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Lakers vs Denver: Lakers overwhelm Nuggets for victory


Lakers 107, Nuggets 97 (final)

The four-game losing streak the Lakers had against the Nuggets is over.

The bad taste from losing to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night is a thing of the past.

The Lakers overwhelmed the Nuggets, with five players scoring in double figures to pull out the victory.

Kobe Bryant had 14 of his 18 points in the second half.

Pau Gasol and Ron Artest each had 19 points. Gasol also had 13 rebounds, six offensive.

The Lakers outrebounded the Nuggets, 47-27, including 15 offensive rebounds.

With 5:50 left in the fourth quarter and the Lakers ahead, 96-82, Andrew Bynum was fouled by Nene.

When Nene got in an extra shove, pushing Bynum down to the court, the two both got up and squared off. No punches were exchanged, only a staring contest followed.

But it was a sign of how Bynum wasn't going to back down, that he was going to be aggressive.

Bynum finished with 17 points on seven-for-11 shooting. He also had seven rebounds, three offensive. He blocked two shots and had one assist.


Lakers-Nuggets box score

Lakers-Nuggets photos

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Lakers 82, Nuggets 72 (end of third quarter)

Kobe Bryant went to work in the third quarter after scoring just four points in the first half.

Bryant scored 14 points in the third, doing his part to help the Lakers outscore the Nuggets, 33-20, in the period to take a 10-point lead into the fourth. He had 18 points through three quarters on eight-for-14 shooting.

Bryant got plenty of help from Pau Gasol, who had 15 points and 12 rebounds through three quarters. He finished the third by collecting an offensive rebound and scoring on a put-back just before the buzzer sounded.

Gasol had six offensive rebounds through three quarters.

Nuggets 52, Lakers 49 (end of first half)

On a night when Kobe Bryant had just four points on two-for-four shooting, the Lakers stayed close to the Nuggets at halftime because of their work on the backboards and because of their defense.

The Lakers out-rebounded the Nuggets, 27-17, in the first half. The Lakers had eight offensvie rebounds.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with nine points and nine rebounds, four offensive.

The Lakers held the Nuggets to just 45.7% shooting in the first half.

Carmelo Anthony was just four-for-13 from the field with 11 points.

Bryant was held in check because the Nuggets double teamed him so much.

Nuggets 25, Lakers 22 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers opened the game one-for-seven shooting, a big reason why they shot only 38.1% from the field in the first quarter.

Andrew Bynum missed all four of his shots, all from close range.

Ron Artest was four-for-five shooting with nine points for the Lakers. But he also picked up two fouls in the first quarter.


When the Lakers looked at the video from their last loss to the Nuggets in November, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said they discovered how Denver wanted to defend L.A.'s big men.

In that game, Pau Gasol was the starting center and Lamar Odom was the starting power forward. Andrew Bynum still was recovering from knee surgery.

This time, Bynum will be starting at center, which poses a bigger threat to the Nuggets because the Lakers start two seven-footers in Bynum and Gasol.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Denver

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant drives the baseline against the Nuggets in the first half Friday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Credit: Rick Wilking / Reuters

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I don't think you needed to watch the video to come up with an offensive scheme...It should be the strategy for every team, not just the Nuggets...

Lakers are just too tall with all our bigs...Working the inside/out game should the primary scheme and then PJ can make his adjustment accordingly...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Signed; Kobe

now that's what I'm talking about. Hanging Tough in the 4th. even Pau playing with some fire in his eyes. Niceeeeeee Win!!!

Nice practice game. I'm glad we were finally able to scrimmage against a team who cares just as little as we do, only for different reasons. Where was Birdman?

now that's what I'm talking about. Hanging Tough in the 4th. even Pau playing with some fire in his eyes. Niceeeeeee Win!!!

Posted by: Tony

I agree way to finally hang in there and show some effort and it ended up in a nice win.They got the ball inside and used their advantage and they dominated the game.Thats how they should always play,i don't know why they have the tendancy to go away from what works best for them. keep it simple inside out.And lakers will role,Keep it rolling boys.
Go lakers!

Pau, d'attraper et spin au panier plus souvent, quand vous ne faites que les bonnes choses se produire à venir votre façon cause plus souvent que vous ne seriez fétide. garder vos pieds se déplaçant. bynum garder votre oeil sur la balle, sécuritaire, et dunk!!!



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