down by Silver Screen and Roll with 247 comments.

Lakers 95, Kings 100: Egg on the face
by C.A. Clark on Jan 28, 2011 11:56 PM PST

SSR may get all the posts but having a harmonious blog community is more important at LA Times blog.

the lakers will play much better when pj retires because
no other coach would start fisher,luke and artese.
plus pau plays like a girly man.

Hungry for more VONilla WAFER?

Don`t worry, he`ll be there tomorrow!


Twitter: Bynum doesn’t deserve to touch the trophy!

Cousins: 27/10 [ stats mean nothing ]

Bynum: 12/4

37 non-fast break points in the paint for Sac.,0,1415446.story

Andrew Bynum stood up and took the blame.

"We didn't even come out and defend the way we should have, myself in particular," he said. "In the first half, I kind of disrespected Cousins and he got off to a blazing start.

This was another game where Kobe did not get his teammates involved in the beginning. Although he was hot in the beginning, every one else just stood around and this set the mood for the game. I think Kobe has lost his mojo as being the best closer in the NBA as was indicated with his 2 for 11 shooting in the 4th quarter. I do not know but I would guess his percentage in the 4th this year is well under 40%.

The Lakers have been a disappointment and a bunch of over price basketball has beens. There is no pride and desire to play basketball at a championship level. Last is year is over and yesterday can not be substituted for today. Is Phil keeping this team motivated. Mitch and Jerry did you provide the correct talent components. These Lakers can not be the same team as last year. Living in memory lane is fantasy. Is this what the Lakers fans have to pay for cheap and sleazy play. Please give the Laker fans a better effort and provide a championship demeanor. Have more respect as a team and those individuals that do not desire to be in a Laker uniform should be removed. Begin to play and have more desire to repeat as champions. Thank you.

To everyone not named KobeMVP888,

if one were to look at the play of the NJ Nets & the Sac Kings big men
vs. the play of Bynum in both games ... would you see a pattern?

if the pattern were there, would you be able to predict which other teams/
big men might fare well against Bynum?

No. I am not excusing Pau in any way. We know he played like like a tapa.
Fresh. lying on a plate. ready to be eaten by a king.

The normally brief Sonny B, gets his mornin' in the sun with a tone poem epic explanation of why oh why it happened that way.

The Kings scored more points. They win. Sac town may even give 'em a banner for that one. Not much chance of a real one in the near future.

Lakers were LOOKIN' forward? Give a basketball fan a break. Whatever. The only thing that's certain is that the Lakers lost again to a mediocre team.

During the dog days of the NBA, vet teams hibernate. WAKE UP!

It really baffles me when some complain about Kobe not getting his teammates involved from the beginning like basketball is only about scoring.

Our bigs sucked last night because they sucked. That's not on Kobe. No one on Sacto was going out of their way to get Cousins involved in the game. He got himself involved. If Evans or somebody else was shooting it didn't stop Cousins from getting the offensive rebound. It didn't stop him from running the court and getting into position, each and every time, whether he touched the ball or not. If our bigs had played last night with half the passion and energy of Sac's bigs we would have won that game. I wish people would stop making excuses for our bigs when they play like they did last night. Kobe didn't just shoot the ball, he passed the ball. He had 7 assists and at least 10 passes that should have been assist but Pau nor LO could put the ball in the basket and Andrew didn't rebound.

Enough blaming Kobe already, he more than did his part. Get outta here with that crap! The Bigs need to grow the hell up and stop acting like babies, crying about touches like that's all basketball is about. Rebound the damn ball and play defense, if not that's on them not Kobe!

Drew's defense has been the difference in recent games not offensive touches, he didn't bring that last night and they lost. And Pau's recent play has been very lackluster. Based on how they played last night it would have been a worst loss without Kobe!

All of the top scorers average over twenty shots a game, the only one I ever hear anything negative about is Kobe. When Lebron, D-Wade, Melo or Durant goes 4 for 22 you never hear a derogatory word about them. Why is that?

Man-up, right on....couldn't have said it any better! with kobe being hot from the get-go last night. it's up to his supporting cast to chase down rebounds, play some DEFENSE AND put the ball in the hole when kobe sets you up. wtf is up with L.O. last night? did he have a late-taping thursday night of his new reality show, "lamar and khloe"? is that why he went 0 - 7 from the floor?

Manup and Lakeshow: so agree.

Half the time, I wonder if the people who criticize watch the whole game or are they watching the (sometimes biased) highlights on the sports replays at 11 because I rarely see the same game that others see.

Last I checked, Bynum isn't the all-star, Bynum isn't the highest paid player in the Lakers front-court, Bynum has never been labled the most skilled post player in the NBA, nor has Bynum been called the second best player on a Championship team, nor has he ever been an all-star. Pau Gasol is in fact all of those things which Bynum is not. Pau has refused to take a leadership role on this team and in turn has refused to shoulder any responsibility for the teams troubles (which I think he is). Pau Gasol is a prideless, gutless player who lacks heart and doesn't deserve to be mentioned with the past greats as a Laker Center (he's definately no POWER-forward). We have no chance to win another Championship with this Soft-served ice cream cone.



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