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Lakers' Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol break down Lakers' 100-88 victory over New Jersey Nets

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Nets guard Jordan Farmar

--Mark Medina

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you wrote: Even last night, Bynum altered about a half a dozen shots that my eyes saw in his short stint on the floor, but you steer away from that conversation. You have stated that stats tell the story of the game; I believe it is only PART of that story,

my response: hmm .... You don't read very well. [ That was respectful
wasn't it? ] I repeat. You don't read very well. Maybe it's my posts, in
particular, that you don't take the time to fully read before you respond.
You're flat out wrong on what your beliefs are about what I intended to say.

I have *ALWAYS* said that there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

I have *OFTEN* said that statistics don't tell the whole story, but w/o
statistics the story can't be told.

re: Bynum altering shots. I never talked about Bynum altering shots one way
or another. I haven't told you that altering shots isn't important. I haven't
said anything like this. I haven't obsessed upon the intangibles ... because
they're INTANGIBLE! However, you can get a feel for things based on
similar things. So ... you talk about altered shots and I would reference
blocked shots. Have you ever seen a C who only altered shots and never
blocked any? have you ever seen a 7-ft center, who played close to the
basket and DID NOT alter any shots?

Are you really trying to tell me that you've been giving me grief over: I
didn't acknowledge that Bynum altered shots due to his size? Really?

Fine, the 7-ft behemoth alters some shots. Now get off my A**!

Going back to the topic on the previous thread, when I saw the schedule for this season I was thrilled for the very reason the Lakers are now facing. This is a back-to-back championship team, and when MM posted a poll what the Lakers biggest concerns would be before the season started, I didn't hesitate to check the box next to "Complacency."

The Lakers have a grueling schedule the rest of the way in, featuring about 30 games which they could win or lose, in my estimation. Fortunately, unlike last season, half of the remaining games are at home. The reason that a tough schedule is a very GOOD thing for the Lakers is because it will force good habits as they fine tune their game for the playoffs. They will not have the luxury of being complacent, which they seem to have taken complete advantage of during the first half of the season while nevertheless compiling a solid record.

I expect the Lakers to raise their level of play like we saw against the Knicks and find their groove, but there most likely will be two or three letdown periods that the team (and us fans) must absorb as part of the process. I think a 55 to 60 win season will land us no lower than a #2 seed, MAYBE #3. What is important going into the playoffs is that: 1) we're HEALTHY, 2) we have a good record, preferably a top 2 or 3 seed and 3) that we're ready for every situation and every style of play. I am not even concerned about being on a roll going into the playoffs after what we witnessed last season.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Being a 22 year old and and the same age as andrew bynum i am learning all the time when i play basketball. When i think back to how i played 2 years ago, i was a weakling my handles were rubbish and didnt know the game. Now i have developed into playing for my univeristy basketball first team and would like to think that in 3 years when im 25 my game my going to be so much better. That is why im so excited to watch andrew bynum grow as a player, imagine what he will be like when he is 25

Simple thing is Andrew Bynum is the wall in the centre of the floor gasol could never be. he is huge. kobe is about as tall as ron artest but think how skinny kobe is compared to ron artest, that is the same as pau gasol versus andrew bynum in stature. one time against some scrub team last month some rookie tried to take it to the hole down the middle and andrew bynum just swatted the ball away the commentator said "so and so wont try that again".

Andrew bynum has a true post up game, a soft touch/shooters roll around the rim can ALTER SHOTS and is shooting 76% from the FT line this season

i can compare how much i have

London Laker,

Have you spent 3 years being tutored by Kareem Abdul Jabbar?
let me ask this a different way:

You're european, and from what I know of european culture the
idea of an apprentice is quite strong. So ... have you had any sort
of mentor for basketball? In America, we're losing that idea of a
mentor. Most people I know who either dreamed of making the pros
or did make the pros did not have a mentor.

