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Matt Barnes expects to be out for eight weeks

After he has  surgery Tuesday to repair a torn lateral meniscus on his right knee, Lakers forward Matt Barnes said he expects to sit out for eight weeks. Although the Lakers aren't giving an official timetable until after his surgery, Barnes said he received that assessment from team physician Dr. Steve Lombardo, who will perform the surgery the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles.

"I'll be all right," Barnes said in a brief moment in the Lakers hallway following their 109-87 victory Sunday against the New York Knicks. "I got the kids running around. They'll keep me company."

Barnes suffered the injury after landing off-balance while pursuing a rebound Friday against New Orleans, a blow to the Lakers considering he averaged 7.4 points, 4.8 rebounds in 20.8 minutes off the bench through aggressive and efficient play.

"He creates a lot of easy shots," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said of Barnes. "He's a kind of kid we don't have to run anything special for him. He finds things out of the flow with what we do. He runs himself into baskets. Defensively, his activity is helpful."

--Mark Medina

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Just got back from Staples. Our old, slow team, which included a slower replacement at small forward, somehow dominated this fast team, limited their transition points and defended the perimeter. Leon Wood should be kicked out of the league, but I am VERY proud of young Andrew. Enough is enough already. Stoudemire should have been T'd up at least twice and committed at least 6 fouls against Bynum alone, if not more.

This Lakers defense reminded me of what they did to confound the Chowds in Game 7 with a pure switching man defense. It's the most effective defense the Lakers play and, frankly, it involves the least amount of energy. Well, Mr. Heisler?

It's a game we should win and we did. It was the 48 minutes of basketball that was nice to see for a change.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

@KobeMVP, good post and I agree, the Knicks "unstoppable" force hit a brick wall tonight with the Lakers supreme D. That kind of switching defense is what Luke is good with fortunately and if they all keep it up, the absence of Barnes won't hurt as much. They don't have to be as quick, like you said, just smart and efficient.

The 800 lb gorilla in the room, for me, continues to be Kobe going one on three, finishing with a turnover, game after game. But even tonight he did less than usual.

KobeMVP888- You chose a great night to see a game then eh?

Honestly, I was pretty horrified with the game. We had a lot of turn overs, but somehow we still BLEW the Knicks out of the water (I knew it would happen) and about that, I am not complaining. Our defence was the best I've seen it all year, AB had an amazing night.. could have maybe hit 25 points had he not been ejected for the dumbest thing that I have ever seen.

I sincerely hope that Leon Wood get a harsh talking to because that was un necessary. These technicals are getting out of control. Refs have it out for the lakers, it was like they were TRYING for us to lose. But the Lakers are champions and totally fought back and kicked some serious butt. Shannon Brown stepped up to the plate.. I am so impressed with him once his shot takes off.

Bring on the cavs!!!!!

We looked good tonight, though I'm a bit concerned about Bynum's maturity.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I don't think Bynum did anything wrong, and honestly, he's a year older than I am.. I think. Okay nevermind, two years. And some of those calls, I would've acted out too, so would any player at his age. He is learning and growing.

Kobe is starting to show signs of weakness, he is still a magician and amazing.. but it will be really sad to see him slowly lose his skill over the next few years.

It should be smooth sailing from here until the team meets up with OKC next week. By then, the team should be coming in on an 8 game winning streak and if the team can put away OKC, then they should put be able to put away Dallas & Denver before meeting up with Utah. I know, 1 game at a time but looking at the schedule, this team has a real opportunity to rack up some additional wins while accumulating more playing time with Drew back in the lineup, working out their silly kinks, regain and build upon some of that confidence before the game against Boston which we all know is going to have a playoff atmosphere. These two teams are going to hyped up for this game.

I really wanted this NY game tonight and I'm so happy the team kept it together after Drew's ejection; Boston is going to be 100 times more intense, more so than the X-mas day flop.

Fans to Lakers:


We need for the last 3 years a natural point guard Bring Steve nash we wii be champion for the last decade



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