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Matt Barnes taking a determined attitude regarding his injury

Lakers forward Matt Barnes entered his first surgery free of anxiety and filled with desire to finish the operation as soon as possible. He centered his talk on his expected eight-week rehabilitation surrounding the lateral meniscus on his right knee with little reflection and more with an eye on the future. And he's making up for his physical limitation by devoting more time to studying the triangle offense.

Barnes displayed the same determined characteristics after practice Thursday that's made him so valuable to the Lakers, averaging 7.4 points and 4.8 rebounds in 20.8 minutes off the bench through aggressive and efficient play. So it's no doubt the Lakers will miss his presence after he landed off-balance while pursuing a rebound in the Lakers' 101-97 victory last week against New Orleans, a game Barnes argued proved the team "turned a corner" during their current six-game winning streak entering Friday's game against the New Jersey Nets. But the same reason the Lakers miss him is the same reason why rehabilitation should prove successful. He's simply making the best of circumstances.

"Mentally I'm kind of frustrated from the first surgery in my career to happen in the most important season in my career," said Barnes, who said the surgery performed by Lakers physician Steve Lombardo at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles lasted three hours and entailed no setbacks. "It's a little frustrating. It is what it is. I have to work through this and do my part to come back healthy and be able to help this team down the stretch."

Barnes has been doing that thus far. His Twitter account shows he's been fully engaged with watching the Lakers' road games on television and home games on the sideline. He devoted his first day of rehab Thursday to testing out his flexibility. He found out there's minimal swelling in his right knee and hopes to accelerate his recovery process so long as it doesn't risk further injury. And he's compiled tape of Phil Jackson's Chicago Bulls teams and of the current Lakers squad so he can better learn the guard position so he returns with a more versatile skill set.

The Lakers' expectation that Barnes will miss at least 28 games may sound like a long time. But Barnes suggests the time will be well spent.

Said Barnes: "My job now is to do my part with the rehab and being prepared mentally."

--Mark Medina

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Hey all, sorry I've been away. Had a terrible Holiday season and am just now coming out of my funk. Team is playing well, love the Walton Effect and Lamar REALLY oughtta be an All Star or there is no justice in the world.

I LOVE Matty B's attitude here. He will come back more knowledgeable of the offense, and work himself into game shape just about a week shy of the playoffs. Absolutely beautiful!!

Jamie Sweet - Welcome back!!!

Hey guys. I wanted to alert everyone that Times columnist Bill Plaschke is having a live chat tomorrow at 11 a.m. The Cover it Live chat interface will be featured on both the Readers Rep, Fabulous Forum and Lakers blog. He will take questions on all sports, but feel free to bring any Laker related questions to him as well. Have fun!

Missed the 2nd half of last night's game but, as always, glad for another W.

Matt's got the right attitude, just keep'll bolster the healing process.

Glad to hear about Theo's progress, as well. I'd like to see him come back and spell Drew and Pau for a few minutes when needed.


@Laker Groundhog: Your post from an earlier thread had me in stitches...nice job!


For my musical contribution, here's a couple of tunes from one of my favorite groups. Enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Good to see Matt focused. His energy will be need in the playoffs.

@Jamie Sweet - Welcome Back.

@GDub - The Wyclef yesterday was good. Thanks for posting Foreign Exchange they're good and I need to listen to them more. Nice to see the off shoot of Little Brother carrying on.

Matt can be like Derek Fisher when fisher injured his ankles during the Lakers' first three-peat. Derek improved his shot and helped the Lakers tremendously in winning championships.

Jamie Sweet - there you are!!! Good to see you back. Sorry about the funk.. that can't be good if it lasted this long. You ok?

MM - a chat with Plaschke? Us? HAHAHHAA!!!!

Damn...another Beat Down, this time at the hands of the thuggest.

The Miami Herald: "Before the game, James was reading the first pages of a fresh paperback copy of Sun Tzu's `Art of War' in the Heat's locker room."

That may be the funniest thing I've heard this season. Now, if he had been reading Clausewitz's "On War," I might have given it a raised eyebrow, but the "Art of War," the cliche's dream read. Next he'll be saying "What does not kill me, makes me stronger," without having read "Twilight of the Idols." (Granted, he'd have to say it in the third person.)

