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Pau Gasol's visit to Children's Hospital is one example of interest in medical field

Over and over again, Lakers forward Pau Gasol found different ways to brighten the day at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Knowing the height discrepancy he carried, the 7-footer lifted children and helped them dunk on a basket. He caught alley-oop lobs from kids in wheelchairs. And he made sure to give everyone a high-five, an encouraging word and a pat on the back.

Gasol's visit Wednesday to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to promote NBA All-Star Jam Session, a fan event taking place during All-Star weekend at the L.A. Convention Center on Feb. 18-21, didn't just serve as a photo opportunity. As a former medical student at the University of Barcelona, Gasol shares a personal connection whenever he makes these frequent visits.

"There's so many kids and families that have to go through this process with surgeries and rehab," Gasol said. "As you can see today, there were some severe ones."

Gasol can relate to a degree, acknowledging "the medical background has given me a better understanding of my body" when he suffered left and right hamstring injuries last season as well as when he experienced a mildly strained left hamstring earlier in this campaign. But not all athletes grew up with parents who worked in the medical field, serves as an ambassador for UNICEF on behalf of the fight against HIV/AIDS or witness a spinal surgery.

"It was so intense and so much for me to handle at the time to see a 13-year-old girl laying there with her spine and back wide open and the team of surgeons working on the back like it's a piece of cake," Gasol said of viewing Isabelle Shattuck's surgery. "It was incredible. Her life was changing in front of my very eyes. It was something I accepted as a miracle."

--Mark Medina

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@63 Footer – Did you say something about Justa getting what she deserves ASG style? A little Allman bros flavor agrees :-)

@Mark G – nice GP

@sean – you are two selections short on your ASG picks, plus you need to select a replacement for Yao. Who are you going to fill out your roster with?

@MVP – excellent post at 10:40am.

@Bert – I like your picks, but I would replace Nash with another big like Aldridge. Also I would say Duncan deserved it if he’s selected. His numbers may be down, but he still anchors the Spurs defense and does a lot of intangibles for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s selected as one of the centers.

Nice to see that The Surgeon is interested in higher causes. We all should be.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dear Lord, We of Laker Nation pray that you continue to guide and lead Pau Gasol into a great work and service in the medical field once his days as a B-ball player are completed. Protect his hands on the court that this great work You have placed upon him would be fulfilled long after the NBA days are over. Just as you have used him on the court to make mighty plays for our Lakers, use him in the operating room to make mighty breakthroughs to help those who are sick, ailing and hurting across the world.


Love Pau! What a great ambassador and he doesn't seem to think of these as responsibilities or chores. He actually is really interested and cares.

True Laker class!!!


That's great that Pau has some background in the medical field..................maybe he can figure out the source of his fatigue.

Bynum "deserves" to make the All-Star team in the sense that his play, or what little of it we've enjoyed, has been all-star level at his position.

However, there are others that "deserve" it more - Nene being the obvious choice.

If Bynum wanted to truly become an All-Star within x number of seasons like he stated x number of seasons ago, then he should have gotten that surgery the day after winning the title... or at least the day after the parade.

He didn't.

Sorry, no star for you.


"BLAKE GRIFFIN future greatest player of all times."



Hey, I knew he was the real deal that first preseason game last year... and I like him as much as the next guy, but seriously, he's in his ROOKIE year

Seriously, have people gone completely mad and forgotten what has happened to some of the games greatest never weres and almost was?? I guess so

Pau's a great guy. Renaissance Man. Citizen of the world. Great, champion basketball player. If he understands his body so well, however, he should see that he would have benefited from consistent weight training throughout his career. That's my only dig at Pau.


It seems like on today's sports scene, people are always searching for the next big thing. Consistency, longetivity and career achievements are undervalued to a large extent.

"That's great that Pau has some background in the medical field..................maybe he can figure out the source of his fatigue."
Posted by: pfunk36 | January 27, 2011 at 12:16 PM





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