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Lakers vs Dallas: Lakers fall to Mavericks

Mavericks 109, Lakers 100 (final)

It was the beginning of a two-game trip, a trip in which the Lakers were facing a Dallas Mavericks team that had lost six consecutive games and still was trying to re-insert Dirk Nowitzki back into the lineup.

Before the game, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson had said the Mavericks were a dangerous team despite all that ailed Dallas.

Turns out Jackson was right.

The Lakers once had a 10-point lead, but couldn't sustain it.

The Lakers got down by 16 points in the fourth quarter, their defense getting ripped apart by the Mavericks, by guards Jason Terry and Jose Barea.

Terry came off the bench to score 22 points. Shawn Marion also had 22 points.

With Lamar Odom going to work, the Lakers pulled to within 99-91 late in the fourth.

But the Mavericks didn't fold.

They opened a 106-91 lead that the Lakers were unable to overcome.

Odom scored 14 of his 20 points in the fourth.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 23 points.

Andrew Bynum suffered a hyper-extened right elbow, which affected him to the point he was grabbing it during the fourth quarter.



Lakers 82 Mavericks 73 (end of third quarter)

They began the third quarter with an 6-0 run, which allowed the Lakers to open an eight-point lead.

But the Lakers ended the third quarter on a bad note, playing very little defense, watching the Mavericks seemingly score at will.

It got so bad that after Sasha Pavlovic made a three-pointer for an 82-71 Mavericks lead, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson leaped off the bench and called a timeout with just 31.1 seconds left in the third quarter.

Jackson then got into the facee of Lamar Odom, who looked away while Jackson yelled at him.

The Lakers were outscored 17-4 in the last six minutes, allowing the Mavericks to open a nine-point lead entering the fourth quarter.

Dallas made four three-pointers in the fourth quarter. a big reason why the Mavericks were able to take the lead.



Lakers 56, Mavericks 52 (end of first half)

The Lakers opened a 10-point lead in the second quarter, but saw that sliced up behind a barrage of Mavericks three-pointers.

Still, the Lakers held strong, going insidee to Pau Gasol to open a four-point lead at halftime.

Gasol had 17 points in eight-for-12 shooting.

The Lakers had their hands full with Jason Terry.

Terry had 15 points at halftime.


Lakers 31, Mavericks 23 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers made 61.9% of their first-quarter shots, including a three-pointer by Steve Blake with 3.3 seconds left that pushed L.A.'s lead to eight points at the end of the quarter.

Derek Fisher led the Lakers with seven points in the quarter, going three for four from the field and making his only three-point try.



The Lakers prepared to face a Dallas Mavericks team that's struggled recently.

The Mavericks have lost six straight games and the team has not been the same since forward Caron Butler went down with a season-ending ruptured right patellar tendon.

Dallas' All-Star forward Dirk Nowitzki also missed nine games because of a knee injury, but has played in his last two.

Dallas center Tyson Chandler missed the last two cames with the flu.

"I think they are a very dangerous team," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said before the game Wednesday night at American Airlines Center in Dallas. "I think with Nowitzki coming back -- he played two games on the road and he's back at home -- and Chandler was out and now he's back. I think they are ready to resume trying to get back in this race."

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Dallas

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Trade Kobe for DJ Mbenga! Enjoy my rest of comments.

Kobe got game ... during garbage time.

Enjoy Lakers.

Posted by: Terry | January 19, 2011 at 08:14 PM

Lakers will be eliminated in the first round. That is if they make the playoffs. That's a big if by the way.

I hope this season will force Kobe to retire. He's an embarrassment to the game of basketball.

Go Mavs, or any other team than the Lakers.

I hope the Lakers fans enjoyed their team getting beaten up. I get a kick out of it, especially when they torch Kobe.

Lakers playing desperate Basketball. Well not basketball, but playing something desperate.

Posted by: Terry | January 19, 2011 at 08:19 PM

Go Fakers ... I'm so happy Kobe "The Old Far" got beaten.


Posted by: Terry | January 19, 2011 at 08:20 PM

This should end all MJ vs Kobe discussions. Kobe is MJ's bitch. Nuff said.