Always remember: "When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

Two losses in a row and an injured ankle. He's right, God is watching.

Bosh and Wade should avoiding him so a wayward lightning bolt doesn't get them.

Welcome Back Jamie Sweet... Hope all is well now.

Next we need Mamba24 to get back on the Blog-Wagon.

Matt is exhibiting his UCLA Tradition of Excellence (John Wooden's Legacy still lives on through it's program).

Go Lakers!!!!!!


Here's to hoping it was just a little malo suerte and he'll be back soon enough.

Nice amount of silver lining here. Barnes was such a great pickup.

I love Matt's attitude. He is a real asset to the team.

As long as Miami keeps losing, I'm okay.

Jon K.,

I'm bad at physics so I'll have to take your word on that part of the Luke effect. But it must be at play.

I see only the geometry. On both ends of the floor he knows where he's supposed to be, a surprisingly rare skill among NBA players that helps him overcome his athletic and shooting limitations and help himself and his team play better. Sometimes proper spacing is just being a step and half to the left, but it makes a big diference.

But he can be downright ugly to watch.

Good morning crew! Game day!!

Good news on Theo. If he can get back in swing of things and help get some needed rest to both Pau and LO along with helping AB when he gets fouls - that's a big plus! He will be needed come playoffs.

Matt - glad to hear the surgery didn't entail any more things than originally thought. That must help things mentally. But for his first injury, especially the knee, he should take his time.

I have really liked Matt's off-ball movement, cuts and pivots and that is all about the knee. And since he will be absolutely needed during the playoff - take the time, watch film and get mentally stronger.

Other than that, looking forward to tonight's game. I think both Jordy and Sasha will be looking to run through the defense, at will, in front of their former fans. It will be a look at what you lost game for those two.

Hopefully, Fish, Kobe, Matt and Shannon will be ready. Drew should be ready to stand tall and swat a couple away. It would be nice to show those two who's the boss.

Cheers - PLG

Good Morning Laker Nation,

It looks like Sasha and Jordan are both happy with their change of scenery. Even though they’re gone I’ll always remember their Laker days and championship contributions…. just like Norm, Horry, Mad Dog and others.

This morning songs is a little love for Jordan and Sasha…

Al Jarraeu – Old Friend


I'm happy for Saha and Farmar as well.
I actually miss seeing them every other day.

Magia32, LRob,

I'm happy as well:

@David – good to see Boss and Mike Ness rocking the house.

@PLG – Don’t worry Jordan and Sasha already knows who’s boss. But a little reminder won’t hurt…lol.

@Magia32 – Boyz II Men – classic.

@GC – Nice of you to check in. Of course, your version of “Hard to Say Goodbye” is the standard, but Boyz II Men did you proud. BTW…loved you on “It’s a Shame”.

Although LRob is waxing reminiscent on Sasha and Jordon, I take a more "what have you done for us lately" approach (with sadness, of course):

Get well Matty Barnes!!! I love your fiestiness and your LONG desire to be a Laker. With your attitude, and determination you might be back sooner than later. Keep studying the triangle, and be ready to win #17!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! I love the smell of Roll Call in the morning...

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"I love Matt's attitude. He is a real asset to the team.

Posted by: Los Angeles maids | January 14, 2011 at 06:03 AM"

Me too, Los Angeles maids. Matt's definitely an opposed to The Three Asset-holes in Miami. (Sorry,, it's true...and you know it. Karma...)

And today's music quiz...

What do these songs have in common...


This is also a tribute to a Laker player...

@Lew - Thanks for the roll call.

@63 Footer - coming with one of the greatest songs ever written...u took it to a whole nother level.

I can’t remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride,
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died.

63 with American Pie. Wow. Only my most favorite song EVER. I used to be a DJ back in Toronto while I was going to school at U of T (place called Studebakers). Anyhoo - nights I worked I ALWAYS closed the evening with last call for alcohol and American Pie. Ahhhh memories.... good times.....

@Justa - okay Ms DJ what you got for us today???? Inquiring minds...

sweet begining to the day

thanks for the roll call


63 served the title up for us on this one so I couldn't resist:

I am happy that Sasha is doing well in Jersey. Maybe if the Melo trade goes through, he can actually put those numbers to good use by winning some games.

