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Lamar Odom opens up to Playboy on NBA topics and marriage to Khloe Kardashian


Lakers forward Lamar Odom is as open a book as you can get. Ranging from his early childhood adversities in losing his grandmother and mother, his marriage to Khloe Kardashian or his on-court play, he's fairly forthcoming on any subject.

That's why it shouldn't be surprising that an interview with Playboy led Odom to talk so openly about his marriage, his playing days for the Clippers and whether Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James.

Among the highlights:

On how marrying Khloe has changed him: "Men, most of the time our goal is to have what we want when it comes to women. . . . Most men like more than one woman. A lot of them would not want to admit that because that might not be cool, right? Most people don’t want to get married. Being married, that’s a responsibility. I always used to tell that to women. I don’t want a girlfriend because that means I’ve got a responsibility. I have a responsibility to call you. I have a responsibility not to be with another woman. I have a responsibility to be there on time when you need me. With her I was like, If I do what I normally do, I’m going to lose her. And if I lose her, I think it’s going to hurt a lot. Right then and there I knew. We were together every day."

On accusations their love is fake, and their marriage is a “PR stunt": “That’s just how gossip works, you know? You can’t stop it. Because at the time, with us being so successful — me in basketball and her show doing so well — it was too big. It was too huge. It caught people off guard. It looked as though we had too much to gain. That let me know, damn, it’s a big deal. Even the wedding was big. The list of her family friends was crazy. Those were her people showing up, showing their love. For some people that was too much to even think about. And it was quick. I guess that just added to the speculation — ‘Why can’t they wait?’I didn’t want to wait.”

On how his life changed when his mother died of colon cancer when he was 12: “I probably got closed off. My concentration level changed. School was just something I would not concentrate on. I wouldn’t allow myself to. I became detached. I got in touch with a cold side I probably wouldn’t have gotten in touch with or maybe would’ve at a later age. I have that kamikaze button in me now where I can cut things off maybe a little too easily.”

On his initial NBA experience in L.A. after being drafted by the Clippers: “Rock and roll. When I was in L.A., I was 19. I was probably the most noticeable player, even though we had some good players on that team, some talent. . . . In L.A., we can’t be as good as the Lakers, so I was getting all the love the Clippers were getting. It was a learning process, learning how to deal with success. Smoking pot, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing.”

On who is the NBA’s best — Kobe Bryant or LeBron James: “It’s hard to say who’s the best. Last year you would have given it to Kobe, and three years ago of course he won the MVP . . . even though my dude LeBron is having another extraordinary year, Kobe is skilled. He’s at the point in his career where he doesn’t have to average the most points. People think whoever averages the most points is the better player. They’re both playing at high levels and they’re both incredible players, but I always have to go with the home team.”

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom will have a weekly reality show on E! network with a 'funny, sitcom-ish' feel, Odom said. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press

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So happy for Lamar! Wish him and Khloe all the best. Just keep bringing it on the court.

Rumors are circulating on the net that Shannon has been married since Nov. Any truth?

Lamar, I got to hand it to you. I didn't think this Kardashian marriage was going to to bode well for you or the Lakers. This is your most consistent season ever! I hope you make the All-Star game.

And of course you got to pick Kobe over Princess Jaime, down in South Beach!

Long live the Mamba and his super sidekick, Lamar, not Kardashian, Odom,


re: the tragic shooting % of D-Fish.

There are known knowns. Thare known unknowns. There are unknown

To argue that D-Fish is best for the Lakers is ... umm ... illogical. His
shooting has sucked!

On the other hand, he's making Kobe happy and that goes for a bit.

The Lakers would be FOOLISH not to get J-Kidd or D-Will or fill in the
the name of a good/great pg. Unfortunately, they don't have the cash to
do that.

You are FOOLISH to believe that J-Kidd would/could not win a championship
with the rest of the current squad. On the other hand, the Lakers couldn't
get him so it's moot.

I will say this for the Fish. He's trying! In the end, that's almost all that

Btw, it's so nice to read the D-Fish posts. Less hyperbole than the Bynum

And before someone starts, no. I am not advocating trading Bynum. or Fish.
or anyone else wearing purple & gold.

I will say this for the Fish. He's trying! In the end, that's almost all that

Posted by: hobbitmage | January 18, 2011 at 05:17 PM

And in mid-June, if he's hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy for the sixth time with Lakers co-captain, Kobe Bryant, will you remove the "almost" from this otherwise astute comment, sir?

Lamar, kudos to you for your improved play on the court so far this season. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the team. These days the Lakers’ opponents surround the 3-point line like gluttons at the Thanksgiving table. The turkey is now so fat even OKC took 22 stabs at it. If the Lakers don’t quicken their coverage, the Celts and Spurs will have a FEAST to look forward to. They’re probably tucking in their napkins as I write.