Posted by: Terry | January 19, 2011 at 08:22 PM

LET'S FACE IT, FOLKS, THE LAKERS JUST SUCK REALLY HARD THIS YEAR:Kobe's slow & doesn't have the lift he once had, Pau has reverted to his pre-Lakers softness, they're unimaginative on offense and seem to be walking in cement on defense, and truly look old and slow in almost every aspect, and PJ is smelling his own piss. It's OK w/ me if they're just exhibiting post-Title ennui, but don't blow smoke up me and tell me this team is a Title contender. Their giving up of leads and inability to put the defensive hammer on teams is unbearable to watch. They're exhibiting a rollover mentality that resembles pre-Griffin Clipper efforts and not down to the wire, win or lose, championship bsktbl. You can't be great year after year, and the Lakers are showing it.

what, are you like 13 years old TERRY? what lame-o post. isn't it past your bedtime, you little nerdy TROLL! ha ha

Please TRADE Pau Ga-SOFT. Package him and Ron Artest for Loul Deng and Joakim Noah. We don't have the athletic ability to carry Ga-SOFT to a championship.

You could see them lose interest in the 2nd quarter. Don't move the ball, just get it, hold it and shoot. Kobe appeared to lead the trend. Lackers can't beat young athletic teams? The 3 guys that torched them tonight average what -37 years old? Bynum, Artest and either or both of the rookies straight up for Melo. Only chance they have.

We must TRADE Pau-Ga-SOFT. We are not athletic enough to carry him this year. Him and Artest for Loul Deng and Joakim Noah.

....or hop in the spectacle with New Jersey and package Fisher and Ga-SOFT for Devin Harris, Brooke Lopez, and Favors.

We need TOUGHNESS!!! Not Ga-SOFTNESS...atleast not at the center or POWER forward positions.

Lakeshowinphx, are you a retard? STFU

jack, right on. Kobe's slower than a sloth. The dude's lost it.

Lets go Mavs. Lakers can't beat .500 above teams easily. Lakers sucks.

You guys crack me up - the Lakers have the third best record in the league. Get a grip and see if you can't find some objective reality. You're comments are funny, I'll give you that.

1 San Antonio 36 6 .857
2 Boston 32 9 .780
3 LA Lakers 31 13 .705

Everyone else follows below them other than San Antonio and Boston. That is a fact, no silly sophomoric trash talk.

There is no such thing as gravity...the Lakers suck!

no 3peat for la tbh

it really bothers me that Lakers cannot beat team with winning records or above's nice to see Pau achieved 13k pts in short span..and Lamar was great in 4th quarter...but where is Kobe? oh well, when the opposing team are shooting 50% its hard to beat them...and Jason Kidd was shooting the lights out from three..hopefully, Lakers can get their act together...with Artest (i dont know whats happening to him to melo or something, with Brown)...

sovemeone explain to me why is luke even in the nba,and why
do pj even let him play.lakers need a new coach who know
how to manage players and the game.

Too all of you biased, sophomoric clowns who can't respect what it takes to be a champion, why don't you find your own teams blog. On the topic of the Lakers with true Laker fans I say this; we must RID ourselves of Pau Gasol! In all seriousness.
1.) Our defense stinks because on some nights Pau hasn't a problem with grabbing 4-6 rebounds (A CENTER)!
2.) Pau always figures out a way to pick up at least 1-2 fouls a game fouling 6' guards out on the perimeter, where he flops around as if he's being 'charged' into (I want my CENTER taking real fouls, HARD fouls)
3.) He's lazy and doesn't respect the history and legacy of the Laker organization, especially as it relates to 'Big Men'.
4.) He has no ability to control any part of the lane, for any amount of time (When players see Pau in the lane they ATTACK it).
The only way we can win our 3rd championship in a row is if we TRADE Pau Ga-SOFTY. Kobe doesn't have the ability to put up 40 points whenever he wants and play lock-down defense. Bynum is just getting into form and can't cover for Pau's lack of desire in the post this year. And Ron Artest passion and toughness on defense died at the ring ceremony to open the season.

Pau Ga-SOFTY and Ron Artest, for Loul Deng and Joakim Noah. Or for Trevor Ariza and David West.

And see if maybe we can resend the trade with New Jersey and Get Sascha back.

The problem with trading pau is that if andrew goes down the lakers are screwed. And you are not trading him in the western conferenced unless that team sucks

The problem with trading pau is that if andrew goes down the lakers are screwed. And you are not trading him in the western conferenced unless that team sucks

The problem with trading pau is that if andrew goes down the lakers are screwed. And you are not trading him in the western conferenced unless that team sucks

It's hard to say about our team. They just do not have a back-court that can defend. Kobe reaches and is never in front of his man. I just can not fathom that they want Kobe to funnel his man past him for any reason. The other teams 2 guard is ripping him apart, anyone he guard's is doing that miss statement. Our back court plays in slow motion and Pau man can the guy whole a rebound if he is bump a little. Andrew look's slow also, wait the entire team is slow and every jump shot they shot it's a fast break. We must be planning to play slow ball this play-off season. I mean walk it up run the shot clock down and pray that we shoot 50% from the field so that the other team do'nt run us off the court. to



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