Being a graduate in conflict resolution, I just have to say the Melo drama is far more interesting from an interpersonal relationship(s) than the Kobe or Lebron drama.


It's pretty simple. Melo and Amar'e doth protest too much. One way or another their going to have egg on their faces, and they have no idea.

The scenario for Masai Ujiri is a win-lose or a lose-lose situation. It's difficult for him to find a dance partner, then convince Kroenke and his little dog (son, cough) and Melo, more importantly, that the deal works.

Carmelo Anthony, while a great athlete, not sure how good a person he is?, is being selfish and unreasonable beyond limits. He, like, a lot of other players, believes he has power and authority beyond the constraints of a players responsibilities. He's holding a gun to Ujiri's head while Kroenke is sipping on a Tropical Drink.

Melo will find out soon enough, that actions have consequences, good or bad, that impact us. If he wanted to go to NYK bad enough, he could have discussed like a gentleman behind close doors, instead of taking the route most atheletes take and whine about their problems to anyone around.

The only recourse Masai has is to tell Melo he will trade him to NY, just not on his terms. Melo is a terrible dancer with the media, like Elaine from Seinfield TERRIBLE. He hasn't mastered the fine art of balance, and going to NYK, that's not going to change.

LRob - likin' the R. Kelly, thanks.

Justa - late night with the smokey voice: "Comin' to ya over the airwaves. So sit back, relax and let justa spin the tunes...."

mclyne - hahahahaahah! Good one back with the Janet! (By the way, I want a ride in that car, NOT the pickup.)

And Lebron tweeted that the last two games don't count 'cause of his ankle, and he's still karma-free. Then he tweeted that he didn't tweet the previous post. Then his ankle tweeted that it was fine but looking for new ownership. Then his spleen tweeted that the ankle was full of bs. More when it comes....

CornerJ- C'mon dude... It has nothing to do with Karma. Injuries are part of this, I personally think the King was right with what he Tweeted.

The Cav's owner vending all the Thrash, King James had a right to leave that CRAP, BUCKET TOILET of a city. He's really PISSED OFF his Franchise drop in value about $100 mil after the departure.

Slavery over.....well maybe NOT, If Melo would have left Denver without the trade and Nuggets not receiving any compensation, we may hear that $hit all over again from the Media.

Consider this had Kobe opt out, and departed the Lakers a few years back. He would have been CASTRATED and HUNG from an Orange County OVERPASS by YOU, It'll still be a sore spot of conversation. But he had that right to go, regardless of what anyone had to say.

The majority of the blogger know this for FACT, The King is one of the BEST Baller's in the game today if not the BEST. Regardless of all the HATE and FEAR that you Lakerholic display, "THE KING GOT GAME". Stop Haten and start to APPRECIATE, the man has SKILLS. Just Sayin....

Ha! I can make that happen if you're willing to make it to South Orange County. Funny thing- I just received my first speeding ticket in the M3 Monday night. It's my first since commuting to work for the past 6.5 years. I'm usually very careful, and I do know where most of them hide, but I guess it was just my turn to get nabbed. As for the Ferrari's, which specific models have you owned? The 550 Maranello is my all time favorite.

"like Elaine from Seinfield TERRIBLE"
LOL! Now that really is the bottom of the barrel! Best Comedy Series ever.

@G. Money
" The King is one of the BEST Baller's in the game today if not the BEST."

You can't even be considered in the conversation if you have no Rings. I'm sorry, but D. Wade is still better than LeCreep. He almost single-handedly won Miami their first Championship. Shaq was there, but is was a fat and slow Shaq.

LeCreep has amazing INDIVIDUAL skills, but that does not allow him to be considered the "BEST."

Sean / mclyne - I can actually do a pretty mean impersonation of Elaine dancing. It's kinda like a full body dry heave set to music. A thing of beauty (not)! You guys are right - best comedy series EVER. And our Seinfeld thread over the summer wasn't too shabby either!

We need a vid of that!!!! Post one up! LOL!

@Lewstrs... Thanks for keeping the Bandwagon alive!!!

Three games in 4 nights coming up for our viewing pleasure! Let's have a wild weekend:

mclyne - one of these days I'll get down that way. Ticket bad. But no tickets for 6.5 years good. I never had one in any of the Ferarris (just lucky I guess), though I did talk my way out of one (first and ONLY time) after just leaving a dinner party where we discussed how women always can talk their way out of tickets. Go figure.

