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Lakers vs Cleveland: Lakers rout Cavaliers

Lakers 112, Cavaliers 57 (final)

It was the easiest of games for the Lakers, a game in which they made it into the team's record books.

The fewest points the Lakers had allowed in the shot-clock era starting in the 1954-55 season was 66. That was until Tuesday night, when the Lakers smoked the Cavaliers at Staples Center.

The biggest margin of victory for the Lakers is 63 points, a 162-99 drubbing of the Golden State Warriors in 1972. At least the Cavaliers didn't top that mark, even though they trailed by as much as 56 points.

Every Laker played, and all but Joe Smith scored.

All five starters scored in double figures, and only Pau Gasol played over 30 minutes.




Lakers 92, Cavaliers 41 (end of third quarter)

It got to a point in the third quarter -- early in the third actually -- when the Lakers appeared to be toying with the Cavaliers.

Pau Gasol stole a badly thrown pass by Ryan Hollins and passed ahead to Kobe Bryant.

Bryant had an easy layup or dunk. Instead, Bryant threw the ball off the backboard and Andrew Bynum came charging in for the dunk.

By the end of the third, every Lakers starter had scored in double figures.

Things went so well for the Lakers and so bad for the Cavaliers that when Shannon Brown made 42-foot shot as time expired to end the quarter, it wasn't a total surprise.





Lakers 57, Cavaliers 25 (end of first half)

There were moments in the second quarter when all Cleveland Coach Byron Scott could do was rub his face.

His young team was getting run over by the Lakers, who were doing what they pleased.

When Pau Gasol beat every Cavalier back for a dunk, Scott just stared at his players.

Gasol had a double-double by halftime, scoring 13 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Kobe Bryant took only two shots, getting five assists and four rebounds.

The Lakers shot 51.1% from the field in the first half. The Cavaliers shot 26.3%.



Lakers 27, Cavaliers 12 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers wasted little time putting it on the Cavaliers on Tuesday night at Staples Center.

Right from the start, the Lakers went to work, opening a 17-point lead early.

Derek Fisher led the Lakers with eight points in the first quarter.

The Lakers shot 50% from the field. The Cavaliers made only 27.3% (six for 22).

It didn't matter to the Lakers that the Cavaliers were without injured players Christian Eyenga (right ankle sprain), Daniel Gibson (left ankle sprain), Joey Graham (right quad strain) and Anderson Varejao (right foot injury).



There was a time when the Lakers faced the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was a marquee game.

Not anymore.

That's because LeBron James took his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat, leaving the Cavaliers behind and in a bad way.

The Lakers will play a Cavaliers team Tuesday night with the worst record in the NBA, at 8-29.

The Cavaliers are almost a "no-name" team.

They will start a player like Manny Harris at shooting guard.

That's what the Lakers are up against.


-- Broderick Turner

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Let's see. Barnes goes down. Artest plays more minutes. Walton is inserted into the rotation. Everything is vastly improved. Hmmm


Boy, talk about padding the point-differential stat column . . .

so lakers are on a 5 game win streak, just beat the knicks by a double deuce and the cavs by a double nickel. are we back?

The 55 point beat down was impressive. But I was more impressed by the assist total which was 25 led by Kobe with 8. If LA pass the ball we can compete with anybody. For all the persons who criticize Bynum should hang their heads in shame. Without Bynum we are mediocre and soft. Bynum is a beast in the paint and he is only 23 years old. Without Bynum with 1 leg last season, Boston would have steam rolled us. People always say he is injury prone but remember Kobe took him out 1 year. Our key to a 3 peat is Andrew "The Beast" Bynum and he really is. Kobe is a playing legend and Gasol is a good sidekick but Bynum is key.

Walton is a good passer actually 1 of the best on the team. His downfall is when he only tries to pass instead of scoring sometimes. This helps the opposition who only plays him for the pass. Our key is to play balance ball and get everyone involved. Good game but the Cavs are a door mat. We have Boston later on this month and let us see what we do with them.

I'm changing. I agree , Andrew is a beast. I've been wanting to trade him for Chris Paul since last year...I'm coming around . He is even showing Kobe fire and fierceness . I hope they can beat Dallas when Dirk is back.


Three-peat chase practice season update.

After 39 games:

1992-93 Bulls: 27-12
1997-98 Bulls: 27-12
2001-02 Lakers: 28-11
2010-11 Lakers: 28-11

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

lookin good(so far)...

that Phil sure knows what he's doing. that's the only conclusion possible with repeated success.

Wow, apparently LeBron ridiculed his former team tonite, Tweeting "Karma's a ..." and implying the Cavs are getting everything they deserve.

Stay classy, LeBron, stay classy.


What a lopsided victory and YES, we'll take it. Great to see the starters get some rest in a back to back standby. Expect a better contender tomorrow night.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Keep your head up Byron, you don't play anymore, it's up to the players to knock down easy shots and care.

I'm glad we won, and winning by 50+ is uniquely impressive. I just don't want to see another game like that played in the NBA.

Not that it matters, in this context, but Gilbert writing that letter; two wrongs don't make a right.

Karma is a ____!

Have they sunk to rock bottom yet? They still have to play the Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Spurs, Chicago and Orlando.

The Cav's had to much California sun today...LOL

Would have paid to hear Byron Scott's halftime and post game talk with his team.



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