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Bynum may be injury prone now, but he wasnt when he started his career..Two freak accidents with people landing on him, are what drove him to being injury prone..People forget he played a full season as a rookie.


You stated Roland's story of kobe not practicing has created resentment on the team.. Let's try this by process of elimination:

Dfish: consistently stunk but certainly wasn't cause of lack of trying

Odom: has played out of his mind so obviously didn't affect his play

Artest: inconsistent all year but had some nagging injuries and has been very distracted with other off the court activities.. Has also publicly stated a number of times he has utmost respect for kobe as a leader

That leaves us with... (Drumroll please)

Pau gasol: has consistenly displayed a lack of focus and energy on the court..Energy level been down this year and has conveniently decided to not show up for a number of games this year

Hmmm so there is a strong correlation with kobe missing practices and perhaps gasols pissy poor play n apparent resentment.

Aint that hard to connect the dots on this one.

yellofever - It wasn't Roland's story that created resentment. His story reports that the fact Kobe hasn't practice has created resentment. Just wanted to clarify there. Roland states that Pau was one of those players so you're right with that. But as Roland states in the story, Ron respects Kobe for how hard he works and says that's created problems. He also wasn't thrilled with Kobe publicly calling out the team. Just because players are playing well doesn't mean they can't resent anything.



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