The 550 Maranello is probably my all-time modern fave as well (though the 355 and the new California are probably second). Of mine, the 328 GTS (gotten new) was my pride and joy. Never shoulda gotten rid of that one.

It's funny, I don't think Lebron (though good), has anywhere near the skills of, say, Kobe (and I can list others, like the Big O as well), and if you're talking physical freak, Wilt was far and away the most talented physically. And no rings... well, that's just no rings. Gotta carry a team on your back at least once to even be in the conversation (and at least DWade's done that).

888 - NRBQ!!!!!

mclyne - the vid can be purchased for the price of one ride in your ferrari - with me at the wheel :)

The 328GTS is badass! That was Magnum P.I.'s ride, right? A great semi-classic Ferrari.

It's funny, I don't think Lebron (though good), has anywhere near the skills of, say, Kobe (and I can list others, like the Big O as well), and if you're talking physical freak, Wilt was far and away the most talented physically. And no rings... well, that's just no rings. Gotta carry a team on your back at least once to even be in the conversation (and at least DWade's done that).

Posted by: 63 Footer | January 14, 2011 at 09:48 AM

What up, 63- no doubt Wilt was a freak, don't forget about Mark Eaton, he was a beast in a different era, honorable mention to Manute Bol, a freak as well. Those 3 guys stand out with freakish athleticism.

I love Lebron as a player, you make a valid point about his skill set up to this point. Look, I've never seen that killer instinct in him, and that's not a slight, he's not Kobe, Manu or DWade, he's not a killer. Give him a chance to write his own place in the history books. To be fair, Oscar told Charles Barkley and anyone else to shut up about Bron, 'He's in a class of his own' , I believe is the quote, or something to that effect.

mclyne - either that, or the 308 (I had both). Pop the top, crank up the tunes and roll out on the winding roads. Great way to relax.

Sean - I see great talent in Lebron (if, as justa suggests, he would just duct tape his yap shut), but when everyone (including himself) anoints him the GOAT before he's even won a ring, let alone done something so truly spectacular (50 pt average for a season? Lead the league in points AND assists? 81 pt game?) that we have to acknowledge that... I'm not there yet. I mean, does anyone really think he's as valuable as Kareem (young AND old)? I'm not a giant MJ fan, but I'd surely take him over Lebron. Oh, and Bird? With so many less physical gifts, I'll take Bird over Lebron on my team.

Yup, Lebron's a force, but I'm still waiting to see him do even HALF what some skinny 6' 3 1/2" guard named Jerry did in the post season (what, like average 40+ pts the ENTIRE post season! Or win the Finals MVP... oh, and he did that on the losing team). The Logo knew how to crank it up another THREE notches when it counted. Lebron is talented... but he ain't all those things.

DENVER -- One wonders how Sun Tzu would’ve handled a Los Angeles-Denver back-to-back.

Source; Brian Windhorst ESPN MIAMI

Windhorst is quite frankly, lame, by lame standards. Sun Tzu was the greatest Military Strategist ever, he wouldn't care about mundane competition. He was about blood.

Windhorst officially needs surgery to remove his head, from a certain cavity in Lebron's body.

@ 63 footer- I'd love to see him be quiet on those fronts and focus on Ball. I try not to pay attention to the off the court. The media loves to beat a deadhorse. He lives in such a bubble, though, like he even cares what people think. He's all mixed up man, I hope he gets it together, eventually.

Larry Bird was a bad mofo, I'd take him over Lebron, right now, in a heartbeat. No question, you can't even debate that comparison yet.
The LOGO; is too good to put into words.

@63 and Sean

Larry Legend was by far the best player ever who did the most with such little athletic ability he had. I respect him greatly because He and Magic revived the NBA in the 80s. I started watching ball as a kid during that era and I was lucky to have been introduced to professional ball by Magic and Bird.

By the way, if you haven't already seen this documentary about Magic and Bird, this is a must rent:

mclyne? Do we have a deal, or don't we?

Lewstrs, thanks for taking over the lakers blogging roll call from mamba24, btw, where is mamba24.....taking a sabbatical?

@mclyne- saw it, wonderful doc

Good luck with your rehab Barnes!



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