Glad you're getting better.


re: complacency. I didn't think complacency would be an issue. You're not
going to like this, but I place this firmly on Gasol & Bynum.

Gasol did not prepare properly for the season. He's reverted back to the
"intellectual" game and his numbers show it. He's not playing with the
passion that he did before.

re: Bynum. We've been over the delaying the surgery bit. It should be
clear that you delay because you're complacent. i.e. You don' t think
you'll have to fight until the playoffs. Yes, you were in favor of his

I don't think that Kobe was complacent. The knowledge that is knee is
almost bone-to-bone is troubling. That doesn't mean that not practicing
was the right decision, but the reasoning for it is valid. That's my opinion
and it means "nada", but there you have it.

I don't think you can call Odom complacent. Nor do I think those words
work with Brown, Barnes, Blake or Fisher.

All this talk about a test, gives me a chance to drop a little BNL....the group Paul McCartney himself gave props to for their nice harmonies.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Jammin in the morning with DJ LRob, it don't get no better! Good morning my brother how are you?

Good Morning Mamba, nice to see you. Welcome back buddy.

JohnnyV, JohnnyV how you be sir? Always nice talking to you my brother. Thanks for the welcome back but...I was never gone, just on vacation. I announced it on New Years Eve that I was taking a month off but, I guess everyone was so busy celebrating they didn't see it. The Blog didn't lose a step Lakers continued winning, Roll Call continued rolling thanks to that man of all talents LEWSTRS!!! And the same old same old as far as the arguments about Bynum and kobe continued. Yep, it's all good my brother. LOL!

Mamba - all good, gearing up to watch a little college bball and I want to see how Aaron Rodgers do tonight. It look like your Bears got another bye this

LOL, True Dat!
I definately missed your statement about some time off. I hope it was enjoyable. In any event, I love that you're back.

It was disappointing to see Bynum's game last night. Sure everyone has an off night and a few calls didn't go his way but what isn't OK is to be smiling and yuking it up on the bench when you are stinking up the gym. He needs to get a tude. Get pissed off. Get a mean streak. He just doesn't look that serious sometimes. Your a world champion LA Laker man, grow a pair and man up. Lopez made Drew his girlfriend last night. Have some pride and fight back. Alright done with the venting.

Kobe and DHoward...????

All of Orlando has seen this haunting movie before. The Magic know what's out there, too. They're aware of the rumbles in circulation that Howard secretly longs to make the same cross-country trek to Los Angeles that Shaquille O'Neal mapped out in 1996, with one source close to the situation insisting that Howard and Lakers star Kobe Bryant are far closer pals than people realize.

Nets should show some patience and build the right way, Melo trade is still nice for them but if it does not happen they still have a good chance of being a much better team next year.

Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors is already a great start. They will get another lottery pick next year. Sign a young Superstar free agent in the summer and they will have a young nucleus of talented core they can build around.

Nets should get more NBA ready rookies in the lottery pick. Instead of Favors they should have gotten Demarcus Cousins (already skilled and has an NBA body ready). Next year's lottery pick, it is important they get a NBA ready and not one with a high ceiling and still is a project for three years like Favors.

By next year they will have 3 young stars they can build around and tons of cap room to sign a free agent rising NBA star at the position they need.

Jeff Green would be a nice free agent pick up for them to play at SF position.


Wouldn't the Lakers salary cap issue make signing Howard impossible?

I definately missed your statement about some time off. I hope it was enjoyable. In any event, I love that you're back. Posted by: JohnnyV | January 15, 2011 at 10:09 AM
Enjoyable...ummm that's not quite the word I'd use, but it accomplished it's purpose. I'm glad that I'm back too and thanks!!
Aaron Rodgers, yeah I think he'll do allright. At least I hope so, so the Bears have home field for the NFC Championship. I really want to see that Steelers/Ravens game. that is going to be a blood bath! Lol!

Mamba24 - Good to see you back!