I love how he says Kobe Bryant is the best player without flat out saying it. Class Act.

Oh, tragic shooting. Great expression.

Hey, that sounds like a great interview. Not sure what it means when playboy has the best interview with Odom in years, after all, Odom is all about the disclosure. Anybody have a link though? Good reading so far.

The Lakers would be FOOLISH not to get J-Kidd or D-Will or fill in the
the name of a good/great pg. Unfortunately, they don't have the cash to
do that.

Posted by: hobbitmage | January 18, 2011 at 05:17 PM

What about Mike Bibby?

Mike Bibby!! I met him when I was 9 years old, along with Michael Dickerson. was probably the coolest thing that had happened to me up until that point in my life.

I wouldn't mind see Mike Bibby on the Lakers bench, but he isn't quite Laker material, imo.

Off any subject, I got to Staples Center a little early last night and B-Shaw and Craig Hodges were shooting threes with Luke about a half hour before the game. With respect to Luke, he looked great and has a definite confidence about himself. BUT ... the best 3 point shooter on the Lakers .. the best pure shooter .. is Craig Hodges. Hands down. So you CAN get older and still shoot. What a sweet stroke!

Lrob - Mich St. falls again to Illinois...Magic is not happy, you are not happy, Spartan Green is not happy...

MVP888 - I would have loved seeing that shoot around...

Diandra- seriously? I was a 'Zona fan back then. I remember Bibby and Dickerson and Miles Simon. Great college team. Then Luke Walton and Gilbert Arenas and Jefferson and Jason Gardiner. Great teams.


Thanks for bringing up Tiny Archibald a few threads back. He came out of my old neighborhood in the Bronx and played a lot of pickup ball there in the summers after he turned pro. I was priveleged to play against him on many occasions. Fantastic ballhandler and terrific speed. A magician with the ball. Those are good memories.

I'm an Arizona Wildcat grad myself ('78) when Fred Snowden was the head coach and U of A was in the WAC. I think they joined the Pac 8 to become the PAC 10 the year I graduated. The no-names I remember from when I was there are Larry Demic, Phil Taylor and Kenny "Downtown" Davis. Demic was the best of them and had a short 3 year career in the NBA with the Knicks.

Does it ever end with the Derek Fisher debate? I love how LRob pointed out that Fish held Ray Allen to 37% shooting in last year's Finals. That's real talk. Could Farmar have done that? Sasha? Kobe? That was essential to the Laker victory. That was Derek Fisher sticking with Ray Allen like glue...running through all the Celtics illegal screens and making life miserable for Ray Allen.

For those that like and appreciate Derek Fisher, no explanation is necessary.

For those who don't like Fish, no explanation is possible.

bronxlakerfan - how cool is that with Nate!?

bronx- now you are just getting all zen and philosophical.

Well, regardless of the fact that the Hawks were NOT permitted to breathe on Princess Jimmy, the Heat can now also boast a 4 game losing streak. It happens to the best of us! The Hawks lost Al Horford in the third quarter to an ankle sprain in this one, too.

It's official, folks. There will be NO 70 win season for the Three Am-Egos this season!

I would like to commend you for not bringing up the centerfold or putting it on this blog. That would be puerile.


Atlanta rose up and beat the Heatles {is that a ridiculous name or what?} in Miami tonight in OT. Bosh was a DNP-injury. 4 straight losses for the mighty Heat.

@63 Footer.....

Nate always was down to earth with all the guys he grew up with. To this day he still has close ties to the community in the Bronx and harlem. A heck of a nice man.

L.O......what a class act. L.O./blake griffin redux. last night on tnt, steve kerr said that griffin was in the "WRONG". kerr said, "it's kind of understood when the game is in hand, a player will not engage the way griffin did. this is so players WON"T get HURT when the game is OVER". so to all of you who thought it was sour grapes on L.O.'s part......guess what, you were wrong!

The Heatless and Princess Jaime SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!


KARMA in Yo Face!


lamar we all can see you have a diamond in the rough.
however keep your mind on the game.after you win the nba
champpionship you and Khole can spend a lots of quality
time together.right now lakers ,lakers lakers.

"For those that like and appreciate Derek Fisher, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't like Fish, no explanation is possible."

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | January 18, 2011 at 07:16 PM


Holy Smoke! That was great!!

johnny P- there was a centerfold? seriously? LRob, you get on the J Giles Band link. Whoever reads playboy, you can do this.

Tress - It's not a rumor. Shannon acknowledged in training camp he's engaged.

phred - the link to the story is in the post

I for one have noticed a changed Lamar , His game has stepped up and I really feel his marrage to Khole HAS DONE WONDERS FOR THE GUY . She has been a good thing that happened in his life and I for one am happy for the guy !

hey blokes, don't forget your sami on your next roll call, for i too, is a laker die hard fan from lap land



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