It is really great to see Ron knocking down some shots. He has shot very well over the last three games.

I can't believe how consistant Lamar has been this year. He has always been an incredible player, but he has taken it to another level.

Pau is playing much better now that Drew is back and they are in their groove.

Kobe is being a great facilitator and scoring when it is appropriate. I don't think you can ask anything more than what he has given us over the last seven games - getting the whole team involved, drawing the double/triple teams and getting it to the guy with the open shot.

Brown seems to be getting his shooting stroke back. He is a hero. He took less money to come back to the Lakers, come off the bench, and help us win another one.

Blake didn't even take a shot. Hard to score it you don't shoot - also, a sure way of not missing. When he was signed, I looked at his career 3 point accuracy and was really psyched. I thought we needed someone who could hit an open three for us since so much attention is paid to Pau, Lamar, Drew, and Kobe. In the begining of the season, he was doing quite well. What happened?

Luke got some good minutes and played well. I know there are a lot of bloggers who don't like him. I am not one of them.

Sasha and Jordon both looked good. I am happy for them that they are getting a chance to play. Sasha started out a little shaky, but came on strong at the end. If the Nets get Rip, Big Shot, and Melo, they could end up being pretty damn good.

Over the next three weeks we will play Oklahoma, Dallas, Denver, Utah, Boston, Huston, San Antonio, and New Orleans. This will tell us a lot about who the Lakers are this year. The last seven games have been nice, but not a big indication of anything really. We have a loosing record so far against teams that are above .500 This next three weeks are going to be telling - where the rubber meets the road.

I am a Lakerholic.


Yes. They would have to dump a lot of contracts to be in a position to sign Dwight in the summer of 2012.

Kobe 28m/Pau 19m/Luke 6m/Blake 4m are on the books.
LO 8m and Fish 3m - have player options
Drew 16m and Ron 7m are team options

We don't know how the new CBA will shake out, but its safe to say the cap will come down. So, yes its a long shot...but I keep hearing the rumblings.

thank you sir, good to be back. Nice Post by the way!

First things first....Big shoutouts and welcome backs to Utz abd Mamba24. You were missed!!

Dedicated to Utz and M24.......a little Eddie Kendricks..."Come Back Home"

Secondly, concerning Dwight Howard doing a Shaq and showing up in Purple and Gold, I think it would be possible to do a sign and trade for Andrew Bynum. I'm no salary capologist, but Bynum for Howard works on Real GM's Trade Checker. Just some food for thought. And before Andrew's Army has me for lunch, I'm not advocating this trade one way or the other. I'm just saying it might be possible.

@Bronxlakerfan, Eddie kendricks...Yeah that'll work!! Thank you my brother, good to be back. As they say there's no place like home. Ok let me click my heels 3 times:

Howard: And when you play in L.A., on the biggest stage in the world, people are going to see you more.

The Lakers and Howard will find a way to get him on board.


Sasha vujacic is playing great for the nets. Lakers made a terrible terrible decision to trade him. They should have made him a starter instead of Fisher. Oh well.

Lakers will be the 1 seed in the west, Kobe will miss a few games, and they will be in the finals, after a couple scares from some young upstart team, then overpower the Spurs who will be worn down after a long season where they didn't get any younger along the way, and had to fight to win 2 tough series. It's like a mystery book. The ending is written, now they're just showing us the story leading up to it.

I was very dissappointed when I found out that Jordan Farmar was not playing for the Lakers and wanted to know what happened to him. Then I saw that he is playing with the Nets. I think that it was a dumb move not to keep Jordan with the Lakers.
He provided speed and offense and he had a lot of points off the bench while playing with my favorite team. I miss him and wish that he was still playing with the Lakers. I don't know why the Lakers keep changing players. They ought to go with what works for them and keep valuable players on their roster. Oh well, just my opinion. Still always a Laker fan forever. Got to watch out for those San Antonio Spurs though....hum....



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